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Beyond - Legends Shores Yet Untrod (AU; Kyp, OCs, post-TUF; A/N - on hiatus, 3/19)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Onderon1, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    OK, SQUEE! SQUEE! There, I couldn't resist, not that I tried.

    Spot on characterization and super dialogue - full of candor and caring and introspection.

    I really like Dalonera's commentary on Jedi hypocrisy and the Solos' and Mara's, in particular. [face_thinking]

    Although in many fics, Mara never really cut herself any slack about her past for quite the little while. :p

    Your Dalonera reminds me of a Klingon warrior woman, which let me say is way, way :cool: [face_laugh]

    And if there's one hot dude who can handle that kind of loving [face_laugh] [face_mischief] it's my Kyp-pookie-bear [face_shhh]


  2. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Jade_eyes: Thanks. :) I figured it was about time to deal with the Kyp/Dalonera dynamic, and there's still a lot more there to deal with ... [face_thinking]

    This'll be a short update; RL has been busy again, but I wanted to make sure I did something with this. :D

    28.4 ABY: Varkin, Vohai, Parmel Sector, Outer
    Rim Territories:

    As much as Kyp hated being noncommittal in most things, he wasn't about to rush into restarting his relationship with Dalonera - especially since the trip to the various praxia wasn't even half-over.

    Not that I don't want to spend time with Loner - it's fun. But right now isn't the time for a life-altering decision, he thought, slipping out of Dalonera's room after a shower and change back into his workout clothes. He headed back to his room, got some clean sweats, and decided to check on his Padawan.

    Kyp found Ejen in one of the praxeum's sparring pistas, dressed in tan Jedi tunic and pants while practicing with a training remote. With Ejen's recently-crewcut hair, the teen looked oddly like a traditional Jedi apprentice - if the observer ignored the discblade "holster" on Ejen's belt.

    The boy waved off the remote, smiling in greeting, and Kyp nodded before sitting on a bench which Qewpee sat beside. The astromech wasn't quite the same as an actual Jedi exercise spotter, but she had enough common sense to qualify for Kyp's qualifications. "Master - good to see you moving around," Ejen said, shutting down his lightsaber.

    "You know how I hate resting too much. You're looking very ... Jedi," Kyp said, not entirely sure how to proceed. He had a lot of questions for his apprentice, but Ejen had changed a lot from the self-doubting street kid who'd been reluctant to practice in the Atin's cargo hold.

    Ejen's smile became an echo of the smirk he'd sometimes gotten when bantering with Kyp or Val'shira, and he hooked his lightsaber on his belt before shrugging. "Figured the beskar'gam might be a little too heavy for lightsaber practice. Norbok makes good armor," he said, accepting a bottle of water from Qewpee before sitting at the far end of the bench from Kyp.

    "Freep-tweet. Dwee-bweep-breeoot," Qewpee opined, and Kyp patted the droid's dome as she projected a holoimage of Ejen's workout. Ejen blushed a bit, but smiled, too, while Kyp observed the recording - Ejen's technique was improving.

    "Your flow-through is better. Still a little choppy, but you're letting the Force guide your actions more. It's real progress," Kyp said, letting Ejen sense his pride and approval.

    Ejen's smile widened, but he looked at the floor, suddenly blushing fiercely. "I ..." he said, giving Kyp a look that was a mix of emotions - guilty, ashamed, even a little angry. "It wouldn't stop a slugthrower round, though, right?"

    Ah. Now we're getting to the heart of things, Kyp recognized, taking a deep breath.

    "A fully functional lightsaber can stop slugthrower rounds. It'd vaporize the shell, though, not deflect or redirect it. You're smart to ask what a lightsaber's limits are," Kyp said, keeping his tone neutral.

    Ejen just nodded, mumbling, "Jedi can be hurt, even with a lightsaber."

    "Dwooo," Qewpee trilled sympathetically, rolling over to Ejen. He patted the astromech's dome, leaning on her, and wiped his eyes as Kyp thought for a moment.

    "Yeah ... Jedi aren't invincible. We've got something extra, but we're still mortal. I hope I haven't been giving you a false idea of what we can and can't do," Kyp said, speaking evenly and strongly.

