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Before - Legends Someplace Like Friendship

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Qui_Gon_Kenobi, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Disclaimer: Despite all wishing I do not own Star Wars or any related wachamacallets.
    All George Lucas. Go him.

    Chapter One:

    It didn't take a genious to realize something was wrong with the ship.
    What could one expect after crashing it into a an astroid, no matter the size of the blasted rock.

    The young Jedi had realized it was a reckless move, but Qui-gon had been sure the little star ship would be able to slip through unscathed and he'd be on his way just like that. He'd put to much confidence into his piloting skills, and now he was going to crash and there wasn't much he could do beyond direct himself at the nearest planet and hope it turned out alright.

    He'd been in purssuit of a criminal that had all but ruined the planet he'd been on for his last mission. Everything had started out fine, it was a normal everyday dispute- the government had done something the people didn't like by raising shipping taxes. People had done things the government didn't like. The Jedi had been called in to sort it out.

    Who would have guessed that a criminal master mind was behind it all?

    Certainly not him.

    He quickly punched in the coordinates and made sure he was strapped in.
    This was going to be a rough landing, and who knew what was waiting for him on this little unknown planet?

    Through his growing connection with the force he tried to since life below the swirling atmosphere, to no avail. His mind was to clouded to be able to connect clearly.

    "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is....."

    He was thrown back against his seat as the ship entered the atmosphere going way to fast for comfort.

    By pulling hard on the controls he managed to get it to level out a little,
    but it wasn't going to do him much good it he couldn't slow down.

    Running into trees didn't help things any.

    Down.....down......down some more......

    There were a few moments in which he could see nothing through the cockpit window and then a few more moments in which he felt as though he were going to be torn apart and then all was still.

    Qui-gon sat still for a few moments, thankful he was still alive and aware that he had no clue were he was so that might not lst to long.

    He took a moment to make sure he was in one piece and then hastily exited the ship.

    He'd ended up in the middle of a forest. The ship had dug a few feet into the ground as it crashed, and it was a good thing to. A few more feet and he'd have been sunk in a river.

    Qui-gon was just thinking it was astounding more damage hadn't been done to the ship when a rudder fell off and something near the engine caught fire.

    No using it again.

    He was stranded. Stranded on a planet in the middle of nowere. Just great.

    It was a pleasant enough place though. Quiet. A bit too much so. Shouldn't there be animals? He hadn't noticed before but there was nothing to be heard beyond the gentle rushing of the river. No life to be seen.

    And then he really -looked- at the river. Water he'd thought to be clear was anything but. It was beyond dirty. More like stagnant. No wonder nothing was living here.

    "Well, standing here isn't going to get anything done." he said softly to himself. It almost felt like he'd be violating something if he spoke to loudly. Eerie.

    After a moments contemplation he set off through the woods, hoping he'd be able to find some sort of civilization. Hours of walking made him wonder.

    As the sun began to sink below the horizon, he started to think mayby this area was uninhabited. Just his luck.

    Jedi were capable of going without the things most people needed- sleep was one of them.

    He sat down beneath a tree, thinking over his situation.

    No people, no way of getting off this rock, and no way of talking with the council. He was royally messed up.

    What to do about it?

    Nothing. There was nothing that could be done about it, but keep going and hope he ran into a sentient of some sort. Preferably friendly.

    There had to be someone somewere.....

    So lost was he in thought that he didn't even s
  2. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Two:

    Though Qui-gon was essentialy a prisoner he did manage to get some information out of the woman.

    For one, he name was Trip. Her cat was Kit. It was actually called a 'tiger.
    Apparently she'd saved him as a cub and they'd been together ever since.
    She wouldn't give him all the details beyond informing him she was the only human it truly tolerated and that if he did one thing she didn't agree with he got to be Kit's breakfast.

    The tiger had purred loudly at this and given him a look that almost begged him to try something.

    And he learned that he heard no animals because there were none left to hear.

    She kept them walking most of the night, following some path that was obvious to her, invisible to him. This was partly because he couldn't see.

    It had taken him a moment to notice, though he'd realized something was off as soon as the sun had set all the way. This planet had no moon.


    When he asked her about it, she said simply, "It's been like that for as long as I can remember. You find it odd?"

    He hadn't questioned her further.

    Eventually they stopped to rest for a while, but they couldn't afford to linger. It was dangerous. He took her word for it.

