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    Whilst we're in the mood for reposts and again, seeing as the original was locked (and with the need to alter a few bits and pieces) Mouse and I have decided to repost STWOM as well as LTP. People who like Obi-Wan should enjoy this. Those who have a fondness for romance should like it too, and those who love angst and a little bit of humor will hopefully find this satisfying!

    Qui fans needn't stay away as he has a fairly substantial role too, and those who are fond of Dex Berlingside might be pleased to note that the galaxy's most gorgeous master (his words!) makes an appearance as well. :)

    Mouse and I had great fun writing STWOM originally. We're hoping that there might be some new readers like there was for LTP *finger's crossed*.

    Re-posting will commence shortly :)
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    I love re-posts!

    It's so much like revisiting old friends! :)
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    Okay, here goes! :)


    Someone to Watch over Me

    By Jemmiah & Mouse

    It's raining.

    It's been raining for the past seven hours but that doesn't matter. Not to me. She doesn't know that I'm here, watching her. Never sees me staring as she leaves her apartment. Never notices me standing in the shadows when she returns. That's how I want it to be.

    For the moment.

    When I'm ready I'll make my move. I've been stood here watching for two months now just waiting for the right moment?time becomes irrelevant after a while. Persistence is what counts. And I can be very persistent when I put my mind to it.

    Love can drive a person to do very irrational things. It can drive a man to the edge, sometimes further than that. Powerful emotions are frightening. Exhilarating. So much good and evil has been committed in the name of love.

    This isn't love. It's something more than that.

    There have been others in my life who have been important to me?but not like this. This is pain, actual and physical hurt eating away at me like a cancer. I have to get this sorted out. And I will.

    So she can continue in her blissful ignorance for the time being, unaware of her hidden watcher. She can close the blinds and shut out the world and myself if she wishes. I can close my eyes and still see her.

    That's not all I can see.

    From the murky street corners I am aware of the presence of another. Someone else watching, a fleeting figure in the darkness. He's been my shadow for the last eight weeks.

    I know he's there.

    They say it will rain for the next week on and off. Even the sky is weeping.

    But is it crying for me or for her?


    Qui-Gon fixed his padawan with the kind of look you might expect an adult to give to a recalcitrant toddler, one who was indulging in throwing his toys across the other side of the room in a tantrum. He was worried about Obi-Wan. Had been ever since his close call at the hands of Rufus Merdan. Somehow his padawan's concentration had slumped to an all time low, his mind always away on some hidden trail of thought, eyes with a vacant look to them. It was almost like the time when his padawan had started moping around after Jemmiah?

    She was worrying Qui-Gon, too. Her reaction to the Merdan affair had been extreme. She had quietly and without any fuss upped and moved out of the temple and into her own place, leaving Qui-Gon to wonder if she and his padawan had been fighting again. Somehow he'd expected the drama of the last few months to bring them closer together but instead they seemed to be drifting even further apart. Part of him wanted to admit that it was probably for the best?and the other part didn't want to admit how used to their being together he had become. Well, he had become reconciled to it at least.

    And it hurt him to see them both miserable.

    He knew he'd get no real answer from Obi-Wan if he tried to pry. The young man would explain what was troubling him in his own time, if he felt he was able. Qui-Gon was still curious to know what had caused this latest rift and so he had visited Jemmiah instead, on pretence of making sure she was settled into her new home.

    Her own attitude bothered him almost as much as Obi-Wan's had. She'd shrugged a lot, made small and polite conversation and not once had she enquired after his padawan.

    "Have you had a fight?" he had asked bluntly.

    She had just smiled sadly and shook her head.

    "Then what?" Qui-Gon persisted.
    "Let's just say that we had a?difference of opinion." Jemmiah replied.

    Then she'd all but evicted him from her apartment on the pretext that she had to go to the swoop track.

