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Beyond - Legends Shattered Ties (L/M): COMPLETED! 28 Dec 2012

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Lover, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    At least Daria got a dance. :) If she's still alive she will be able to tell her children that she danced with Luke Skywalker before he became famous.

    My brother got turned down by lots of girls at one dance. He's a good young man (even though him and I clash on more than one occasion). In fact I believe he didn't get a dance the entire night :(

    Dancing is a good talent to have. I read in one of the books that not only does it come in handy for diplomatic missions but it can be incorporated into lightsaber duels.
  2. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks Briannakin, Hazel , lukemaraben, Demendora and Lady_Misty for reading and taking the time to review. So what would you like them to do next? So far I have suggestions of them going to a lake, beach, garden or babysitting the Solo kids.

    Today I was looking at stuff for me and my boys to do this Christmas and I was looking at a place called Splash Universe (I kid you not). Maybe Leia brought her kids to the indoor waterpark and suddenly she is called away to the Senate. Han is dropping Chewie off on his homeworld to visit his family and Winter is gone somewhere to get her groove on with her Rogue stud muffin Tycho Celchu...and Leia had canceled the kids' vacation twice this year...can Luke help out? I would love to see Mara drenched by a 1000 liter splash bucket and then when the kids go to the arcade maybe Luke and Mara can spend some time in the adult only hot tubs. LOL! That is just a thought. I will go with whatever you guys want.
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  3. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    I would love to see them watch the Solo children in a place like that.
  4. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    YES :D, that!!!!
  5. Demendora

    Demendora Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 9, 2010
    I would like to see Mara handle those three plus Luke)));)
  6. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    Very sweet. [face_love] We all know Luke was a 'regular' kid, so it's good to see him like this but to know that true heart was always there. As for upcoming updates, I agree. Mara watching the Solo kids is always a fun, fun read.
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  7. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks ginchy, Demendora, Hazel and Lady_Misty for reading. Please let me know what else you would like to see Mara and Luke do.

    This next chapter I had all written and then my computer crashed. So I had to rewrite it, but it always seems that when you are bummed and have to rewrite it is never as good as the original. Anyway I hope you like it.

    Later the next morning Mara was getting ready for Luke’s arrival. She was putting on the finishing touches of her make-up and styling her hair. As promised she was going out with the Jedi to lunch and a holo afterwards. As she smoothed out the wrinkles of her silky dress she marveled at how things had changed in the last few weeks. Luke had gone from being a friend, to fiancé, back to friend and now she was going out on a date with him.

    Dating Skywalker…it seemed like a foreign concept, but the more she was around him the more plausible a relationship appeared. He had said they loved each other. What was it she saw in Luke that made her cross the line from friends to something more? Maybe over the next few weeks she would find out.

    The door buzzer sounded and she quickly made her way to the front door. When she opened it she smiled at the sight of Luke standing there with a nervous grin. His hair was neatly combed which looked so unnatural for him. Usually his hair was a blond wild mop of tresses that looked like it was styled by running his fingers through it. His attire was also different. Gone was his usual black outfit. Today he was wearing a dark grey polo shirt over khaki trousers. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. He looked good…really, really good.

    “Come on in,” she said as she ushered him inside. As he entered she gave an appraising look at his backside. The pants were casual, but she had a sneaky suspicion that he had them tailored to his body by the way they hugged his gluts and allowed her to see the play of his muscles underneath. Apparently Luke was not playing games when it came to this ‘wooing’ business.

    He turned and gave her a broad smile as his eyes raked down her body. “You look beautiful, Mara.”

    She blushed slightly, cursing her body for revealing her pleasure in his comment. “Thank you. I like your outfit.”

    He smiled that quick boyish grin that always made her heart flutter and knees weak. “Thanks. I hoped you would like it. I know how much you dislike my all black wardrobe.”

    She frowned slightly. “Who told you that?” It was true, but she didn’t recall ever professing her dislike of that color to him.

    His face reddened and he quickly averted his eyes. “Nobody told me, it was something I picked up…you know, during our bond.” He gave her an apologetic look and then held out his arm. “Shall we go?”

    She knew he was changing the subject, but she didn’t mind. She honestly didn’t want to know exactly what memories Luke gleaned from her brain on that fateful day on Nirauan.

    They hadn’t gotten out the door when Luke’s comlink went off. He gave a pained expression. “Shavit! I forgot to turn it off.” He pulled it out to see who was calling. “It’s my sister.” He then put the comlink back into his pocket without answering it.

    “Aren’t you going to see what she wants?” Mara asked.

    Luke shook his head. “I think Leia can survive a few hours without me.”

    Mara shook her head. “Luke it could be important. It could involve the Caamas document Artoo retrieved.”

    The comlink started beeping again. He pulled it out and gave a sour look. “It’s her again,” he groaned and then reluctantly answered the call. “Luke here.”

