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  1. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Ok, this was really a hit, but I didn't GM it enough, and it fell apart for lack of strong leadership. I'm going to use the opening scroll of my old thread, and post it here. I will not be a charicter, I will just GM, and place you all in situations that you'll have to figure out.

    No God Moding- If a GM (me) says it's God Moding, it is...I'll null the post and you can go again

    No Controlling other people's charicters. This caused big problems in the last thread. You can pose a situation, but you have to allow time for a response.

    Realistic Charicters. I am going to post a Charicter Info sheet copied directly from Mitthy's sheet in WOTG...thanx Mitth, you rock. I'll have to decide if your charicter fits.

    HAVE FUN- If you don't, I'll come and beat you with a wet noodle

    OK, now down to it. This game pits your individual charicter against a world of my making. You enter my world in this little tapcafe, and here your paths will cross with the other players, interact, form parties, and go explore my world. There is no way to win...but I will give objectives after I think that you all have had enough "bonding time" in the Bar...good luck

    This is the orriginal, so if it echoes what was just said...sorry

    Remember in Mos Esley, when Luke and Ben enter the Canteen...they were looking for a ship. The one choice that Han Solo made to take this farm boy and old Jedi totally changed his life forever. One meeting by chance, one choice of one path to walk...which can never be re-walked. What would have happend had Han Solo been in the 'fresher when Luke and Ben came in? This is an RP on that. You post your charicter, a small bio on who he or she is, post them comming into the bar, a short reason why you are there, and then pass the torch. I will throw situations into the mix that cause people to join together. Who knows where it could lead...you won't till you sit down at the bar.

    This is a narrative RP. Timelines are not important, nor are the factions...but if there should be any question...this is during Palpatine's Empire...shortly before he completely disolves the Senate.
    The Story
    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...
    The Rebellion is in it's infantile stage, but anarchy is spreading. The outer rim is a place to forget and be forgotten, and that's where this little tavern comes in.

    On a cold and rainy world, the small village of Ran'duhlor is home to a whole community of people on the run. Some are running from the law...some from the past, and some from the future. Everyone has secrets, but no one cares. In this little town of Ran'duhlor sits an old tavern. The Last Fare is home to everyone in Ran'duhlor. The bar is kept by Colun Drakel, an older human who's love of drink has given him a large pauch, and who's long years has driven him to near silence. He is perfectly content to stand behind the bar, taking drink orders, and wiping down the beaten up bar. The tavern isn't very big...about 20 round tables in the center of the room, and about half that many booths lining the walls. Half the glowrods installed in the place glow...which is fine for the patrons. All and all, this is a quiet bar, one where people ask questions with whispers, and answer with cash. A small jukebox in the corner pumps out tunes at very small decibles...just enough to be heard over the mull of the crowd. All in all, this place is good for two things...drinking, and dealmaking...

    Type: Non-Player (NPC) or Player (PC)?
    Family Name: (clan, household phalanx names, etc)
    Native Language:
    Foreign Language:

    ---Eye Color:
    ---Hair/Fur Color:
    ---Skin Color:
    ---Other: (scars, tattoos etc)

    Intelligence: Genius, Smart, Average, or Dumb
    Strength: Herculean, Strong, Normal, or Weak
    Agility: Gazelle, Quick, Normal, or Sloth
    Speed: (i.e. Humans max speed is 7 mph)
    Limitations: (i.e. all
  2. Baron_Fel Jedi Padawan

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    Well I wanted to join the last one, but forgot. Oh well here's my bio:

    Type: PC
    Name: Soontir Fel
    Nickname: pilot dude
    Gender: male
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Family Name: Fel
    Native Language: Basic
    Foreign Language: Huttese, rodian, and understands wookie and twi'lek lekku
    Credits: 2000

    ---Height: 6 foot, 1 inch
    ---Weight: 180 lbs
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Tan
    ---Clothing: Pilot clothing
    ---Other: scar running from left eyebrow to hairline.

