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  1. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Ensign Kotoha Morita
    Nearing Point of No Return

    Kotoha had managed to put quite a distance between herself and the Corsica, and the ship was fast approaching the Earth's atmosphere. Steeling herself for the possibility that she might not make it back in time, she made her way for the ship, thrusters at full. She would be coming in much too fast, and braced for the stress of the atmosphere and impact with the Corsica.

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  2. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002

    Jessica had been the first to enter the Corsica's safety. The heat had already swarmed around all of them and the ammunition was beginning to grow increasingly dangerous. This was something that both Kotoha and Cloud dealt with as they made their own way to their new home base. There wouldn't be any use for the drop equipment after all. They would squeeze themselves tightly into the one cruiser, hopefully everyone would make it in time.

    The next to arrive was Z'dain, who fired off a bazooka round at the enemy ship. Unfortunately, it never made it past the Sardinia, as the round exploded due to heat just barely below the aborting ship. The rest of his ammunition igniting harmlessly away from him as he entered the mobile suit hold. Jason and Russel were the last to arrive. But just as Jason grabbed onto the entrance, a shot rang out from the enemy ship. The shot split further into the Sardinia, cutting it in two.

    As the ship's front veered forward towards the gravity of earth, Russel could see his former home as the bridge glass shattered under the weight of the heat. The fire engulfed the front half of the ship as it began to break apart further from the friction of the atmosphere. The real danger came when the heat of re-entry became too much for the rear section of the ship. The engines and fuel exploded, and the resulting blast produced enough force to that Russel was sent flying away from the Corsica as it pitched forward itself. The Corsica was able to right itself quickly, but Russel could see it was already past the point of no return now. The Pegasus was still further back, but its turrets were taking aim at the Corsica. He knew what he had to do.

    With a shaky voice, Russel came over the comm, just barely through the interference. ?W...well. It was...pleasure...with you... Godspeed.....Sieg Zeon!?

    Through the windows of the Corsica, they could make out the lone Zaku II as it charged full thrusters towards the Federation cruiser. The two GM suits were tucked safely away, the only help now would be the turrets. But they couldn't react fast enough to counter the approaching mobile suit. They were anti-ship weaponry. Flying up to the bridge, Russel readied his bazooka as the ship itself prepared to fire on the Corsica. As he pulled the trigger, the heat became too much for the exposed ammunition and the round exploded in the barrel. The resulting explosion took off the head and right arm of the Zaku. Without the destruction the Zaku could have caused, the Federation ship fired at the Corsica. The blast shot through the top of the engines, disabling them but not structurally damaging the ship. But Russel was not about to give up. Opening his cockpit to see, he readied all the cracker grenades he could, and charged straight into the bridge of the Federation cruiser. The explosion's force sent the Pegasus into too steep an angle for re-entry as they crossed the point of no return. The ship broke apart into several large fragments as it entered the atmosphere.

    For two minutes the crew of the Corsica held their breaths as the ship entered the Earth's atmosphere. With the immediate danger over with, the ship began to get its bearings so that it could approach the surface for an emergency landing at the mission zone. Noticing they were heading due North -North West, the ship began to pitch to the left. As the cruiser leveled out after making its way east, the radar finally came back from the minovsky interference. Just in time for the crew to notice the large front ?paw? of a Pegasus cruiser, like a ball of fire, come screaming through the atmosphere. The Corsica moved to dodge, the but piece still clipped the left wing, sending the ship spiraling out of control and on the whims of air and gravity.

    ?Brace yourselves, team, this is about to get bumpy! Prepare for crash landing!? Commander Tau's voice echoed through the hangar as alarms blared full force. People who ha
  3. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Lt. Vaan Gael Cloud
    -Corsica, Earth

    [blockquote]The mission had been a success. They had made it into the Earth's atmosphere and would now start setting up camp. Yes, it was a success, but it surely did not feel like one. Vaan climbed out of his Zaku to the ground, where he wiped sweat from his brow and had a small moment of silence for the heroic actions of Russel. The young man had given his life for Zeon and Vaan would make sure people knew about it.

    In his memory, they would complete the second phase of this mission.

    He could already see that there had been a number of casualties, alot more than he would have initially presumed, but the equipment they needed was still intact. With dusk coming upon them fast, Vaan began to search for survivors. First, he would have to make sure the team was alright, so he quickly began trying to communicate with them.