    Ejen shook his head, trying to compose himself, and Kyp continued in a gentler tone. "I'm sorry I scared you when I was shot. I didn't plan on letting Morgax Vizsla get the drop on me, but even I have a bad day now and again," he said, trying to laugh a bit.

    Ejen scowled back at Kyp, fighting with his emotions, but he finally managed a worried, thin smile. "It's not your fault. It's just ... everyone keeps going away, whom I know. Mom and Da
  3. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    A/N: I'm still working on the next big plot beats for this - so, catching up with some characters this time. :)

    28.4 ABY: Varkin, Vohai, Parmel Sector, Outer
    Rim Territories:

    If there was one thing Val'shira appreciated about the modern Jedi, it was that they weren't overly uptight.

    Anyone who thinks they're all cloistered, stuffy monks needs to hang out with Kyp, the Twi'lek mused, enjoying a spring day outdoors in one of Varkin's parks. While Vohai as a whole was rather patchwork, its industrial sites were mixed in with parkland and residential areas, making it one of the better examples of urban planning in the Outer Rim.

    It was also a perfect place for a Cathar to get outdoors. Karina wasn't giving in to any ridiculous feline stereotypes like climbing trees. But she was working through a stretching exercise that looked like a cross between a martial arts workout and a mime's impression of being stuck in honey.

    She's working on resistance training, Val'shira recognized, watching her new friend move and flow even as she ignored stares from passersby. And ... maybe a moving meditation?

    It'd make sense. Since joining Kyp's crew, Val'shira had learned a few more details about Jedi - that there was more than one kind of meditation, that even seemingly "mundane" work like fixing a power converter could be an exercise in the Force. Frequently, Jedi could find an aptitude for special skills they were good at in the Force, and increase and improve their Force strength by exercising that aptitude.

    According to the stories, Kyp's strength was piloting - Val'shira had heard the stories about the "Dozen and a Half" squadrons he'd led in the Vong War. And even before then, there'd been tales in the underworld about the menace that "Durron's karking vigilantes" posed to pirates and other criminals.

    Not missing that life, Val'shira thought, grateful and a little amazed. Just weeks earlier she'd been a tech for a band of spice-running street thugs, while doing a little creative accounting on the side. But now, she was helping to rebuild the galaxy's hyperspace routes - legitimate work.

    It was almost enough to make a girl think anything was possible. Val'shira smiled at that idea - maybe she could get a government contract with a letter of recommendation from Kyp, or even -

    "Val? Val'shira?!"

    Huh? Wait - no way, she thought, looking up at a male Rutian Twi'lek who approached from the nearby sidewalk. He was dressed fairly fashionably, and was a few years older than her.

    But he was definitely somebody Val'shira knew.

    "Kon?!" she exclaimed, standing as he approached, giving Karina a curious glance before turning back to Val'shira.

    To her relief, Kon smiled, and even opened his arms. "It's a small galaxy, huh? How are you?" he asked as Val'shira hugged her older brother.

    "Better for seeing you. Is everyone all right? It's been so long - and I didn't leave very well," she said, sitting on the bench with Kon. He frowned a little, but not with anger, Val'shira could tell from the twitch of his lekku - it was sadness.

    "We're doing well financially, anyway. The rebuilding boom is making the food supply business go wild, and we're seeing a real growth period out on this corner of the Rim. The folks, though ... things could be better," he explained, and Val'shira's heart sank.

    "It's my fault. If I hadn't left how I did -" she started to say, until she noticed Karina approaching with clear concern.

    "It wasn't all your fault. They never understood that you had your own life to lead. I think they're getting it now, especially with how Mom reacted, but Dad ... well, he's Dad. You know how he gets. It'd be easier to move a Hutt than get him to admit he's wrong," Kon said, looking at Karina as she approached. "Who's your friend?"

    "Oh - Karina Taslar, this is my brother, Kon'shira, of Shir-Nai Shipping out of Nar Shaddaa. Kon, this is Karina Taslar, an ... law e
  4. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    A/N: Blergh. RL's been insanely busy lately. However ... here's an update with two Mandalorians. :)

    28.4 ABY: Varkin, Vohai, Parmel Sector, Outer
    Rim Territories:

    Something was going on with Dalonera, Norbok could tell - she was happier, more energetic than he'd seen her in some time. He knew his vod well enough by know that she wasn't going to fool him by acting tough during their regular daily workout.

