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    This is EU pre-NJO, but with an AU twist to the ages; maybe the events if people want me to. :confused:
    ***The original characters (Jedi ones) are from Angel?s Plight by Amidala22.

    All the Star Wars people belong to Lucas and the original characters are mine (I?m the dark persona of Amidala22)...
    If you want to archive or use something/someone just ask. We?ll figure somethin? out. ;)

    Welcome all?please RR and read other fanfics in my signature... :D...

    Here we begin?once was lost, unheard of, has returned...

    ***Shots in the Dark***


    Screams break the silence of the night. Footsteps pounding on the ground One person running from many. Another bloodcurdling scream, a boy?s voice, echoes again. Fear is thick in the air, and shots are barely audible. The footsteps have stopped and a final cry is cut off violently. Sounds of a scuffle and muffled sounds are heard and harsh voices whisper.

    The soundless night under the starlight returns only to be broken again with the cries of many voices. The victim is not going quietly, and it seems the young man-boy?-has friends bent on rescuing and saving him. They must be facing his attackers. Blasters erupt in a shrieking hail of dangerous fire that promises death.

    The blasters fall silent, all sounds disappear, and unnerving silence follows. The darkness of the night becomes oppressive like an evil, foreboding omen or a stalking shadow. Even the shining, pure light of the stars can no longer be seen, and the airs chills.

    The nameless darkness with its followers have revealed themselves at last. Peace between the New Republic and Imperial Remnants could be broken. If they go after the Jedi, they will go after the leader and his family. The dark ones, though, hesitantly and cautiously devise their plan.

    Other Jedi Masters, as young ones that survived the Jedi purges, they protected the Jedi during the civil war and support the Jedi twins of Skywalker. Though the Chosen one went evil, he came back to the light by the way of his children. Once again the twins will need help to reach their trials and perhaps these protectors can fight alongside their breathen.

    As wickedness attacked the Jedi before, another Jedi will go through her trials and fail. She must be saved?if she can. The visions of the future are never quite sure but accurate nonetheless.

    Darkness deeper than the blackest pit of despair is coming very fast and mercilessly. Who can withstand it? The Jedi twins? Only time can tell and it the meantime the evil continues. The Jedi have no choice but to find these dark followers and blast them into the oblivion.

    Are these Sith in the galaxy reborn of the nameless fear? The only thing sure is that the evil has come in the form of cries of death and shots in the dark...

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    Wow! I never read NJO (or pre-NJO, whatever you call it; I'm pretty much uneducated when it isn't Vader/Anakin) but the intensity just drew me in.

    Darkness deeper than the blackest pit of despair is coming very fast and mercilessly. Who can withstand it? The Jedi twins? Only time can tell and it the meantime the evil continues. The Jedi have no choice but to find these dark followers and blast them into the oblivion.

    *shivers* Goodness, I loved this...the cold, third-person reference to Luke and Leia, the bold way in which you described the coming darkness...oooooh. [face_devil]

    ;) You've definitely caught my interest (though I'm certainly hoping for some Anakin or at least big Skywalker cameos) - it will be intriguing to see where you go from here.

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    Mysterious, intriguing, Leia's possibly going evil? Very interesting... indeed! :D
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    Thank you, Darth_Silenous!!! Well the whole Anakin/Vader thing there could be something... :confused:

    (I'll probably not do something that tramuatising to a character either in here or even in Angel's Plight...but you never know)

    Glad you like it...I get carried away in anything I write!!! [face_laugh]

    PadmeLeiaJaina-wow what a name!!!

    Yet I'm I'll just not say anything. :D )

    Thanks for being interested..

    About Leia going evil...hmmm... [face_devil]

    Mum's the word- ;)

    Chapter 1 will be up soon...
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    I got to read this before it was posted! Yay! *feels special* Despite my almost complete ignorance in Star Wars, this is very good! I can totally get into this ^_^
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    Okay...thank you for replies!!!

    Warning.These OCs are characters created for Angel's Plight...they'll show up later if you want to read that.

