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    Title: Shh-kir
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: JA
    Characters: OC
    Genre: single-post
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    Note this is an extended version of my mother of the disappeared fic published earlier.


    Shh-kir had become one with the Force

    Tss-kik-Shh-Kir-ssj-kr had been his name when he was born. He was a Barkanian lizard and his mother was still alive when she heard the news from Yoda.

    Yoda had contacted her after so many years and said ?become one with the Force Shh-kir did. Studied the ways of the Jedi he did. Great asset to the archives he was.?

    Tss-kik-ts-kir remembered Yoda because he was the Jedi who had visited her 225 years ago.

    Tss-kik-Shh-Kir-ssj-kr had been a soft-spiked youngling of only two months old at that time and only 75 cm tall. Yoda had said ?strong in the Force your young one is. Lead the life of a Jedi he can.?

    She had agreed to his wish as it was a great honour for her tribe to give a child to the Jedi.
    Barkanian lizards had been Jedi for thousands of years and most of them became fierce warriors defending the republic.

    She was old, very old, but being a female that was normal for her species. She was cared for by her tribe and would live for a few years more before she too became one with the Force.

    A red and white Jeditransport was descending to the great grassy plain of Barkania and two Jedi exited it.

    Tss-kik-ts-kir observed them from afar with her sharp yellow eyes. They were humanoid. One was very tall and had long flowing hair tied with a thong and a beard. The other was ginger-haired and had a braid.

    Tss-kik-ts-kir saw them approaching and she welcomed them in a gravely basic voice.

    The large one said ?I am Qui-Gon Jinn and I have known Shh-kir all my life.?

    The short one said ?I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. Shh-kir was a great storyteller and I loved to come to his place in the archives. He was very funny. He was my teacher when I visited the archives.?

    Qui-Gon said ?I have met him also in the archives. He was retired from field duty and had joined the archives and became an assistant of Knight Jocasta Nu. I have a holocube of his adventures and they are numerous. He was liked by everyone and my meeting with him was humorous.?

    Tss-kik-ts-kir said ?it pleases me to know he was liked by everyone. Will you tell me how you met him??

    Qui-Gon said ?I was gliding down the banister with my crèche-mates Mace Windu and Benno Perion and we collided with Shh-kir. We landed atop of him and he helped us. After that we had some duty in the archives but Jocasta Nu wasn?t pleased with us. We were making paper planes and she called us archive disasters. Master Yoda came and saved us.?

    Tss-kik-ts-kir was making ss ssh ss ssh sounds and had smiling eyes. She said ?that was very funny. And Obi-Wan can you tell me about your first meeting??

    Obi-Wan said ?I met Shh-kir for the first time when I was 3 year old. I had made a paper plane and was following it. The plane flew towards the archives and it landed atop his spikes. Before I could retrieve it Jocasta Nu came and began to lecture me about ruining archive-material. She called me a disaster and I started to cry. Shh-kir comforted me and told me funny stories about three initiates and one has become my master. I visited him many times more.

    After some more talk they said goodbye.

    Tss-kik-ts-kir saw them walking towards their transport and the rays of the setting sun caught the red beads in the hair of master and padawan, setting them aglow.

    She was very pleased that her son had led such a good life and she would cherish those memories.

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    Aaaw, it was very touching for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to share their memories with Shh-kir's mother. And I see that both of them were disasters that Shh-kir could handle. :)
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