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Sifo-Dyas is Darth Maul and there are 2 Clone Wars

Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by SaxTrois, Jul 20, 2002.

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  1. Disco-STU

    Disco-STU Jedi Youngling

    May 31, 2002
    On the timing issue:

    The movie is ambiguous as to when SD died, though it does hint as SD dying before the clones were orders.

    The novel clearly indicates Obi-Wan's presumption is incorrect. The novel states that the clones were ordered before SD died.

    If you think the novel is irrelevant, then ignore it. If you think otherwise, Maul cannot be excluded as a potential identity for SD due to timing reasons.

    I personally think it would be a huge blunder for Salvatore to include this for no reason if it were not so. And I don't believe GL's people would allow such a blatant contradiction to be placed in the books. When the book and the movie diverge this much ...what's the point?
  2. BIG_BEN

    BIG_BEN Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 14, 2002
    Sifo Dyas is not Darth Maul. There is only one clone war.

    Try the crazy theories thread.
  3. Darth Sin

    Darth Sin Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Oct 14, 1999
    Though the idea of Darth Maul being Sifo-Dyas would be quite interesting, it appears for the most part to be unlikely.

    The big question for this possibility is the timeline.

    Certainly if the clones were actually ordered shortly after the time of TPM, then Darth Maul is not Sifo-Dyas.

    One thing I do not believe is that Maul was a former Jedi Knight. I think others have covered this quite well as to why he is not.

    If the clones were ordered during the time of TPM, then I could believe that Darth Maul posed as Sifo-Dyas at Kamino, and that possibly Darth Maul killed Sifo-Dyas, seeing that it seems that he supposedly died(was killed) before the clones were ordered. It would quite interesting if Sifo-Dyas was killed mysteriously, and come to find out this was the work of the Sith, namely Darth Maul. And so Maul used his name at Kamino.

    But the problem is with this, is that from Maul's own words in TPM, confronting Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan would be the first time he is revealed to a/the Jedi.

    But if Maul or maybe Sidious killed Sifo-Dyas, maybe the circumstances around his death were still unclear until the time of AOTC, and so Yoda and Mace looked the way they did because this still unresolved and now his name comes up about the ordering of the clones.

    But I really believe that Dooku posed as Sifo-Dyas, and ordered the clones.

    Darth Sin! :cool:

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