    Chapter 1

    The howling wind is heard whipping through the city causing chimes to ring to its silent music. It is the time of the sunrise, and the blazing light gradually awakens the capital of Kolise`.

    A swishing noise, so faint, is audible in the palace close to the Senate building where the elected government and the two royal families rule. The soft sound disappears and yet the dim light shows a figure moving into a side panel into a concealed room.

    No footsteps but the sea-green carpet decorated with green, blue, gold, and white gold embroidery is very thick. The room lightens, the figure reaches down and falls into a crouch, with the room?s windows sparkle in the multi-colored hues created by the layers of crystal and painted glass. The figure stands up revealing a female form. Shadows fall across her determined, young, and pretty face.

    She gets quickly out of the room, an object in hand, and heads silently towards the sleeping chambers of the two royal families. An equally young man meets her in the middle where their chambers are located. Her gaze softens though her face is expressionless, and the young man smiles at her with his jade green/gold eyes searching to meet her silver/blue ones. She shows him what she has obtained, which is hidden from all view but his.

    Instantly the two whip around at the way she came. They feel desperation.

    Though the presence passes by them and continues frantically to the next level below, the two figures raise eyebrows.

    The sunlight does not light the hallway, but a soft pounding of booted feet on carpet can be heard. The blue-banged, black haired woman moves slowly with the young man to just beyond the room she vacated. Together the two of them glance down the hallway before moving on. They hastily walk past a marble balcony to a moving walkway.

    They go upwards and she turns to face him, her eyes once again cold and hard as ice. He nods as the lift brings them directly under skylights and shining crystallized windows. The whole area is bright and many levels below a courtyard glows in color. The sunlight makes her blue/black hair sparkle. Her face is unveiled from its shadows, a beautiful face with the only blemish a scar across the right side, barely missing the eye. Not very long, mid eyebrow diagonal to the right side across the corner of the eye to touch the cheek.

    The young man is just as handsome and his two red striped-white blond hair shimmers. They get off, six levels from where they were, back into the darkness of a sleeping palace. They disappear, fading, and their soft-heeled boots and graceful movements make no sound in the shadowy hallway.

    Breathing hard, a silhouette passes by carved and trimmed apartments at a dead run. The only sound is his gasping for air and the soft thumps of his feet striking the ground. In the dim light, the shadow of a man skids to a stop. He quickly moves into an almost pitch-black chamber and goes to a computer. A furiously blinking message flashes across the screen. There is always a technician here. Where is he and why has he abandoned his post?

    The brown haired man sits down and many clickings of the keyboard later the screen sends light into the room. The white light reflects in his sea-green eyes which dart back and forth. The clicking continues faster this time.

    Eyes wide, he immediately pushes himself back as he leaps from the chair. Hands stumble to copy the information and , datapad in hand, he runs.

    //Will there be enough time? Or has it all been in vain?//
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    Love the new fic! UP!
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    Kasiaskywalker-it'll get much more intriguing as we actually get into the story's conflicts and the first obstacle.

    Tahiri- Hey's based on the verbal story I got to make up on the spot for you when we were looking for our Star Wars stuff in April...I love your newly Jedi robe [face_love] from over the summer!!! I'm so jealous... ;)

    Oh Tahiri hope you won that book cover must have taken all night. It was an awesome idea& it was fun watching you sketch it as I read your 'Ranma' books. :D

    Sorry...I'll get you guys chapter 2 either really later today or tomorrow at the latest.

    *$@#&%*^%#@ School won't stop me!!! ;)

    See ya!

    Jedi_of_Twilight [face_mischief]

    Balance must be obtained. Which will win? The light or the dark? It'll come down to the confrontation in the twilight...
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    Curiouser and curiouser.... a whole scene w/o dialogue most interesting....
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    Hi again, PadmeLeiaJaina!!!

    Thank all of yous, again...anyway you should thank me for being sick cause I got time and inspiration at home to write this! ;)
    Chapter 2

    Darkness covering and destroying all the people of the galaxy. Innocent or not, individuals from any background, species, or circumstances do not deserve to senselessly suffer and die...but they are.

