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    Hi again! Yes as the first part of this thread got mangled in the move from the old board and I've gotten requests to read this...thanks Jodiwent, your story 'Ordinary World' has generated an interest in this. [face_blush]

    I present a complete, new and improved repost--it's been spell checked this time, repost. :)


    Obi-Wan could feel victory in his grasp. He had been locked in battle well over four hours now and could finally sense a touch of weariness in his much older opponent. All he had to do was continue to wear the man down. Time and the stamina of youth were on his side. With energy to burn the young Jedi somersaulted over the tall man, swinging down with his lightsaber as he passed overhead.

    His blue blade clashed with the green of his Master?s, frozen in a struggle of power and strength. Using this leverage he angled his landing far out of reach of the elder Jedi. Obi-Wan twirled his lightsaber, a glowing arc of blue spread out in front of him as he advanced.

    Qui-Gon, ever the serene master, eyed his apprentice appraisingly.

    Outwardly the young man appeared calm and controlled. The only sign of physical exertion was the way sweat caused his short hair to stand up in spikes. Healthy and strong at nineteen, Obi-Wan was well on his way to being the powerful Jedi Knight he was to become.

    The Force flowed from the Padawan in waves and with it Qui-Gon could read a combination of emotions that lingered beneath the calm exterior. Through their bond Qui-Gon wasn?t surprised to feel the strong desire that whirled in the boy?s mind, spurring him on.

    Inwardly, the Jedi Master smiled, though not a hint of it crossed his face. This feeling, this desire of Obi-Wan?s had been steadily growing over the last few years and was always strongest during their lightsaber practice. More than anything Obi-Wan was consumed by the burning passion to defeat his master in swordplay. Even now, his face set with concentrated determination, Qui-Gon could feel the emotions of this ancient rite of passage surging through him. As he probed Obi-Wan's mind through the Force a vision was suddenly flashed into his own head.

    Exhausted and sweat-soaked Qui-Gon lay flat on the floor, empty handed and helpless. His apprentice stood over him looking down in triumph, a booted foot weighted firmly on his chest, while the blue lightsaber planted a stinging kiss to his neck.

    **A look of things to come.** Obi-Wan sent across the bond after feeling his master's prying fingers in his mind.

    An almost imperceptible raise of an eyebrow was the Jedi Master's only response to this bold challenge.

    Obi-Wan allowed a small smirk to flit across his face as he strengthened his mental shields blocking his master from his mind.

    Attacking with a vengeance he engaged Qui-Gon full force. Slashing and jabbing he pushed forward. Qui-Gon countered each motion with a defensive move born of the Force. Both combatants continued their graceful and fluid dance. The small cargo hold filled with the essence of the Force and the bitter scent of ozone as the blades met again and again. They circled each other warily, each vying for an opportunity to expand upon a weakness of the other.

    Beep, beep, beep, beep, a soft twilling sounded through the ship. The ship's autopilot announcing they had reached their destination.

    Too late the young Jedi realized his mistake. For the briefest of seconds the alarm had caught his attention.

    Seizing the moment, Qui-Gon spun around low, sweeping one long leg out in front of him. He connected with his apprentice's legs, knocking them out from under him.

    "Argghh..." Obi-Wan blurted, falling heavily to the floor before knowing what hit him. The air was knocked out of him, replaced by the heavy pressure of his master's rather large foot on his chest.

    "Is this what you had in mind, Padawan mine?" Qui-Gon asked, towering over him.

    Obi-wan made no response other then a surprised grunt.

    "Shall we shorten your Padawan badge then?" the Jedi Knight teased, his lightsaber
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    OOOH, I love this story! Great idea to post it again!
  3. jodiwent Jedi Master

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    Oh wow a repost. I thought at first there were no pages becuase it was a April fools joke. LOL :D
  4. mouse2 Jedi Padawan

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    Yippiee! A repost!!

    I'll be here reading Leona!
  5. HaiGan Jedi Padawan

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    The lack of pages had me wondering whether I needed to do something different on this new look JC. It's nice to see a repost, Leona!
  6. greencat336 Jedi Knight

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    Thanks for the repost! Can't wait to see what happens next and how the events in "Ordinary World" are connected to this very different Obi-wan and Qui-gon.
  7. Jemmiah Jedi Master

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    Wonderful idea Leona! I know I'll enjoy reading this marvelous story this time round as much as I did the first :)

    Now, give us the next bit! *huge grin*
  8. Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan

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    And I'll be hooked on every post too!!!

