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    I came across a page that had ship layouts for Star Wars RPG game. What is SW RPG and is there a webpage or something where I can find out more details?

    Basically all I know is that the game exists, could someone please give me some details about it.

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    No problem. Sit back a spell and allow me to spin you a tale...

    It all started many years back. A company called West End Games contacted (or were contacted by, details are sketchy on my end) Lucasfilm, and recieved the rights to publish a paper-'n'-pencil (ie: not on the computer) RPG for Star Wars. Many years passed, and many expansions were released. Then one day, West End Games went under. They went bankrupt. More years passed, and the masses itched for new source material. Then came the day when another company by the name of Wizards of the Coast (famous for their Dungeons & Dragons RPG) announced that they had acquired the rights to the RPG and would be releasing their version of it. And the world rejoiced.

    To play the Star Wars RPG (either version, you can still find the mainbook out there for WEG), go to your local gaming store and pick up the mainbook. Read through, then gather a bunch of friends and have fun. For more info about the latest incarnation, just go to and follow the links to the SWRPG.

    NOTE: The story I have just told may, in fact, be a complete work of fiction and as such, should not be treated as "what actually happened". Flames should be directed towards that wood pile over there.

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