    Twisting in his slumber, a young man murmurs and gasps in his sleep.

    Screams and crying, horror and despair, or torture and death? Pain! A woman is crying over the death of her children, and a boy wails hopelessly for he longer has a family. Worlds are being filled with a hate and the followers of the Sith are rising. They want to destroy the Republic and the Imperials alongside the peace treaty that has calmed and finally ended the galactic civil war. There is no time to waste...

    ?Cries for help...screaming...they won?t stop. It?s...coming...the darkness. It?s coming.?

    Pitch blackness pierces deeper and more potent than any poison. All shouts diminish into faint cries...
    ?Hurry! Hurry!? the face of a brown haired woman cries. Another yell from a tall man as he fires his blaster, his hazel eyes narrowed. A woman with hair of fire-all of them gone?

    ?Leia! Han! Mara!!?

    A blue-banged, black haired woman with black braids encircling her head and down her back. A Jedi master born of the Jedi purges?a survivor of troubled times. She ignites a dark blue/silverish lightsaber with a man with two red-striped white blond hair. They both have pointy ears- but are each mostly human. The woman is more Elvish than the man, though.

    ?Yes, I know them too. This is a dream??

    Images flashing, shown for a second, understandable and confusing at the same time. A planet...screaming people fight where no fight should occur...


    Death?no life-force or spirit. All that is revealed is lifeless bodies of people unlucky enough to witness the plans...

    ?What plans??

    Icy chills and claws of death reaching for what is not theirs to take. The light fades...there is no hope. All is lost within the fires of torture and death.

    ?No! No. I?m cold?so very cold...?

    The final stand, the last breath, of freedom and peace is all extinguished...but...

    ?But? A candle??

    A little flame...not all is lost. Be careful, son of the Chosen One. All who are chosen must face the trials that await them, but only at their choice and theirs alone.

    ?How? I know you...but...?

    Visions are not always coherent, but they are usually right. You may not realize who I am, though you know you know me. You understand this is a vision and that I am real?

    ?Yes, but you?re not a spirit of a Jedi. You?re alive.?

    You remember?

    ?How could I not? Like the little braids around the head and point ears. Which name do I call you??

    Quiet you. I see the future?reality. Also I feel you have seen something as well. Wait a second...What?!

    ?Karina! Karina! What-??

    **Not all things are so easily forgotten...**

    Voices?voices. One last vision before the end? Warning...hurry...find the source of the Sith and their followers. Before it is too late!

    Luke! Watch it!

    **No more visions will you have...young Jedi. All of you will be destroyed.**

    All images and sounds fade into the gloomy blackness of the bitter, icy oblivion.

    A male scream is heard in an expensive living complex in the Republic?s capital planet of Coruscant. It echoes through each hallway and the depths of the anguish tell of horror, grief, and despair. It fades...and the people look out their doors, knowing this omen is the future coming down on them. For a Jedi master to scream like that is telling the light?s possible failure and the damnation of all living things.

    Breathing hard and running a hand over his crystal blue/silverish eyes, a blond-haired young man wraps his
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    Hehe love the way you're pulling this off! What a mood! Can't wait for more :) (Ooh, and I also like the shorter chapters, they're a bit nicer to read) :D UP! And I hope you've gotten better -- don't miss another day of school!
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    Thanks, Tahiri. Working on that story for me right? Or are you posting it to me as Amidala22 or both? Hmm...the questions, the questions... :confused:

    Anyway besides the weirdness I'll probably have chapter 3 tomorrow, chapter 8 of Angel's Plight friday (if any of you care).

    I actually went to school today and Tahiri willfinish ch.2 for Rebel High or I'll have to start spamming.

    Of course I'm already spamming as both dark persona and normal/crazy persona. (you didn't think I actually had a purely light persona did ya?)

    Okay, just up my thread with incredibly random thoughts...oh well. Please don't throw things at me.

