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    "Jemmy." Obi-Wan smiled. "Feeling any better now?"

    Jemmiah ignored the question and asked one of her own, hoping to deflect the attention away from her.

    "How's Rela and Spider?" she mumbled.

    "Spider's a little numb still from the stun. Rela's a bit croaky." Obi-Wan sat down on the chair beside her. "And she's not happy about it. You know her. She likes to talk. So An-Paj has come up with a compromise."

    "Which is?" Jemmiah said through her painkiller-induced haze.

    "They gave her a writing board and a stylus. I think that might have been a mistake. Ferdi asked her if she needed anything and she wrote back 'get me out of this antiseptic hellhole'.

    Jemmiah managed a tired snicker and Obi-Wan stared intently at her.

    "You never answered me." He said softly. "How are YOU?"

    "I'm still here." She closed her eyes. "It seems I owe that to you and Rela."

    "Actually, I think if you owe anyone anything it's our friendly neighborhood ferret." Obi-Wan reached out to touch her face. "You're cold."

    "It's always cold in here." Jemmy sighed. "I have ice forming in my navel as I speak."

    "I could always try and melt it for you." Obi-Wan grinned. "But I think An-Paj might think better of me if I just got you another blanket."

    Jemmiah tried to move a fraction and a small amount of pain managed to spiral up her arm.

    "Sith, that hurtsssss." She moaned.

    "They had to put in Osteografts as well as the knitters." Obi-Wan explained. "Seems you chipped the ends where the breaks were. That's why it hurts so much."

    Jemmiah's lids felt really heavy but she struggled against the sleep inducing drugs, feeling the need to talk.

    "How did you know to go to Rela's?" Jemmy asked.

    "Because?" Obi-Wan debated telling her a falsehood but knew that she wouldn't appreciate it. "Rela asked me. I think it was her last gasp attempt at getting us back together."

    "You really want that to happen, don't you?" Jemmy asked. "I don't understand why."

    "You don't understand?Jemmiah, I love you!" he said, exasperated.

    "That's what I don't understand."

    Jemmiah force herself to widen her eyes. It was difficult but it needed to be sorted out now, one way or another.

    "You still want me. I've told you that I'm not comfortable with the notion of marriage. I've told you that I don't want more children and yet you still say you love me."

    "I do!"

    "But in accepting a life with me you will be sacrificing all you've ever wanted. A home, a family?"

    "But I want you." Was all Obi-Wan repeated. "If that's what it takes, then yes. I'll give all that up."

    She watched his face for any betraying flicker of emotion and found none.

    "You say that now." Jemmiah replied. "What if a couple of years down the line you change your mind?"

    Obi-Wan took her hand, trying to find the right words to make her understand.

    "It works both ways." He said. "You say you don't want marriage or children. What if in a couple of years you change your mind? You can't say that you might not have a change of heart. Situations change. People change with the passage of time. When you were carrying Emma, there was a time when I KNEW you were happy. I could feel it. Can you honestly tell me that you never want to experience that feeling once more?"

    "I can't go through all that again." Jemmy shook her head, knowing that Obi-Wan didn't comprehend the true meaning of her words.

    "You won't have to. What happened with Emma will not happen again. If marriage happens," he spoke in a steady voice, "then it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. The same with children. What I'm trying to say is that I don't care. I just want to be with you."

    He saw the doubt spread across her face, reading her thoughts.

    "No, you are NOT a jinx. Fortune has been very cruel to you, that's all. None of it is your fault."

    "Then it occurs to me I should give fortune a good kick in the head." Jemmiah managed to growl. "I don't want you to get hurt. I don't want Master Jinn to get hurt either. If you did I don't know what I'd do?"

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    Oh boy! Qui's in an uproar! Great post!

    Uh oh... the diary... Not good, not good.

  3. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    ::Smacks head.:: DON"T DO THIS TO ME! Obi/jemmy were so heartbreakingly sweet!
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    Post co-written with Mouse :)


    Obi-Wan smiled at Jemmy.

    "I didn't think we'd ever be doing this again." He looked into her eyes.

    "Neither did I." She admitted. "Not after all the grief we've gone through."

    "We both went through it." Obi-Wan stroked her cheek. "Not together, but we still suffered the same. Any problems we still have we will go through together. I can't see how we can fail to be stronger for what has happened in the last few months."

    "I think you're right." Jemmy answered, weighing up his words.

    "Then we are back together?" he asked, seeking confirmation of what he thought she was saying. Praying he hadn't got it wrong.

    Jemmiah nodded and then yawned hugely.

    "You're tired." He said. "I'll let you sleep."

    "Fat chance of that on this bed." She muttered restlessly until Obi-Wan stifled her complaints with another kiss.