    Luke had the device on private so she couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation. After a slight pause Luke responded. “How about Han?” Luke listened and grimaced. “Winter?” Another pause. “Can’t they stay alone?” Luke glanced up at Mara and then turned his back to her and walked a couple steps away. He was whispering into the device but Mara could still make out his side of the conversation. “Leia, I’m on a date…yes a date…yes with a woman.”

    Mara suppressed a laugh.

    “Yes, yes Leia…it’s with Mara. Sorry, I just can’t help you today.”

    Mara didn’t know what the problem was, but she could feel Luke’s distress. He wanted to help his sister, but he didn’t want to break their date. “Luke, it’s okay,” she called out. “We can go out tomorrow.”

    Luke turned to her and made a face. “Leia can put you on hold for a moment.” He put the device on mute before addressing Mara. “Mara, Leia was called to the senate for an emergency meeting. She needs somebody to watch the kids and her normal sitters are out of the area.”

    “Then go,” she said while moving her hands in a shooing motion. “It’s alright.”

    He gave her a panicked look. “I really don’t want to do it, that’s the problem. They are three hyperactive pre-teens—it’s too much for me to handle alone.”

    Mara rolled her eyes. “You can face Vader and Palpatine single-handedly, but not three younglings.” She heaved a sigh. “Fine, I’ll go with you.”

    A smile blossomed across Luke’s face. “Really?”

    “Yes,” she reassured him.

    “Thank you Mara!” He turned the comlink back on. “Okay Leia I can be there in less than an hour; send me the address. Thanks! See you soon.”

    He turned off the communication device and gave Mara a warm smile. “I owe you one.” He looked at the door. “I need to get my swimsuit. They are over at Splash Universe.”

    Mara’s face fell. “You didn’t say they were at a waterpark!”

    The smile slipped from his face. “Does this mean you’re not going?”

    She made an exasperated sound. “No, I’ll go. Let me get my suit.”




    Splash Universe was Coruscant’s premiere indoor water park. There was dozens of various slides, wading pools, lap pools, a ten level treehouse water fun adventure area, a lazy river ride, shooting arcades and for the adults a hot tub and spa area. The park was full of millions of liters of flowing water and it was also full of loud, boisterous children. As Luke watched hundreds of young children jump and splash he wondered if a Jedi Master and a former Emperor’s Hand were up for this mission.

    “Luke!” he heard his sister’s voice over the din of children’s screams. He turned and saw Leia wearing street clothes walking up to him with her three children in tow. The boys were wearing baggy swim shorts and Jaina a modest one-piece swimsuit. “Luke thank you for coming,” Leia said as she gave her brother a hug. She turned to Mara. “And thank you for coming Mara. I appreciate your help.” Leia motioned to her children. “I’ve been promising to bring them here for months and I had to cancel twice because of Senate meetings. I didn’t want to disappoint them a third time.”

    Luke smiled at his niece and nephews. “I’m glad I can help.”

    “The changing rooms are that way,” Leia pointed in to a side hallway. She moved a step closer to Luke, “Keep an eye on them, since the existence of the Caamas Document became known there has been an increase in the security threat.”

    Luke gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “They’ll be fine, Leia.” He looked over to Mara. “Mara and I will keep them safe. Now go.”

    Leia gave her children a withering gaze. “Don’t give your uncle Luke or Miss Jade a hard time!”

    The children gave their most innocent ‘who me?’ look which was such a classic Han Solo expression that Luke had to laugh.

    “We’ll be good Mom,” they said in unison.

    Leia gave them a skeptical look, but then turned back to Luke and Mara. “I’ll be back as soon as possible. Thanks again.” With that she gave a wave and left the building.

    Luke pointed to the changing room. “Mara, why don’t you go and change and I’ll watch the kids, then I’ll change when you get back.”

    Mara nodded and left to go to the locker room.

    Luke watched the seductive sway of her hips as she sauntered down the hall. She had changed from the dress she intended to wear for their lunch date and into casual shorts and tunic, but he had to admit she filled those shorts out perfectly. He turned back to the kids and found them grinning ear-to-ear.

    “I think Uncle Luke’s in love,” Jaina said in a mischievous sing-song voice. “Are you dating Miss Jade?”

    Jacen and Anakin smirked. “Is she going to be our new aunt?”

    Luke rolled his eyes. “We’re just friends.”

    “She’s pretty, Uncle Luke.” Jacen said.

    “Yes, she it,” Luke said softly while hoping Mara would finish dressing so his interrogation would be over.

    “You should get married,” Jaina said with a serious expression.

    “Yeah,” Anakin agreed. “Dad said it would help with your tension.”

    Luke looked at his nephew confused. “Tension, what tension?”

    Anakin shrugged. “Don’t know, but dad thought Miss Jade would help with your tension.”

    Luke ran a hand over his face in embarrassment. He was going to need to talk to Han about discussing personal information in front of little ears.

    “You have to get married, Uncle Luke,” Anakin said earnestly. “It would be neat to have cousins.”

    “I’ll see what I can do about that.” Luke said with a soft laugh.

