Lit Should Star Wars authors refrain from doing Romances?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by tylrkrby, Jul 29, 2013.

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    I prefer Jaina and Jag but would love to see Jaina and Kyp.
    Zekk never did anything for me.
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    Zekk reminds me of someone I went out with in high school.

    Someone, what's his name, I think he liked Bob Seger, I think we went to a movie on a date but I can't remember, it might have been pizza, or ice cream.

    See how memorable Zekk was?
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    Just felt like a rip-off of Han and Leia's love.
    Okay, Jaina and Jag could be considered somewhat of a rip-off of Luke and Mara's love with a Rebel and Imperial getting together but Jag's first appearance stuck with me. Blew off Borsk Fey'lya for Jaina. You're doing it right bud.
    Jaina and Zekk met at the underlevels of Coruscant? Boring. Also DNT ruined them for me. Stay away from the Dark Nest!
    Don't remember Jaina and Kyp's first meeting but those two were awesome together in the NJO.
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    We need to talk.
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    Are you breaking up with me? =((