Discussion Should there be nebulas, black holes, planets with different gravity/atmospheres, etc.?

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    i also want to see nar shaddaa.
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    I would be okay if there were a couple nebulas or whatever here and there throughout the ST, but to be honest I would prefer that we don't spend the entire Star Wars saga to date with only a Starfield, and then all of a sudden in the ST the space field is simply riddled with them… That would look very inconsistent, IMO.

    Boring or not, something has to be said for continuity…
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    Agreed. The only way that would work is if there's a major new planet that's in the midst of or very near one, and it becomes an identifying factor.
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    What about the quasar or galaxy at the end of ESB?? Isn't that a little too Trekkish, too? And isn't ANH guilty of Trekky jargon, what with the talk of parsecs and super novas?? Even midichlorians (or what ever they are called) seem too much like something out of Star Trek.

    Visuals always played an important part in the SW universe. Refusing to add nebulae to future films for consistency's 'sake' is silly. How small is the SW galaxy that it doesn't have nebulae?? I can't imagine ANYONE walking out of Episode 7 upset over too many nebulae in the movie.

    In an article Ebert wrote not long after seeing a screening of the Phantom Menace, he pointed out how flat the outer space scenes were since they lacked nebulae. He also pointed out how the planets were too earthly. I agree. The battle of Naboo looked like it happened at a country club, or golf course, with the neatly mowed grass.

    John Knoll was primarily responsible (or to blame) for the lack of nebulae in the PT. Because I saw one of the ROTS 'making of' videos back before the release of the film where Lucas and Knoll were watching one of the earlier work prints and there was a scene when OB1 was leaving one of the planets and Knoll says- 'That looks too much like Star Trek. We need to scale that back'. I had also saw a brief, cut scene, only few seconds long of one of the Trade Federation ships leaving Geonosis after the battle in AOTC where there was a nebula in the background. And in one of the earliest prints of the 1997 rerelease/special edition, allegedly there was a blue/purple nebula near Tatooine. Originally at the end of ESB, she Luke and Leia look out of the frigate as the Falcon departs, there was to be a nebula instead of the galaxy.

    Nobody complains about the Falcon making the 'jump' into hyperspace being too much like Trek when the Enterprise goes into light speed.

    However, SW has never had anyone 'beamed' to other planets..
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    That's because the Falcon jumping to hyperspace was created before Star Trek doing anything even remotely similar. When Star Wars came out, all Star Trek had was the original series (plus a cartoon) and there was certainly nothing even remotely like that hyperspace jump in the original version of the original series.

    So with regards to hyperspatial jumps, if anyone stole from anyone else, it was Star Trek stealing from Star Wars. However, since many of the FX were done by the same company, ILM, I guess that's forgivable.
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    Only if it's plausible and fits with the story, we don't need the run of the mill sci-fi mumbo jumbo in our space opera, unless it helps to tell the story
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    I don't see any problem with introducing nebulae and other stellar phenomena to the universe; we've already seen this in TCW, most notably in the Yoda arc:

    Yoda approaches a brilliant nebula where the Force guides him into the homeworld of the midi-chlorians to rendezvous with the Force Priestesses. His ship's instruments temporarily give out due to the nebula's intense radiation, but the Force guides him to his destination. I could see something similar happening in the ST, with Luke or some other Jedi using the Force to guide them through a hostile interstellar environment.
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    You're joking, right?

    it is the PT the one who really show us amazing stuff