    By the time the sun had risen they'd arived at a jagged mountain scape he had noticed from a distance but not payed much attention to.

    "After we get in there isn't any coming out buddy." Trip told them when they stopped for a second time at the base of the mountain.

    "We can't risk you telling the Alliance were to find us. Not that it matters. You don't have a choice. The last thing we need is some delusioned fool who thinks he comes from outerspace running around causing trouble."

    Yet another thing. They seemed to not have very advance space travel, if any.

    "I'll keep that in mind."

    She led him to a small crack in the mountain side. Had she not shown him were it was he never would have noticed it.

    Kit wnet through first and then she pushed him towards it and he squeezed through, though only just.It wasn't made for someone of his starture.

    After he was in she followed, pulling a little rod thing from her belt.
    When he pushed a button on its side it glowed bathing them in a steady stream of white light. They were in a large cave with tunnels branching off to either side.

    Qui-gon stared at the lighting device curiously and she grinned at him.

    "It's a flash light Quiggy. Haven't you ever seen one before?"

    He shook his head, biting back a rude retort. She'd taken to calling him 'Quiggy' and it was really starting to grate on his nerves.

    "Come on, you get lost then you're pretty much screwed. It all looks the same unless you know were you're going."

    Trip led the way with Qui-gon behind her and Kit behind him.

    She was right. Had he been on his own he'd have been lost in a heartbeat.

    They went through a serries of winding tunnels, turning every now and then and never going in the same direction for more than a few minutes. It was beyond confusing.

    And despite the lack of desturbance in the Force he felt extremely uneasy.
    Having miles of mountain over your head just made him uncomfortable.

    "Hang on, we're almost there." Trip said absently. "Man, this will be the first time we've been home in weeks. Kinda' exciting huh Kit?" the tiger growled in a way that made Qui-gon think it knew exactly what she was saying. The beast was oddly intelligent. He senced something odd about it,
    but was unsure if that was a bad thing.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of light ahead and the sound of running water. Finally they were getting to the end of this.

    At the end of the tunnel he discovered the source of the water sound.

    Veiling the exit was a sheet of clear water. A waterfall.

    "Well Quiggy, welcome to the sanctuary. Come on."

    They stepped through the water and Qui-gon caught his first site of actual human life here on this odd backwater planet.
  3. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Three:

    The 'Sanctuary' wasn't quite what Qui-gon had expected. The way Trip had talked about it he'd been under the impression it was some sort of refugee camp. Instead he found himself looking down on a large bowl shaped mountain valley filled with a very efficient civilization.

    Houses made from anything from would to stone were spread out through the valley with a winding system of dirt roads connecting them all.

    The waterfall they'd just stepped through fed a small stream that wound it's way around the entirety of the valley. A series of ditches and trenches alowed the people to draw water for the gardens most homes seemed to have. Apparently they were very self sufficient.

    In the very center of it all was a large formidable looking stone building.
    Judging by the steady flow of armed people entering and exiting it was some sort of barracks or base.

    And to top it all off, it was teeming with people. The young, the old, children..... all working and playing together harmoniously. It was like one extremely large family.

    The sight of it was truly magnificent. Quite the change from what he'd seen of this planet so far.

    Qui-gon turned his attention from what was before him to what was immediatly next to him. For standing on either side of them were two gaurds, from the looks of the long odd sort of blasters they were carrying.

    "What's this?" one of them asked, looking curiously at Qui-gon's bound hands.

    "Found him while I was out on patrol. Thought I should take him to the Admiral. Make sure he'd safe. Then mayby we can get some use out of him."

    The gaurd appeared uncertain for a moment but finally nodded.

    "Alright. But you're responsible for him."

    "Righto'. Come on Quiggy. The Admiral will be most interested to meet you."

    Qui-gon sighed. "Please stop calling me that. My name is...."

    "You're in my charge. I'll call you whatever I like and you won't complain about it or you might just end up on the wrong end of an arrow."

    She marched off down the naturaly carved stone steps leading to the valley floor without so much as a second gance at him.

    Kit growled loudly at him and the pair quickly moved to follow her.

    Qui-gon seemed to strike the interest of the people. Children stopped in their playing to look at him and adults took a moment to look him over. It almost seemed like they were sizing him up, judging his worth.

    'I bet I'm the first outsider they've seen in quite some time.' he thought.

