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    [/i]The Sith Are Back...And Better Than Ever

    In this rpg it takes place just a few years after Luke has killed the emperor and the death star was destroyed and all the sith have supposedly died out. Then there is a new Dark Lord Of The Sith who has reincarnated most of the dead sith! So right now he is revvin up his stormtroopers and the empire nation is already rebuiltso now we must charge at the last remaining jedi...

    1.no goddmodding
    2.Do not have to pm character sheets to me but for only for sith lords suchas Darth Sidious, Marka Ragnos,Exar Kun, and any other old ones except for 1,000 yr. old sith because we're not having them sorry. Other wise just post your ch sheets on this thread with made-up characters and post them in Italics please with Name: Age: Gender: Race: Homeworld: and for looks just post a picture of them or post height: build: facial looks and clothes: also post affiliation and weapons and put force sensitivity yes or no.
    3.No controlling others characters and no killing off others ccharacters unless okay with them
    4.Have Fun
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    I will be the sith lord that reincarnates all the sith.

    Character Sheet
    Name:Quinlan Vos
    Weapons:Two crimson lightsabers that can be hooked together at the ends to be a double bladed lightsaber
    Force Sensitivity:yes
    Appearance:Strong built, black robes, black pony tail,pale skin, and all sith attire,height:6'3 yellow tattoo just under his eyes.
    oh yes if someone could help me how do i post a picture of my character?[face_thinking]

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