    *ducks and runs for cover*

    Jedi_of_Twilight :cool:

    Balance must be obtained. Which will win? The light or the dark? It'll come down to the confrontation in the twilight...
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    Okay...I'm going a little slower than usual...I'm in the process of writing ch.3 which is probably the creepist thing I've written... [face_shocked]

    So far... ;)
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    Okay...just upping this with a post ;)

    ****Warning: a little creepy not as bad as I though it was. And...

    These OC characters- all Jedi, Resistance people, and Republic people with the Jedi were all made for and will be characters in Angel's Plgiht.

    The rest are characters written just for you, Don't you feel special?


    Chapter 3

    Location Unknown

    Blood dripping from murderous hands attached to a darkly attractive woman. Crimson hair and supernatural purple eyes compliment her tanned skin, and she smiles watching the droplets. They?re like red rose petals falling to the ground.

    She kneels to touch the young woman dying at her feet, and pulls her victims face to hers. She holds the woman as she dies, and then the dark lady slowly stands up. Turning to see the group behind her, she smiles wider with an expression of twisted malice and wickedness in her eyes. The men and women behind grin back and wait for her to motion them forward.

    The woman wipes her hands with a cleansing cloth, but the blood she shed will never be erased from her soul for she is a darksider. Her followers trail behind as her companions walk with her. All their face harden and the look of violence can be seen in their eyes.

    A freezing cloud of darkness surrounds them and makes the moons and stars invisible wherever they happen to be. With an icy wind, the night of this planet is oddly terrifying in this mainly peaceful are. The evil of the Sith is spreading among the planets like a vicious cancer, a plague of destruction.

    What are the plans of these followers of darkness? Are there full-fledged Sith among them? There were other Sith among the dark legions of the Emperor. These are them or are they?

    Surrounded by Sith sects, the Jedi are being targeted for death or capture-painful situations either way.

    Moving through the back ways of the city, the dark ones wait until the perfect time. Their patience will be greatly rewarded if they continue with their schemes. The leader, the crimson haired woman, meets up with an eager group of people that rush to her and the others, as they walk into a corner mansion on the outskirts of the city.

    ?The others? They are among the living?? she snarls. The group swallows nervously, and a black-haired man says,
    ?Nine escaped?two captured?one of those gravely injured. You killed the last one of the group, mil Lady.?

    ?Eleven to rescue one, but they did not know we were involved. Unfortunately they know now. Don?t fail me again, if we had come, your attack party would be dead. I captured the two, our target and one of his pathetic friends??
    ?We did not intend-? another voice, a red-haired woman begins to say.

    ?Silence!? the leader commands, ?You will not fail me again. Now do you have the artifact that belongs to my kind??

    ?Yes,? the black-haired man replies holding out a black object in the shape of a pyramid. ?Lady Eslinia? It is what you want??
    Eslinia smiles darkly and the groups eyes widen with twisted glee. She grips the object tightly in her hand, and the others of her kind walk up behind her leaving their followers in their wake.

    ?Perfect bait. We now have a way to control our followers while we take care of our own kind. These artifacts will be recovered. All that remains is the Jedi,? Eslinia says calmly. ?Anything else? Peteve??
    A dark haired young man meets her gaze his jade green eyes flickering red. Even the others recoil in shock, but Eslinia looks at him carefully. He is her second in command.

    ?The Jedi are our only problem. Not only the twins of Skywalker, but the protectors- the guardians- will be an annoyance. The elvish-human protectors must be dealt with carefully, but our focus should be on the son of Skywalker. Though the protectors have taught many lightsiders, the son will be our main target. None of the new Jedi order can help the Jedi child or his
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    Nice, very nice. Love the creepy theme you have going on in there. Hmm, I thought you were going to make me write? Hmph. I need to post on 5 stories. Egad...I think I just MAY have began too many projects all at once, no? ;)
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    Tahiri>>Lots of projects are good, though. Keep working, my friend.

    Well...I see no one's read ch. 3...I'll post chapter 4 soon-later today if I can. It's most likely tomorrow.


    Darkness...the Light...surrounding...fading hope... what next? Evil...icy...death? No chance? Strength? Why no hope?