    “Mom and Dad like Miss Jade,” Jaina said. “Mom said it’s because she’s good at saving you after you run into danger.”

    “Dad said you like her because you like dangerous woman,” Anakin said then turned to his brother. “What did Dad say about that again? It was something about Miss Jade and Uncle Luke’s lightsaber.”

    “Stop!” Luke said. “I don’t want to hear what your dad has to say about me and Mara.”

    “Wow!” Jacen said suddenly. “There’s Miss Jade now.”

    Luke turned in the direction Jacen was pointing and his jaw dropped. “Wow!” Luke agreed. Mara walked toward them wearing a teal colored, one-piece swimsuit with plunging neckline. Luke couldn’t pull his eyes from her luscious figure. He sighed deeply as he realized how close he was to having this gorgeous woman as his wife. He loved her so much and he bemoaned the fact that he had only a few weeks to convince her that they were meant for each other.

    “Your turn,” Mara said. “I’ll watch the younglings.”

    Luke didn’t hesitate in moving to the locker room. He knew his niece and nephews probably sensed the emotions rolling off of him and he didn’t need more questions.

    Mara turned to the kids and gave them a small smile. “Having fun so far?”

    “Yes, this place is great,” Jaina said. “Are you dating Uncle Luke?”

    Mara closed her eyes and struggled to maintain her calm façade. “We’re friends.”

    “That’s what Uncle Luke says, but I think he likes you more than friends,” Jacen said.

    “That may be, but we’re still just friends.” Mara walked over to a wall that had a giant poster showing the location of all the amenities of the waterpark. “What do you kids want to do first?”

    “The whirlpool!” Anakin said excitedly.

    Mara looked at the directory and discovered ‘The Whirlpool’ was a waterslide where you enter a large bowl shaped area and then spun around and around like the contents of a large ‘fresher toilet before you plunged down a tube and flushed into a large wading pool. Mara grimaced, not liking the visualization. “How about the Lazy River ride?” Mara turned to find the children frowning.

    “That’s for babies and old people,” Anakin said. “How about the surfing simulator?”

    Mara looked back to the board and saw that was a place where water was shot up a small hill at a high speed. A person at the top would mount either a small body board or a surf board and ride the up rushing water like a surfer in the ocean. Mara smirked. She never had a desire to surf but she would love to see a farm boy from a desert planet try his hand at it.

    They looked over the directory for a few more minutes before Jaina called out impatiently. “Finally! There’s Uncle Luke.”

    Mara turned and her breath arrested in her lungs. She didn’t realize how amazing Luke looked bare-chested and clothed only a pair of small, butt-hugging swim shorts. Her eyes gazed over his finely toned chest and abs and then drifted down to his strong muscular legs. She had seen him shirtless before during her short stay at the Academy. She was impressed then, but the fact that here he was in his late thirties and looked even better now didn’t seem fair. She had to grudgingly admit that he certainly improved with age.

    Luke smiled broadly. “You guys ready?”

    “Yes,” the children replied enthusiastically before a large chime in the distance caught their attention. Jaina grabbed her uncle’s hand and Anakin grabbed hold of Mara’s arm and pulled the adults to the direction of the bells. “You have to see this!” Jaina said with a laugh. “It’s so cool!” They stopped in an open area where dozens of people gathered all grinning in anticipation.

    “What’s going on?” was all Mara could get out before a thousand liters of water dumped down on her and the rest of the patrons. Mara let out a loud shout of surprise as she heard Luke laughing. She looked up and saw a monstrous bucket tilt back into place far above her.

    “The bucket fills up and when the chimes ring it means it will dump all the water out.” Jacen said happily.

    “You could have given me a heads up on that, Jacen,” Mara said curtly.

    “What’s the fun in that?” Jacen said as the quickly moved toward the water slides.

    “I’m glad I took the time to braid my hair,” Mara said as she readjusted her suit. She turned and glared at Luke. “You knew that was going to happen! Why didn’t you warn me?”

    Luke tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably. “What’s the fun in that?”

    Mara gave him a playful smack on the shoulder as they followed after the Solo kids who had grabbed an inner tube and were climbing up a set of stairs to the entrance of the waterslides. Luke picked up a two person tube and motioned to the stairs. “Come on, we’ll go together.”

    They made it to the top where a Splash Universe employee was instructing patrons when they could start down the slide. Luke positioned the two-person tube at the start point and let Mara climb into the front part. He then positioned himself behind her, her body cradled between his legs. He put his arms around her waist just as the employee gave them a push down the slide.

    The ride was fast, wet and wild and full of twists and turns, but Mara barely registered the journey outside of the feel of Luke’s strong arms around her body and the side of his legs pressing against her hips. Luke leaned forward and she could feel him press his cheek to the side of her head as he whispered into her ear. “This is fun.”

    She grudgingly had to admit this was fun. She couldn’t believe that she had never been to a water park before. Of course, it wasn’t a place a single woman would usually consider going to alone. It was a family establishment and she had no family. Of course, if Luke had his way, he would change that.

