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    While thinking about how the Jedi situation could be resolved (see my thread entitled ?Coruscant and Jedi), I began to think how the whole Republic Senate issue would be handled. After all, we would be having Republic Senators at the same time as Imperial troops.

    Hmmm? another chronological problem? Actually, no. During the conference room scene in A New Hope, Tarkin mentions that the Emperor dissolves the senate, thus the senate is still around, a little, in OT land. So if you can have Qui-Gon help rescue Han, it?s just as plausible to have a senate while Imperials are slaughtering ewoks.

    I?ve been having a lot of fun with this dream card thing. So I got to thinking about how the whole Palpy/Sidious/Emperor thing would be handled. While there are a lot of ?Sidious and Palps are clones of each other? (or something like that) theories about, I am sticking to the belief that Sid, Palps and Empy are all the same person.

    Here?s how I would handle the situation:

    Manipulating the Senate/ The Emperor has dissolved the Senate Permanently
    DS Objective
    0 Side
    Deploy Senate Chamber, Senator Palpatine and one Battleground System. This is the aggrieved System
    While this side up, Once per game, during your Deploy phase, you may deploy Time For New Leadership from reserve deck, reshuffle. During their deploy phase, either player may deploy 1 senator or alien leader to Senate Chamber from reserve deck, reshuffle. Your starships at the aggrieved system are deploy -1 and are immune to attrition< 4.
    Flip this card if Senator Palpatine is voted supreme Chancellor, and both players immediately place all senators present at Senate Chamber in Used pile.

    7 Side
    While this side up, Senate Chamber?s game text is canceled. Opponent loses 1 force at the end of each of their turns (plus 2 more unless they place their force pile onto their used pile. All imperials are forfeit +1. You may place Time for New Leadership out of play to retrieve 4 force. If you control the aggrieved system and any battleground site, once during each of your control phases, you may take the bottom card from your lost pile and place it on your force pile.
    Place this card out of play if The Emperor is lost from table. He is placed out of play.

    I thought it would be cute if the flip side had an ?I Did It? feel to reflect the fact that Palpy?s ambition had been fulfilled. Think of Palpy with his arms in the air like Anakin.

    *Coruscant: Senate Chamber
    DS or LS Site
    DS [2 icons]: Immune to revolution and Expand the Empire
    LS [2 icons]: Force drains and battles may not be initiated here.

    *Senator Palpatine
    Though on the surface he appeared to be a supporter of the Jedi and a voice for justice, Palpatine was in fact a master of manipulating senators for his own ends. Used his position as Senator, and the Crisis at Naboo to advance his own sinister plans for galactic rule. Careful not to expose his aims.

    DS Effect

    Deploy on Senate Chamber. Adds [dark side icon] here. Adds 2 to opponent?s total for Time for New Leadership. If Palpatine is voted Chancellor, you may place this effect out of play to deploy Emperor from hand, reserve deck or lost pile to Senate Chamber for free. Immune To Alter.

    I put in the adds to opponent?s total because I realized how easy the Epic Event would be if you had senators but the opponent didn?t. The duplicitous Senator looks like he?s on the opponent?s side, but isn?t really.

    *Time For New Leadership.

    DS Epic Event

    Deploy on Senate Chamber if the Senator Palpatine effect is there. Once during your control phase, if you have force drained at a battleground system, you may use 1 force to Demand a vote of No Confidence.
    Vote Now, Vote Now: both players draw one destiny.
    I am confident that we will gain a sympathy vote: both players add 1 to their total for each alien leader present, or 2 for each senator.
    If your total is higher, Palpatine has been elected Chancel
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