    Great idea to repost Leona! Thanks!
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    Thanks everyone. :)

    It happened so fast the Jedi Master could do nothing but watch in horror as the creature attacked. With no time to move Qui-Gon whipped a Force stream into the creature's primitive mind. He sent the only thoughts and images he believed would save his Padawan.

    The beast stilled, cocking its head then let out a high-pitched squeal.

    No! Qui-Gon anguished. It didn't work! His heart skipped a beat as he stood motionless watching the creature lower itself closer to the unconscious Obi-Wan.

    It's trunk reached out and gently prodded the still form, a soft mewl escaping it.

    Qui-Gon released a hitching breath, unaware how long he'd held it.

    The animal whirled around suddenly, reacting to the natural sounds in the forest. Its large head twitched nervously seeking the source of the many sounds.

    The Jedi Master remained perfectly still, knowing he was now the one in danger.

    Presently the beast wrapped its long trunk around Obi-Wan. Lifted him off the ground it trudged down the road, carrying the limp form away.

    Reaching for the Force, Qui-Gon searched out his apprentice. Relief spread through his body as he touched the young man's mind. Unconscious and injured, he was still alive. He could feel the boy's energies focused on healing and added his own through the bond.

    **Don't worry, I'm here. All will be well.** he sent, comforting himself along with his Padawan.

    As he lost sight of the creature around a bend in the road, Qui-Gon quickly ran to the sight of the attack and pulled Obi-Wan's lightsaber out of the bushes. Stealthily he pursued the wild creature and its precious cargo, his mind filled with concern for his apprentice.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi had been his Padawan learner now six years. Probably the most grueling six years of the boy's life.

    Reluctant at first to take on another Padawan in general and Obi-Wan in particular (he was head-strong and hot-tempered) he had begrudgingly relented when the Force threw them together.

    Cool and distant at first, unable to allow himself drawn again into blind sentiments, he trained the boy dispassionately. All the while the young apprentice labored strenuously in seeking his master's approval. It had been the boy's greatest test as a Padawan learner, breaking through his elder Jedi's hardened heart to create the bond they now shared.

    Obi-Wan had long ago dispelled the black shadow of Xanatos, his former apprentice. It was Obi-Wan's persistence and unfailing heart that showed not only the incredible worthiness of the boy, but also the error of the elder's belief that it was in some way a failing on Qui-Gon's part that Xanatos turned to the dark side.

    Even with the same strong desire to become Jedi Knights he was able to see the differences in what drove each boy to that goal.

    Xanatos had been filled with pride and longed for the power he saw Jedi Knights wield. It was after seeing another kind of power, the kind not earned after hard work and dedication but that coveted by the greedy, the envious or the evil that began his transformation to the dark side. It was this power he saw his father have that angered Xanatos beyond reason, completing his fall.

    In contrast, Obi-Wan's aspirations were driven by a pure heart and the desire to do the work of the light side and yes, the quest of approval from his master.

    The thought of now losing Obi-Wan was more than he could stand and he pushed his fears aside and followed the creature as it left the cover of the forest.
    * * * * * * * *
    Out of the dense forest the creature headed for a trail that lead up the side of the adjacent mountain.

    Casting for Obi-Wan and feeling the still unconscious young man was in no immediate danger, Qui-Gon was content to hang back as the beast began its climb up the base of the mountain.

    Holding its trunk high in an effort to keep the limp form it carried from further injury the animal mewled softly, cautiously traversing the steep incline.

    Qui-Gon hid behind a large boulder at the bottom. He had noticed the
  10. Master_Tahl Jedi Youngling

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    Glad to see you're reposting this Leona, I've been wanting to read it. :)
  11. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Without further thought Obi-Wan headed for the tunnel at the opposite end of the chamber. Immersing himself in the Force to guide him through the darkness, he began walking.

    After a quick glance back to ascertain the progress of mama ele-sharkmouth-tiger, Qui-Gon flicked off his lightsaber and followed his apprentice through the mouth of the tunnel.

    With the Force the two Jedi easily navigated through the blackness, ducking around the hanging stalactites and shirting the upright stalagmites. At one point the tunnel expanded dramatically, revealing a sizable cavern spacious enough for a whole herd of banthas.

    Dim light filtered through long cracks high in the cavern walls, casting irregular shadows in the darkness.

