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  1. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 1, 2000
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    Lol. Do you know the biggest bounty in the EU? 5,000,000 credits. Boba Fett collected that bounty and he said himself its enough to retire on.

    75,000,000 credits? Boba Fett would definately collect and retire on for certain. Any bounty hunter would collect that much money and not care who it is. Hell they probably would go after Emperor Palpatine himself if it was on him. Only a foolish and rookie bounty hunter would ignore that much money. Greed drives bounty hunters.

    Rethink your decision.
  2. Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master

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    May 9, 2001
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    Boba Fett is retired. He has at least half a billion credits from working for my original PC.
  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 1, 2000
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    I'm talking about the EU one, not the WOTG one.
  4. Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master

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    May 9, 2001
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    Yeah, I know, just thought I'd mention that so no one bothers using Fett.
  5. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 1, 2000
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  6. Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master

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    May 9, 2001
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  7. Thok Jedi Master

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    May 24, 2002
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    how is the guild comming along?
  8. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    Mitth, though there are other factors to consider such as I am hiding in hyperspace and empty space, never going near populated areas. Furthermore, though the galaxy may know my name, they have no further information on me. Therefore I would guess you would be bombarded by thousands of bounty hunters and con artists attempting to claim the bounty.

    You have no way to confirm someone is me.
  9. Yub_Yub Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    Top o' the mornin to all of you! I am now at a competent computer, so, if you would, I would like an updated list of things that you wish to purchase from ol' Wildwookiee. I had all of the old stuff eaten by my dinosaur of a computer. Fugures. Oh well. PM me updated lists. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  10. Advenger Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    just wondering if you have ever heard the word, sarcasism.


    heck, i'll take those dreadnoughts you got flar.

    lol, i just found some stats on the first deathstar

    Ship Class= Death Star
    Model= MK.I
    Length= 120,000m (diameter)(120 KM)
    -1 superlaser
    -3000 Heavy Turbolaser
    -1000 Quad Turbolaser
    -4000 Double Turbolaser
    -7000 Turbolaser
    -700 Tractor
    7000 any type
    20000 any type

    dont ask why i posted this, i just found it funny.
  11. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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  12. Thok Jedi Master

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    May 24, 2002
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    bump! for good measure

    How is the guild commin?
  13. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    The guild well..... isnt coming along... Only people seeming to bother using it are Zaarin occasionally.

    Anyway...... Massive update resource wise for my friday update.....


    Imperial Credits Total: 718,500,000

    +90,000,000 Per week OOC for shipping duties. (three times so far)

    SEA: +268,000,000
    2 Containers Medical Supplies, Bacta Tanks - 5,000,000 Credits
    4 Tankers of Bacta - 15,000,000 Credits
    4 Containers of Computer/Electronic Parts - 6,000,000 Credits
    5 Freighter Loads of Raw Materials - 20,000,000 Credits
    32 Containers of Fuel - 20,000,000
    1 Imperial Garrison's worth of Equipment - 10,000,000 Credits
    10 Conatiners of Assorted TIE Parts - 10,000,000 Credits
    3 Freighter Loads of Starfighter Parts - 10,000,000 Credits
    4 Star Galleons of Miscelleneous Starfighter Parts - 15,000,000 Credits
    7 Containers of Assorted Star Destroyer Parts - 7,500,000 Credits
    32 Containers of Spare Star Destroyer Parts - 35,000,000 Credits
    5 Freighter loads of Star Destroyer Parts - 15,000,000 Credits
    2 Nebulon B-2 Frigates - 50,000,000 Credits each

    Dobski: +10,000,000
    1 Imperial Garrison's worth of equipment - 10,000,000 credits

    Jace: +85,000,000

    32 containers: missiles - 20,000,000
    6 Escort Carriers - 25,000,000
    2 Lancer Frigates - 40,000,000

    (Total from these three auction sales: 363.5 Million Credits

    +95,000,000 From Intergalactic for 2 CRK, 2 Dread, 5 TIE, 6 sm Grav, 4 Grav, 4 cont stormie
    +10,000,000 from Intergalactic for Holonet Relays
    -1,000,000 for computer probes + controller
    -9,000,000 for 2 v-160 ION Cannons from Kuat
  14. Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan

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    May 13, 2002
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    Well as soon as my Characters get finished i'll try and find a good IC reason for them to get there and join it.
  15. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    Zaarin's booty from the raid on Jardeen IV:

    10 AT-STs, 2 AT-ATs, 1 AT-ST sim, 1 AT-AT sim, 1 Escort carrier, 2 carriers of arms (heavy & light)

    This comes out of the total posted on the board. The Escort Carrier comes from my own fleet. Will post a fleet update in a day or two.
  16. Thok Jedi Master

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    May 24, 2002
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    oh... cause i might need to hire an assasin...
  17. Advenger Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    yes, my research is done

    Refined Synaptic Link Technology
    Self Healing Armor Mk.I

    I will sell self healing armor plating soon!
  18. Yub_Yub Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    I apologize profusely, but with WW's resignation, that kinda throws off things a little. I need EVERYONE who wants to buy to PM me an updated list, and if the orders look anything like they did before this little snafu, we will be bidding on manny things. I appreciate your patience, and thnak you in advance for your cooperation. Thank you!
  19. LuBusVassal Jedi Padawan

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    Oct 27, 2002
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    This is for Jace's thingy, not sure where to put it so I'll put it here. A problem though is I don't know Jace's Name...

    Type: Playa
    Name: Lu Liang Shu
    Nickname: Liang Shu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Barabel
    Homeworld: Nar Shadda
    Family Name: Lu
    Native Language: Barab
    Foreign Language: Basic; Corporate Trade Lingo
    Credits: 10,000

    ---Height: Straight- 6'5" Hunched-5'5"
    ---Weight: 223 pounds [Barabel!]
    ---Eye Color: red
    ---Hair/Fur Color: none
    ---Skin Color: red scales
    ---Clothing: uniform
    ---Other: average

    Personality: Quirky, annoying with his smart ideas presented stupidly
    Habits: crack his knuckles and listen in on conversations
    Likes: sports, violence, and cheese
    Dislikes: violence
    Talents: great startegist
    Intelligence: Smart
    Strength: Herculean [barabel]
    Agility: Gazelle [barabel]
    Speed: average barabel
    Weakness: afraid of hights
    Limitations: afraid of hights
    Racial Attributes: Claws

    Affiliation: Toprawa-Norrath Legion
    ---Rank: Jace will assign me
    ---Primary Weapons:
    ---Secondary Weapons:

    Personal Ship: having your own ship is WAY too expensive
    ---Starfighter complement: (if any)
    ---Accessories: (bunks, kitchenette, gameroom etc)

    The Force: Important for this section, that you look over the ?Force Use? section in the WOTG Bible!!
    ---Yes or No?: Nope
    ---Affiliation: (Sith, Jedi, Rogue [uses both sides])
    ---Title: (Master, Knight, Padawan, etc)
    ---Abilities: (This must agree with Affiliation and Title)
    ---Lightsaber Type: (Single or Double? Extended blade?)
    ---Blade Color:
    ---# of Lightsabers:
    ---Other: (other details about the lightsaber or force)

    Background: Living on Nar Shadda for most of his life, he learned tactics from smugglers and leave officers. Stealing many books from said officers, he learned the arts from people like Sun Tzu. He now wishes to make a name for himself. Meeting Jace's Character while travellling the galaxy he joined your Group.
  20. Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan

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    Jul 5, 2001
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    Affiliation: Toprawa-Norrath Legion
    ---Rank: [Ground] Fringe Commander (equivalent of General/Admiral)
    ---Branch: Fringe Command
    ---Station: Koros System
    ---Unit: Koros Defense Force
    ---Position: Commander-in-Chief of the Trinity Base (formerly Smuggler's Run)

    Here is your current fleet:
    10 Marauder Corvettes
    10 Carrack Cruisers
    15 Nebulon-B2
    2 Escort Carriers

    100 Norrath Royal Guards
    100,000 Trinity Regulars
    Assorted ground war material

    The Koros System is better known as the Empress Teta System. You will run operations from Koros Major, and send any messages or contacts to Supreme Commander Mirax Terrik, or High Prince Kamahl, on Toprawa.
    As it stands, you will not know the location of the Norrath Consortium, but may at a later date.