    That was bothering him too. He'd never liked her association with swoop racing, but just like her on-off relationship with Obi-Wan he had been forced to accept it. There still wasn't a day that went by when he didn't curse Captain Demodae for getting her so involved in such a dangerous sport, even though Jemmiah mostly flew speed trials against the clock as opposed to actu
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    Oh you guys reposted this one too. :D ;)

    Thank you!!! :D

    I feel bad for Obi-Wan. I hope it goes better for him.
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    :eek: Poor Obi! I haven't read this story yet, and I like it so far! I'll marry you, Obi! [face_love]

    More soon please! :D
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    I've missed you STWOM!

    Give us a hug! :D
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    Another wonderful repost??? Cool!!

    I bet that little announcement of Obi's shocked his Master.

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    Rela slowly peered outside her door. The coast was clear! She darted out and turned to lock her door then?

    "Hello Rela. Can you help me real quick?"

    Rela?s head hit the wall with an audible THUNK.

    "Hello Mrs. Krabople. What?s wrong now?"
    "Tuffy?s stuck and I can?t reach him. Do you think you can get him down?"

    Rela looked at her neighbor suspiciously knowing that she had an ulterior motive.

    "Mrs. K, I need to get to work."
    "I don?t believe that you still work there." Mrs. Krabople muttered. "Please it will only take a second. Tuffy likes you."
    "Yes ma?am." Rela agreed knowing that she would never get out of there if she didn?t.

    Rela followed Mrs. Krabople into her apartment in the search for Tuffy. Rela quickly found him hanging on the holo-terminal, happily batting at the images on the screen.

    "Hello Tube Rat. What have you gotten me into this time?"
    "Squeak, squeak!"
    "I wish she would stop too."
    "Rela, you aren?t planning on having a party any time soon are you?"

    <Where did that come from?> Rela asked herself.

    "No, ma?am, not any time soon. Parties seen to be frowned upon lately."
    "Oh that?s Brak?s fault. His father, the super, said the insurance company won?t pay for any more damage done from parties. Ever since Brak had that barbecue in the stairwell that caught one of the floors on fire."
    "Oh, I missed that one."
    "You did? Oh, it was great."

    A knock on the door interrupted them. Rela stayed by the holo-terminal holding Tuffy waiting for Mrs. Krabople to come back. When she did none other than Brak accompanied her. He was a short fellow with dirty blonde hair and downy fur that covered his entire body. Rela wasn?t sure what kind of being he was but she did know that he had a mental capacity, as she remembered, of an empty shot glass.

    "Why Rela, look who it is." Mrs. Krabople said excitedly. "I had completely forgotten that I had called Brak to look at my kitchen drain."
    "Hello Brak." Rela said politely as possible knowing that her noisy neighbor had ambushed her.

    Brak gave her a knowing smirk. "Hey Rel. How you doin??"
    "Fine Brak. Now if you?ll excuse me I need to get to work." Rela explained trying to make a break for it.

    Brak gave her a quick look up and down, whistled appreciatively through his teeth then started towards the kitchen. Rela rolled her eyes and started to inch towards the door.

    "Well what do you think?" Mrs. Krabople asked.
    "I think that I should be angry at you. Mrs. K I?m already seeing someone."
    "Who? That Jedi boy? He?ll just break your heart Rela. Just like what happened to that naked one and that dear sweet girl. They were such a cute couple."

    Rela smothered a snicker at the description of Jemmiah as that dear sweet girl. Mrs. Krabople didn?t notice and continued talking.

    "What does he do for you anyway?"

    <Wouldn?t you like to know.> Rela sighed contently to herself.

    "I mean something that can be mentioned in mixed company." Mrs. Krabople clarified.
    "He makes me laugh." Rela smiled.

    Mrs. Krabople moved Rela so they could both look into the kitchen to see Brak hunched down hitting pipes with a hammer. Just in time to see his backside fully exposed because of his ill-fitting pants.

    "I could have gone all day without seeing that." Rela muttered to Tuffy, who had fallen asleep in her hands.
    "Rela, you do know that Brak?s single."
    "Really? Now that?s a shocker." Rela told her dryly. She quickly handed the sleeping Tuffy over and headed for the door.