    Personality: Talk's little, listens a lot
    Habits: Thinks too much
    Likes: Honorable and respectful people, people who believe in their cause
    Dislikes: opposite of above
    Talents: Pilots, shoots a mean blaster
    Intelligence: Smart
    Strength: Strong
    Agility: Normal
    Speed: 5 mph
    Weakness: Thinks too far ahead of himself
    Limitations: schizophreniac
    Racial Attributes: n/a

    ---Primary Weapons: Blaster carbine
    ---Secondary Weapons: Blaster pistols, vibroblades

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: no

    I think you'll have to edit the character sheet. I don't think we'll be using ships.
  3. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    This sounds really good, and I know for a fact that Wildwookie is a great roleplayer. I'm in for sure

    Type: PC, I'm in the game.
    Name: Torce Flispa
    Nickname: none
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    Family Name: none..
    Native Language: Basic
    Foreign Language: Huttese, Rodian.
    Credits: 60,000

    ---Height: 6'6
    ---Weight: 190 ILBs
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black hair
    ---Skin Color: medium tanned
    ---Clothing: A pair of brown pants, a white button down longsleeved shirt, a black belt and black boots.
    ---Other: None

    Personality: Friendly, somewhat greedy, loyal
    Habits: none really
    Likes: An adrenaline rush, good food and drink.
    Dislikes: disease, people who want to kill him.
    Talents: Excellent shot, a good pilot.
    Intelligence: Smart
    Strength: Normal
    Agility: Quick
    Speed: 7 MPH then
    Weakness: not a very good mechanic
    Limitations: none really.
    Racial Attributes: None

    ---Primary Weapons: DL-22 blaster pistol
    ---Secondary Weapons: None

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: The Lucky Star
    ---Class: YV-330 Corellian Freighter
    ---Shields: 9K-4 Deflector Shields
    ---Engines: Not sure
    ---Weapons: 2 laser cannons, modified with 1 rear laser cannon and a proton torpedo launcher
    ---Starfighter complement: None
    ---Cargo: Depends on what he's doing, usually just him
    ---Personnel: None
    ---Passengers: Again, depends on what he's doing
    ---Accessories: Small sleeping quarters for long hyperspace trips, and a kitchen type area with lots of non-perishable, but good food.

    ---Yes or No?: No
    ---Affiliation: N/A
    ---Title: N/A
    ---Abilities: N/A
    ---Weakness: N/A
    ---Lightsaber Type: N/A
    ---Blade Color: N/A
    ---# of Lightsabers: N/A
    ---Other: N/A

  4. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    Name: Soron Gibston
    Family Name: (clan, household phalanx names, etc)
    Native Language:basic
    Foreign Language:wookiee
    Credits: 500,000

    ---Height: 6'
    ---Eye Color:gray
    ---Hair/Fur Color:gray
    ---Skin Color:dark tan
    ---Clothing: flight suit
    ---Other: (scars, tattoos etc)long scar on right forarm

    Habits:talking with anyone
    Likes: booze
    Dislikes: paying
    Intelligence: Smart
    Strength: Strong
    Agility: Normal
    Speed: 5mph
    Weakness: the ladies
    Racial Attributes:

    ---Primary Weapons: hold-out blaster---Secondary Weapons: heavy repeating blaster

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Old Hand
    ---Class: YT-2000
    ---Engines: stanard
    ---Weapons:ion cannon, conncussion missles, laser cannons
    ---Starfighter complement: (if any)
    ---Personnel: a droid (R5-Y3)
    ---Accessories:bunks,and holotable
    bio: an experianced old smuggler
  5. Deneveon Jedi Master

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    Type: Non-Player (NPC) or Player (PC)? PC
    Name: Ateri Deneveon
    Nickname: Deneveon
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Species: human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Family Name: Deneveon
    Native Language: Basic
    Foreign Language: can understand Huttese and Wookiee
    Credits: 60,000

    ---Height: 1.67 meters
    ---Weight: 120 lbs
    ---Eye Color: dark green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: jet black
    ---Skin Color: tan
    ---Clothing: black flightsuit
    ---Other: Imperial insignia tattoo on left forearm

    Personality: loyal, arrogant, social
    Habits: scowling
    Likes: piloting; wokring on her ship
    Dislikes: a lot of things
    Talents: piloting; mechanics; shooting; Intelligence
    Intelligence: smart
    Strength: Normal
    Agility: quick
    Speed: 7 mph
    Weakness: temperament
    Limitations: none I can think of
    Racial Attributes: none

    ---Primary Weapons: blaster pistols; lightsaber
    ---Secondary Weapons: concussion grenades

