Beyond - Legends ~Sister~ A Three-Shot starring OCs

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    Title: Sister
    Author: Nightsaber
    Genre: Sibling Love, A Series of Vignettes
    Characters: OCs
    Disclaimer: I don?t own SW.
    She is ignorant of the illness in her.

    She is blind. Yet she runs in the endless green fields with glee and splashes me and our brother with water. She needs to be watched carefully though. It?s like a chore. Mom says we can?t take chances with her. She is growing weak. She is smaller than most children.

    Although happier I say.

    Her silky caramel curls that bounce in the air as she plays in the yard. When she smiles, her sapphire eyes twinkle like little blue stars. Her voice is high, which earned her nickname ?Squeaky? by our dad. She enjoys being the center of attention even though she is.

    At the market, she?ll babyishly coo for the merchants who then give our mom a grin. They don?t know she?s blind or sick. They believe all is well with us while my parents and grandmother are always doting and in anxiety, fearing she could quickly leave.

    I don?t want her to leave. The thought disturbs me. To have my sister dead is nearly unthinkable. Mom says it?s a grave possibility though. She?s a medic so she knows.

    I?m only nine and a half though. Healthy and sometimes concerned. Sometimes, if she falls on floor, I?ll rush to her and pick her up, asking if she?s all right. She nods as I sit her on the couch and turn on the Holoset. It?s slowly becoming a habit now. One I inherited from my mom.

    She won?t be dead. I pray every night that she?ll never meet that fate. She could get better. She'll adapt to the blindness.


    She?s too pure to be corrupted by a filth-ridden grave.

    R/R@};- />
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    Awww, that's kinda mushy and heart warming in way, that she cares a lot about her sister.

    Can you PM me when you update?
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    Hello NightSaber :D Fantabulous and heart-tugging start. I already feel I know and like these characters, which is a challenge with OCs especially when not surrounded by canon characters LOL

    You have captured the wistfulness and eternal hopefulness of a child in this.


    I'll definitely be keeping up with this!!!!!

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