    PM me with any further questions.
  21. Advenger Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    i'll post my stuff soon
  22. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master

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    Jan 18, 2001
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    MY bad... I haven't posted anything to do with the RP this week... :eek:

    A message to let you all know I am alive and somewhat kicking ;)

    School is now in pretty much full swing, with 1 S.A.T, 1 Test,a few Outcomes and several Prac Reports completed for Semester 1; With another Couple of S.A.Ts upcoming in the next few weeks, along with a major Outcome and many more Pracs to do...

    Along with that, I'm still at cadets and hopefully within the next week I should have found myself Part-time Employment during weekends and the occasional Wednesday afternoon... I really need money... Must by latest NJO books and other interesting novels (I might delve into Crime Fiction) ;)

    So I will be floating around... but I will only be a vague presence... I'll try to participate as much as I can...

    Well, all said and done. Time for sleep.

    Promptly curls up on the floor and goes to sleep

    EDIT: If anyone knows a good sight with info on natural human night vision, could they tell me please?
  23. Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan

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    Jul 5, 2001
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    My first true update for the Toprawa Alliance!!

    Toprawan Home Defense Corps (THDC): Supreme Commander Terrik
    JSD II Unconditional Surrender
    MC-100 Constance
    3 ISD Mark II, including Toprawa Star
    3 Thranta-Class Alderaanian War Cruisers Courage, Fidelity, Valiant
    Mod. ISD Mark II Alderaan
    Mod. Red ISD II Crimson Empire
    Mod. VSD Predation
    3 Escort Carriers
    5 BAC
    2 Lancers
    5 Nebulon B-2s
    4 Golan III Warden, Coalition Victory, Dauntless, and Chivalrous
    3 Golan IIs
    5 Golan Is

    Telgorn Platform Ranger?s Ire
    15 Firespray-class Attack/Patrol Ships
    20 Pursuer-class Enforcement ships
    24 V-38 TIE Phantoms
    Module Taskforce Cruiser Lament

    Alliance Squadron ? Supreme Commander Mirax Terrik
    ISD Mark II Chronicle Ten
    3 ISD Mark II, including Draco
    15 BAC
    7 Escort Carriers
    2 Lancers
    3 Interdictors, including Archaic Binding

    Norrath Consortium Militia (NCM):
    4 ISD Mark II
    25 D-VSD
    10 BAC
    2 DSDs
    1 Escort Carrier
    1 Golan III

    Nephalem Defense Net: General Sla?vik?nuruodo
    3 ISD II Epiphany, Phalanx, Renegade
    2 Wings Chiss Clawcraft

    2 Escort Carriers
    15 Firespray-class Attack/Patrol Ships
    20 Pursuer-class Enforcement ships
    4 Golan IIs
    3 Golan Is
    Stuffed in the back of the Norrath Consortium until called for.

    Personal Fund Account

    Toprawa Alliance (Toprawa and Norrath)
    14,400,000,000 [14.4 billion] credits
    30 gallinore gems (approximately 54,000,000,000 [54 billion] credits value)
    Wealth of Toprawa System
    Wealth of Norrath Consortium (Controlled via Jensaarai)
    Norrath Mining Corporation (Controlled via Jensaarai)

    Ba?tra Pirates (Kuar)
    1,800,000,000 [1.8 billion] credits
    1 gallinore gem (approximately 1,800,000,000 [three point six billion] credits)

    Any issues can be PM directly to me, but before someone opens their mouth, I ask that they do their homework. Nearly a year ago, I had a near-full Armada with me (neutral), which accounts for most of my Imperial hardware. From then, I spent a few months pirating, and acquired a few illegitimate funds and equipment. I have more recently spent huge sums of momey to acquire war resources from the Kuat Drive Systems, Corellian Engineering Corporation, and a few others I have posted.
    All additional resources are now controlled by LuBussVassal.