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: none
    ---Class: modified Z-95 headhunter
    ---Shields: around 75 SBD
    ---Engines: standard
    ---Weapons: modified laser cannons; (5) advanced cluster missiles; (5) modified proton torps; one ion cannon
    ---Starfighter complement: none
    ---Cargo: one metric ton
    ---Personnel: 1 pilot
    ---Passengers: none
    ---Accessories: none

    ---Yes or No?: yes
    ---Affiliation: Rogue
    ---Title: Knight
    ---Abilities: Jedi mind trick; move object; Force lightning; Force grip; healing
    ---Weakness: cannot use the Force for long periods of time
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: blue
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: none
  6. padmeamidala55 Jedi Padawan

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    I will join this again

    Name Padme Amidala Naberrie
    Nickname PAd
    Gender Female
    Age 30
    Species Human
    Homeworld NAboo
    NAtive Lanauge Nubian/Basic
    Foreign Lanauage Wookie
    Credits 20,000


    --Height 5'6'
    --Weight 130
    --Eye Color Brown
    --HAir Color Chestnut Brown
    --Skin Color White with a dark tan
    --Clothing Black baggy Pants, Blue Tank top, long black robe with hood

    Personailty Funny, very stubborn
    Habits Watching people
    Likes Friends, Men and work
    Talents Good with a blaster and Lightsaber
    Intelligance Averge
    Agiltiy Quick
    Speed 6 mph
    Weakness puts other before herself

    Primary weapons Nubian Blaster, Light Saber
    Secondary weapons Two Light Daggers

    Personal Ship

    --NAme The Shadow Dream
    Class Old J-type Nubian
    Shields Very strong
    Engines Standard
    Weapons LAser Cannons
    StarFighter none
    Personnal 1 pilot, 1 R2 unti
    Passangers None

    The Force

    --Yes or No Yes
    --Affliction Rogue
    --Title MAster
    --Abilites Jedi Mind trick, force push, force pull, force lighting, force choke.
    --Weakness Puts others before her self
    --Lightsaber Type Double
    --Blade Color Green
    #number of lightsabers 1

    PAdme Steps into the bar and pushed back her hood, she walked over to the bar and had a seat, She saw the bartender I would like a corellian whiskey please.

  7. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    OOC:...I will control the Bartender, but he always stays in the bar. Should you have any questions about the clientele, ask him...you may be able to pay for information. He knows all and sees all in his bar, he's a good starting point.

    The Bartender Colun looked at the woman who just ordered the Whiskey.

    "As you wish"

    He wiped off a dirty glass and filled it to the brim.

    "Two Creds"...

    Colun looked around. It was a full crowd tonight. There were spacers from all over the galaxy, sitting at tables together and talking in hushed tones. Colun hoped that this wouldn't be another "Imperial" night...
    TAG, Let the Games begin!!
  8. Baron_Fel Jedi Padawan

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    Soontir Fel made his way up to the counter and asked for the best Corellian whiskey he had. After he paid the bartender his credits, he took a seat by the bar and looked at the crowd. Were the Imps looking for him?

    OOC: Oops. I didn't think we'd need ships.

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Blue Angel
    ---Class: modified Z-95 headhunter
    ---Shields: around 80 SBD
    ---Engines: standard
    ---Weapons: modified laser cannons; (6) modified proton torps
    ---Starfighter complement: none
    ---Cargo: one metric ton
    ---Personnel: 1 pilot
    ---Passengers: none
    ---Accessories: none

  9. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    "barkeep, I'll get a ruby bliels" with that Soron Gibston took a seat at the bar and sized up the ladies.
  10. padmeamidala55 Jedi Padawan

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    Here are two credits, she started sipping on her whiskey, while looking around, I hope Darth Vader don't find me, as PAdme looked around she saw a guy Staring at her, she thought he is cute, she winked at him, and got up and walked and sat beside him, My name is PAdme, what is yours?.
  11. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    "Here's the Ruby Bliels..." Colun handed the man his drink, and watched the customers interact...

    OOC: Try to think about what your charicter wants...that'll help me develop a plot line, and send you all running amlessly throughout the Galaxy.
  12. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    Torce entered the room and scanned around. He sat down at the bar.

    "Johrian whiskey please."