    "Now if you?ll excuse me, I really need to get to work. I don?t want to be late. Again."
    "Rela listen to me." Mrs. Krabople called out, now in her mother mode. "You be careful out there. Something?s weird is going on. It?s all over the HoloNet. Girls are going missing. Young girls. Single girls. Trust your instincts and don?t fall in some freak?s trap."
    "I?m always careful Mrs. K, but I will keep my guard up."
    "Let that dear sweet friend of yours know too, and that tattooed one as well."
    "Yes, ma?am!" Rela called back already out th
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    I hope when Rela gets there Jemmy is ok.

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    Jemmiah slowly began to peel away her racing gear, trying as best she cold to ignore the bruising she knew would already be visible on her skin. Sure enough, all the way down from her left shoulder and running along her side to below her knee spread a mixture of dark, mottled skin and splashes of angry purple-red. Rela's words of chastisement still plagued her as she pulled on her bathrobe, tying it loosely at the side so that it wouldn't chafe against her abused flesh.

    What had she said that was so wrong?

    Jemmy couldn't understand what had caused such a vehement reaction in Rela. It wasn't as if she were obliged to follow her every command and instruction. //Sith, Rela. You're not my mother!// Yet to fall out with one of her few remaining friends left a very bad taste in the Corellian's mouth and the headache that pressed down on her skull she attributed in no small way to her fight with the argumentative and fiery Rela Quinn.

    "Just once - Just ONCE, you hear me - I'd like something to go right for me." Jemmy muttered as she limped stiffly into the kitchen in search of a tumbler for her headache pills. "Is that such a terrible thing to ask? Why does nothing ever turn out well for me?"

    //Because you won't let it.// her inner voice replied.

    Her inner voice. She'd been trying to ignore that more and more in the last few months but to no avail. It always told her little truths about herself that she didn't want to hear and Jemmiah wished with all her heart that it would just abandon her, just as she'd turned her back on everyone else she cared for. It had been a sad but necessary choice to leave her friends behind. She couldn't really justify putting them in the awkward role of sitting on the fence and mediating between two very angry and hurt young people.

    And she didn't want to hurt anyone else ever again.

    //YOU hurt him. YOU did that. Proud of yourself?// retorted her inner voice once more.

    "Shut up." Jemmiah grumbled.

    In four days time she would be competing for the richest prize Coruscant had seen for a humble swoop race. The money the winner would receive was an extraordinary amount. All she had to do was complete the course in the fastest time and make sure she turned up on the day healthy, well and in one piece.

    Jemmy looked at the bruises on her hip and thigh once more.

    Fat chance of being healthy and well?

    "Why did you have to be right, Rela?" hissed Jemmy, a hand held to her head. She knew her only chance of being passed fit to race was to get those bruises seen to as soon as possible, and that meant going to the temple infirmary. Which also meant An-Paj or Leona asking all sorts of questions, and a probable dousing in sticky Bacta bandages - and no doubt a visit from Master Jinn lecturing her on the dangers of travelling at high speed?

    //OK. So what if Rela's right? Big deal. I'm still suspicious. She might genuinely worried about me - and I should be grateful - but there's a part of me that feels she's trying to find ways of getting me back with Ben again. And I can't allow that. I can't?//

    "For once, inner voice, I have to agree with you." Jemmiah closed her eyes, willing the headache away. "She means well but it's over?finished."

    //Who are you trying to convince?//

    "How many times do I have to tell you to butt out of my mind? This is a private conversation."
    //Do you know how stupid you sound, talking to yourself like this?//

    "Who's gonna see me, huh?" Jemmy sighed, eyes alighting on the swoop helmet with the darkened visor that sat upon the seat of her sofa. Lilith had bought it for her eighteenth birthday. By this point, Qui-Gon already knew about her frequent trips to the track. Sith, she remembered the traded insults and heated tongue lashing that had taken place when he'd confronted Lilith about it all. But in the end he knew there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop her.

