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    Here it is everyone, a complete non-spoiler list of every card in the Sith Rising expansion set, if this is unsuitable for these forums, please accept my apologies and end the thread. It's good to see Mace Windu getting some cards after his omission from the AOTC expansion. Yoda's back with another rare card and even Aurra Sing gets a mention. I can't wait to get my hands on a pack, happy gaming.


    1 Aayla Secura (A) Rarity: R
    2 Anakin Skywalker (E) Rarity: R
    3 Aurra Sing (A) Rarity: R
    4 Chancellor Palpatine (B) Rarity: R
    5 Clone Captain Rarity: R
    6 Clone Facility Rarity: R
    7 Darth Maul (A) Rarity: R
    8 Darth Maul (C) Rarity: R
    9 Darth Sidious (B) Rarity: R
    10 Darth Tyranus (D) Rarity: R
    11 Geonosian Picadors Rarity: R
    12 Impossible Victory Rarity: R
    13 Jango Fett (E) Rarity: R
    14 Jedi Bravery Rarity: R
    15 Jedi Starfighter Wing Rarity: R
    16 Jocasta Nu (A) Rarity: R
    17 Mace Windu (A) Rarity: R
    18 Mace Windu (C) Rarity: R
    19 Massif Rarity: R
    20 Nute Gunray (B) Rarity: R
    23 Republic Dropship Rarity: R
    22 Sio Bibble (A) Rarity: R
    23 Sith Infiltrator (A) Rarity: R
    24 Slave 1 (B) Rarity: R
    25 Super Battle Droid 5TE Rarity: R
    26 Trade Federation Control Core Rarity: R
    27 Tusken Camp Rarity: R
    28 Twilight of the Republic Rarity: R
    29 Unfriendly Fire Rarity: R
    30 Yoda (C) Rarity: R
    31 Aiwha Raider Rarity: U
    32 C-3PO (B) Rarity: U
    33 Careful Targeting Rarity: U
    34 Clever Escape Rarity: U
    35 Clone Trooper 6/298 Rarity: U
    36 Darth Maul (B) Rarity: U
    37 Darth Tyranus (E) Rarity: U
    38 Destroyer Droid, W Series Rarity: U
    39 Female Tusken Raider Rarity: U
    40 Fog of War Rarity: U
    41 Geonosian Scout Rarity: U
    42 Hailfire Droid Rarity: U
    43 Homing Spider Droid Rarity: U
    44 Infantry Battle Droid Rarity: U
    45 Jedi Heroes Rarity: U
    46 Jedi Starfighter Scout Rarity: U
    47 Mace Windu (B) Rarity: U
    48 Moment of Truth Rarity: U
    49 Obi-Wan Kenobi (D) Rarity: U
    50 Out of His Misery Rarity: U
    51 Padme Amidala (E) Rarity: U
    52 Passel Argente (A) Rarity: U
    53 Price of Failure Rarity: U
    54 R2-D2 (B) Rarity: U
    55 Recognition of Valor Rarity: U
    56 Sun Fac (A) Rarity: U
    57 Techno Union Warship Rarity: U
    58 Trade Federation Offensive Rarity: U
    59 Tusken Raider Rarity: U
    60 Visit the Lake Retreat Rarity: U
    61 Acclamator-Class Assault Ship Rarity: C
    62 Aggressive Negotiations Rarity: C
    63 Anakin Skywalker (F) Rarity: C
    64 AT-TE Troop Transport Rarity: C
    65 Battle Droid Assault Squad Rarity:C
    66 Brutal Asssault Rarity: C
    67 Clone Trroper Legion Rarity: C
    68 Commerce Guild Cruiser Rarity: C
    69 Commerce Guild Spider Droid Rarity: C
    70 Concentrated Fire Rarity: C
    71 Coruscant Speeder Rarity: C
    72 Darth Maul (D) Rarity: C
    73 Diplomatic Cruiser Rarity: C
    74 Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR Rarity: C
    75 Geonosian Artillery Battery Rarity: C
    76 Geonosian Defense Fighter Rarity: C
    77 Maul's Strategy Rarity: C
    78 Mobile Assault Cannon Rarity: C
    79 Naboo Starfighter Wing Rarity: C
    80 Nubian Yacht Rarity: C
    81 Padawan and Senator Rarity: C
    82 Reassemble C3PO Rarity: C
    83 Republic LAAT/i Gunship Rarity: C
    84 Retreat Underground Rarity: C
    85 Run the Gauntlet Rarity: C
    86 Senatorial Cruiser Rarity: C
    87 Shoot Her or Something Rarity: C
    88 Super Battle Droid Squad Rarity: C
    89 Suppressing Fire Rarity: C
    90 Trade Federation Warship Rarity: C
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    Awesome job russelguppy! Thanks!
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