    Torce looked around again, waiting for his drink.
  13. Miccu_Resea Jedi Padawan

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    Type: Non-Player (NPC) or Player (PC)?
    Name: Pet'Nah
    Nickname: Viper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 56 (which is young for his species)
    Species: Ho'Din
    Homeworld: Moltok
    Family Name: (clan, household phalanx names, etc) Nah
    Native Language: Ho'Din
    Foreign Language: Basic, Huttese
    Credits: 10,000

    ---Height: 2.7 meters
    ---Weight: 245
    ---Eye Color: red
    ---Hair/Fur Color:---
    ---Skin Color: green
    ---Clothing: native Moltok battle clothing
    ---Other: (scars, tattoos etc) snakelike head appendages, common to the Ho'Din race

    Personality: ruthless, ingenous, cunning, and a little compassionate
    Habits: Likes to make an "impression" on people
    Likes: Sunfriut liquer, smuggling, danger, swimming, medical issues
    Dislikes: Stiff tariff on goods, the Empire
    Talents: can heal wounds or cure diseases with natural chemicals, no technology involved (has a med lab in his ship)
    Intelligence: Genius, Smart, Average, or Dumb: Smart
    Strength: Herculean, Strong, Normal, or Weak Normal
    Agility: Gazelle, Quick, Normal, or Sloth Normal
    Speed: (i.e. Humans max speed is 7 mph): 4 mph
    Weakness: Cold blooded, cant go into very hot or cold enviroments without heat regulators
    Limitations: (i.e. allergies, phobias etc) extreme temperatures
    Racial Attributes: (I.e.: regeneration of limbs [Trandoshan], telepathy [Gotal], etc.) The appendages on their heads are actually temperature-sensitive, and allow the Ho'Din to monitor the ambient temperature and maintain body heat, and the Ho'Din have webbing on thier hands that suggest they were amphibious once, so they are at home in the water too.

    ---Primary Weapons: BlasTech blaster carbine
    ---Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detinators (x5) Ho'Din Cermonial Dagger (concieled)

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Adder's Bite
    ---Class: Corellian Corvette (Rebel blockade runner)
    ---Shields: Heavily reinforced
    ---Engines: standard Correlian Corvette engines
    ---Weapons: six Taim & Bak H9 turbolasers,
    ---Starfighter complement: (if any) none
    ---Cargo: 1 metric ton
    ---Personnel: 12
    ---Passengers: none, but can occomidate up to 4 passengers
    ---Accessories: (bunks, kitchenette, gameroom etc) Starfigher bay has been changed into cargo area, Captains quarters extends to a med lab

    The Force Guy?s, important for this section, that you look over the ?Force Use? section below!!
    ---Yes or No?: No
    ---Affiliation: (Sith, Jedi, Rogue [uses both sides])
    ---Title: (Master, Knight, Padawan, etc)
    ---Abilities: (This must agree with Affiliation and Title)
    ---Lightsaber Type: (Single or Double? Extended blade?)
    ---Blade Color:
    ---# of Lightsabers:
    ---Other: (other details about the lightsaber or force)

    Affiliation: Smuggler

    IC: Pet'Nah

    Pet'Nah strode up to the bar. It seemed like a quiet little bar, but he had to be careful, since the Empire started to crack down on smugglers. he was supposed to meet his contact here, and it seemed like a good place to meet him. he ordered himself a drink

    sunfruiyt liyquer, please.
  14. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Colun got the Whiskey and the sunfruiyt liyquer for the two newest clients of the Last Fare. These blokes looked familiar...but then again, so did everyone. Colun had seen many faces in his long career...too many dead now.

    Colun took the cred chits from the two customers, and went back to wiping down the stained bar.
  15. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    Torce looked around again then leaned in to where the bartender was.