    //Yeah, if I've hurt Ben then I've disappointed Master Jinn// she grimaced. //Seems to be a special habit I have for kicking people in the teeth.//

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    That last bit always makes chills run up my spine. Keep on your toes! Both of you!
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    So many misunderstandings... so many things said wrong. I'm glad Rela sees the two of them belong together and though Jemmy might not see it right away, yes she'll thank Rela someday!!

    Fabulous stories ladies!! :) :)
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    That was a wonderful part. :)

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    No answer.

    "Padawan, I really think we should discuss this further." Qui-Gon said quietly.
    "I've made such a fool of myself, haven't I?" Obi-Wan mumbled into the cup of hot chocolate he held tightly in his grasp, not caring particularly if he did hurt his hands. Feeling physical pain would take his mind off the mixture of embarrassment and heavy heartedness that he felt right now.

    Had felt, for the past two months.

    "In what way?" Qui-Gon asked, sitting alongside the miserable apprentice on the couch in their living quarters. Obi-Wan stared briefly into his cup, remembering that hot chocolate had always been HER favorite drink, torn between placing the drink on the table and pushing it aside or hug it even tighter in his hands.

    "I shouldn't have told you." Obi-Wan said honestly, regarding Qui-Gon in an open and frank manner. "You're going to spend the rest of your days thinking what an idiot you have been saddled with for a padawan."
    "Is that really what you think?" Qui-Gon asked. "Or are you feeling sorry for yourself?"
    "I don't know." Obi-Wan considered. "Both perhaps. I'm beginning to wonder if I like tormenting myself. I have to get on and put it behind me. That much I know. It's just that I haven't managed it at all well. Infact if anything it's got worse."

    Qui-Gon looked at the young man sadly.

    "I know what it's like padawan. I've been there."
    "I'm still an idiot. Why should I think she'd want to marry me?"
    "For what it's worth I think the issue is not about you, I think it's to do with what's going on inside Jemmiah's head."

    Obi-Wan snorted, refraining from making the obvious remark.

    "Why don't you talk to her?"
    "I can't." Obi-Wan said definitely. "It's still too painful."
    "Rejection is never pleasant, no matter when it happens." Qui-Gon smiled thinly. "I would tell you about the time Sal-Fina and I got engaged but I think it would just make you cry into your cocoa."

    Kenobi blinked.

    "You and?Sal-Fina?" he said in disbelief.
    "It was a non-event. We got engaged in the morning and by the evening it was broken off." Jinn sighed.
    "We are talking about the engagement here." Obi-Wan snickered.
    "Padawan!" Qui-Gon rebuked, although he was pleased to see the young man with some life to him at last.
    "Well, at least you got engaged. I didn't even get as far as that."
    "You miss her." Qui-Gon stated.

    Obi-Wan half shrugged as if ashamed.

    "I feel so foolish." He confessed. "When I was asleep last night I thought she was there with me. And when I realized she wasn't I felt so?"
    "Alone." Obi-Wan replied. "I felt alone. I've got used to her being there. I've got used to her teasing and her occasional temper tantrums. I've got used to her terrible pinching fingers?"
    "I'm not sure I want to hear this part." Qui-Gon interjected.
    "And I've become used to helping her cope with her nightmares. I find myself wondering how she's coping on her own, and then I get angry at myself for caring."

    Qui-Gon drummed his fingers on the side of his cup.

    "Padawan, it seems to me that however bad you think your relationship with Jemmiah my have sunk on past occasions, you always found a way of sorting things out. You had much more honesty between the pair of you than I ever had with Sal-Fina. You have to decide what you want and then you have to decide how you're going to achieve it." He placed a large hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder. "Maybe you should go and have a think about that."

    Obi-Wan nodded, standing up with his hands still round the mug.

    "Thanks." He smiled slightly at his master before retreating to his room. "I will."


    "I'm telling you, someone's been watching us." Rela hissed as they finally made the sanctuary of the infirmary. Dimallie looked at them in surprise, and nearly walked into a door.

    //Nothing's changed that much in two months// Jemmy grimaced.