    "Jessica, Kotoha, Jason. Are you guys okay? Can you hear me? Z'dain, we're going to need to gather up what crew we have left and start setting up camp. We need to treat the wounded and continue." He knew Z'dain was okay as he was the first to get aboard the Corsica, while the rest of them had had to reroute their paths at the last minute. Vaan wondered how long it would take the Federation to find them.

    Beginning the search and rescue by himself, Vaan began to pull bodies from under wreckage and help people onto their feet. He sent members of the crew to recover the equipment their landing had scattered and to begin setting up a base of operations. They would have to deal with the dead later, which, in his heart, pained Vaan to even think about.[/blockquote]
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  4. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Lieutenant Alasdair Z'dain.
    Impact site

    There was a blackness, a vast emptiness, that was all that existed for him. No stars, no ships, no colonies, just black. Slowly after what felt like an eternity he became aware of breathing, deep and steady. His breathing. He was still alive. Other sensations came back to him. The feeling of his hands and feet, a dull ache at his forehead, and a warm sensation down his face.

    During re-entry something happened, he wasn't sure, but his restraints had failed and he'd become very intimate with the controls of the Zaku. Then he'd blacked out. He cursed the Zaku he was in, it wasn't a personal unit, he didn't have time to prepare it, standard units were horrible. He slowly opened his eyes, and saw red. Blood to be exact, he'd must have hit his head hard enough to break the skin, and the blood had smeared over his helmet.

    Slowly he took his helmet off, giving him his first view of the dark cockpit he now resided in. "Jessica, Kotoha, Jason. Are you guys okay? Can you hear me? Z'dain, we're going to need to gather up what crew we have left and start setting up camp. We need to treat the wounded and continue." the voice sounded much louder then it should, it echoed through his head. Reaching over Z'dain tapped the Zaku's comm, it worked, and the motion didn't hurt, that was two good things.

    ?This is Z'dain. I'm ok, straps failed on the way down, got real intimate with the suits controls. Doesn't feel like a concussion though.? Z'dain kicked the hatch switch and the cockpit opening slowly creaked open, sunlight flooding into the cockpit causing Alasdair to squint his eyes. Pushing himself, Z'dain crawled out of the cockpit and down boarding line to the ground. This time turning on his personal comm. ?Where am I needed??

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  5. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Jason Martin
    Corsica Impact Site, Earth

    "The colony's being evacuated. The Federation is saying we're harboring Zeon spies, and they're going to commence firing." The ground quaked, and Jason stood like a statue, blinking in disbelief.

    "But my family - they don't know!" Another rumbling, a larger one this time. Someone was telling him to stop, but it was too late. He was already running, full speed, towards his house. He had to warn them, he had to...

    Had to...

    A blinding surge of light blasted down from the heavens and engulfed all. Jason found himself blacking out, fading out of consciousness...

    He awoke suddenly, screaming in fright, to a darkened cockpit, a cold sweat having broken out all over him. It took Jason a few moments before all the details came rushing back to him - the Sardinia, the battle, Russel... So where was he now? It was then that a voice came crackling over his comm. Apparently either the sender's was damaged or his was. "... need to... wounded and..." "... straps failed... concussion... needed?"

    Those had seemed like two different voices - perhaps his comm was the broken one after all. "This is PO Third Class Jason Martin... no injuries to report except my pride, sir," he attempted, not sure how much would go through. He jostled the controls. "Zaku seems unresponsive, will attempt to rendezvous on foot, over." Loosening his restraints, he kicked forward at the door with as much force as he could muster, jamming on the door opening switches and emergency releases.

    He eventually forced his way out and discovered his Zaku had landed, fortuitously, on its side. He rolled out and onto the grass, and blinked in disbelief.


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  6. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Ensign Kotoha Morita
    Zaku Cockpit

    Kotoha's thoughts were foggy, as she slipped in and out of consciousness, half dreaming about being back with her sister.

    Finally reality came in to focus, and Kotoha remembered where she was. She hung from her chair, pressed hard against the straps; the Zaku must be lying face down.

    It was hot. She realized all of the systems were down, and tried her comm, but it seemed to be inoperable.

    She carefully unstrapped, and fumbled around in the dark to find the hatch. She was unable to keep her balance, and her head was warm under her helmet. She took it off and noticed she was bleeding from her ear.

    She pressed hard against the hatch, but it wouldn't budge. She wasn't very strong, and in her state she was even less physically able.

    The air was getting thick, and she began to panic. She banged hard against the hatch, and yelled for help, hoping someone would be able to hear her, if anyone else had even survived.

