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    A/N: My muse is currently constipated, so I just did the first thing that came to mind, so these are all over the place.


    “Why is that woman always so serious?” Hobbie wondered out loud as Winter left the mess hall.

    “’Cause she hasn’t been laid in years,” Wes retorted.

    “I wonder if she’s desperate. I’d do that,” Hobbie said with a nod.

    Tycho started coughing on a fried tubor.

    Wedge raised his eyebrow. “Tych, you okay there, buddy?”

    “No,” the blonde man gasped for air. “No one will be ‘doing’ Winter. And for your guys’ information, she ISN’T serious all the time!” With that Tycho stopped out of the mess hall.

    “I call dibs on his tubors!” Wes exclaimed, grabbing the unfinished plate.


    Mara was never around babies growing up, or even as an adult for that matter, so she never had considered herself a ‘baby-person’. But as she sat, watching Ben in his bassinet, everything he did amazed her. She couldn’t help but smile when he made brief eye contact with her.

    “Who’s my little boy?” She gently took his hands. “You’re my little boy,” she said in a silly voice. “Yes you are! You’re mommy’s little baby boy.”

    “Mara?” Luke appeared in the doorway, startling her. “What are you doing?”

    “I’m talking to Ben,” she said in an extremely dignified fashion.


    When the door swooshed open, Luke smiled. “You look amazing,” he gasped. Seeing Mara in a slinky black dress did things to his body. Her hair was in curls and she actually was wearing make-up.

    Mara smiled. “Well, aren’t you just the charmer.” She looked him up and down. He was in an all-black suit. “You don’t clean up so bad yourself… for a farmboy.”

    He offered her his arm. “Shall we go?”

    She didn’t take it. “Do we have to?” Mara wrinkled her nose.

    “Well, it is our engagement party.”

    “Your point is?” she asked, waiting for a reply.


    It had been a lovely family outing, with Luke and Mara in disguise of course, until a rude, old woman approached them.

    “Shouldn’t she be walking?” the woman asked, pointing to the four-year-old Beru in her hoverchair, which looked more like a stroller because of her age and small size. “You shouldn’t have her in a stroller at that age.”

    Mara was about to leap at the woman’s throat, but Luke beat her to it. “Well, if you took the time to look, you would see that this is a hoverchair, because she can’t physically walk, now please excuse us.”


    The unfortunate run in with the rude woman had left Beru in tears. Not even the promise of a sweet treat could calm her, then Ben took things into his own hands.

    He purposefully stumbled into her hoverchair and fell down with a goofy sound. This got Beru’s attention. On the ground, he said, “Look Beru, I’m an old man like Dad. Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

    Beru snickered. Luke caught on and glared down at Ben. “I am not old.”

    “You are so old,” Ben replied, “You taught Yoda how to speak.”

    Beru started laughing hysterically.
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    Loved them all and Funny is hilarious. Luke teaching Yoda[face_laugh]
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    Funny was really funny [face_laugh] But I think may favorite this time was Serious.
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    darn...I can't choose which I like best..they;re all good. that woman was so ignorant! but i liked silly alot!
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    Silly was cute and Charming :D Serious [face_laugh] I could see happening, those dudes never grow up. 8-} indeed! [face_mischief] Rude and Funny - =D= nice 2-fer and slice of life. [face_thinking]
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    Loved the Tycho & Winter 'Serious' part :p .. Tycho's outrage was funny!
    And Mara's 'Silly' talk with baby Ben was just tooooo cute :D
    Enjoyed it all!
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    [face_rofl] You're so old you taught Yoda to speak. BURN! [face_rofl]
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    Great moments! :)

    Some people don't think before talking.
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    Han loved it when he got the Princess going. He would say some obnoxious flippant comment, call her “your royal highness”… or worse: Leia, and she would call him some rude name and stop off. He quite enjoyed brewing up a storm in those lovely brown eyes. They always narrowed just slightly before exploding at him.