    They shot out of a large tube and into a wading area. Park employees advised them to move out of the splash zone. They got to their feet and moved to the end of the pool. Luke was grinning like a little boy and seemed to enjoy the water as much as the Solo children who scrambled out of the water.

    “Let’s go to the surf area,” they announced and then left without waiting for Luke or Mara to respond. Mara and Luke arrived to the surfing spot in time to see Jacen get on a board. To Mara’s surprise he was surfing like a pro.

    Luke chuckled. “He’s using the Force.” He motioned to a kiosk just outside the pool area. “I’m going to get a waterproof digital imager. I’d like to get some pictures.”

    When Luke came back Jaina was on the board and doing equally as well as her brother. Luke shot a few images while shaking his head. “She’s also using the Force.”

    Mara turned to him with a grin. “Do you think you could do better Farmboy…without the Force?”

    Luke shrugged his shoulders. “Probably not, but part of the fun is learning a skill. It feels like cheating when you use the Force in a sport.”

    Mara chuckled. “They’re not getting paid to surf, so I don’t see any harm.” She gave him an evil grin. “I would like to see you try it without using the Force.”

    Luke made a snort. “I bet you would.”

    “No really, I would love to see you try.”

    He smiled with a glint of amusement. “What will you give me if I do?”

    She scoffed. “Nothing but a good laugh when you fall on your butt.”

    “How about a kiss for my efforts if I do it without the Force.”

    “No.” She shook her head. “Anyway, how would I know if you used the Force or not?”

    “You can tell when people are using the Force. Besides,” he motioned to Anakin who looked like he was born and raised on a board. “If you see me that comfortable on the surfboard you’ll know this desert boy is cheating.”

    She gave him a long hard look before deciding. “No kiss, but maybe you’ll get a second date if you impress me up there.”

    Luke smiled brightly as he handed Mara the digital imager. “Here, you can take a few photos for your scrap book.” He then climbed up the stairs and waited for a couple teenagers in front of him to wipe out before the resort employee handed Luke the mini-surf board. Luke positioned the board on the edge of the drop off and balanced himself on top. He then did what he saw the other people do, he shifted his weight to push the board over the edge. As promised he didn’t use the Force and he immediately knew he was in trouble. Surfing was a lot harder than it looked. He managed to stay upright for a few seconds before the board came out from under his feet and was washed up stream. He ended up falling downhill, his head pointing down toward the upward rushing water. The fast moving stream of water hit him with such force that it actually pushed him up the hill like he was body surfing. He then felt his shorts creeping down his legs, being pulled from his body by the rushing current. He grabbed the front of his pants and held it in place and then he reached back and pulled his shorts back up over his buttocks. He hoped nobody saw that, but the sound of Mara laughing told him he wasn’t that lucky. When he finally made his way to the bottom of the water ride Mara and Leia’s kids were laughing so hard they were almost hyperventilating. And to Luke’s horror, a small group of giggling teenage girls was also at the bottom of the ride with their smart-link devices (comlinks with photo, video and other applications) in hand.

    He walked up to Mara looking mortified. “Did you get any good photos?”

    Mara was still laughing. “Farmboy, I got some very revealing photos.” She motioned her head to the group of girls. “I think they did also. I expect you to be plastered all over the teenage holonet social groups by the end of the day, if not already.”

    “Funny, Mara.” Luke tightened up the draw strings in the front of his suit. When he got next to her he wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her close to him. “Why don’t we give them something to talk about?” He then leaned in and gave her a gentle, but quick kiss on the lips.

    She looked a bit surprised by his boldness, but she recovered quickly. “I think you naked butt cheeks are probably far more interesting than you kissing me.”

    Luke gave her a classic Han Solo grin. “I can do both if you like.” He gave her a wink. “When we get somewhere more private, that is.”

    “I meant to the giggling teens,” she clarified.

    “Can I see the photos Miss Jade,” Jaina asked while reaching out to the imager.

    Mara pulled the imager out of the young girls reach. “No, these images are for my eyes only…and maybe for a few close friends…like the Wild Karrde crew.” She smirked at Luke. “Or Han or your sister.”

    “Give me that,” Luke said as he made a grab for the imager.

    “No way,” Mara laughed as she ran off, until an employee admonished her for running around the pools.

    For the next few hours the small group went on every slide and ride in the park. Mara’s skin was starting to pucker up from being in the water so long, but the kids didn’t appear to be slowing down at all. They finally decided to try their luck on the indoor climbing wall. Mara and Luke instead opted to watch them from the “adults only” hot tubs that lined the outer walls of the establishment.

    They found an empty sauna and slid into the extremely warm water. Mara allowed Luke to sit next to her, their thighs touching, and even tolerated his arm around her shoulder. She hadn’t had this much fun since…well, since never. She smiled at him warmly. “This was fun.”

    He nodded. “It was. We should do it again…next time I’ll wear suspenders on my suit.”