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  7. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Alasdair Z'dain

    Things were not going as planed in even the smallest amount. The ship hadn't even landed in one piece. Nearly half the crew was dead, and a good deal of those that were alive were injured, some where even missing. Fortunately, at least for now, Alasdair's mobile suit was working. The cockpit came to life, followed by the suit in full. A rather delicate bit of maneuvering around the scattered personnel and supplies the Gouf stood outside the rear half of the Corsica.

    ?Ok.? he started talking to himself, ?Lets see if we can find anybody via heat sensors.? the Gouf's Mono eye scanned the area slowly, the Gouf's sensors not only had better range then a Zaku, but were more advanced, one reason Alasdair felt lucky to have earned one of the limited production units. There were plenty of heat signatures but two stuck out in the direction behind the Cruiser. ?Our errant Zakus...?

    Z'dain flipped the comm switch to Lieutenant Cloud. ?Cloud, this is Z'dain, I've got two large heat signatures. Possibly the residual heat on the skin of our estranged Zakus. Or they could be Feds. They aren't moving so I'm going in to investigate.? The black mobile suits leg actuators hissed as the suit moved forward down the trench the Corsica had made during its less then graceful landing.

    The jungle was, jungle. Alasdair had seen more jungle in the past few months then most spacenoids see in a lifetime. He wasn't awe inspired by it like some were, not any more. So he focused on his sensors, he needed something to focus on to keep his mind away from the loss of life that had occurred today. All the ship personnel, all the pilots of his team, such losses, he'd morn them, but when the time was right.

    The trip through the jungle towards the heat signature Z'dain had selected to investigate first was, uneventful. If an 18 meter tall mobile suit moving through the trees wasn't enough to make the local wildlife retreat to safer places, then a 255 meter cruiser skidding through the trees was more then enough. Which would probably also be enough for the Federation to see, which would probably be a problem later, but not now.

    The situation at hand however, as Z'dain came to see in the small freshly made clearing before him, and a Zaku laying belly down. Z'dain moved the Gouf closer to the Zaku and had it kneel down beside the unit. ?Looks like its Kotoha's unit...? Heat sensors showed something roughly around the temperature of a human body where the cockpit would be. A quick switch flip and his suits external speakers activated, hopefully Kotoha was alive to hear. ?This is Z'dain, secure yourself, I'm gonna lift your unit in about 20 seconds.?

    Having your unit flipped over while your unsecured in earth's gravity could be a ride most people would not enjoy. He seriously doubted Kotoha was in the mood for a roller coaster ride. So while the twenty seconds passed Z'dain looked the unit over. It didn't look like it was in that bad shape, so the fact that it was belly down meant one of two things. Either Kotoha was dead and couldn't move it, or the suit was damaged internally and offline. The heat scan lead Z'dain to think it was the second option.

    ?Ok, brace yourself.? The Gouf's hands grasped the arm of the Zaku and lifted. It wasn't that much of a strain for the Gouf, the unit was exceptionally strong and close range brute strength was its biggest advantage. So with the hiss and strain of actuators and motors the Zaku raised up onto its side and the Gouf lowered it onto its back. ?See if you can open your hatch, if not, well I'll give you a minute then I'll try.?

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  8. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Jason Martin
    Impact Site

    Jason found himself glancing about in all directions. He had never been on Earth before, now it was time to find out what all of the fuss was about.

    The first thing that struck him was the smell. Frankly, it stank here. Whereas the air in the colonies was kept at precise, regulated measurements and thus had a pleasant, if somewhat sterile, odor about it, the air on the Earth was a lot more chaotic. It wasn't a massive difference, but for a lifelong spacenoid like Jason, it was enough, and it took him a few moments to acclimate to it. Even then, it still struck him as a bit unpleasant.

    Other than that, it was a lot like a colony. Very green, and very, very bright. Only this was pure sunlight, like you got out in space, and not the reflected, somewhat weakened variety from the colonies. Not to mention that, of course, everything here was naturally occurring. These trees hadn't been moved here from somewhere else, weren't maintained by precise water distribution systems, but were instead dependent on the harsh whims of, from what Jason knew, a very chaotic system of weather patterns. On the whole he was feeling a bit overexposed and not terribly pleased with the sum package. It was a bit of a let down.

    Then there was a loud commotion accompanied by a slight rumbling sensation. Jason knew of only one thing that could make that kind of noise, a mobile suit. The question was, was it Zeon, or...? He was in a Zeon pilot outfit standing next to a Zaku, there was no way even Feddy morons could mistake him for a civilian. If the suit was Federation - and Jason couldn't find it through all the damn trees - there was a high probability that he'd be taken as a PoW and, knowing the Feddies like he thought he did, executed.