    The Princess had two settings: emotionless and angry. Han was honest, Leia was just no fun when she was emotionless.

    Luke called him a jerk for doing it. Chewie simply laughed and shook his head. Han didn’t care. He lived to see that storm.


    Being trapped in Carbonite was far worse than Corellian depictions hell. Han was in a constant state of semi-awareness. However, all he was aware of was the feeling of being smothered and the sickly taste of metal.

    He had few moments of actual lucidness. When he did, he thought of Leia: her rare smiles, her voice, her smell and that kiss. That kiss kept him going.

    Her last words rang in his ear. “I love you.” Those words had changed his life.

    Han could have kicked himself for his last words. “I know.” What a completely moronic thing to say.


    Han fell, hitting the ground before he knew what was going on. He instantly panicked. The voice that came to his ears didn’t help matters.

    “Just relax for a moment. You're free of the carbonite.” The voice was alien to him. “Shhh. You have hibernation sickness.”

    “I can't see.”

    “You eyesight will return in time.”

    “Where am I?”

    “Jabba's palace.”

    “Who are you?”

    There was a moment’s delay. “Someone who loves you.” In that instant, Han knew he was safe.

    “Leia!” He was so relived.

    “I gotta get you out of here.” For once, Han did not argue with her.


    Han didn’t remember much of the escape from Jabba’s clutches. He didn’t exactly see much of it either. He was just glad to get away from stench.

    “Sooo…” Han said on the speeder-ride back to Anchorhead. Leia had wrapped some cloth around his eyes to keep out the bright light. “What have you guys been up to?”

    There was a moment of uncomfortable silence that dragged on… and on.

    “Well.” Lando was the one who spoke up first. “Chewie and I been taking good care of the Falcon for you.”

    “Luke, what have you been up to, kid?”

    “Not much.”


    Leia sat at his side as he recovered from the hibernation sickness. She only left when Chewie was helping him in and out of the sonicshower, and even then it was to get him food.

    “You know, Sweetheart, I can feed myself,” he said.

    “Fine,” she placed a yeast roll in his hand. “I have better things that need to get done.”

    “Hey, just because I can, doesn’t mean I want to.”

    “You’re impossible,” she huffed.

    “That’s why you love me.”

    “I—.” She let out a deep growl. “Why did I ever agree to recue you… you nerf hearder?”
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    Wonderful =D= [face_laugh] [face_laugh] and totally in-character. ;)
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    Yeah, it's our little crew "Wanted by the Empire":p
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    Han is right; Leia had two. Settings: angry and emotionless.

    It was romantic! But when you don't know if it was your last words to each other I can see the possible moronicness of it.
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    Those were really great =D= Very IC.
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    Hey this is sort of fan fiction I guess.
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    A/N: EEKK! With final papers and all that jazz, I kinda got behind. Here is week 7.


    Luke had made many mistakes in his lifetime, but he was glad he did. All those mistakes had led to him marrying Mara – the loveliest woman he had ever seen. Of course, he dare not make any mistakes now, not when his lovely wife was 8 months pregnant with their second child.

    “How do I look?” she asked, emerging from their fresher in a free-flowing gown. They were attending some stupid anniversary ball for the ending of the Vong war a year ago.

    Luke was stunned by her beauty. “Lovely, Mara.”

    Mara narrowed her eyes. “You hesitated, you filthy liar.”


    Mara started to cry. “I look like something related to Jabba the Hutt.”

    Luke rushed to her, embracing her gently. “No, no you don’t,” he hurried to correct his mistake. “You are so lovely, you my breath away for a moment, honestly.”

    She glared up at him. “I doubt it.”

    He leaned down to kiss her. “Would I ever kiss someone related to Jabba?”

    She started to sob even more. “Yes, because you are so kriffing good to me. I don’t deserve you.”

    “Yes,” he calmly corrected her, holding her close, breathing in her scent. “Yes, you most certainly do.”