    "Hey friend, have you seen a tall Rodian around here, wearing a brown tunic?"
  16. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    OOC:pAdme, are you talking to me?
    if you are...
    IC:Soron's the name, smuggling the game. So what brings you to this place?
  17. Darth-Protius Jedi Youngling

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    Type: PC
    Name: Protius
    Nickname: Black Hand of Death
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Family Name: Velstici
    Native Language: Basic
    Foreign Language: none
    Credits: 50,000

    ---Height: 6'10'
    ---Weight: 375 lbs. (All muscle)
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color:white
    ---Skin Color: white
    ---Clothing: Black Sith clothing with sleeveless black trenchcoat
    ---Other: imperial crest tattoo on left shoulder

    Personality: Quiet, withdrawn
    Habits: Drinking, Practice Murder
    Likes: Whiskey, his lightsabers, the empire
    Dislikes: Social situations,rebels,sumgglers,Darth Vader,Aliens (Suffers from Xenophobia)
    Talents: master of Tourture.
    Intelligence: Genius
    Strength: Strong
    Agility: Gazelle
    Speed: 7 mph
    Weakness:Bad knees, arthritis
    Limitations: Suffers from Xenophobia
    Racial Attributes: None

    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsabers
    ---Secondary Weapons: None

    Personal Ship
    ---Class: Sith inflitrator.
    ---Shields: Weak
    ---Engines: Normal
    ---Weapons: light blasters
    ---Starfighter complement:None
    ---Cargo: Speeder
    ---Passengers: Can take only one
    ---Accessories: Two bunks, light tractor beam,cloaking device

    The Force Guy?s, important for this section, that you look over the ?Force Use? section below!!
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Abilities: Force Push, Force lightnig, Force healing, Marichino.
    ---Weakness: weak agaist Marichino attacks
    ---Lightsaber Type:can legthen or shorten blade on both
    ---Blade Color: Red
    ---# of Lightsabers: Two
    ---Other: One lightsaber goes inside the other, making it look like only one

    ---background: Began training as a Jedi, and was one until the fall of the Republic. Found by Palaptine, and lured to the darkside. Is a rival of Darth Vader and hates aliens. Used by Palpatine as an assisin, eleminting his enimies by subtrafuge, and by his force powers.

    IC: Protius walked into the bar and took stock of everyone there. He then walked to the bar and ordered a whiskey.
  18. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Colun looked at the inquisitor...

    I haven't seen this rodian you're looking for...
  19. padmeamidala55 Jedi Padawan

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    OCC: yes I was talking to you Soran

    ICC: Glad to meet you, what excalty do you smuggle?
  20. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    Torce sat back.

    "Thanks anyway then."

    He sipped his drink slowly and continued looking around the bar.
  21. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    what ever people pay me to ship, I'm not that picky. Can I buy you a drink?
  22. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Colun looked at the man again...

    "Look, I don't usually pry, but I notice that you want this rodian really badly. Now, if you tell me his name, and why you want him, and leave me a large tip on that drink...I'll see what I can find out.
  23. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 7, 2002
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    Torce grinned.

    "Just like a bartender."

    He looked to either side, then sipped his drink and began the tale.

    "To cut to the chase, this Rodian, Deelko, owes my employer money. He hired me to track him down. I'm not a bounty hunter, but I do jobs like this once in a while. I dabble in a little of everything; mechanics, smuggling, bounty hunting. I'm a real mercenary. Anyway, my employer had a deal with the Empire, but the whole thing went sour. So now they want him to pay them back. He figured he could get the money from Deelko, then funnel it back to the Empire. But the Rodian has been less than willing. And now the Empire has found out I'm working for him, and they're breathing down our necks, making threats and whatnot. They've even sent some troops to monitor us. If I don't find this guy soon, I'm gonna be vaped."

    Torce reached into his pocket and laid 100 credits in chips on the table.

    "That enough for ya? I just got paid, so if you get me some info, there will be more where that came from, dig?"

    Torce slipped him a piece of paper.

    "My datapad and comlink channels. I'm gonna be here for a while, but if he comes in after me, be sure to contact me."

    Then he sipped his drink and continued looking around the bar.
  24. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Colun palmed the creds, and laid another drink out on the bar in front of the customer...

    "it's on the house" Colun smiled, and turned around to the register where he dropped the creds. He then took the piece of paper, glanced at it, and then tossed it in the trash vaporizer...there are advantages to having a photographic memory...

    OOC: By the way, if you see 7mph as human's fastest speed...that's totally inacurate. That would be a light jog. I forgot to take that out of the bio. The fastest human on record is Michael Jordan, and I beleive he set the record at 28 MPH
  25. Kenobi217 Jedi Padawan

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    Torce took his full glass and sipped it.

    "Thanks. So how's business lately?"
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