    She laughed. “You were cute.”

    “Me or my butt?” Luke laughed.

    She gave him a long gaze. “Both.” She gave him a curious look. “Did we kiss while on Nirauan?”

    He hesitated for a moment. “Yes.”

    “Did I like it?”

    A reminiscent smile crossed his face. “Very much; we both did.”

    She leaned in closer to him. “I’d like to try that again. Maybe it will bring back memories?”

    He moved closer to her, his lips caressing her face before his lips moved over hers, giving her a gentle kiss.

    “Ooohhhhhh I see them kissing!” came Jaina’s voice from high above.

    Luke and Mara looked up and spied Jaina as she neared the peak of the rock wall.

    “Next time we do this, let’s do it minus the kids,” Mara said.

    Luke smiled as he pulled her close. “So does this mean I get another date?”

    She nodded. “If you let me keep the digital imager I might give you two more dates.”

    He laughed as he leaned in for another warm, lingering kiss. “You have a deal.”
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  8. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    :eek: Blackmail!

    I like it! [face_party]

    I half expected something bad to happen but nothing did. To the kids that is.

    Two more dates!

    Maybe when Karrde gets back Mara will be engaged to Luke. ;)
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi, squggles on chapter 3 and the getting to know parts. Luke was a sweetie back in the day. :) But chapter 4, yumsy, it's flirty and definitely full of mutual admiration of how the other looks in swim gear LOL - yuppers, the sauna put it over the top. [face_dancing] But next time they need to not be ... interrupted ;) Tickled pink Mara agreed to more dates and hopefully more mushy pleasures. :D

    Stoked she's curious about Nirauan and not touchy any more. Great progress.

    [:D] !!!

    (Did enjoy the two for one read) [face_love]
  10. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Oh that was FUN!!! [face_laugh] Luke is playing his cards really well. ;)
  11. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Don't forget to let me know what you want to see next. Where would be a good place for Luke to bring Mara on their next date?

    By the way, the surf incident happens a lot. I was at the waterpark with my sons and my youngest one almost had his swimsuit torn from his body while surfing. Luckily he grabbed the front and only his backside was exposed. The same thing happened to two men that tried surfing later on. Unfortunately, none of those men had Luke's hot buns.
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  12. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Dancing that would involve line-dancing, freestyle and the salsa!
  13. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    Well, if that's not enough to get Mara to want to date him... [face_mischief]

    I like seeing them do regular, fun things together.

    As for what's next...maybe Mara feels he's cheating with the knowledge from the bond, so she takes him some place that he can't use the Force to see if they still have it? Maybe over to Mark and Kira's for a bite. Wait... ;) LOL
  14. Demendora

    Demendora Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 9, 2010
    Mara should go home and view those photos very carefully[face_laugh] And I agree...the next time they need not to be interrupted. [face_love]
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  15. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Hahahahahahaha! That was such a fun chapter to read. It's nice to see LM and the Solo kids having fun and not killing each other.
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  16. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks Lady_Misty, Jade_eyes, Briannakin, Hazel, Demendora, and ginchy for reading and taking the time to review. I went with "Doing regular things together" for Chapter 5. Please let me know what else you would like to see...or I may just have to get to bootknocking and end the fic. :p

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Especially for those lurkers out there.


    Luke nervously stood outside Mara’s apartment door. Their date at the waterpark turned out fantastic and he was thrilled that Mara was warming up to him and they even kissed…and that was some kiss. It was amazing. He swore to himself that he would give her a day to herself. He didn’t want to look like he was stalking her, but he couldn’t bear to be away from her when he knew that in less than three weeks she would be back to her job and they would once again be apart from each other for weeks if not months at a time. He needed to take every opportunity from now until the end of her medical leave to convince her to marry him.

    ‘Enough with the stalling,’ he thought as he depressed the door buzzer. After a few moments Mara opened the door and gave him a knowing smirk.

    “You don’t ever let up, do you?” She tried to sound irritated but Luke could sense she was happy to see him.

    Luke smiled broadly as he lifted up a bag of Tarisian take out. “I was in the neighborhood and happened to have Tarisian spiced ribs and thought I would stop by.”

    She gave an amused chuckle. “The only Tarisian restaurant anywhere near my apartment is thirty kilometers away and you just happen to have my favorite dish…I think you are trying to seduce me Master Skywalker.”

    “You think?” Luke chuckled. “Well, if you don’t want the ribs maybe Chewie will want them.” He turned to leave but Mara grabbed him by his tunic sleeve.

    “No way Farmboy, you are not leaving with those ribs.” She gave him a happy, relaxed smile. “Come on in.”




    “Force, that was good,” Luke said as he finished up the last rib and attempted to rid his face and hands of the dripping spice sauce that covered the meat by using most of the paper towels in her apartment. “But they are messy.” He looked up to Mara and grinned. “You have a little bit of sauce right here.” He pointed to his face on the side of his mouth.

    Mara picked up a napkin and wiped the side of her face. “Here?”

