Beyond - Legends SHROUD OF THE DARK SIDE (Original Trilogy characters, some coming back from Clone Wars, a new EVIL.)

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    It is a time of relative peace in the galaxy. It has been many years since the REBEL ALLIANCE defeated the evil EMPIRE at the Battle of Endor. Since that moment, the political leaders have started to rebuild the Republic, destroyed decades ago.

    The new Jedi Academy, constructed by Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER has begun to produce more and more Jedi Knights, keepers of the peace, to protect the NEW REPUBLIC from its adversaries. Chancellor Leia Organa, the new leader of the Republic, has decreed that a new army must be created in order to assist Skywalker?s Jedi.

    Twenty years after the victory of the Alliance over the Emperor, the New Republic is preparing for the vote that will grant a group of the Jedi the permission to go to planet Kamino and ask about the possibility of making a clone army. Now, Republic Senator Darsk is traveling to Coruscant in order to settle the vote?s final date?

    A Republic cruiser enters the orbit of Coruscant. The Indago receives clearance codes and begins landing.

    ---CORUSCANT: Landing Platform---

    Chancellor Organa arrives with other senators to greet Darsk. He steps out of the cruiser and walks to the Chancellor.

    ?It?s great to see you again, Senator. We were just waiting for you. It?s all settled.? Leia Organa speaks calmly, waiting for the old Senator to assimilate the information.

    ?Great. When will the vote be made, then??

    Mon Mothma, former Chancellor, approached the senator.

    ?We have discussed this, Darsk. We should be able to recruit all Senate members in two weeks. Is that fine with you??

    ?Of course it is. I?ll inform this to the Jedi Academy on Yavin. I?m sure Master Skywalker will want to hear the vote has finally a date.?

    Senator Drask abandons the landing platform and follows Leia into the shuttle. The shuttle then departs to the Senate Chambers.

    ---KORRIBAN: Rocky Waste---

    A speeder bike stops in the middle of the rocky environment. The canyons are wide and it is time for sunset. A black cloaked figure steps out of the bike and walks into a cave.

    ?Did you jam their communications?? A deep voice came from inside the cave.

    ?I did as you told me. They will be helpless when I come.? The cloaked figure smiled, and then faded into the darkness.

    ---YAVIN: Jedi Academy Halls---

    ?And so, the Force is an energy that binds us together, penetrating our souls and connecting everything. You must be able to feel the Force between us right now.?

    Master Skywalker finishes giving his class and walks towards the gateway. A hologram message appears. The shape of Senator Drask begins to talk.

    ?Greetings, Master Skywalker. I inform you that the vote will take place two weeks from now. I assure you that??

    Luke Skywalker didn?t have enough time to answer before the transmission was suddenly interrupted. He called the technician and asked him about the failure.

    ?Master Skywalker, I?m having strange lectures from the scan, it seems our communications have been jammed.?

    ?Well, you know what that means don?t you? Prepare the planet?s outer defenses. I feel a disturbance in the Force. I think my father is trying to tell me something.?

    The technician heard the mention of Luke?s father and trembled.

    ?You mean Dar?Darth Vader? Is he here??

    ?No, I feel he wants to warn me about something. Or someone.?

    ---YAVIN: Exterior of the Jedi Academy---

    A solar sailer lands on the Yavin jungle. From the ship a cloaked figure emerges and walks towards the Academy. All doors are opened and nine Jedi ignite their lightsabers.

    ?Who are you? Show yourself!? One Jedi screams.

    The mysterious cloaked figure walks towards him and whispers.

    ?I look for the son of Skywalker. The son of the One.?

    ?It is me. What you want?? Luke made his way through the nine Jedi and was face to face with the faceless foe. He asked the question once again.

    ?What you want? Reveal yourself!?

    The cloaked one took away his hood, showing it was a female. Then she took away her cloak, revealing two identical, curved lightsaber hilts.

    ?You are the son of S
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