    Still, it was worth trying to get a look. Moving over to the rather frayed remains of his Zaku's left arm, he grabbed a good hand hold and began climbing up the side of the downed mobile suit, hoping to get a glimpse at the other MS from atop it. Upon reaching the top shoulder, he was able to make out, in the distance, the distinct head shape of an MS-07 Gouf general build. Was it worth sending up a flare? Wasn't this ultimately a stealth mission? And if there were Feddies nearby, they might reply to the flare as well.

    Didn't most MSes come with heat sensing equipment? He remembered reading something to that effect in the training manuals not long ago, perhaps he would be best suited in waiting.

    With a sigh, he parked himself upon his haunches and occupied himself with fantasies of destroying Federation suits in spectacularly gruesome fashions, hoping to be rescued.

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  9. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Kotoha Morita
    Zaku Cockpit

    She was beginning to perspire profusely, as the air continued to change more and more into carbon dioxide as she used the remaining oxygen.

    Kotoha thought she heard something outside, and a muffled voice could be heard when she pressed her ear against the hatch, although she could not make out the words. They were very close to Federation activity, and Kotoha wondered if she may have been caught by the enemy.

    The cockpit rocked, and she tumbled around as her Zaku was rolled over. The hatch should be free to open now, but she was unsure if she should risk going outside. The depleting oxygen made the choice for her, and she pressed hard against the hatch, which grudgingly gave way behind her underwhelming strength.

    Fresh air and sunlight flooded the cockpit, and Kotoha breathed a sigh of relief. She stuck her head out, a bit warily, and relaxed completely when she saw the Gouf standing silently over her.

    She smiled quite big, and waved up at the cockpit.

  10. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Lieutenant Z'dain
    MS-07B-3 This is no Zaku

    Several seconds passed in silence as Alasdair watched the hatch of the fallen Zaku. It didn't move, which slowly started to make Alasdair's heart go cold. Sure, he didn't personally know Kotoha personally, he'd never in fact ever actually seen her, but you never wanted to see a comrade die. But much to Alasdair's relief the hatch shifted and slowly lifted out of place.

    The Gouf's heat sensors flared as hot air rushed out and cooler air rushed in to the cockpit, it must have been very unpleasant inside that, that tomb. Slowly Kotoha stuck her head out of the cockpit, probably a good thing to do if she couldn't hear his words earlier, he could just have easily been a Federation patrol. But, as the zoomed camera showed, she seemed quite happy and relaxed to see the Gouf.

    A simple flip of a switch and the cockpit hatch of the Black mobile suit folded out and up and the boarding line descended down towards the ground. Z'dain crawled forward and stuck his head out of the cockpit and waved. ?Ensign Kotoha I presume? I'm afraid I can't offer you much in the way of accommodations but Hotel de Gouf does offer free Air Conditioning and a Canteen of water. You interested??

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  11. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002

    The first few hours after the disastrous events of the 'lading' were spent towards recovery of supplies and personnel. The loss of life had been tremendous. One full Zanzibar cruiser, all but one of the Corsica's mobile suit team, as well as the Federation's cruiser were all destroyed. Absolute loss of life. The Corsica hadn't fared any better, accepting the other Mobile Suit team and then crashing a few hundred miles away from their initial landing zone. The ship was now useless. Whatever happens now, the group of survivors are stuck until help arrives.

    Z'dain upon awakening, had quickly took charge of the situation by moving to his Gouf and starting to search with his sensors. It wasn't long before he found Kotoha's Zaku laying face down in some mud. It was heavily damaged from the fall and battle. The life support system was off and she was running out of oxygen. Kotoha was saved just in time with the help from her new teammate.

    Jason and Cloud had both groggily made their way out of their damaged suits. One thing was for certain, it was imperative that mechanics had survived the crash. They had to find some way to fix these machines, get them mobile. They didn't know how long it would be before the Federation found them. And that was something they didn't want to find out.

    Jessica's Zaku had actually caught its arm on the mobile suit harness for use during atmospheric storage. She was still inside her suit, the right arm twisted and crushed. She had the wind knocked out of her, but aside from that she was fine. Her suit had also made the trip in otherwise fine condition. Together, working with the others, she and Z'dain did the heavy lifting while Jason, Kotoha, and Cloud worked shifted smaller debris. In this way, by dusk, they had recovered a lot of supplied and helped establish a temporary medical triage in back half of the intact ship.

