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South East Should there be a Hutt cultural society? Hutt national symbols contest - Floridians only!

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by obiwanccna, May 3, 2009.


Huttese national symbols contest and - Floridians only

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  1. obiwanccna

    obiwanccna Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 27, 2004
    Hutt National Symbols Contest

    I am opening a national symbols contest for the Hutts. All national symbols I have posted on this board are to be considered null and void. I think that since I have learned quite a bit of Huttese/Quechua I shall consider myself a Hutt. No Baker Acting (Floridians should know what I'm talking about) please!

    If you would like to be involved or considered as a person or group to design the National Symbol and Flag; and compose the National Anthem, now is the time.

    To all those interested: this is an official notice to submit entries to the three areas above. The main criteria are:

    A concept that is unique to Florida, the Hutts and their culture;
    Enshrines Huttese history, present and future; and
    Meaningful and a source of inspiration for the people of the Huttese/Quechua dispora around the world and in Florida.

    Criteria for the Flag:
    must reflect the Huttese peoples' history, environment with a focus to the future; (must include the Hutt culture and be non-partisan)
    must be simple

    Criteria for the National Anthem:
    must reflect the Hutt's history, environment with a focus to the future; (must include the Hutt culture and be non-partisan)
    must be under 2 minutes long; and
    must be harmonious and make one feel proud to be Huttese.
    It is important that the lyrics and notes to the anthem are provided and copied to a tape or a CD so that it can be played back.

    Criteria for National Symbol:
    must be unique to the Hutts;
    must be lively,
    a symbol which originates from the myths and legends of the Hutts.

    All entries for submission must include a full explanation of the design and clearly state the particulars of the person(s) sending the design and national anthem (lyrics and music). Entries must be received by the Contest by 3 November 2009 to the following address:

    Hutt National Symbols Contest
    822 N Baylen Street
    Pensacola, FL 32501
    United States

    Upon completion of the contest, the winner will receive a Seat on the Huttese Grand Council. Provided there is enough interest, the symbol will be unveiled on 1 December 2009, at the first meeting of the Pensacola Star Wars Society, which needs members to start.

    Floridians, are you up to it?
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