    While his parents were at some stupid ball, Ben was being looked after two friends of his dad’s: Wes and Hobbie. His mother had muttered something about being able to find better babysitters, but then his father had listed off people who were either not on Ossus, or were attending the ball.

    “So, little Ben,” Hobbie said. “What do you want to do tonight?”

    Wes piped up. “I know what I want to do.”

    “What?” the innocent child asked, his head cocked to the side.

    “Pull a prank.”

    Ben grinned. “Sounds like fun.”

    Hobbie simply groaned. “I’m a dead man.”


    Hobbie finally gave into the idea of sabotaging all of the labels in the Skywalker kitchen. He figured either Luke or Han, who was helping the Skywalkers out, would be the butt of the joke, and not Mara, whom Hobbie feared. They stuck the scah label on the saaj shaker and the saaj label on the kipon spice. It wasn’t the most elaborate prank Hobbie had been suckered into, but Ben was having a blast and a half.

    Every once and awhile, the child would let out a maniacal laugh and Hobbie shivered. That was the cackle of Vader’s grandson.


    Luke ended up being the butt of Ben’s little prank when he put orin powder into his caff instead of setner. Thankfully it was his drink, and not something like Mara’s breakfast.

    It was too late to prank Wes and Hobbie back, as they had already left (they had been there on a short break from cleaning up from the Vong). But Luke could still extract revenge on Ben.

    Ben wasn’t pleased when his father gave him hot cocoa made with dried letom sprouts. Ben then got a very long lecture on why one does not listen to Uncle Wes.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] A very wonderful set; Mistakes and Corrections - delightfully in character and just-right for the context ;) Prank through Revenge - :rolleyes: :duh: That is one lesson I think Ben will never forget [face_laugh]
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    Hah! Poor Ben. Luke should have sent Wes a present filled with sneezing powder.
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    I really loved Revenge for some reason *grins* Shows Luke can be devious when he wants to.
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    Classic prank. Sort of like loosening to the tops of salt and pepper shakers at restaurants...not that I ever did that as a teenager. [face_whistling]
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    Luke would have been dead if the drink was for Mara and Wes would have been a dead man because Luke would have shown that he is his father's son.

    Are you getting the alerts for my fics? Do you want off the alerts?
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    Pilot pranks, Loved that and the first two. Sweet with Luke and Mara
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    @Jedi_Lover: I used to take the tops off the salt and pepper shakers, then use a menu to flip them upside down.
    @Lady_Misty: I haven't got any tags from you recently.

    Here is two weeks in one:


    If someone had told Mara ten years ago that she would find comfort in Luke Skywalker’s arms, she probably would have laughed and killed the being that told her. But now, as she lay in his arms, there was nowhere would rather be.

    Luke played with her hair while reassuring her that he loved her.

    Today, a particularly ruthless holozine had implied that Mara had been Palpatine’s concubine, a completely false statement. It had affected Mara more than she cared to admit to herself.

    Yet Luke was there for her. Mara realized that he had always been on her side.


    The attack on their lives had happened in almost an instant. Luke and had been enjoying a nice brunch out on a restaurant’s balcony when both of their danger senses had flared. The shots had run out shortly afterwards. It was all just a blur to Mara until she had seen a sniper aiming for Luke. She didn’t even think, she simply tackled Luke to the ground, taking the bolt instead of him.

    After that, it became one big jumbled mess of sounds, mostly Luke’s voice, and emotions rolling off of her fiancé. Sirens were soon added to the mix.


    “Please,” Luke tried to negotiate with his unconscious fiancée as she lay in a med-center bed. “I’ll do anything for you. Just wake up.”

    “Anything?” she mumbled, her eyes still closed.


    “I’m not awake yet. First I have some conditions.”

    “I said anything.”

    “Well, first you have to promise to always put down the fresher seat.”

    “What else?”

    “You have to do the dishes for the next month. No, make that two months.”

    “Mara, how far are you going to take this?”

    “I just took a bolt for you. I will take this as far as I want to.”