    "It'll give me something to look forward to when I get out of here." Her eyes started to close.

    "Then if you'll allow me." The padawan held out his hand and opened the fingers from round the shiny locket within his palm. "I gave you this locket once before. This time I'm hoping it's for good."

    He slipped it over her head and let it fall gently against her neck.

    "Now I know you love me." She said in a distant voice.


    "Anyone who can love me whilst I'm wearing one of Ferdi's unattractive night dresses has got to be besotted." She chuckled.

    "Shhh. Sleep." He said. "I'll be back in a few hours to check on you."


    "You've kept this? Jinn eyed Leaford predatorily as he retrieved Jemmiah's diary.

    "It makes very good reading." Linus squirmed away some more. "There are whole bits on Levinstowe in there that I think you would find interesting. Like the time he threw her brother off Kilmartra's cliff on Nargotria."

    Qui-Gon bristled like a cat as he held the diary in his hand. This man had read Jemmiah's diary without her permission. He'd seen her past and was now in possession of some facts that he knew Jemmiah would not want anyone to know about, not even him.

    "I thought Merdan?" he began.

    "Not Merdan. Levinstowe." Leaford shook his head.

    An idea suddenly occurred to the man. A way to secure his freedom. He didn't care what they did to Levinstowe but he had to look out for himself now.

    "I can think of plenty of people who would just love to read about out favorite swoop star's seedy past. Coruscant would just love that, wouldn't they? You put me in jail and I will see to it that EVERYTHING comes out?everything that was in that precious diary of hers and let me tell you there was some very interesting things in there. About Levinstowe, about the Jedi?and would you believe the Chancellor makes a belated guest appearance as well?" he laughed, knowing he had his enemies within his hands. "Not to mention the stuff that I could add. I almost think it would ruin her."

    "That's your bargain, is it?" Qui-Gon said coldly.

    "You let me go and get me a ship to get away in." he smiled. "Then I'll forget what I read."

    "He doesn't mean it." Dex glanced at Qui-Gon.

    "I know." Qui-Gon answered.

    He gave Leaford the most terrifyingly blank look the man had ever seen.

    "That's why I have two choices. I can either take his life, which would be extremely fitting but highly immoral," Jinn stated without emotion, "or I can do this."

    The Jedi raised his hand and Leaford felt his head grow suddenly very strange, almost dizzy.

    "You will forget everything you have read in Jemmiah's diary. Everything."

    Leaford fell back, stunned. Outside the building Qui-Gon could hear voices trying to make their way in.

    "That is I believe, your escort to your new life." Qui-Gon turned away and left the groggy Linus where he fell on the floor. "If I had my way I would have snapped your neck."


    Half asleep, Rela lounged in the most uncomfortable bed she had ever been forced to sleep in. No wonder Jemmiah did her best to escape the healers. An-Pa
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    Yep yep and Dex you better believe he would have too!! ;) Nobody interfers with those that Qui loves! Friends or loved ones!!

    Great post!!
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    Seems that Obi and Jemmy have found a way back to each other. I can't believe that Linus was able to find anything amusing with his life in Qui's hands... he was so tempting fate. The fact the slimo had Jem's diary and read it brings tears. Dex should know Qui enough to realize he certainly did come close to snapping that nasty little rat's neck.

    LOL at Gethin's rezction to Tube Rat!! [face_laugh] [face_laugh]
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    Post co-written with Mouse :)


    With a quick look at the boards, Leona started on her rounds. She did her best to busy herself and went to check on the newly arrived patients. Leona hated to think what had brought them there, although they all did seem to be in better spirits. Well as good as they could be for being stuck in the healers. She soon heard voices and the closer she got to the Kenobi Ward the louder they became.

    ?Someone please talk to me!? she heard Spider wail. ?I?m tired of watching you two make goo-goo eyes at each other!

    ?Then talk to Rela.? Jemmiah answered.

    ?She can?t talk back! Plus someone took that writing utensil away from her because of those words she kept writing.?

    ?You know, I?ve always heard them, but I never knew that was the way they were spelled.?

    Leona knew right away that something was not right as soon as she walked in. Privacy screens surrounded one bed, Spider was pouting in another, and the third was empty. Leona dreaded the thought of who was missing, then again it didn?t take much to figure out who it was. Who knew what was going on behind that screen and didn?t even want to take a look. She would leave that to An-Paj, he lived for that stuff.

    ?Where did she go?? Leona asked wearily.

    ?She?s still here somewhere Leona.? Jemmiah?s voice answered. ?You just have to know where to look.?

    ?Great.? Leona muttered. ?Thank you Jemmiah, and Padawan Kenobi, if you?re in there I would suggest that you two break things off before An-Paj catches you.?

