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    ....all of the EU is now non canon. Every....single.....thing.

    I am quite unhappy about this. Clean up of the EU...no problem! Change a few things....sure!

    Carpet bombing everything into oblivion.....NO!

    What's worse...they will rehash everything in the new movies and books instead of creating something new.

    How are you dealing with it? Myself....this may be my exit.
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    Um. Not well? Feel free to post/lurk in the LGA EU thread.

    Like you, I don't see the need for it either. Toss out the post-ROTJ EU, I can see that-- the films (if they really are GL's vision) don't need to be forced to use Mara, Ben, Jania, Dead-Chewie, etc. But to toss out all of it, including reference material? Seems overkill. And arbitrary. Why is the third book of the Rebels trilogy canon but not the first 2? Just because of the publication date?

    I do feel that things will be added back in over time, much like with the original Marvel comics. I think that was what they were hinting at, not that they will rehash everything in the new movies and books-- but that they will use them as a means to cherry pick "Legends" EU into the "New" EU. Zahn wrote that while his books may not be in the "New" EU, some of his charictors might appear (he mentioned Ghent). Others have used the Schrodinger's Cat metaphor, and I like that one. Until an element of the EU is overwritten (or confirmed) by the Storygroup's new EU-- we can consider it both Canon and not-canon at the same time.

    This won't be my exit. I love the films, the universe, and my friends too much. It may, however, be a good stopping point for my uber-ultra-trivia-encyclopedia-ness-level of fandom. As in, I will be a fan of the post 2014 stuff, but only live and breathe the pre-disney era, AKA MY STAR WARS.

    Not sure what to do with my now non-canon model kits though.
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    I don't see why so many are so dismissive of the Post RotJ EU. It's what I grew up with. It has some of my fave characters (and some I'll happily ignore now on). Yet, I think some are giving the Mouse too much say. So they say only 'their' content is 'canon'. Why does that suddenly make everything some love not matter? I think they did this in an attempt to say they're in control now. I, for one, am glad they chose to supposedly de-cononise everything. It's the cannibalizing and distortion likely to come that concerns me.

    I may leave the fandom as well. I simply don't really care about Disney Wars.
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    Afternoon Jammies. Yes, let me clarify a bit. I am still a Star Wars fan and always will be. However, this may be the breaking point where I no longer collect, read or follow along with the creation of Disney Wars. And I am trying to keep in touch with friends :) The Outer Rim is just so far away.

    While I will see the new movies and I might even enjoy them, I have this dreadful feeling they are going to just reuse everything they just eliminated as canon. They will change a few details and say "Oh this is the new story!", but all they have done is just recycle an existing concept.

    And that's the great trap I sense coming! They are not going to create anything "new" for years if not decades. Star Wars is going to go into a cycle of re-make/recycle/re-use/rehash the same stories instead of going off on a new path. Just like Star Trek: Into Darkness was really just a remake of Wrath of Khan. Same story, new shiny package.

    Now I will admit some good could come of this. We could get more Thrawn, Xizor and other characters whose story arcs were cut short. But, if we have to destroy everything just to get that, then its not worth it.
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    Ah. Whew! Thanks for the clarification: I'm glad you are sticking around us. I do know of several folks who are getting out of fandom altogether over this. But yeah, seems like you and I kinda have the same idea. I'll still read the books though. The new Tarkin one especially: and I am looking forward to Rebels the show as well as the J.J. Miller lead in novel (the real J.J. of Star Wars IMHO). I just won't go out of my way to say, track down a reprint of an on-line comic that was only available at a comic con. Or, I won't buy a library of RPG books just for the few EU tidbits with no real intent on playing the game.

    Good point too, about Into Darkness. I think that film made me really worried about Episode 7 for all the things you mentioned. I also think these "standalone" films will be a "Young Han Solo" film and a "Darth Bane" film-- both of which will not follow any of the existing literature.

    So, yeah- I don't know. I think this was a good move for the future of the brand: but not for those of us who grew up with these stories, like me, you, and Cushing's Admirer.

