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SWRPF Archive Sin - Shadows and Dust

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Lord_Raziel, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    The dust was choking, for hours the battle had raged, lightsaber hilts lay discarded all over the battlefield, their owners cut down around them. This was it....there was no turning back, here the fate of either order would be sealed. It had taken years to track down the Sith Lord, countless Jedi had died investigating strange disturbances and now they had finally found the enemy.

    Jedi Masters and Knights alike roared at their ancient foes, the Sith returning the gesture as they clashed with a ferocity unknown to the galaxy for millenia. Brothers and sisters died side by side, fathers and sons stood back to back against the darkness. No one would leave this place....nothing could survive the hatred on this day. Lightsabers spun and whirled with grace and power, every design and every colour created a macabre scene of beauty and terror, the chaos that had erupted upon this unknown planet hidden from the prying eyes of the galaxy.
    As the sun died so too did the forces on either the snuffing out of souls the light left the world. Soon there was only two colours that peirced the gloom, a green glow that stood for all that was just and fair in the universe, the other the deepest red, the anger of a thousand years. The two warriors locked eyes, they knew neither would escape their fate....but neither would their hated enemy.

    A Jedi Master and a Sith Lord stood on the blasted plains, the wind whipping around them, howling for vengeance. The two warriors raced toward each other, their lightsabers blazing in the darkness. Blow for blow the ancient enemies fought, neither gaining the advantage, with lightning reflexes they parried and struck, the smell of burnt cloth and hair heavy in the air. Their muscles screamed for rest, their breathing ragged, but neither Sith nor Jedi let up, far too much was at stake here, too many sacrifices were made. With a flurry of blows the two warriors stopped, the breathe forced from their lungs. Both hilts lay squarely on each others chests, their eyes slowly dimming, they had paid their debt. As they fell to their knees the Sith and the Jedi never flinched, never looked away, alone on this blasted world they stared into each others eyes, the hate coursing through their very souls.

    Finally they fell away, their lifeless bodies joining those that had fallen that day. As the dust cleared from the field a scene of carnage and loss would have struck an onlooker. But no one would bare witness to their battle, no songs would be sung and no stories written.

    The dataslate went dark, the young apprentice putting it back into the archives, the list of the lost Jedi was endless, he could not help but feel a hopelessness. How could so many that stood for the light be lost in shadow? The temple archives was filled with the bustling of day to day lessons and research. Alone the young apprentice toiled over the histories of the ancient order, a glimmer of hope is all he searched for in a thousand years of conflict.

    Now it is your turn to shape the fates of all...will you side with the light, or fall into shadow? You are an apprentice of the greatest order of Jedi the galaxy has ever known, the council has never been stronger, the universe is at peace...but for how long......who will stand against the coming darkness?

    This is a Jedi Roleplay first and foremost, it is set in the Jedi temple during the republic's brightest years...I have taken the liberty of changing certain story aspects to fit in with more dramatic writing and character creation. The characters of the traditional Star Wars Universe ARE present but will play minimal parts. I wan't you all to have fun with your characters without risk of being snuffed out by the likes of Yoda etc. Fell free to begin your path to darkness, we do need some PC bad guys in the end, if not I will provide =D.

    I play the role of Jedi Master Gabriel, a militant Jedi with strong connections to combat, a Jedi on the crusade to rid the galaxy of Sith. Frowned upon for his aggression by the council he is still a brilliant source of knowl
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