    Every now and then someone would wave at Trip or stop to say hello and she would no at them cheerfuly. She didn't seem overly concerned about her prisoner. If he really and truly wanted to get away, it would be all to easy.

    There was no point in it however. He had no were to go and if he did get as far as the entrance he'd get lost in the tunnels.

    Besides, he had to admit his curiosity in this planets happenings was growing.
    Why were they all hiding here like this? Were had all the wildlife gone?

    Nothing made since to him and Trip would ignore him every time he asked her a question, either that or give him an answer that wasn't quite an answer at all.

    They finally arrived at their destination- the stone building.

    Its two large wooden doors were host to yet another pair of armed gaurds, but when they saw Trip they didn't say anything, merely nodded in respect.

    She flashed them a grin and led their little group inside.

    It was an extremely buisy place. People running here and there looking flustered and in some cases down right frustrated. Soldiers going from place to place and on more than one occasion looking thoroughly confused.

    "It's usually not this crowded, but with winter coming all the patrols are coming back in for good so they can be stationed to a field or given special orders. it gets hectic, but it's a system that works for us."

    Trip gave him a brief commentary on the people they ran into as they wnet along.

    So and so was in charge of the crops (self sufficient gardens or no it was still not enough to keep families fed over winter mo
  4. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter four:

    As they entered the Admiral's office Trip gave Qui-gon a little shove towards the desk in the center the room and then she and Kit went to stand silently in a corner.

    He watched them a moment, brow raised in amusment, then turned to face the man he'd been brought before.

    He was a tall, dark skinned man and Qui-gon imediatley noticed some similarities between him and Trip.

    The man's long black hair had the same hue and texture as Trip's(though she had her's cut a good deal shorter for practical purpouses) and they both had almond shaped purple hued eyes....

    Purple eyes that were staring at the Jedi's own blue ones as though they could see right through him. It was a little eerie.

    When he spoke it was in a deep, gentle sort of voice.

    "Well now. My daughter has told me some odd things about you. I hope she wasn't too horrible to you." he smiled and Qui-gon looked over at Trip again.

    She was smirking. Ah. Well, that explained the cocky attitude. She was the daughter of someone who was obviously important.

    The Jedi returned his attention to the man before him and bowed respectfuly.

    "Not at all sir. She was quite..... nice. Though I do not understand for what purpouse she has brought me here. I am a Jedi Knight, Qui-gon Jinn,
    I just crashed here, I don't mean you or your people any harm."

    The man sighed. "Of course. She was a bit faulty in explaining things to you yes? I'm Wladimir, Admiral and leader of the Sanctuary, as we like to call it. And as you can see by looking around, I really don't have time for something like this."

    "You tell me you mean us no harm. How am I to prove that to my people?
    They won't understand. Here offworlders are not exactly welcomed. We learned that lesson long ago. You've seen what it's like out there. I tell them were you are from..... they would kill you, no doubt. And nothing I could do or say would stop them."

    Qui-gon nodded. He'd seen and he didn't understand. How could anyone have done that to there planet? Telling him they wouldn't like him wasn't very helpful. Now if someone would tell him why, that'd be different.

    However, he didn't want to risk angering Wladimir with questions he didn't want to answer.

    "Sir," he said tentavly. "You wouldn't have to tell them. if you could provide me with a way out of here, or even try and fix my ship....."

    "I can't do that. We don't have any form of space travel available to us, not here. We've no way of communicating without it being intercepted,
    and I don't have the materials required to fix your ship, no matter how light or bad the damage was."

    So he was stuck here then. "But what can I........."

    "Trip has proposed some interesting ideas." Wladimir grinned. "However that would be inhumane. There is one thing I can do. You can stay here.
    You'd be under watch by her of course," Trip made a rude noise of disgust at that. "And you'd have to earn your keep of course."

    That was all well and good, but Qui-gon could not afford to sit around on this back-water planet forever. He was in the middle of a mission.

    "But sir, I was in the middle of something important. I can't just stay here."

    "You don't have a choice. I'm willing to help you, but at this time I don't yet have the means. Yet. It's only a matter of time." Wladimir seemed lost on his own train of thought for a moment.

    Qui-gon sighed. There was no other way then. "A Jedi can be patient Sir."

    "Good. It's settled then. And I must impress apon you the seriousness of keeping your origin hidden. To every one else, you are a slave who escaped the Alliance and Trip found you and brought you here to join us.


