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    Oh, Rela! Listen to that inner voice of yours!

    Tuffy - LOL! In just a few short squeaks I've become rather fond of that rodent myself.

    Now, if you folks are going to start a fan club, it's going to need a name. How about "The Society for the Advancement of Tube Rat?"


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    Oh, okay sis, I'll fit Tube-Rat into it somehow (if it's okay with Mouse!).

    What Jem's going on about is I've started up the Official Jemmiah Fan Club on my web site. It's starting with her, but will hopefully evolve to cover the whole lot of characters and authors that dwell in Jemmiah's viewpoint of the SW Universe.

    I'm still very slowly getting things set up, so if anyone's interested, I'll let you know when it's looking a bit better. In the meantime, if anyone has an idea for what Tube-Rat could do/host on a web page...
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    I'll join! :) As long as Obi kicks Kryztan's ass that is!
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    Wow. Kudos to the authors of this absolutely amazing fan fiction. Gosh. I have to admit, I'm something of a fraud. On the outside, I like to portray this image of a seriously manly man, but I can't help it...I'm such a softie. This story was almost enough to drive me to tears quite honestly. If you guys don't provide a ray of light at some point, you may just risk killing me, and probably a couple of other readers, from a broken heart! You guys are fantastic...please post some more soon.
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  6. Amidolee Jedi Master

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    More! Please? (Okay, so it's unoriginal, but heartfelt).
  8. Jemmiah Jedi Master

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    There's actually more of this post than I'm putting up just now but I wanted to clear it with Mouse before I proceded with it, so you'll just have to be patient!


    Qui-Gon shook his head sympathetically at the sight of his rather white-faced padawan sitting with his hands cradled round a cup of stim tea.

    "I didn't mean to shock you like that, Obi-Wan. It was stupid of me and I apologise."
    "Master?" Obi-Wan's voice was still rather cracked. "I thought that you were telling me?I mean, I thought that you were saying that?"
    "You thought I was trying to tell you that Jemmiah was the unfortunate girl who had been killed?" Qui-Gon smiled thinly. "Oh, padawan."
    "I'm just a bit shaken, that's all." Obi-Wan whispered. "I admit you had me worried for a moment. If it had been her I don't know what I would have done. Merdan's still out there. And you know what Jemmiah's like; she's so convinced that something dreadful is going to happen that she's very nearly got me believing it as well. I'm seeing shadows that aren't there. Even Rela says she thought she saw someone watching her on a few occasions now."

    Qui-Gon paid attention but said nothing.

    "Jemmiah wasn't at her apartment last night. That's why I thought that?" he swallowed slightly.
    "How do you know she wasn't there?" Qui-Gon asked suddenly.
    "Because I went to see?" Obi-Wan stopped, his eyes flicking towards his master.

    Obi-Wan's words sunk in suddenly and Qui-Gon sat himself opposite the padawan and leaned forwards earnestly.

    "You've been following her." He stated.
    "I wanted to make sure she was alright." Obi-Wan replied icily. "She's not safe there. You don't think it either."
    "That might be true Obi-Wan but we can't keep her locked up like a prisoner, nor can we mount an armed guard on her home just because we fear a slight possibility that something might happen. That is an invasion of privacy! Kryztan took to following Jemmiah around?do you want to be likened to him?"

    "How can you even dare compare us!" Obi-Wan shouted, before remembering whom he was addressing. He calmed down rapidly, calling on the force to help temper his words. "Master, I once faced an enemy unprepared. I failed to protect Jemmy then and I swore I wouldn't let it happen again. I felt both a fraud as a Jedi and as a man. I shan't make the same mistake twice."
    "And it was no easier for myself, believe me." Qui-Gon reassured him. "I live with my guilt too. But you can't let your past feelings color your actions in the present. How many times must I tell you that it's NOW that's important."

    He sat back, content that he'd got his meaning across.

    "Stop following Jemmiah." He said. "She'll only resent you for it."
    "I'm trying to help." Obi-Wan's blue eyes shined.
    "You're only going to dig a bigger chasm between you both. Step back, padawan. Take a look at yourself from a distance. If you see something you don't like then change it."

    Obi-Wan snorted.

    "That simple?" he mumbled.
    "No. It's never simple. But it's a start, and that is always the hardest part. Now, I'm going to give you some advice. Speak to Jemmiah. Be honest and open with her. Don't sneak around in the night like a criminal. It seems to me that you're still very much in love with her."

    He saw Obi-Wan flinch under his gaze.

    "Am I right?"
    "Am I?"
    "She really hurt me." Obi-Wan tried to recapture his earlier anger at her but he could no longer find it in his heart. Now only the confusion remained.

    To his surprise, Qui-Gon smiled.

    "Obi-Wan, it's not the successes that make a man what he is. It's all the knocks he's had to take before he achieved that success which count. So you've been rejected. What are you scared of? How can being rejected again hurt any worse? What have you got to lose? If Jemmiah is what you want," he sighed as he realised he was virtually giving the young man his blessing, "then I suggest that you do something about it. Start mending those bridges, padawan. Do it soon."