    Later that evening, when all five were outside of their suits, allowing the surviving medics to work with them. Luckily the main mobile suit attachment equipment still worked, that the pilots were startled by the sound of a jeep heading their way. The approaching vehicle cut its headlights as it pulled in near the makeshift shelter. The Zeon insignia could clearly be seen on the side, as well as the fact that it had a few heavy dents. As it slid to a stop, a man in a forest green officer's uniform with an ornate golden design stepped out. His neck was covered in dried blood and a white bandage covered the left side of his face and head. Otherwise, his height and stature provided an intimidating visage. His black mustache accentuated the other sharp features of his face. With a simple, dominating boom, he spoke. "Good to see at least some of my mobile suit team survived."

    Z'dain would recognize this man. It was Commander Tau. The leader of this mission. The man who supposedly held all the secrets. After the pilots had lined up to salute, Tau brought them over to a console in order to explain what he could.

    Poiting to a map of the continent, he began, "This is where we are. Just inside the region of Gabon. We wanted to be here, just outside the region of the Congo. Luckily, the front and mid sections of the Corsica aren't too far apart from each other. A lot the heavy casualties are from this area and the rear section. But we can get our supplies and we brought plenty of spare parts. The other good news is that we're firmly in Zeon held territory. The Feddies aren't going to bother us out here. We can turn the two operational husks into something of a working home base.

    Now for why you're here. We have reason to believe that the Federation is moving forward with experimental craft research here in the Congo region of Africa. We don't exactly know where this secret facility is, that's what we're here to find out. Our mission is to locate the facility, discern its research and hostility, and if it is deemed important, destroy it. If you need any questions answered, you can come see me whenever
  12. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    After getting Kotoha and her downed Zaku back to the Corsica Alasdair had spent the day using his incredibly expensive and heavily armed Gouf as a giant forklift. This came across as very humorous to Alasdair. So humorous he had a small laugh about it with his new team mates after the day was done. This was rare, but also a good thing. So many lives had been lost today that the ability to laugh, a good honest laugh, meant that they still had some hope. Hope was the best they could ask for.

    The arrival of commander Tau however snapped Alasdair back to the sad reality of it all. "Good to see at least some of my mobile suit team survived." That stung. He knew it wasn't the commanders reasoning for saying it. But still it hurt. Alasdair had lost teammates today. Not just teammates, but friends. People he'd been fighting and living with for months. Men and women he'd grown to know by names, not rank. He'd lost family today. There was no pain greater then loosing family.

    Pushing that pain aside, Alasdair saluted, and listened to what the commander said. Top Secret, he knew the mission was such. He'd been sent on top secret missions before. He'd used his old MS-06P Zaku Sniper to great effect spying on the enemy, taking out enemy commanders, many things. But a Top Secret Federation Facility with some sort of experimental weapon. That was new. It was big. It was potentially war winning. Inwardly Alasdair smiled as Commander Tau left, this mission was his way of paying respect to those who died today. As he relaxed, he turned to the others. "

    What do you guys think of a patrol? I know where in Zeon territory but I've seen Federation GM's grow very bold and venture well into our territory before. I'll go out for a couple of hours in my Gouf and keep a look out while you guys get some rest. Other then that, any idea what order we should go in? We'll probably have to use only one or two mobile suits while the others are out of commission."

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  13. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    Zeon Camp 2
    0500 2nd Day

    The following day had been spent helping repairs to the mobile suits, hoping to get everything running for their first mission, which was scheduled for the early morning the next day. Three Zaku had been repaired enough to field, while the Gouf had been undamaged and they put together the Zaku tank. This first mission would be a scouting run into enemy held territory. Its purpose would be to test the waters, because a mobile command unit was going to accompany the mobile suit team on the larger mission to find the Federation facility.

    The last part of the day had been a memorial service for those who had perished during the entering of Earth's atmosphere. Many thought spacenoids being buried on Earth was the ultimate insult, while most others were just saddened to lose friends and comrades. But there was a wide range of mixed emotions.

    Following a short sleep, Z'dain gathered the group of mobile suit pilots together as he entered his Gouf. Kotoha, Jason, and Cloud all were assigned to the Zakus, while Jessica was given the Zaku tank. This was solely to be a fact finding mission, but they were given free reign to engage any enemies they encountered. There was supposedly a village not too far from the border with enemy territory, perhaps that would be worth looking into as well.

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    OOC: Sorry it is so short, everyone, but we need to get moving back into the story. Sorry for the long wait as well.
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