    Wladimir nodded in satisfaction then sat down at his desk, grabbing a stack of papers with one hand and waving them out with the other.

    "Now get out of here Trip. And don't come back unless it's life threatening."

    Trip laughed. "Of course father. You're SO buisy......"


    Trip laughed again and turned to leave.

    "Come on Quiggy. There's work to be done."
  5. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Five:

    As it turned out, Trip had her own house, close to the valley entrance.

    It was small with only two sleeping rooms, a living area, and a kitchen and made of logs and wood but it had it's own cosy feel to it.

    "This is were you'll be staying, unfortunatley."

    Trip had led him to the smaller of the two rooms. "You've got an hour to rest. You'll find some food in the kitchen. I've gotta go out for a sec.
    Oh yeah," she tossed him something which he catched on reflex. His utility belt. "You might be wanting that. Sorry I took it an' all, but you know,
    if you were dangerous I couldn't risk you having a weapon."

    "Thank you."

    "Don't thank me Quiggy, thank my father. Were it my choice you'd still be locked up."

    With that she turned and left, leaving him to his own devices for a short time.

    He took advantage of it, pretty much raiding her kitchen. What could he say,
    when you'd been walking for two days straight even Jedi got hungry.

    She returned a short while later, a large bundle in her arms.

    "So long as you're trying to fit in, you'll need these. 'Figure you can wear you're own boots. I'll get you some more later. Put em' on while I go change."

    She handed him a set of clothes much like what he'd seen the other people here wearing- pants of some sort of rough blue material and a shirt.

    He'd have much rather kept his Jedi tunic on, but she had a point. He did sort of stand out.

    He changed quickly and strapped his belt around his waist. It felt good to have his lightsaber back. And so long as no one knew what it was....... he did feel so much safer with it....... end of debate. Like anyone here could understand the signifigance of the metal cylinder anyway.

    "Alright. This better?" he walked out in to the main room were Trip was waiting.

    "Much. We might want to do something about that hair though......"


    "No one else has there's like that, it'll get in the way......"

    "No. I've spent to much time getting it like this to let you hack it all off. Your father wears his long."

    "My father never has to work in the fields."


    Trip slapped a hand to her forhead. "Oh yeah! Suppose I should tell you about that eh? Winter's coming soon like I told you earlier. I won't be going out again, and niether will anyone else. So, we work in the fields to bring the harvest in. It can snow pretty bad here and as you've no doubt noticed it's our only food source. Little gardens can't keep us fed all winter."

    Qui-gon nodded. "I had noticed yeah."

    "Well, that's were we're going now. We're a bit late, but I'm sure no one will mind. We're always in need of another strong arm."

    Qui-gon resisted the urge to sigh tiredly. He'd had scarce few moments to rest over the last few weeks. In fact, his time in that cell was the most inactive he'd been since he set out from the temple a few weeks ago.

    And now they were going to be working. And Trip looked ready to run a marathon. He envied her energy.

    'A Jedi does what he must.' he thought. 'No matter how tired they are.'

    What he wouldn't give to be back at the Temple!

    "Alright. But I've got some things to ask you....."

    "Later. We don't have time now. I promise I'll tell you anything I can later, ok? I've some things I'd like to ask you too."

    Qui-gon reluctantly agreed.

    There was a whole nother section of the valley Qui-gon hadn't been able to see from the entrance that was completely covered with their crops.

    He had no clue what any of it was. All well. Just like any other planet he'd ever been to. It was all different.

    He and Trip joined what she called 'work crews' in bringing in as much as possible and storing it in the large shed that had been built for just such a purpous.

    They'd left Kit behind. Apparently the last time he tried to 'help' it had ended in disaster.

    The work wasn't hard. Just time consuming. Load a bascket. Take it in.
    Load it again. Take it in.

    Finally, a few hours from sunset, the last load for the day was taken in and all the workers trudged tiredly to the stream
  6. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Six:

    "Focus. Don't rely on your eyes so much- they can be decieved. They can be tricked. Don't trust them. Your feelings, your instincts, they cannot be so easily twisted against you. Make use of that."

    Qui-gon and Trip circled eachother slowly, the long wooden sticks they'd designed to serve as swords held defensively before them.

    With most all of the winter work done they'd found themselves with a large amount of free time.

    Trip had expressed a willingness to learn anything that Qui-gon could teach her. So they'd taken to sparring in the late afternoon, when most chores were usually done, and nights were spent on discussing the galaxy.