    "C'mon, vod'ika. I could use a real challenge," the human woman said, making a "come and get it" motion with her extended hand toward the Ewok in one of the Vohai Praxeum's sparring rooms. They wore simple workout clothes, not beskar, preferring a little risk in their training (and avoiding the bruises that fighting in full armor might generate).

    "Yub. OK, but I warned you," Norbok chuckled, charging. He and Dalonera were almost evenly matched in hand-to-hand combat, other than her Force-enhanced reflexes. But the limited precognition afforded by the Force was less effective in melee without lightsabers.

    And Mando'ade or not, Norbok was still an Ewok. If anything, his affinity for the outdoors only made him deadlier.

    Or maybe it was just his tackling Dalonera's legs and pulling her down.

    "Yub. Yield?" Norbok asked after getting his captain in a pin.

    "Not on your furry life," Dalonera chuckled, twisting - and Norbok found himself rapidly approaching the mat head-first.

    "OK! Yub - ba'vodu!!" Norbok yielded, hollering the Mando'a word for "uncle."

    Dalonera released him, setting Norbok upright, and he dusted himself off as he watched her walk over to the bench. She's got more energy - she's more relaxed, he realized, trying to put it all together ..

    Oh ... osik, Norbok groaned inwardly, while Dalonera looked at him with confusion.

    "Yub. OK. Who is it? Dock hand? Traveling salesman?" Norbok asked, shaking his head - Dalonera's taste in men was at best questionable.

    At worst ... well, Norbok was smarter than bringing up Morgax Vizsla so soon after finally killing the hut'uun.

    Dalonera clearly put it together fast, and scowled, but Norbok wasn't about to let her off the hook so easily. "Yub. Look, all I saying is that some guys not worth it," he said. "Just ... yub. I worry about you."

    "Loner" relaxed, then, and nodded for Norbok to sit beside her. "Thanks. But it's nothing I can't handle," she said.

    Really? Then why are you acting like Yaja'torva did around Ejen? All bouncy and energetic and fluffy like you usually aren't? Norbok wanted to ask.

    Instead, he sat down beside his vod, took a bottle of water from the cooler they'd brought, and said, "Yub. If you OK, then I happy for you. But if he treats you wrong, I skin him alive."

    "Deal," Dalonera said, not laughing - she knew Norbok meant it. She'd do the same for him, after all. Nobody messed with their clan.


    Oh, 'bok ...

    Dalonera felt ashamed that she couldn't - wasn't ready to - admit to her hunting partner and clan-vod that she and Kyp were ... back together again. She wasn't even entirely sure of why she felt that way.

    Maybe because Durron hasn't committed? He danced around the topic, did that silly little eye-wagging thing he does, and you fell for it. Cute and brave doesn't equal serious, girl, part of Dalonera's mind growled warningly.

    The rest of her mind snarked right back, Kyp wouldn't do that. I sensed that he cares.

    And besides ... who'd left the relationship back on Yavin, anyhow?

    It all comes down to whether I'm ready to commit. Not until this mission is over, true, but ... I'm getting close to 30. Some Mando women've had two or three kids by now, built a life for themselves on a safe planet, Dalonera considered.

    Not that she would've been able to do that during the Vong War, of course, between the Mandalore Sector getting overrun and Peace Brigade scum hunting
  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] When you put together all the updates since the first of March, you get a great flow ;)

    Loved Ejen's openness. He's honest and caring and yet doesn't wallow and isn't reckless with the Holocron either.

    Dalonera and Norbok's conversation [face_thinking] Sometimes, the right time has to be made :p if you want it or the person strong enough.

  6. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Jade_eyes: Thanks. :) Sorry I haven't posted more - RL's been 8-} busy. :p

    With the board changes coming I'm going to put this 'fic on hiatus until the move is complete. That said, it WILL return - but when I'm sure that none of the posts are going to get lost.

    Kyp's journey isn't over yet ... [face_peace]

    - Later, [face_peace]