    “You got it.”

    She put down the napkin and then gazed at him with deep green eyes. “I don’t think I ever thanked you.”

    He gave her a confused look. “For the ribs? I think you thanked me a dozen times during this meal.”

    She shook her head. “No, for saving me on Nirauan. You always seem to be there when I need you.”

    He gave her a warm smile. “And you were always there for me. You saved my life twice on Wayland alone. Then you kept me from breaking my neck against the docking bay bulkhead of the Starry Ice.”

    She shook her head in both amusement and disbelief. “Cold shirting across a vacuum while in a hibernation trace had to be the stupidest thing you had ever done.”

    His eyes glinted in amusement. “It was worth it though. I woke up in the most pleasant position—straddling the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.”

    She picked up a balled up napkin and tossed it at him but didn’t have a snarky retort like he expected.

    “I should have told you I was just getting comfortable,” Luke grinned.


    “When you asked me, ‘So. You want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable?’ I should have said I was just getting comfortable.”

    She scoffed. “Now, that would have been the stupidest thing you had ever done.”

    He nodded in agreement. “Probably, we weren’t ready then.”

    She glanced up sharply at him. “What do you mean then?” She stared at him accusingly. “Did we do more than kiss while on Nirauan?”

    He sat back in his chair, his face flushed darkly. “We did a little more than kiss, but we didn’t have sex, if that is what you are getting at.”

    Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him suspiciously. “I agreed to marry you, we were facing certain death, we kissed...and then did a little more than kiss…but we didn’t spend what remaining hours of life we had having hot sex?”

    The blood drained from his face. “Gods, no Mara!”

    Her expression was severe. “Well, why the Hell not? I was the last woman you were going to see before your untimely demise, I accepted your proposal for marriage and you still didn’t want to make out with me?”

    Luke’s eyes went wide in shock. “Mara, we were cold, wet, covered in mud and firecreeper guano.”

    She folded her arms across her chest and turned away from him. “I guess I wasn’t good enough for you.”

    “What?” Luke paused as he saw the corners of her mouth twitch. He realized she was teasing him. She had caught him off guard because Mara rarely teased him…harass and mock him maybe, but never good natured teasing. He decided two could play this game. “Okay Mara, you win. We did have mind-blowing sex. You told me I was the best you’ve ever had. Nobody could bring you to the apex of ecstasy like I did. And then you said I had an awesome body and a tremendously large…understanding of the female body and how to satisfy your needs. Sorry, I know I should have told you earlier.”

    “You are a terrible liar, Luke.” Mara broke down in laughter. “That sounds like something Lando would lie about.”

    Weeks ago that comment would have caused a spike of jealousy, but through their bond he knew she had told him the truth when she said there was nothing between her and Lando—that they were simply posing as a couple for a mission.

    “How bad was he to be around?” Luke asked.

    She rolled her eyes. “He’s lucky he survived the mission. He tried every pick up line in the book.”

    “There’s a book?” Luke joked. “Tell me some. If I can’t convince you to go out with me I may have to try some of those Holonet dating sites.”

    She tried to stifle a smile as she recalled Lando’s antics. “I only remember a few. One was ‘Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.’”

    Luke made a groaning sound. “Even Rogue pilots wouldn’t use a line that corny.”

    She laughed. “Then one day he said to me, ‘I envy your lipstick’ or then there was, ‘Look at you, with all those curves, and me with no brakes.’

    “No, he didn’t!” Luke laughed.

    She nodded with an incredulous look on her face. “Then he said, ‘Is it hot in here, or is it just you?’, but his all time bad pick-up line was, ‘You look great in that dress, but do you know what would really look good on you? Me.’

    “And he’s still alive?”

    Mara gave him an evil grin. “That last one pushed me a little past my breaking point. We were alone in his stateroom, so I whipped out my lightsaber and pointed the blade at his crotch. I told him if he didn’t knock it off I would neuter him.”

    Luke crossed his legs and brought his hands down to his groin in a protective manner. “Ouch, Mara.” He gave her a wide-eyed look. “I hope I don’t say anything to you to get that treatment.”

    She gave him a dismissive gesture. “You are too smart for that, Luke.”

    “Was there any of his lines that might work for me?” He asked curious.

    Her eyes shone. “I don’t know. If things continue to go well with these dates…maybe his ‘I would love to make you breakfast’ line might work.”

    Luke’s eyebrows rose up. “Really?”

    She blushed. “Not now though.”

    He gave her a warm smile. Things were going better than he ever imagined. He wasn’t going to push things along too fast.

    He leaned in and stared at her face intensely. “You missed a spot of sauce,” he said while pointing to her mouth.

    “Oh.” Mara picked up the napkin and wiped her face. “Is it gone?”

    Luke shook his head. “No, let me help.” He picked up his napkin and went to wipe her face but at the last minute he leaned in and kissed her. He didn’t know what to expect, but he was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t pull away but leaned in to return the kiss.