    He stood up.

    "Then maybe I might get some peace and quiet."
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    What an incredible post.

    So very heart-breaking. I'm so glad Qui-Gon has the sense to talk to Obi about mending those bridges.

    Made me wanna cry...then when Obi spoke of Emma I did just that.
  10. Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan

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    Awwwww! At last Obi has admitted he still loves her. Very good advise from Qui-Gon. And as ever, wonderfully written.

    Now Obi, TELL HER!!!!!!

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    OK, you can have the next bit too!


    Jemmiah was usually prompt when it came to arranged meetings. Being late was out of the question: that way you lost out on any free drinks that were going around. Being early was even worse: then there was a good chance you would have to pay for everyone else's drinks. As a typical Corellian both went against every principle that had ever been instilled in her. Opportunism was her favorite word and charity could go take a swim in a cesspool.

    "Rel!" Jemmy waved casually as she strode towards the bar. Rela looked up at the figure in the tight black, figure hugging trousers and low cut top. The jacket was slung over one shoulder for affect. All in all, it was extremely difficult to imagine that this was the same dust stained and bruised individual that she had seen yesterday morning.

    "Jem!" Rela called her over. "You're looking better then when I last saw you."
    "I feel better too." She replied. "Much as I can't stand Bacta it certainly does the job."

    Rela sniffed.

    "What's that smell?" she asked.
    "White Corellian Orchid." Jemmy sighed. "It was the only thing strong enough to cover the whiff of the Bacta."
    "It hasn't worked." Rela said sadly. "I hope it doesn't put him off."

    Jemmy's eyes narrowed.

    "Oh?just someone."
    "You said him!"
    "So? There are a zillion 'hims' in the galaxy."
    "It better not be an Obi-him!"
    "You are so suspicious!" Rela said disbelievingly. "I'm trying to help you!"
    "Is it?"
    "No. Are you happy now?"
    "Not really." Jemmy replied.

    Rela tossed an ice-cold bottle of Fire scorch Jemmiah's way, her eyes straying constantly to the door.

    "So? Who is it?"
    "Don't be impatient." Rela peered at the entrance.
    "But it's NOT Obi-Wan."
    "You have done nothing but talk about him since you came in. Better watch out Jem. People might think you still carried a torch for him."

    For one of the few times in her life Jemmiah turned scarlet.

    "You'll find out."
    "I want to know now!"
    "Stubborn Corellian! OK. Ill explain." Rela poured herself a glass of ice water and beckoned Jemmiah forward, leaning across the bar surface.

    "He's a journalist. Name's Linus Leaford. Works as a sports reporter for the holo grids, doing write-ups on events and such like. He's here for the big swoop race this weekend. He asked me if I knew anyone he could interview in connection with the race and I thought instantly of you."

    Jemmiah frowned.

    "What's the matter?" Rela asked. "You don't seem pleased."
    "It's not that," Jemmiah chewed her lip, "it's that doing interviews and the like?it would be almost as if I were rubbing Qui-Gon's face in it. You know how he feels about all this. I've done enough to upset him and I don't want to cause him more grief."
    "Jemmy, this is just what you need! A bit of recognition! Stop thinking about how Qui-Gon will feel and do something positive!"
    "It's your big chance! Think about it, huh? He's on his way over to speak to you."

    Jemmiah felt really uncomfortable about the whole thing.

    "I dunno, Rel."
    "Look, if you don't want to do it then fine. But at least wait 'til he gets here. Look him over and see what you think?infact, there he is now."

    Jemmiah followed Rela's glance towards the doorway, eyes sweeping the newcomer up and down. Rela looked from the handsome figure of Linus Leaford back to Jemmiah.

    Rela knew that she'd miscalculated badly for the second time in as many days. It was quite clear that Jemmy WAS looking him over.

    And just as evident was the fact that she liked what she saw?
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    You did it again didn't you Rel?

    Oh well, you're just going to have to undo it before the lynch mob shows up!
  13. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Oh no!!!

    Get that man out of there!!!! Rela, pour him a couple of drinks....over his head...pleeeaasseeee!!!!
  14. Amidolee Jedi Master

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    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You CAN'T do that to us!!! It's EVIL!!!! Jemmy! Don't look!!! Obi is SO much better!
  15. Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan

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    Ooooh, and Obi's going to be speaking to her tonight? I don't think so!

    Rela, tsk, tsk!

  16. Jedi Kylenn Jedi Padawan

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    Oh, this is getting fun!!

    *Rubs hands expectantly*
  17. imzadi Jedi Master

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    Excellent posts! The talk between Obi and Qui was great! I can't wait to find out what happens!
  18. Jemmiah Jedi Master

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    Don't tell me you guys actually want to see a happy ending? I thought you all liked angst and Obi torture? Don't you want Jemmy to like Linus?

    I could always pair her off with Brak...

    He he he he he! Hey Mouse, I think we've got them hooked!
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    I have to agree Jem.

    Plus we have all those unanswered questions to take care of. I just don't know how we're going to manage it! ;)
  21. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Yes, answers...I want answers!!!!
  22. Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan

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    Answers? You want answers? Well I'll think about it. Meanwhile here's a post!