    Earth's usually clear sky was perfect for such lessons.

    "Eh, easy for you to say. You've got the Force to help you. All I've got is bad intuition. If I don't use my eyes, how am I supposed to see?"

    She launched forward fienting right and at the last moment turning to strike at his left shoulder. He parried it easily.

    "Sight is not your only sence."

    He launched an attack of his own.

    "It is merely your strongest. it is a common human flaw to place all their trust in their eye sight. But what of a blind person? How are they to defend themselves if they can not see?"

    Trip shrugged, backing away again. "If they can not see then they should be protected."

    "What if they are left alone? What are they to do then?"

    "Die I suppose."

    Qui-gon shook his head. "No. They improvise." he pulled a long piece of cloth from his belt. "Come here."

    Trip was uncertain. "What's that for?"

    "You said you wanted to learn didn't you? It is a common practice amung Jedi to have students fight blindfolded. It helps them to learn to use other sences than sight. Now come here."

    She allowed him to tye it around her eyes tightly. Once he was sure she couldn't see, he backed away.

    "Focus. Focus on what's around you. Listen. Listen for the sound of my footsteps, for my breathing. Such things are dead give aways for were an opponent is."

    Qui-gon circled around her slowly. She raised her stick defensively, faced in completely the wrong direction.

    This was going to take some work.

    He attacked. She just barely managed to parry his blows, moving slowly, unsure of herself.

    "Come now. Surely you can do better."

    "Is it common for sighted Jedi to attack those who aren't?"

    Qui-gon laughed. "No, only when they are trying to teach a lesson."

    They continued for several more moments untill Qui-gon finally nocked her stick out of her hand.

    Trip pulled the blind-fold off, breathing hard. "If all Jedi are as skilled as you, I should hate to ever face a large group of you."

    Qui-gon just smiled. "Years of training, nothing more. And I do believe you've improved. Give it time."

    She nodded. "Yeah, I guess so. I do better with ranged weapons."

    "Which is why we're working on melee skills. Care to walk to the stream with me? Last I saw Kit was there."

    "Sure, why not."

    They walked in silence for a few moments.

    "Kit's taken a real liking to you Quiggy."

    He grinned. "I noticed. Can't hardly go anywere without him tagging after me. How exactly did you come by him? I thought all the wild life here was dead?"

    Trip shrugged her shoulders. "Not all. Just most. There was a whole group of tigers living here when we got here, just not in this section of the valley. We didn't know about em' for a long time and when we finally did it was too late to do em' much good. Kit's the last of his kind."


    "Yeah, it's kinda' sad really. He's happy though."

    A few more moments were spent in silence.


    He looked at her in surprise. It was the first time he'd ever heard her use his real name.


    "What are you going to do if.... if Father never finds a way for you to get out of here?"

    Qui-gon was a bit taken aback. He hadn't really thought about it that much. He'd been living on the assumption they'd eventually come up with a solution to his problem.

    "I don't know. There's not much I could do. Stay here I guess. I'm hopi
  7. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Seven:

    The corridors were silent and deserted save for the footsteps of one lone hooded man.

    He detested coming to this place. The Mandalorian tribe who'd built it when they layed claim to Earth liked to call it their castle.

    He liked to call it a sorry excuse for a fort.

    Scientificaly advanced or no, they had a LONG way to go with architecture.

    He wasted no time on ceramony, barging right in to the captain's courters.

    "What the...."

    "Relax Galthon, it's me. I told you I was coming didn't I?"

    "Yeah, well, you shouldn't sneak up on a man like that. I might of shot you." Galthon grinned wickedly.

    The hooded man was unimpressed.

    "I'm sure. Now, I've some news for you and I've got to make it quick."

    "Oh really? What kind of news?"

    "The kind you'll find very interesting."

    Galthon waited impatiently for him to elaborate.

    "Firstly, I've thought over your offer and I except. I'll give you the Earthlings. Their entire 'civilization'. Heh, if you can call it that."

    "Excellent!" the Mandalorian's excitement wsa apparent.


    Oh no. That was never good..... "However what?"

    "It might be more dificult than you think. They're a fighting people. You'll sufer losses."

    "That's to be expected with any battle."

    "Yes, but they have one thing you don't."

    "Oh? And that would be?"

    "We've recently collected a person you'll find most intriguing........"