    As they pulled apart she smiled at him seductively. “You must really love that sauce.”

    He grinned. “Yes, but the woman under the sauce is tastier.”

    She groaned. “Oh, that is such a bad line.”

    He straightened and pulled her out of her seat. “Sorry. Would you like to catch a holo?”

    She shook her head. “No, but I have some holo-rentals I haven’t watched.”

    He gave her a wide smile as they walked over to her couch and sat down. “Which ones?”

    She handed him a holo-cube. “I heard about this holo from your brother-in-law.”

    Luke’s face fell. “Luke Skywalker and the Dragons of Tatooine!” He shook his head and tried to get up but she grabbed him by the waistband of his pants and pulled him back to the couch.

    “Watch it with me and maybe you will get another date.”

    “Mara, that was a low budget holo that came out during my rebellion days.” He feigned a pained look when he realized he wasn’t getting out of this. “Alright, if I have too.”

    She got up and put the cube in the machine. She sat back down and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You have to.”
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    Hehehe. Those pick up lines were just bad.

    Not that I want this fic to end yet, but I think you should get to the boot knocking :D
  18. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Those pick up lines were [face_rofl] . I think bootknocking would be perfect to end this date. ;)
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    Those pick up lines -- ack [face_laugh] [face_laugh] -- but when Luke says one of them - they become sweet because he means them and hasn't used them on the last score and more of women. :p I too use a stack of napkins when I eat ribs [face_laugh] and envy those who just throw away one or two -- that's it?!

    The teasing and warm tone was excellent. :)
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    those pickup lines were the worst I have ever heard!

    But then the only pickup lines I have heard have been directed at myself have been basically 'Have you seen _________ or know anything about it?' That's how "Scott" asked me out earlier this year. His two younger sister tagged along though which made us slightly late for the movie. *head on keyboard* The other two time I was the one with the lines 'Hey have you watched _________ yet? Would you mind going to see it again?' And 'Bryg, Drew and I are going to see __________ would you like to come and make it even?'

    Scott is a little awkward when it comes to some social things. But then I can be as well
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    Thanks Briannakin, Hazel, Jade_eyes, and Lady_Misty for reading. Okay we had a vote for bootknocking and so here is the final chapter.

    Chapter Five-part two.

    The holo flickered on with the movie title blazing above the holoprojector: LUKE SKYWALKER AND THE DRAGONS OF TATOOINE! This was followed by the sight of an X-Wing fighter coming out of orbit and landing on a vast desert plain. The cockpit canopy popped open to show the pilot taking off his helmet to survey the landscape. He was blond and with a cleft chin…but that was pretty much the extent of his resemblance to the real Luke Skywalker.

    Mara started laughing as the holo showed a very large actor climb out of the X-Wing and hop down to the desert floor. He was almost as tall as a Wookiee, with broad shoulders and a thin waist. Even though he wore a bulky orange flight suit Mara could see the bulging muscles of the man move under the clothing. She turned to her companion sitting next to her. “Luke, you really let yourself go since your rebellion days.”

    Luke gave her a tight smile. “That is Tondarz Trivette, six-time Galactic Bodybuilding Champion. He is about two heads taller than me and outweighs me by fifty kilograms. Why anybody would cast him to play Luke Skywalker I’ll never understand.”

    Mara gave a hoot. “Oh, I understand!” At that point in the show the actor playing Luke had unzipped his flight suit and took off the top half, tying the sleeves around his waist. He was wearing a very shear tank top underneath that gave the audience an excellent view of his physique.

    Luke gave a groan. “You aren’t attracted to big muscular guys like that, are you?”

    Mara smirked. “No, I’m attracted to small guys like you.” She then laughed when Luke scowled at her.

    The actor spent the next half hour moving around the desert sweating—his muscles glistening and flexing. Mara turned to Luke. “There is not much plot, is there?”

    He shook his head. “Nope, There’s just a big, sweaty, muscular guy, waving a lightsaber and later slaying a non-existent fire breathing dragon. They could have at least used a Krayt Dragon in the movie.”

    Mara shushed him as the hero crested a dune and saw a scantily clad woman tied to a post in the distance. The actor ran to the beautiful woman and untied her. She was disorientated from the heat but she was able to look up at the huge man holding her in his arms and say, “Who are you?”

    “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you!”

    Mara just about fell out of her seat laughing. “Isn’t that the line you gave your sister on the Death Star?”

    Luke blushed. “Yes Mara. Can we turn this off?”

    She tried to answer a couple times but continued laughing. Finally she composed herself long enough to say, “No, I want to see how this ends.”

    “It ends like all action movies. The hero gets the girl.”

    Mara gave him a wry look. “Is that how our story is going to end?”

    He smiled. “I hope so.” Luke looked up to the holo and covered his eyes. “I hate this part.”

    The actor and actress were now kissing and it was quickly turning into a romance scene. The fell down to the sand and were in an ardent embrace, kissing passionately. Mara frowned. “Luke you really should have brought that woman to a medical facility. She surely was suffering from heat stroke and dehydration.”

