Toronto (shudder) The SW Holiday special...It's back.....

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by THEREALSHMII, Dec 22, 2000.

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  1. THEREALSHMII Jedi Padawan

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    Nov 29, 2000
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    I don't know why I'm posting this but for those interested it was in the paper yestersay and on that the holiday special will be broadcast over the net. (I'm sorry.)
  2. JediWarrior Jedi Knight

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    Jun 7, 2000
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  3. Subject Zero Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 13, 2000
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    you DON'T wanna know

    I spent 3 seconds watching it before I turned it off.

  4. Jedi1138 Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 4, 1999
    AWWW MAN!!! I wanted to see it!!! I've only seen the animated part of it :*(

    I've seen a jillion screenshots though. C'mon, guys, its the holiday season. We have to respect ALL belifes...Hanuka, Christmas, Life Day.... just cuz YOU don't agree with them doens't mean others don't ;)
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