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Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by CaptKieranFlar, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Hey all,

    Good to see the Tucson Fan Force is growing strong! I remember the days when it was 2-3 of us trying to make enough posts in a month to keep them from deleting the forums!

    Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know about a bunch of cool space events coming up in the next month:

    - Saturday March 22nd. Film Producer Jeff Roth has created a film entitled "The Wonder of it All" about the Moon landings. It is a real down to Earth series of interviews with 7 of the Moonwalkers, where they talk about the profound effect that being part of Apollo program had on their lives. Many of the home videos and family photos have never been seen publicly before.

    We will be previewing the movie on Saturday March 22nd at the museum at 1pm. The movie showing is free with paid admission to the museum. Special guest at the premiere will be Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 astronaut Gen. Jim McDivitt. A meet and greet will occur at 12noon as well as a brief presentation by Gen. McDivitt prior to the movie screening.

    - Thursday March 27th - March 29th Space Access Conference, Phoenix AZ.

    There is a large commercial space access conference being held in Phoenix AZ from March 27th to March 29th. Student Admission: $30, Professional Admission: $120


    - April 12th Pima Air and Space Museum will be hosting a Yuri's Night celebration to commemorate the aniversary of manned spaceflight. Activities will start at the museum around 5:30 PM. There will be movies, astronaut talks, cake, and educational activities.
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    Oh and a reminder, as usual Steward Observatory is open to the public on Monday nights (except for March 17th when we will be closed for Spring Break).

    Every other Monday night there is a space talk for the general public in the main lecture hall of Steward Observatory, then the telescope is open until 10:30PM.

    Upcoming talks:
    March 24th: "Aliens Among Us: Are they already out there?"
    April 7th: "The Earliest Phases of Star Formation"
    April 21st: "Beyond UFOs"

    The talks are given by astrophysicists from across the country, and are geared towards the general public. So you dont need an advance physics degree to understand whats going on.

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    Wow! One it's great to see you posting. :D Two it sucks not to be in Tucson with all this great stuff coming up. I'd love to talk to someone who has traveled to the moon. What an awesome experience!
  4. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Update on Yuri's Night:

    Celebrate nearly half a century of manned space exploration with hands-on activities, guest speakers, displays from aerospace companies and space organizations from across Arizona. Telescopes will be available for night sky viewing.

    Family fun night, admission by donation. Food will be available for purchase.

    Guest speakers:
    Ewen Whitaker (Apollo program expert)
    Brian Ewenson (Shuttle expert)

    Organizations and activities:
    Titan Museum, Titan history and rockets
    Challenger Learning Center Missions and activities
    UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory information and activities
    NOAO Family ASTRO
    Flandrau: The UA Science Center
    International Dark Sky Association
    Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
    The Physics Factory
    Stellar Vision
    UofA Google Lunar X PRIZE team (Tranquility Trek)
    AIAA Kids Club
    National Space Society
    Wildcat School space robotics

    Celebration website:
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    Yuri's sounds really fun, If I can fit it in I am going to.. schedule is pretty packed with moving to a new place this month, but gotta make room somewhere for something special.

    Nice to see you posting CKF, how are you doing these days?
  6. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Yuri's night was great. Did anyone make it out? I was running round crazy so didnt really have much time to take stock of who was there.

    Next years event might be more partyesk, this year turned out more educational.

    As for me, I'm alright, though busy.

    In addition to SEDS and school, I'm renovating a telescope up on Tumumoc hill.

    Hows everything with the TFF?
  7. cathiecat Jedi Master

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    Yuri's night snuck up on me, I thought it was next weekend right after the move.. not the weekend just before the move.. hence I missed it. Keep posting upcoming events, now that the move will be finished in a few days there will be more free time for events.

    TFF is going well, we have RPG, Mini's, book club, a library, and we are hoping to have another food drive soon to benefit the Tucson Community Foodbank, then there is the March of Dimes walkathon coming up on April 26th as well... there there is the usual just hanging out and talking. Should be going to see Ironman as a group most likely... I am probably forgetting things that someone will point out to me surely.
  8. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Yeah once this week is over I'll get around to compiling a list of more upcoming events.

    Going crazy over here.
  9. cathiecat Jedi Master

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    I'm glad the going crazy continuim is contagious :)
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