    As Rela looked back and forth between Jemmiah and Linus a very nasty word that she couldn?t say in public came to her mind. This was a mistake.

    ?Well I must say Rela, you do have beautiful friends.? Linus cooed as he stared at Jemmiah.

    Rela just rolled her eyes in disgust and began to spin a bottle in her hand.

    ?Can I get you something to drink??
    ?Flame out Rel.? Jemmiah quickly spoke up.
    ?I?ll have the same.? Linus put in never taking his eyes off of Jemmy?s face. ?So I hear that you?re a swoop racer.?
    ?I try.?
    ?Do or do not. There is no try.? Rela snickered.
    ?Rela!? Jemmiah shouted annoyed.
    ?What?? Rela said innocently.

    Jemmiah just gave her a look that said ?stop it? and turned toward Linus.

    ?Would you like to grab a table?? she asked him sweetly.
    ?I would follow you anywhere.? Linus answered sincerely.
    ?Let?s go then. That way we can talk privately.?
    ?Jem, wait.? Rela protested.
    ?There?s one over there Linus. I?ll be there in a sec.?
    ?Don?t be too long.? He told her as he started towards the table.

    Jemmiah turned to Rela and gave her a look.

    ?Rela stay out of it. Obi-Wan and I are over.?
    ?I never mentioned his name Jemmy. I want you to be careful. Too many weird things have been happening lately.?
    ?You?re just paranoid Rel, and you?re stubborn. Like you said this is the perfect opportunity for me, and in more ways than one.?
    ?Yes, Jem I?m stubborn and paranoid. Both which have kept me alive today. I know you, and I know what your up to. It won?t work.?

    Rela was surprised when a flustered look past across Jemmiah?s face. It was gone so quickly that Rela at first wasn?t sure if she had actually seen it. When Jemmiah wordlessly turned and walked over to Linus, Rela knew then that she had hit a nerve with her friend. She watched as Linus politely stood up and brought Jemmy?s hand to his lips in greeting. At that point Rela turned away and started to get to work.

    ?Why did I have to stop drinking?? she muttered to herself. ?I never screwed up this much when I was drunk. At least if I did I couldn?t remember it.?


    As soon as Obi-Wan walked into the Dusk ?til Dawn he knew something was wrong. Rela was sitting at a table with her head down and her hair splayed all around her.

    ?Rel?? he asked in a warning tone.

    She slowly sat up and covered her face with her hands, although Obi-Wan couldn?t tell because her hair covered everything.

    ?I screwed up S-B.? She reluctantly told him.
    ?Rela.? Obi-Wan said worriedly.
    ?Bad Obi-Wan.?
    ?How bad??
    ?She met someone.?

    Rela was answered by the thunk of Obi-Wan?s head hitting the table.

    ?That?s not the worst part. I kinda introduced them.? Rela said sheepishly.
    ?Force Rela!? Obi-Wan cursed.

    Rela slowly parted her hair so she could look at him. Obi-Wan would have normally laughed if he hadn?t been so angry.

    ?How could you do that?? he yelled.
    ?It wasn?t on purpose!? she yelled back. ?He?s a journalist. Writes about swoops. How was I supposed to know that they would hit it off like that??
    ?Some friend you turned out to be.? Obi-Wan muttered.
    ?I?m sorry Kenobi, but then again I didn?t degrade her!?
    ?Thanks for bringing that back up!? he spat out.

    Rela flung her hair back out of her face and gave Obi-Wan a look.

    ?Okay, for the sake of argument let?s just agree that we?re both screw ups.? Rela told him.
    ?Agreed.? Obi-Wan readily complied.
    ?This is nothing that can?t be fixed. Right?? Rela said hopefully.

    Obi-Wan just stared evenly at her.

    ?I?ll take that as a yes. On the plus side she did talk about you.?
    ?Why didn?t you start the conversation on with that tidbit??
    ?I?m sorry. The topic of how to get two stubborn people back together and not put your foot in your mouth is not my strong suit. I tend to screw things up at first.?
    ?That?s putting things mildly.?
    ?Oh, shut-up Kenobi! We can fix this. This guy has total rebound written all over him. Plus some of th
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    Well, that was amazing, as is the trend with you two authors. You guys are amazing. But! Oh yes, there is a but! ;-) If Jemmiah and Obi-Wan do not get back together.....grrrrrrr. It wouldn't even be right if Obi-Wan found someone else. They've been together through so many different just feels weird. I feel I've gotten to know Jemmiah and Obi-Wan in these threads, better than I know any of the characters in the published Star Wars books. You guys rock. Don't break poor Obi-Wan's heart! I just went through a situation similar to that, and I know how it feels!
  25. Jemmiah Jedi Master

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    Aaaaaargh!'re too late! Linus has got there before you! Now what are you going to do about it? And why am I asking you when I know the answers???

    I loved the character interaction in that post Mouse. The way that Rela is championing Obi's cause is very sweet.

    And just what does Jemmy think she's up to? Tssk-tssk!
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