    ?Yes ma?am.? Two voices answered back.

    With a shake of her head and a slight chuckle, Leona left in search of the missing patient thinking to herself. //Some things never change//.

    As she started on her search, Leona noticed that the supply carts seemed low.

    ?Might as well kill two birds with one stone.? She told herself as she walked to the supply room.

    ?That?s odd.? She wondered out loud. ?The door shouldn?t be open. An-Paj would have a fit if he saw this.?

    Leona quickly took a look inside the room and was shocked by what she saw. There stood a very familiar padawan in a very intimate embrace, but with who she couldn?t quite tell.

    ?Simeon Cates! What do you think you are doing!? she yelled startling the couple. As soon as Leona caught sight of the red curls wrapped around the padawan?s fingers, she knew immediately that she had found her missing patient.

    ?Talking.? Simeon answered quickly. Rela had stayed quiet and had put her head on his chest as he turned to address Leona.

    ?Simeon, from what I saw that was about as far from talking as you can get. And you know that Rela has been ordered not to talk. What would have happened if I had found you two a few minutes later??

    Leona was answered by a heartfelt sigh from Simeon and a wicked giggle from Rela.

    ?That?s it!? Leona told them in a frustrated voice. ?Simeon take Rela back to bed this instant.?

    A huge grin found its way onto Simeon?s face. ?Yes ma?am!? he answered enthusiastically as he scooped Rela up in his arms and made his way out of the supply room. ?I?m always one to follow orders!?

    It suddenly dawned on Leona what she had said.

    ?No Simeon, I meant? Oh! Nevermind! I give up! Let An-Paj deal with his own padawan?s love life.?


    Obi-Wan sat bolt upright, eyes rounding as if an invisible hand had pinched his rear unexpectedly.

    "Ben?" Jemmy asked in a tired voice. "What's wrong? Not An-Paj, is it?"

    "Worse, it's my master." Obi-Wan mumbled. "He's got back from wherever he was. I think maybe we should pull this back."

    "Ben, I'm too tired for that sort of thing." Jemmy yawned.

    "No, I meant the curtains?oh, never mind." Obi-Wan flicked his hand at the privacy screen and suddenly they slid back upon the rail. "Try and look exhausted."

    "We've not done anything." She replied, deadpan.

    Obi-Wan rolled his eyes but grinned all the same. This was how it should be. Not the infirmary, he hated this place and the only thing worse than being a patient here w
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    ::Shudders.:: Levinstowe is creepy, Merdan is Satan, Obi is cute, Leona is clueless, Simeon is enthusiastic...Post is great.
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    I love Frizzy. He's so great. :D

    Woo! I want Qui for my daddy... the way he's more overprotective of Jemmy than Obi is kinda cute. ;)

    *Groans* Levinstowe, now? Sheesh, don't you people ever give Jemmy a break?? :p ;)

    Excellent job, you two! :D
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    Great post!! Loved the little mystery there about Mr. Livi ;) hehehe

    So Qui is gonna promise to not go on any further missions? As if that'll happen! *snrk*

    Great post! :D Yippee! Obi and Jemmy are back together officially! :D
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    I so remember the revelation of who Rela was seeing and how I giggled with glee at it... kinda like what I'm doing right now. :D :D And Jemmiah showing the hold she has on Qui-Gon.. too funny! Sad how Jem has somwone else to worry about... but she will be back at the temple and Obi Gets to have an occasional sleepover ;)

    Hmmmm, well this certainly reminds me that a certain author had expressed interest at doing the hunting of Levinstowe using her own wonderfu OC and I'd really like to see that eventually.. along with the finishing of her tremendous crossover thread. I suppose I shouldn't reveal her name as others might begin to bug her in regards to having her Spike look-alike Jedi out searching for Levinstowe, but until then I suppose the idea will remain.... Barin... :D :D
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    Final post co-written with Mouse :) Enjoy!


    "Awww, give it a rest!" Rela groaned. "I'm trying to hold some kind of intellectual conversation and all you two want to do is polish each other's teeth!"

    "Hmmm." Obi-Wan broke off his kiss with Jemmy and gave a caustic glare at Rela. "Please, Rel. We're kind of busy right now."

    Rela was astounded.

    "Hey, need I remind you that if it wasn't for me, you two would still be trying to cut each other's throats! I was the matchmaker in this thing, if you recall!" she huffed.

    "And we're very grateful." Jemmy replied. "Really."

    "You maybe," Rela still looked peeved, "Not him. When has he ever been pleased with ANYTHING I've done to help you guys?"

    Obi-Wan shook his head, a wistful expression playing about his lips. He seemed almost older, somehow.