    Obi-Wan stood on a precipice, his eyes greedy for the small amount of light given. Even without light he had known the tunnel ended at a fifteen-foot drop. With the Force there was almost no need for eyes at all, but still it felt good to be able to see again.

    Qui-Gon caught up to his padawan and surveyed the cavern.

    Below them the cave floor shimmered, reflecting the dim light.

    "Water?" Obi-Wan asked hopefully.
    "It's possible" Qui-Gon gazed up at the crevices in the walls, "rain may have seeped in and collected."
    "Or an underground spring." Obi-Wan remarked thinking how good a cool drink of fresh spring water would be. "Doesn't look to deep." he added.
    "After you then, Padawan." Qui-Gon waved him on, a smile on his face.

    Obi-Wan returned the smile with a nod and lightly jumped off the precipice to the waiting floor below.

    Closing his eyes, expecting a wet splash, he was surprised by the strange 'plop' that accompanied his landing in something that reached above his knees.

    This isn't water, he thought, pulling his leg up watching how the thick, gel-like substance clung to his boots.

    Overhead, the Jedi Master had walked a few paces back. With a running start Qui-Gon leapt into the air, sailing as elegantly as a Alderian falcon and landing on a large dry boulder some fifty feet further.

    "" Obi-Wan groused. "You knew this wasn't water!" he turned, glowering at his master.

    "Actually I thought it was just that." Qui-Gon chuffed, trying not to show his amusement at his apprentice' predicament. "I was just in no mood for a bath."

    Obi-Wan began trudging angrily through the mucousy goo toward where Qui-Gon waited. Each step was hard earned as great effort was needed to wade through the muck.

    Qui-Gon was watching the young man's progress when his eye caught sight of movement in the muck.

    A large swell moved with deliberate purpose beneath the viscid fluid toward his apprentice.

    "Obi-Wan" Qui-Gon called out alerting him to possible danger.

    Obi-Wan observed the swell recede as what ever it was disappeared beneath the surface. His senses on high alert, Obi-Wan scanned around him, his lightsaber in hand and ignited.

    Suddenly a great wave burst from the slime as a large tentacled slug rose from the shallows, dripping sludge.

    As Obi-Wan swung at a groping tentacle another lashed out, wrapping itself around his upper torso, pinning his arms to his sides. He grimaced as the muscular appendage constricted, pulling him closer, at the same time squeezing the air out of his lungs.

    The flattened, triangular tip wormed its way around his neck, tightening in a strangling grip.

    He saw his master attempting to make it to his side but the thick slime slowed even the large Jedi considerably.

    Black starbursts exploded before his eyes, his brain screaming for oxygen. White noise filled his head and above this he thought he heard the howl of the creature that held him in a death grip.

    Qui-Gon had already jumped from the rock to help his suffocating Padawan when his attention was grabbed by a ferocious roar.

    Standing on the precipice above Obi-Wan was the ele-sharkmouth-tiger. Raising its trunk it bellowed loudly as it launched itself on the figures below.

    Obi-Wan was only slightly aware of the huge, dark form that landed at his side.

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    Oh dear.

    You just couldn't resist adding in the bit about the JC, could you, Leona?

    Okay, post soon. You can't just leave me hanging like this.
  13. Emma3Jane Jedi Youngling

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    Healer Leona,

    I loved this story the first time around! The second is like fine wine, it just gets better.

    I also lurked alot the first time. I think it only fair the second time around to delurk and tell you how much I enjoy this story. I *really* should delurk on Jodiwent's thread to tell her essentially the same thing.

    I loved when Qui-Gon made the ele-sharkmouth-tiger (great name!) think the Obi-Wan was its pup! Mewling sounds! I hear *those* all the time from my cats!

    The title is so apropo too. Because the AU Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are on such different paths. I *do* really like AU's because I always think "what if". Must be the scientist in me! :)

    Great work Healer Leona! I'll be reading!

    Gotta run, I am still unpacking after the move... But now I have time to read fanfic. But still missing my DSL. :(

    still with Jabba the Cat on my lap and arms! :)

  14. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Thanks for joining us Lilith. :)

    And Emma, I can't take credit for naming the beast ele-sharkmouth-tiger...that wonderful name came from Jane Jinn. And thanks for reading again.
  15. Lilith Demodae Jedi Grand Master

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    :) I spotted this one earlier, but that thread was missing the beginning and I didn't want to come in half way through the story. That's just a bummer.
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    I must thank you for reposting this wonderful story!!! It has long been a favorite of mine and having it repost is a perfect way to re-read from the beginning.