    "You have got the biggest imagination I have ever come across." Jemmy said, not looking as if she believed her words terribly m
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    I always want to give Obi a big hug, but then I read about those magazines! ;)
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    Poor Jemmy...I wonder if she'll cross paths with Obi? ;)

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    As soon as Leona and Jemmiah were out of sight, Rela high-tailed it down the hallway. This was too good a chance to pass up. She quickly reached her destination and skidded to a halt. Her continuous knocking was quickly answered, but by the wrong person.

    "What are you up to?"
    "Why hello Master Jinn, I?m doing very well today thank you for asking. I was wondering if your Padawan was at home?"

    Qui-Gon stood in the doorway eyeing Rela skeptically.

    "Just make sure that no one gets hurt." He begged.
    "I wouldn?t dream of it." Rela answered seriously.
    "He?s in his room."
    "Thank you."

    Rela hastily made her way to Obi-Wan?s room and was not happy about what she saw. He was sitting, or more accurately hunched over, at his workstation with his fingers raked through his hair staring down at nothing.

    <I?m so sorry Obi-Wan, but I?ll do my best to change it.>

    "Hey S-B!" Rela shouted snapping him out of his brooding.
    "Oh, hi Rel. What are you doing here? I thought you were working today."
    "I took a mental health day. You look like you could use some cheering up. Wanna go laugh at those unfortunate ones that are being tortured by An-Paj?"
    "Not really."

    Rela harrumphed and crossed her arms. This was going to be harder than she thought. Then again knowing Obi-Wan aversion to the Healers was she really surprised?

    "Not even to see Jay getting a blood test done by Dimallie?"

    At the thought of the sight, Obi-Wan let a small snicker escape.

    "I heard that!" Rela laughed. "C?mon it?ll be a good show."
    "On one condition. Do not mention her name." Obi-Wan said seriously.
    "Whose name?"
    "Rela." He warned.
    "S-B, I swear on my mother?s grave that I won?t."
    "Rela your mother?s not dead."
    "Well if I?m lying I?ll kill her." She told him seriously while tugging him to follow her.
    "Coming from you that still doesn?t mean much." He muttered while he reluctantly followed her to the Healers.


    "Can you lie along the bed?" Leona asked.
    "No...not really." Jemmy said in a hoarse whisper. "I'd rather not try."

    Leona said nothing, merely indicating that Jemmiah should loosen her clothing to allow her to see whatever damage might be lurking underneath.

    "Careful." Jemmy warned, closing her eyes and awaiting the inevitable cold fingers against her flesh.

    They never came.

    "Perhaps you'd like to tell me how you really did this." Leona broke the silence.
    "I told you?"
    "That you'd fallen? Yes you did. Now I'm asking for something a little more honest." Leona watched the girl' chagrined expression fade to one of reluctant acceptance.

    "You knew." She growled.
    "Yes, I did. But I also knew you must have a reason for your falsehoods and so I said nothing. I would, however, like to be able to do my job properly and for that I am going to have to extract the truth from you."
    "I did fall." Jemmiah said in a small voice.

    Leona coughed pointedly.

    "I fell from my swoop." The eyes fell to the floor again. "Luckily, I never damaged anything too important."
    "I'll be the judge of that." Leona remarked.
    "A bit of tinkering will put everything to rights."
    "It could have been very serious!" Leona examined the now blackening bruises all over the girl's side.
    "Just a quick patch up job and nobody will be any the wiser there's been a mishap."
    "Wasn't there a course doctor or something on hand?"
    "What good would that do? They don't understand where everything goes when bits go flying off. Or how to reattach it."
    "Bits? How dangerous is this swoop racing?" Leona demanded.
    "Only twelve or so fatalities in a standard year. That's not bad."

    The healer looked stunned.