    “I know,” Luke said with a mock look of embarrassment. “I really was a cad back then…taking advantage of disorientated women.” He watched the scene and shook his head. “If they actually did that on the Tatooine desert they would get second degree burns…and the sand…they would be scrubbing sand out of…well, just about everywhere. Who has sex on desert sand?”

    Mara started laughing again. “So this isn’t a documentary? You don’t sacrifice virgins to the sun gods to ensure a good water harvest?”

    Luke snickered. “Luckily, no. If they did, me and half of the members of my school ‘s Droid-botics club would have been thrown to the dragons.”

    She laughed and then gave him a slow, knowing smile. “Luke Skywalker never got lucky while on Tatooine?”

    He shook his head. “No, it didn’t happen for me until after the battle of Yavin.”

    “Oh, the Rogue pilot scores. Who was she?”

    Luke looked away. “I don’t want to talk about that, Mara.”

    She crossed her arms across her chest. “I thought you wanted me to know everything about you. Don’t you have knowledge about me?”

    Luke sighed. “It’s just that it wasn’t my best moment. The Rogues got me drunk and I mean drunk. I woke up with two naked women in bed with me. I grabbed my clothes and ran out of my barracks room totally panicked. I don’t know who they were and I don’t know if we actually had sex.” He looked away. “That is not something I would do sober and I am not proud of it. I don’t take advantage of women.”

    Mara smirked. “It sounds like they might have taken advantage of you or the Rogues were playing a trick on you. That is a very common prank for military guys. You find your friend passed out and you then put him in a very compromising position so he wakes up in a panic.”

    Luke simply shrugged. Mara was about to say something else when the actor on the holo was attacked by a fire breathing dragon. The muscle-bound actor ignited a blue lightsaber and attacked the creature. After a series of back flips, front flips, cartwheels and other computer generated special effects the actor was successful in dispatching the dragon. There was then another mushy love scene between the actor and actress before the holo faded to black.

    They sat silently for a moment. Luke was embarrassed by what he revealed about his Rogue days. Mara glanced over to him and gave him a wan smile. “Luke, don’t be embarrassed. You said that when we bonded I saw everything about you…and I fell in love. The fact that you are not bragging about that event in your life tells me you are a good, kind man.” She hesitated for a moment. “And knowing you, it probably was a Rogue prank.”

    He looked down at his hands in his lap. “Thanks Mara.”

    She leaned closer to him rested her head on his shoulder. “I‘m not ready for the Force bonding…but I think I am ready to take this relationship to the next level”

    Luke felt his stomach flip flop nervously. “What do you mean exactly?”

    She reached a hand up to caress his face. “I mean we start with kissing, then maybe a little more than kissing…and see where it goes from there.”

    Luke chest tightened and he was having trouble breathing. Finally his chest loosened enough for him to form words. “That sounds… wonderful.” He then leaned in and kissed her hungrily.




    The morning light passing through his bedroom curtains woke Luke early the next day. He turned and smiled when he saw Mara lying next to him. He snuggled up next to her, his warm flesh pressing against hers. He kissed along her jaw line and then gave her earlobe a gentle nibble. “Wake up sleepyhead,” he whispered to her. “Do you want me to make you breakfast?”

    She turned over and blinked at him with sleepy eyes. “See, that pick-up line did work for you.”

    He pulled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. “I’d like to try another pick-up line. Will you marry me?”

    She gave him a long contemplative look that made him nervous that she was going to say no. “Does that mean you will stop wooing me? Because I have come to like all the attention…especially the attention you gave me last night.”

    He smiled. “I will never stop wooing you. We can be married fifty years and I will still be your eager lover.”

    “Well then,” she said with a smirk. “My answer is yes.”

    Luke felt like an enormous pressure was taken off his shoulders and he gave a happy sigh of relief. For the first time since their return from Nirauan he dared to believe that maybe this story was going to work out like the Holos—where the hero wins the heart and hand of the beautiful maiden. “Thank you Mara, thank you.” He pulled her into his warm embrace as he buried his head into her shoulder. He was so happy he couldn’t help but shed tears of joy.

    He pulled away from her and tried to covertly wipe them away, but then he saw Mara was crying also. She reached up and wiped a tear off his cheek. “You don’t have to hide your joy. I feel it to. It’s a mixture of happiness and relief that you finally found somebody to travel with you in this journey of life. It is an amazing feeling.”

    Luke broke out in a wide smile. “It’s a feeling I want to last forever.”

    Mara pulled him to her for a lingering kiss. When their lips parted she said, “Yes, forever.”
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    Awwwww!!!!!!! [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

    That was a lovely ending. That movie sounds hilarious.
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    SQUEEEEEEE! SQUEEE! Thanks for indulging us eager readers by turning this one-shot into a yummylicious short story! [:D] [face_love] !!!
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    And I thought that the first 17 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey was horrible!

    By the sounds of it he has finally got the girl.
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