    Yer a peach Leona!!!!
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    I remember when this story first came out on the old boards and I just had to reply to it all over again.

    Up! :D
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    ?But what is the rest of this?? Obi-Wan asked, reading down the list.
    Fanfic, ANH, AU, JA, and what?s the

    That gives me such a scream of laughter whenever I read it! :) :) :) :)
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    I'm here...I'm here, *runs up breathless and gasps for breath*...I'm glad you're re-posting this H.L. I missed seeing such a story, *grin*; though I'm well aware of your masterful script in TLST.
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    :) *beams happily* :)

    Thanks everyone! It's as wonderful to see those familiar faces as well as the new ones.

    I'm home early so I'm posting early, I may post more later, as the story's complete...geesh this certainly feels better then trying to rack my brains to get this done. :D


    Inside the capsule, the ever calm and controlled Jedi Master sat himself in front of the computer. A quick scan of the screen told him little. Back, Forward, Stop, at least those were words he understood.

    The message ?applet loading? continued to blink in the middle of the screen as he reached out and pressed the Stop button. Nothing happened. He pressed it again.

    A new message appeared. ?Enter password for emergency shutdown?

    The handprint glowed brightly. Placing his large hand in the depression he felt a tingling as it scanned his palm. He began to feel a sense of anxiety creep in, gnawing at the edge of his mind like a hungry vrelt. This was not a place he wished to be if rumors were correct, but worry wouldn't get him out of the situation so he pushed the thoughts aside.

    A new message appeared blinking in warning red. ?You must be a registered user to enter program?

    During these few seconds the energy field continued to descend from the ceiling, swirling and humming with electrical vibrance only inches from his head. Qui-Gon punched the Stop button again, his irritation increasing.

    ?Enter password for emergency shutdown?

    Unsuccessfully trying to use the Force, he pushed hard at the hand imprint, not really expecting the device to answer to brute strength.

    ?You must be a registered user to enter program?

    "Sith!" he swore, anger getting the better of him. His last effort as the energy field enveloped him was to punch the wall next to the computer screen, succeeding only in inflicting pain on himself.

    As the energy field surrounded him he was overcome with the sensation of falling down an endless, multi-colored tunnel, one that roared with sound that filled his head. Except falling wasn't quite the right word as he felt his body pulled through a vortex that turned and twisted.

    As suddenly as it started, it stopped. One moment he was tumbling down the proverbial leapus hole and the next he was seated in the chair, blinking in bewilderment at a blank, white wall.

    It took a moment to collect himself, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. Behind him the door opened of its own accord with a whispered hiss.

    Watching the door he felt a sliver of dread slice through him when no eager padawan came rushing through it.

    Don't jump to conclusions, he told himself, easing out of the chair and exiting the capsule.

    Two things the Jedi Master was aware of upon leaving the object. One was the return of the omnipresent resonance of the Force as it permeated his being, reaching both within him and out around him. A reassuring comfort to be sure. However, the other thing noted was not so comforting. The cave was empty, no Obi-Wan in sight.

    Casting out for his apprentice, Qui-Gon was disturbed by the absence of the familiar link to the young Jedi.

    There was no impression of damage or discord in the Force, yet he felt an abnormal emptiness in it. Where once was a substantial stream that flowed in both ways connecting the two Jedi in an almost telepathic way, now there was nothing. It was as though the Master-Padawan bond never existed.

    Squashing the thread of panic that threatened to erupt he searched the Force thoroughly, realizing it was more than just that one signature that was altered in perception. It had to be some lingering effect of whatever produce the Force-dampening field in the capsule.
    That was it, he reasoned. Until he could learn more he would go on that assumption. With that thought in mind he left the confines of the cave.

    Outside, bright sunlight stabbed maddingly at his eyes. Reaching in a pocket he pulled out his commlink.

    "Obi-Wan." he called into it.

    After several seconds he manipulated the knobs and tried again. Still no
  21. Jane Jinn Jedi Knight

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    Such an excellent story! I've forgotten some of these good details; I'm glad to see them again.

    Have you ever thought of submitting this to the Jedi Temple Library, the archives for the fanfiction here at You'd be a welcome addition!