    Evil prevails when the righteous sleep and do nothing. Hope shines with those who are brave.

    Hope? Yes...finally...the Jedi.

    Jedi_of_Twilight :cool:

    Balance must be obtained. Which will win? The light or the dark? It'll come down to the confrontation in the twilight...
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    Shivers.... Poor Luke and Leia :_|

    Who are these nasties wanting to come after them??? :eek:

    And are they after Kyp???
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    PadmeLeiaJaina>>The Jedi twins are in danger, again. (When are they not?) :confused: Kyp? [face_devil]

    Remember...I live for replies!!!!

    Chapter 4

    Darkness?pain?light fading?fear?peace?determination?anger?honor?hate? Dark?or Light? Neither?light?against?darkness?good?verse?evil? Always?in the twilight?in a dream? Yes?reality?visions?NO!

    //Luke??// Leia mentally cries, as she abruptly sits upright. Han stirs and immediately sits up and reaches over to Leia. //Luke?!//

    ?Mom!? Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin yells in unison running into the room. ?Uncle Luke!?

    ?Oh, no. What?s happened?? Han asks grabbing his boots and pulling them on. He looks at his wife and children questioningly, as Leia dresses quickly. The children, still in night wear, dash out of the room, before their parents can protest. Leia yells after them, using her powers to help her follow,

    ?Wait! Anakin! Jaina! Jacen!?
    ?Leia!? Han cries, as Leia rushes out, and he runs after all of them. ?Isn?t Mara there?!?

    Leia shouts over he shoulder while exiting their apartment and after her children,
    ?Mara is negotiating something for Karrade. Someone they used to do business with. Luke had to negotiate the Chacitian issue, so they were separated!?

    When Han finally got to the door to the apartment, there is no one in sight. He curses and madly runs towards Luke and Mara?s apartment, two floors up.

    The fog and the undeniable sense of foreboding?

    It is after dawn, the night and its ominous presence dissipating giving birth to a new day, a new future. The sunlight swirls in colors coming through the windows, and Corran Horn holds his son in his arms. The young boy?s wide eyed stare meets his father?s green gaze. The boy grins and easily gets away from his father with a sly smile. The boy turns to the kitchen and walks quickly to it with Corran right on behind the boy. Corran smiles and Mirax looks at them both with a grin of her own.

    Suddenly, Valin begins to whimper and Corran stands next to him, his eyes reflecting his shock. Corran grips Valin and gives him to Mirax, and, without a word, he sprints out of the apartment and down the hall to the air lift. Valin holds on tightly, and Mirax looks down into the boy?s wide, unfocused eyes.

    Confused and wary, Mirax glances up to a crystal symbol near the window. Two swords crossed?no?two lightsabers crossed. The crest of the Jedi Knights. Old and New Order?together.


    The colors begin to fade as evening approaches, but a young woman sits still entranced in her duty of meditative searching. She has been like this for twenty minutes.

    A film of sweat appears on her forehead, and she frowns worriedly. Observing, a young man, with two red striped white blond hair, comes and sits next to her. He gently brushes her blue bangs away from her eyes and softly kisses the top of her black-haired head. His eyes close as he focuses on his telepathic link to her.

    He waits.

    Crimson?water? Flowing down my arms?my body?my face. Blood?my own? Pitch blackest darker than the evil of the night?crimson rivers?blood?all surrounding. Unnatural?revealing?light near by. Not true light, for it would be representing good. Icy winds?biting into the skin?blood?everywhere.

    Screams of anguish, pain, and horror. A boy?a boy?one I know. My friend? He is?he is?one that is known! A child?a warrior?a loyal?friend.

    The blood? It?s mine?it?s the chosen ones??Luke and Leia?death or capture?danger?malicious. It?s mine, Theo?s?.no. It is my blood?with me?everyone else.

    The blood will be shed?the galaxy will die with the light.


