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Saga So Anakin would've been way more powerful than Darth Sidious?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by BobaFett99, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. NelanisGhost

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Knowledge is the greatest power.

    Palpatine was a genius, he thirsted for knowledge, was extremely patient and always planning. He was taught to do things the right way. No brute force, but endless manipulations, favors owed, machinations. He was, on the surface, everyone's friend. A seemingly guileless fellow that no one really knew at all. He had tons of financial backing and that only comes from the trust in that he knew what he was doing with people's money. The Clone Wars made many many people very rich. They were the ones that kept him in power.

    Anakin was a never smart enough to play the game, because he was meant to be a stalwart hero and they don't play games. Anakin was never good at it, he learned by SOTE, but his heart was never in it. He was disgusted by the flattery, they phoniness...
    He wanted the power to force people to "be good" and comply. Unfortunately, as a being who was never really free, he didn't understand you can't force people to do anything. You have to charm and convince them. He wanted that, but not the work or responsibility that comes from maintaining the relationships. Which I am not sure he ever understood, but esp not when he was so young. Palpatine kept his enemies close, and to him, all of them were usurpers and not friends. Fodder for his conquests and games.
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    May 31, 2001
    IMO, people overrate Sidious power. Yes, he beat a few Jedi Masters in ROTS and deep-fried Luke until Vader's intervened. But, Mace defeated him and Yoda had him on the rope.

    I don't see how Anakin wouldn't be more powerful then Sidious if not from the events on Mustafar. Even Sidious said in ROTS "Darth Vader will be more powerful than either of us!"...

    in ESB, Sidious told Vader that LUKE could destroy the Sith. Luke had very little Jedi training.

    Sidious core strength was manipulating others.
  3. EntechednReformatted

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    Oct 17, 2009
    Forgive the length of this, but the Sidious/Vader relationship is one of my favorite topics. I find it absolutely fascinating, especially from Palpatine's perspective. Really, any chance to try to get into Palpatine's head is worth taking, IMO.

    I'm sure Vader would have eventually become stronger than Sidious. It's worthwhile to remember just how young Anakin still was in ROTS. He was younger than Obi-Wan was during the invasion of Naboo. (That's based on EU sources; the films are never explicit about ages, but Obi-Wan in his mid-to-late twenties during TPM and Anakin in his early-to-mid twenties during ROTS does seem about right.) We saw how much Kenobi's skills continued to develop over the years. Surely Anakin's skills would have as well.

    By ROTS, Anakin may not have quite been the most powerful living Jedi, but he was definitely in the same ballpark. He soundly and convincingly defeated Dooku, which even Yoda failed to do. (I know, I know, Dooku fled from Yoda like a coward. Didn't get the chance to flee from Anakin, though, did he?) If his skills had continued to develop at a similar rate to the way Obi-Wan's had over the next, say, 15 years, then I think it's a pretty safe bet that Anakin would have become stronger than Sidious.

    Strength isn't everything, though. Sidious had to know from the moment he decided to turn Anakin to the Dark Side that Anakin would want to kill him one day, and he also had to know there would come a time, probably in the uncomfortably near future, where Anakin would be powerful enough to pull it off. From what we've seen of Palpatine, I have a very hard time believing that he was prepared to accept this with calm grace and dignity for the glory of the Sith. He must have had a plan to keep Anakin under his thumb even after Anakin's powers exceeded his own. What that plan would have been, though, I'm at a loss to say. Especially considering that Padme's death must have removed most of the appeal of the "stop people from dying" carrot on a stick Sidious was dangling in front of Anakin's face. My best guess is that Sidious believed that Anakin, no matter how strong he grew, would always suffer from some sort of psychological weakness that Sidious would always be able to exploit to manipulate him, or, if necessary, destroy him.

    And really, if you're a Sith Lord obsessed with acquiring power in all its forms, what greater challenge, thrill, and reward could there be than having power over someone even more powerful than you?
    Extremely risky, though, to say the least.

    So Palpatine must have had mixed emotions when Vader was crippled on Mustafar. As Bud once asked California Mountain Snake: which 'R' is it? Regret? Or Relief? I don't know the answer to that. On the one hand, Palpatine seemed as though he was eager to replace Vader with Luke. That suggests that he regrets the way Vader turned out and is anxious to have the extremely powerful apprentice he originally expected Vader to be.

    And yet ...

    Ever since ROTS I've often thought that, compared to the masterpiece of seduction that Sidious hit Anakin with, his attempt to turn Luke to the Dark Side seemed kind of ... well ... half-assed. He never really even tries to tempt Luke with anything that Luke wants. Sidious's plan just seems to be "Just make him angry enough and he'll kill his father and join me." Now granted, Sidious is at a disadvantage with Luke. When he revealed his Sith identity to Anakin, Anakin knew him as a trusted friend, mentor, and confidant. There was a strong bond in place to help Sidious overcome Anakin's immediate reaction of horror and betrayal. But to Luke, the Emperor was never anything but the ultimate galactic tyrant. That would have made turning Luke much more difficult than turning Anakin, so it's surprising and interesting that Sidious brought so little to the table. It makes me wonder if deep down he really wanted Luke as an apprentice, or if perhaps instead he had grown comfortable and content with his old, flawed, safe apprentice, and was just
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    Its hard to say how powerfull Anakin would have become my bets are on him becoming God like or the living manifestation of the Force itself, he is the only person in the saga who is completely unimpressed by the death star.I believe Anakin would have been to the Galaxy what the Death star is to a planet.At some point Anakin would have swept the emperor aside like he was nothing and evntually destroyed the Galaxy in his quest to make it how he wanted it to be.
  5. Lord Tyrannus

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Who cares about Vader without suit? Darth vader being a handsome long haired whiny guy who becomes all burned, bald, pale later on, and trapped in a cyborg samurai robot suit with James earl jones voice and mechanical breathing is the reason he is my favorite character.