    “So, let me get this straight,” Luke said with a laugh. “For you to wake up, I have to always put down the fresher seat, wash dishes for the next month, change the sheets when you get out of the med-center, watch whatever you want on the viewscreen until you are healed AND go get you a blomb donut?”

    “Yes, also, get me a cup of hot cocoa to go with that donut.”

    “Fine, it’s a deal.” Luke sealed the truce with a kiss.

    Mara opened her eyes, finally. “I am going to marry the biggest push-over in the galaxy.”


    Winter sometimes talked about the perks of marrying your best friend, things that neither Iella nor Leia ever really talked about. Mara figured she was marrying her best friend because Luke had gone out and bought her not only a blomb donut and hot cocoa, but a wide array of sweets and pastries from her favorite shop.

    They were now both sitting on her med-center bed, taking one bite of each tasty treat, ensuring they got to try everything without becoming stuffed Gamorrians.

    Tired, Mara rested her head on his shoulder, reflecting on how he had always been her friend.

    AN: I used my OC Beru Skywalker again for these drabbles.


    The sky was still a bit dark when the Skywalkers set off for their camping adventure. They were going to climb Mount Wanahakalugi and then camp out in a cave near the summit.

    “The sky is so clear,” Luke commented. He had all of their supplies on his back. “We picked the perfect weekend to do that.”

    “I’m still not convinced. Kam said there were storms brewing in both the North and the South,” Mara replied. On her back was their three-year-old daughter, asleep in her sling.

    “Mom,” seven-year-old Ben piped up. “We’re Skywalkers, we don’t worry about the weather.”


    Ossus’ two suns were high in the sky when the Skywalkers decided to take a break for lunch. Luke set down his heavy pack and spread out a blanket. Mara let Beru lay in the sunlight while she got out their lunch rations and Luke and Ben went off to get water from a nearby stream.

    The family enjoyed sandwiches, and creamy Ktafr noodles for Beru. After finishing, Luke and Mara let Ben wander a bit while they rested. He eventually came back filthy.

    Mara sighed as she looked at her son’s ruined clothes. “Farmboy, Ben certainly takes after you.”


    Ossus’ first moon was already peaking up when the Skywalkers made it to their camp in a small cave. Mara wasted no time setting up the tent while Luke gathered wood and made a fire.

    Luke and Mara cooked dinner over the fire while Ben looked after his little sister. He showed her how he could make a chain out of flowers. He made Beru a wild flower crown, bracelet and necklace. He then took her to the summit of the mountain in her sling to show her how pretty the sky got when the second moon started to rise.


    The family roasted moshfellas under the stars. All of Ben’s burnt; Luke didn’t have the patience for his to roast, so he just ate them raw. However, Mara spent her time determined to roast the perfect golden brown moshfella. When she succeeded, she fed it to Beru, who ended up in a sticky, white mess. Thankfully, there were plenty of wash-cloths on hand.

    Afterwards, Luke and Mara put their children in the tent and they went for a midnight walk, illuminated by the stars and moons.

    “This was perfect,” Mara sighed.

    “You’re perfect,” Luke counted, grabbing her and kissing her.


    The storm came as soon as Luke and Mara got in the tent.

    “Wow, that came fast,” Luke said, slipping onto the air mattress beside Beru.

    Lightening suddenly cracked and thunder rolled quickly afterwards, scaring Beru, who immediately started crying.

    “Awesome,” Ben exclaimed.

    “You may watch the storm, Ben, just don’t go out in it,” Mara called. She turn back to her daughter who was cuddled, still crying, in her husband’s arms. “Beru, do you want Daddy and me to tell you a story?”

    Beru nodded, timidly.

    “Alright,” Luke said. “This is the story of how I met your mother.”
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    Whenever I read such sweet, loving family moments I get really bummed out that we almost never saw these things in the profics. Thank the Force for fanfics! Nice update!
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    *gives you a hug* these are full of squishy goodness
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