    "Anyhow, there's no cause for alarm. I admit the old body work doesn't look so hot at the moment but a quick touch up and a hard rub down with an oily rag will prove most beneficial."
    "What sort of things do you swoop riders get up to?" she said in a horrified tone of voice.
    "Eh?" Jemmy frowned.
    "I mean, I know that some sports stars have some strange ways of celebrating v
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    Obi-Wan come here!
    Jemmiah come here!
    Rela come here!
    WHACK! And you stay out of it!
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    Rela stormed out of the temple as fast as she could. How could two people that obviously care so much for each other be so stubborn? She could feel her blood pressure rise just thinking about it, which made her walk all that much faster. Rela had to do something to take her mind off the disaster she had just witnessed and start thinking of a new plan.

    "The Pit." She murmured to herself. "That way I can shoot at something, and Jedi aren?t allowed in the Pit."

    Rela took a quick look around and got her bearings then hastily started towards her new destination. Now that she had gotten her temper somewhat under control, she started to get that odd feeling again. She didn?t care what Jemmy said she knew someone had been watching them she could feel its eyes. With a shiver, whether from the rain or her thoughts, Rela picked up her pace and swiftly made her way inside the Pit.

    The darkness surrounded her and Rela deeply inhaled the musky scent that took her back to a past life. She couldn?t help but smile. There were some things that were inevitable, death, taxes and the seedy characters that would hang out at the Pit.

    "Quinn! What are you doing here you short, no-drinking, temper-flaring, redheaded snippet?"
    "Magee, I?m here to shoot at something, you overweight, no-hair, bug-eyed, no shooting, stupid, drunk mook! Gotta spot open on the range?"
    "Not going on the course today? Well, the range is pretty full, but yeah got a spot open, only if you test out this new blaster for me."

    Rela eyed him warily for a moment, but decided, why not? Couldn?t hurt and it could get her mind on something else.

    "You got a deal Magee. Where to?"
    "Number eight?s open."

    Rela started toward the firing range, but suddenly paused as if mid-thought.

    "Magee, you haven?t seen anyone?well?weird have you?" she asked carefully.
    "Quinn, you just described over half the beings in this place."
    "No, this one is different. I can?t explain it, but the whole idea has got me wound tighter than a strung out spice addict."
    "You?re telling me. Anyway if you get any funny feelings about anyone new, would you let me know about it?"
    "Sure thing Quinn." Magee answered to her retreating form. "And just shoot at the targets this time! No customers!"

    Rela waved her hand in acknowledgement that she had heard, but stayed quiet. Her mind was now working on a new problem as she squeezed of a round of shots. How to get her two best friends back together? Obviously throwing them together didn?t work. Maybe if one of them was in trouble, then would the other come running to help. Rela shook her head as she fired off another round. They both had been there, done that. Plus something like that could backfire and they would be worse off then they are now. If they would just stop yelling for a minute and talk to each other, but how? After what just happened, Rela would be surprised if either of them would talk to her much less each other.

    Rela was so caught up in her thoughts that she failed to notice the large figure looming over her. As round after round rang out, Rela was still unaware of the figure creeping closer. The last shots finished and a large furry paw clamped down on the redheaded shoulder causing her to jump.

    "Damn you Mus!" Rela yelled at her Wookiee friend. "I?m already about to crawl out of my skin, what did you have to do that for?"
    {Playing hooky?} He grumbled.
    "I don?t have an appointment today." Rela huffed.
    {I?m talking about the cantina. Els called you back and you weren?t at home. You were cold busted and he?s in a rage.}
    "I needed to help a friend and took a mental health day. Although now I feel as if I just made things worse."

    Mus looked down at his small friend. She was hiding something, he could tell, but it was just a matter of time until she told him. He wasn?t as good as his cousin Hrruggla at making her open up, but even he knew something was bothering her.

    "How did you find me?" Rela asked.
    {Where else do you go when you?re upset?}
    "Home or the Temple." She muttered.
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    *shakes head* Let's add hot-tempered outbursts to misunderstandings. I'd forgotten how you ladies teased us with whoever Rela was seeing!! ;) ;)
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    And it was fun teasing you to! [face_devil]
  23. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    You're both as bad as each other!

    More later, when I get home from work...
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