    Speaking of: welcome to the LGA kind sir! Trust me, no one here is truly dismissive of the Post-ROTJ EU. I think we just recognize that the films will have a different story to tell. Like you, it is what most of us grew up on and it does feature my favorite characters as well. Lurking on some of our older posts will show that. What bothers me the most, actually, are the "fans" that are applauding this change, as they never liked the EU. I find that tacky. They should let us grieve in peace.

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    So this is what upsets me the most about the slashing of the EU canon status.

    The fans.

    Everyone here knows how much I hated the Clone Wars. I detested them with every fiber of my being. BUT. I still made the effort to watch them, enjoy what I could, and take what there was for me to take from them. And, by the end, I can concede that I enjoy them in the sense that I've accepted they are what they are, and hating them to hate them will accomplish nothing for myself. But the Clone Wars ruined the canon developed between the releases of Episode II and Episode III. But everyone was like, "Ooooh, get over it" for the most part to me.

    But now... Star Wars is getting a new chance. Under a new flagship. And everyone who says they are hard core Star Wars fans are raising their banners and crying out on their nerd-rage pulpits and self-important nerd blogs. I find it hilarious, because we are finally getting what George Lucas SWORE we would never get. NEW MOVIES. And the new movies will have the old gang back together, something I would never have thought possible. And yet, while we are getting Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker all back in their original iconic roles... Which is always one of the biggest issues with a lot of people about the prequels.. lots of people say they would rather have the original cast back over what we got in the prequels... ...we're getting JUST that and people wanna cry that Disney is ruining Star Wars.

    I like to think I've grown and matured as a fan. Is there a lot about The Clone Wars I dislike? You betcha. But I've grown to accept that it is STILL Star Wars. So I watch, I enjoy it.

    Am I upset that the EU is being shunted out of canon? Of course I am. I hate the fact that my favorite series, the NJO is now considered defunct. BUT. That means we're getting Chewbacca back. So does this mean Cade Skywalker no longer counts? Probably, and that sucks... but I can still read him in the comics and enjoy them.

    Maybe I've learned to reevaluate what is important to me, and what I embrace my heart and soul into and what things I should really invest myself into... In the long and the short of it, the on goings of Luke and Han and Mara and Nom Anor and Rogue Squadron will not ever put food on my table or make my relationships last or pay my bills.

    But I still own the Thrawn Trilogy and NJO. At any time I can go look at these books and read them and they are not gone.

    In fact, that's something a lot of people are overlooking.

    Disney now owns Star Wars. It is THEIR property. They can, at any moment like they do with the rest of their property, say "Pull all the books and comics from the shelves and put them in the vault." They didn't. You can still, as of now at least, go out and buy the books and comics and video games. And enjoy them.

    And, because of Disney, we're getting new movies. Something I never thought we would ever see.

    Yes, I'm upset with the changes to a degree. But I'm more excited to see what fresh new material will come down the pipeline. I don't believe we're gonna get the same visual effects in Star Wars as we got with Star Trek. Kathleen Kennedy isn't that stupid. JJ Abrams isn't that bad of a director. Not everything he does looks like Star Trek with over done lens flare.

    Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, GI Joe. These are all franchise getting a new lease on life for a brand new age of fans. Children will get to experience a new trilogy of Star Wars the way I got to experience the Prequel Trilogy the way many of you got to experience the Original Trilogy.

    I for one, am gonna keep an open mind and let them handle the franchise. 'Cause I don't know about any of you, no one ever called me to consult me on my opinion on the direction for the Star Wars franchise. So being upset doesn't do anything but give me something to stress about that, in the grand scheme of things... I really don't need to stress over.

    My two cents.
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    Yeah, I feel you Vanck and Dar. I guess we kinda always knew it was coming. The last couple of years of the Clone Wars pretty much showed us the way they were going to treat the EU...mainly as a source of inspiration but not true cannon. I do enjoy seeing stuff from the EU become cannon like Coruscant, Aayla Secura, Holocrons and Darth Bane. So who knows what else we'll see. And nothing can take away the enjoyment I got from characters like Mara Jade. Corran Horn and Kyle Kartan. And I can still pick them up any time I want and enjoy them for as long as I like.
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    Plus there's the fact I'm a long time comic book reader. I can't count the number of reboots and cannon resets I've seen. It doesn't take anything away from my enjoyment of earlier stories. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't match up with the books exactly.