    By the way...I am still recruiting. Private Message me if interested./>/>
  24. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master

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    Jan 18, 2001
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    Welcome, I am InterGalactic's Chief Executive Officer, Corben Dys. We at InterGalactic are here for only one concern, our customers. If you want cheap, reliable and expediant services, call us. We will always hear your call.

    Our headquarters are aboard the Telgorn Space Platform, the InterGalactic. It is located on the Hydian Way, in the Inner Rim.


    Main Office:
      Platform InterGalactic

    Other Offices:
      Nal Hutta
      Sluis Van
      Barab I
      Moonus Mandel
      Ohma D'un (Naboo System)

    INTERGALACTIC COURIER SERVICE (IGCS) - For the quickest and cheapest delivery ever.

    We have a wide range and number of fast courier ships with dedicated pilots to make sure your goods are delivered safely and on time.

    12 Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wings.
    24 Hoersch-Kessel Drive T-wings.
    24 Hoersch-Kessel Drive R-41 Starchasers.
    6 Mon Calamari Simiyair-class Light Freighters.
    12 Sienar Design Systems Armed Couriers.
    36 Subpro Corporation Z-95 Headhunters.
    12 Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12h Skipray Blastboats.

    INTERGALACTIC FREIGHT (IGF) - If you want it moved, we'll move it for you.

    We have a wide range of freighters to help you move you cargo from one place to another. We have also purchased two new cargo facilities for people who want thier cargo stored until they pick it up.

    VenteX Construction Yards Class-2 Cargo Facility InterGalactic Alpha - Located near Platform InterGalactic
    VenteX Construction Yards Class-2 Cargo Facility InterGalactic Beta - Located near Platform InterGalactic
    30 Damorian Manufacturing Corporation Bulk Freighters.
    10 Allegra Enterprise Systems Modular Conveyor.
    4 Hoersch-Kessel Drive LH-3210 Container Ships.
    15 Xixor Transport Systems Container Transports.
    12 Mobquet Medium Cargo Haulers.
    6 Kuat Drive Yards Super Transport XIs.
    20 Liara Cargo Corporation Cargo Ferries.
    25 Gallofree Yads Medium Transports.
    18 TansGalMeg Xiytair-class Transports.
    8 Corellian Engineering Corporation Action VI Transports.
    6 Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 Corvettes.
    12 Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2400 Transports.
    10 Virella Systems Cargo Freighter/Tankers
    20 Yuung, Tygg & Josse Type-C Freighters
    20 Galarne/Ferges Industries Type-H Freighters
    30 JenAni Systems Incorporated Type-K Frieghters
    1 Kuat Drive Yards Field Secured Container Vessel

    INTERGALACTIC PASSENGER LINES (IGPL) - We'll take you anywhere you want.

    At InterGalactic, we provide every kind of transportation for all the levels of income earners in the galaxy today.

    4 Leonore Luxury Liner Incorporated C-3 Passenger Liners.
    2 Baudo-class Star Yachts.
    3 Kuat Drive Yards Starwind-class Pleasure Yachts.
    20 Sienar Fleet Systems Mu-2 class Shuttles.
    4 Muurian Interstellar Muurian Transports.
    30 Corellian Engineering Corporation Republic Cruisers.
    12 Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-class T-4a Imperial Shuttles.

    INTERGALACTIC BANK (IGB) - For all your financial needs anywhere in the galaxy.

    InterGalactic Bank is on of the most finest Banking institutions in the Galaxy today. With offices all over the galaxy and facilities to allow you to use your accounts, even if there is no InterGalactic Bank on the planet. We accomodate everyone and anyone with the loan they want.

    Fees & Charges

    Personal Accounts:
    Start-up Fee: 75 Credits.
    Account-Keeping Fee: 50 Credits per annum.
    Foreign Transaction Fee: 5 Credits per transaction.

  25. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    A bump for the smaller factions, most likely our last.

    At this time I would like us to contemplate what the smaller factions have accomplished since our formation, and how we want to go out.

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