    "Rela, I will ALWAYS be grateful for what you have done. Not just for this. For lots of things. Mostly for being our friend. I hope you will always be there to knock some sense into our heads whenever we need it."

    "You can thank me by making certain you don't need your heads knocked together." Rela smiled, almost embarrassed now. "Anyhow, I told you. I'm usually right."

    "How glad we are that you were." Obi-Wan winked at her. "Now, I don't wish to be rude but Jemmy and I have some serious catching up to do, so if you'll excuse u-"

    Jemmiah had grabbed his face before the last word was out his mouth, cutting them dead with her kiss. Rela could only look on and sigh. Brak's parties were famous for the fun and noisy atmosphere all right, but right now she felt rather discarded.

    And where was her own white would-be knight?


    "What is this?" Qui-Gon picked up the charred remains of something on the end of his fork and twirled it round in distaste. "Do I even want to find out?"

    Leona nudged him sharply in rebuke, warning him to hold his tongue.

    "Shush, show some gratitude." She said in a low voice.

    "I'm supposed to be grateful for this?" Jinn examined the almost unidentifiable cinders that vaguely masqueraded as a Nerf sausage. "If I wanted to eat food like this I would have gone to the refectory. Or got my padawan to cook it for me."

    "I meant you should be grateful that you were invited to this party." Leona said with gleaming eyes.

    Or maybe they were watering from all the smoke, Qui-Gon couldn't tell.

    "I don't pretend to know anything about this Brak character that Rela's mentioned from time to time," Qui-Gon waved the fork about for emphasis, "but I really came to see if that neighbor of hers is as ghastly as she makes out."

    "And is she?" Leona pulled a face as she chewed on a rubbery piece of Sand Dune pizza.

    "She's worse." Qui-Gon nodded. "In the nicest possible way."

    Leona slipped her arm discretely through his, causing him to smile slightly. It seemed that romance was in the air?mixed with the aroma of incinerated sausages.

    "That's not why you came." Leona shook her head. "You wanted to do it for Obi-Wan and Jemmiah."

    "Maybe." Qui-Gon admitted. "I think they deserve some happiness. I also think this pizza is incredibly tough." He shoved his plate away from him with the force and slid it down towards his padawan.

    Tough or otherwise it would hardly stop him from making short work of it.

    "You obviously haven't got your correct denture's in!" A cheeky Corellian voice declared from just behind his left shoulder. "Hello, Master Jinn. Enjoying yourself?"

    "So you've finally managed to leave my padawan alone, have you?" Qui-Gon nodded emphatically. "I didn't realize that you had to have a resident archaeologist to scrape away the layers of soot and carbon from the food, but other than that?"

    "You haven't lived if you've not experienced one of Brak's parties!" Jemmiah grinned. "That's what Rela says anyhow."

    "I'm not likely to live much longer if I remain here either." Qui-Gon pulled a teasing face.

    "Oh, no." Jemmy shook her head. "Dying's the easy way out, besides which you made me a promise."
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    Heehee, i loved about things like Mrs. K and Sexy Dexy, qui-gon and the sausage, tuffy and qui-gon's trousers. ::Snickersnicker.:: Brilliant, girls.
  15. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    OMG!!! I LMAO so hard that I nearly fell out of my chair!!! First the thing with the sausages, then Dex and Ms. K, then the ferret!! Which I can relate too cuz I got 2 of them! Holy cow did I laugh so hard!!! Poor Qui!!!

    Great job!! How I loved this!!
  16. Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus

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    LMAO!!!! Awww... it really is a shame that no one can withstand Sexy Dexy. ;)

    And LOL!! I love Tube Rat... I want to go to Vegas and get a ferret now. :p

    But... it's over? :(

    Bummer. At any rate, thanks for the great story, ladies!! :D
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    Final post... knew that was coming, I've even already this story a couple times and it still makes me sad.

    Leona slipped her arm discretely through his, causing him to smile slightly. It seemed that romance was in the air?mixed with the aroma of incinerated sausages. - Awwwww.... [face_love] The whole sausage thing was hilarious!!! Hmmmm, Dex and Mrs. K... no, somehow she'd probably want to deprive the rest of the galaxy of his charms and that just wouldn't be right. :D

    What a wonderful story, bravo ladies!!!!
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    I loved rereading this story as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thanks Jem for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful story, I had so much fun on it. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again sometime soon! :)
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    Okay, I was AWOL through this story, but I was reading it, honest! Well done again Sis and Mindy for a well written and entertaining peice of writing. :D
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    Just to warn you, keep an eye out for an entertainment on Before the Saga Awards. It's called "The Very Model of a Psycho Character Montage" and is a tribute to all characters. There's an entire verse dedicated to these characters.
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    Yippee! Can't wait for that!
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