So, anyone go to the Jewel show last night?

Discussion in 'Charleston, SC' started by DarthAce, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. DarthAce Jedi Youngling

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    Sorry, I'm new here, and only just now realised that there were regional sections to this site.

    My name is Jason, and I actually live in Summerville. I'm 27 years old, happily married (5 years soon!), and have a 13 month old son.

    I've been into Star Wars my entire life, having seen the OT in the theaters upon release (too young to remember though, darnit...) and am a crazy SW Toys collector.

    My latest SW related project is building my own exact replica of Luke's ANH saber, and trying to find all of the new figures (difficult...very dificult).

    Anyway, hope you guys don't mind my dropping in here, I plan to bookmark the page.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Welcome Jason:
    We actually have several members of our local club that do prop building and are members of the 501st stormtroopers. One specializes in lightsaber building. If you go to our website: and go to the links section, you'll see his link. You can also see some of the activities and such that we do.

    Many of us are also big time collectors, I have converted my garage to a star wars room! Hope to see you at our next meeting Next Saturday at Barnes and Noble in North Charleston at 6:30. Hopefully I can introduce you to Brian who is the manager there when not building lightsabers!

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