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    Sorry ya'll. I got grounded from the internet for a while. But I'm back until report cards come in! (I hope i won't be grounded)

    "Alright, it's fine, whatever." Aura'len told Tarorrack in Ryl. Then she broke connection. In hyperspace she began to think. What was this virus she had brought back to life? Was the era of technological weapons over and an era of biological weapons beginning? Did the Rebel Alliance really intend to use the virus to wipe out the Empire or to sell to a high buyer? Soon, hopefully, her questions would be answered. Once they got to Mon Calamari.

    Aura'len and Tarorrack landed on the hovering landing platform. The scientist who sold her the virus approached.
    "What is it?" the Mon Cal asked and Aura'len shot him a deadly look of pure malice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.