O.C, CA SoCal Multi-Club event: PAINTBALL!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Miana Kenobi, Dec 9, 2007.

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    San Diego Fan Force wants to invite you all out for paintball!

    Where: Camp Pendleton Paintball field.

    When: A weekend in february (TBD)

    Due to the liability issues and paintball arena rules, no one under the age of 14 can play or be present on the field, playesr between 14 and 18 have to sign a waiver of liability.


    Private groups require a 15 person reservation done at least a week in advance, and a 50% deposit. (Deposit based on per person cost..)

    If we don't have 15 people we can pay $20 per empty spot in order to still get the discounted rates and have the field to ourselves.

    For those who have to rent their gear: 1/2 days play (6-8 games) is $37 including rental and admission.
    A full days play (12-16 games) is $40.

    For those who already have their gear: $20 regardless if a half day/full day.

    The rental price includes the gun , face shield/goggles, 500 paintballs and CO2 refills throughout the day.

    Clothing recommended :--clothing that can get stained (long sleeves, gloves, pants, etc)

    You can bring your own gear and paintballs of course, but course regulations say the paintballs cannot be red and must be non-staining. You cannot use your own paintballs in a rented gun.

    Additional supplies (CO2, air refills, paintballs, etc) are available on site, drinks and snacks are also available, McDonalds is just down the street, and they even allow pizza delivery to the paintball park.

    The park itself is 50 acres on Camp Pendleton that has 8 different fields and a variety of games including "Capture the Flag (two flags/two teams)", "Center flag (one flag to capture and be taken to your own base)", "Total Annhiliation"--last man standing wins", and more.

    Post your interest!
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    Stu, if you go I will. I'd love to shoot you......uh, I mean it would be fun. [face_skull][face_laugh]

  4. AboutaSith Jedi Knight

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    You'd only shoot me in the back!
  5. crazybirdman Jedi Master

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    I don't like being shot at. So I'll pass
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