  22. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Thanks for the praise and the link Jane. :)

    I didn't even realize there was an archive here. I'll have to go check it out.
  23. Lilith Demodae Jedi Grand Master

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    Oh, I remember -that- scene from the last thread. It's a good thing Qui-gon didn't destroy the time capsule thingy, otherwise he'd have no way to get back to where he belongs. And poor Mace, having to witness QUi-gon's death and then have him show up not dead would be horribly hurtful and confusing.
  24. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Tere had been vague images and muffled voices long before his mind could register cognitive thought. Drifting slowly into consciousness, he could grasp snippets of conversations.

    "...he's perfectly human..."

    "...midi-chlorians in his blood..."

    Were the voices familiar, he wasn't sure, they seemed to be coming from miles away. He was aware of movement around him, ghostly shadows that came into view, only to recede into the white mists that clouded his mind.

    A pinprick at his neck. Doesn't hurt Qui-Gon thought disjointedly. The mist thickened and he felt as though swallowed by it, loosing his tenuous hold to reality. Sometime later his mind virtually snapped awake, awake but still muddled from the drug they used. Trying to move he found his body would not respond, not even his head.

    As his mind gradually cleared he became aware of his surroundings. He was lying on some sort of table or cart, its surface was hard against his back. A slight breeze stirred causing the hair on his body to stand on end, he was unclothed except for the weight of material he felt draped over his hips. And most disturbingly, he was strapped to the cart.

    Not just the light restraints used to prevent one from further injury. These were the heavy steel binders meant to prevent escape. At his ankles, his wrists, forearms and around his neck he felt the unyielding coolness of metal against bare skin, holding him firmly in place.

    Out of his peripheral vision Qui-Gon caught movement as a figure crossed the room to stand beside him.

    "Ah, you're awake" Master Healer An-Paj stated, "how are you feeling?"
    "Like I've been drugged and bound." Qui-Gon answered dryly.
    "Hmmph." was the healer's only reply as he peeled back a bandage on Qui-Gon's thigh, inspecting it closely.
    "Healing nicely." he reapplied the bacta soaked pad.
    "The surgery will leave no ill effects." An-Paj proclaimed, entering the prognosis into his datapad.
    "Surgery?" Qui-Gon queried anxiously, what were they doing to him.
    "Just a simple procedure. An extraction of bone marrow tissue from the femur, shouldn't even be painful after today." An-Paj explained coolly.
    "An-Paj, what's happened?" Qui-Gon asked with concern, sensing the healer's aloofness.

    An-Paj paused, scrutinizing the large man's all too familiar face. He almost marveled at the strong character lines the last ten years had put there, had it not been for the fact the last time he had attended Qui-Gon Jinn was on a funeral pyre a decade ago.

    "Who are you?", sincere interest reflected in the healer's question.

    First Mace and now An-Paj? Qui-Gon cast out with the Force in effort to read him. Mental shields were slammed into place as he touched the healer's mind.

    An-Paj took a nervous step backward. "We did a standard midi-chlorian count. We're aware you?re Force-sensitive and possibly well trained."
    "Has everyone gone mad?" Qui-Gon's calm began to crack. "I'm Qui-Gon Jinn. I've been in here more times then I care to remember, almost as much as Obi-Wan."

    The healer shrugged at the unfamiliar name. "I know who you appear to be.", he stated flatly.

    Qui-Gon sighed with frustration. Loosing control and raising his voice was no way to convince the healer of his identity. Closing his eyes he took a cleansing breath, reaching for his calm center. With effortless focus he released his negative energies into the Force. Frustration, anger and the growing fear flowed freely from him, dissipating into the Force.

    Satisfied at accomplishing his goal, he lingered a moment longer, gathering strength.

    Upon opening his eyes he saw the Master Healer staring at him with wide eyes. "Where did you learn that, who taught you?" surprised by the power he felt flow from this stranger.

    "I was raised here in the Temple and was apprenticed to Master Yoda." Qui-Gon stated simply, "An-Paj, I've known you over thirty years, I've taken dinner with you. I've met your six wives."

    A surge of hope went through Qui-Gon when he thought he saw a flicker of recognition on the healer's face.

    An-Paj's eyebrow rai
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    Oh dear! Without Qui-gon to take him as an apprentice, did Obi-wan essentially flnuck out of being a Jedi?! Please hurry with more, Leona!
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