    The Elvish-human Jedi eyes snap open in shock and she knocks over the young man. She looks down at him and pushes back his hair behind his pointy Elvish ears, before she grabs him by the collar and pulls him up. He makes no reaction. Whatever she saw sent him into another world. He whispers,
    ?The protectors?the guardians?Ka
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    Balance must be obtained. Which will win? The light or the dark? It'll come down to the confrontation in the twilight...
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    amazing posts!!!!
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    Hmmm...a little different, quite dark. A little warped :p

    You write well. Where does it go from here???
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    Yes, Moff_D, a little twisted, but hey this is under the dark persona of me! Read Angel's Plight(Au)...

    Thanx Kasiaskywalker, I love you all...

    Chapter 5

    Such darkness covering, extinguishing what must not be destroyed. The light will pierce the dark but when? Sooner or later?

    Only time will tell.

    Eyes still wide with shock, a young Jedi master pulls himself to his feet. Dressed only in a comfortable pair of pants the shade of forest brown, Luke Skywalker slowly gets up holding his head which still aches though the vision has ended. He moves to grab a cream colored shirt and brown boots. Putting on his shirt and pulling on his boots, Luke runs a hand through his golden hair and sits on the bed.

    //What is going on? This is the second haunting dream, though this one more vivid by far. ?They?re coming?they?re coming.? What are they planning? Who are they? They?re evil?they want the Jedi and the Republic to die.//

    Shivering in the now icy room, Luke?s eye widen and, as the Forces screams at him, he throws himself forward, somersaulting away from the bed. Gaining his feet, Luke turns around to face the person behind him. The light from the window reveals the intruder is a female in black with a black hood over her head, disguising every feature of her face and shoulders.

    Another warning behind him and Luke leaps up and flips away towards the door of his bedroom. Two figures block his way, but the Force does not reveal who they are. They are shielded from the Force, though they are not force-sensitive?the first woman!!! Luke looks over his shoulder at her, as he drops into a defensive position.

    The other three, two men and a woman, close in on Luke, but they watch him carefully at a safe distance. Luke decided to break the silence, as he sends a mental message to Leia and the others. He says softly to the silent intruders,

    ?What do you want with me?? They say nothing only coming nearer to surround him, Luke waits for them to get almost next to him. When they leap at him, Luke jumps over two, who had blocked the door, opens the door and runs down the hall. The first woman throws up a wall of pure dark side power, and Luke skids to a stop. He turns, wanly smiling, and uses the space now available. He planned for them to go after him, and they slowly advance on him.

    He sends a force push slamming against them, but the leader, the first woman, is not affected by it. The others struggle to get up against Luke?s following onslaught of sending lightning and white energy crashing around them.

    Luke?s eyes glow faintly in the dim room, focusing their crystal blue/silver orbs at the leader. He right hand rises and black lightning erupts from her finger tips. Luke erects a force around himself in response, but he is knocked backwards by the impact. Though unharmed, Luke is lying on his back in shock.

    Instantly the woman is in front of him, but Luke throws himself to his feet and back pedals.

    ?You leave your comrades on the ground. I am no longer holding them, you are. Why?? Luke speaks thoughtfully with the unnatural calmness of a Jedi.

    ?What other reason is there? You saw the future, son of the Chosen One. You know,? she says moving towards him. A flash of warning is all Luke gets before six other darksiders attack from all sides. The Jedi master dodges them deftly and sends white energy against them, but he cannot avoid them all. Luke swiftly moves in and out of the fray nailing the Sith, but they keep coming at him. Glowing around him, Luke?s power seems to be flowing around him and through him.

    His eyes continue to glow, and the Sith hesitate for a mere second. Time is precious, but the single second is all Luke needs. Throwing the Sith away from him, Luke creates a ball of light and hurls it directly at a male Sith cloaked in black. It hits the Sith directly in the chest and launches the evil creature through a wall and out of the fight.

    //Still five to go.// The Jedi master th
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    C'mon please R&R people!!!

    I live for Replies!!!

    Please? :)

    ~bye for now


    Balance must be obtained. Which will win? The light or the dark? It will come down to the confrontation in the twilight...
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