    Galthon sighed. "Out with it already!"

    "Temper temper. I'm getting there, have patience. We currently have a Jedi Knight trapped within our borders. Interesting yes? But I''ve got a plan for him."

    "Ah, I like your plans. Do tell."
  8. Qui_Gon_Kenobi

    Qui_Gon_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Sep 25, 2004
    Chapter Eight:

    Mace Windu paced restlessly around the Jedi council room while the older Master Yoda looked on, lost deep in thought.

    "He should have been back by now Master. Or atleast have reported in. It's not like Qui-gon to go so long without contacting us."

    "Indeed. Much mystery to this, I fear there is." the little Jedi sighed. "Worry, I do."

    They'd spoken with Qui-gon's contacts on the mid-rim world he was supposed to be at.

    Apparently the Jedi had solved of Raahim's problems only to find there was something bigger behind it all. He'd taken off in pursuit of his lead.

    That was the last anyone had heard from him.

    "Do you think....."

    "No. Dead, he is not. Sence him I do. Though it is but a faint flicker."

    Mace continued to pace. Mayby they should send someone out after him. He might have gotten himself into trouble. Mayby he was hurt somewere. Or mayby he was just buisy.

    The real question was would someone be able to find him if they went. The galaxy was a big place. He could be anywere by now. But they did have a place to start.

    "Master, I think mayby I should go after him. If he needs help it would be better to attempt to find him than sit around here waiting."

    Yoda shook his head. "Find him you think you will? Mayby. Or mayby wander around uselessly. Other matters to attend to, you have."

    "But Master Yoda....." he stopped. Yoda was right of course. He had other things he could be doing. Could be. Didn't mean he had to.

    "I believe it would be best. SOMEONE has to look for him."

    Yoda sighed again. "Right you are. But agree it should be you, I do not." he paused. "However, for the best perhaps it is."

    Mace nodded. "I will be quick about it. You won't even have time to realise I'm gone." the young Jedi Master grinned and turned to leave.

    "I should go as soon as possible."

    "Indeed. May the Force be with you."

    "And may the force be with you, Master Yoda."


    Many parsecs away, Qui-gon Jinn was happily oblivious to the Masters' worries.

    At the moment he was sitting on the stream bank with Kit, thinking about Trip and trying not to.

    "What does she want from me Kit? I've taught her things she'd have never learned on her own, been nice to her, and yet she continues to torment me at every oppurtunity. It's like being around some little kid."

    Kit growled in a fashion that said he knew a lot more than the Jedi did and thought he was an idiot for not knowing.

    "Mayby it's just a girl thing."

    If tigers could laugh, Kit would have.

    "And why am I talking to you, of all beings? Ahg." he got up. "Mayby I should just go talk to her. Tell her I don't appreciate being on the end of all her practical jokes and.... yeah, I'll do that."

    Findind her was the problem. And Kit wasn't much help. He just followed the Jedi arround, purring as loudly as he could and in general making a nuisance of himself.

    Qui-gon sighed. "I bet you know exactly were she is don't you?"

    The big cat stretched lazily.

    "Ah, go away. I can find her on my own."

    Kit sniffed indignantly but didn't go anywere.

    They finally found her, walking along and chatting quite animatedly with another girl Qui-gon had frequently seen her with.

    He was about to go away and wait for a better oppertunity when he heard something that caught his interest. He slowed his pace, listening.

    "So, how long is that Qui-gon fellow going to say with you?"

    "Quiggy?" Trip shrugged. "No idea. I'm in no hurry to be rid of him. He's quite a good helper."

    Her friend smirked. "Oh really? That's why you let him hang around then? I think it's more than that."

    "What ever do you mean?"

    Qui-gon was suddenly begining to question whether or not he should be eavesdropping on this conversation. But the obvious embarassment in Trip's voice intrigued him.

    "You know good and well what I mean. I've seen the way you look at him You like him don't you?"

    "Like him? Yeah sure, he's a nice guy. Why wouldn't I like him?"

    "Oh come one Trip, not that kind of like."

    "I have no idea what y
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    Up! I'd like to see more people read this one. Nice story so far.
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    Thankyou MY-T-Chewbacca! :)

    Chapter Nine:

    Trip spent the next few days avoiding Qui-gon as much as possible. And when
    She didn?t manage to entirely avoid him she?d blush profusely and make some
    Excuse to get herself as far away as possible.

    Qui-gon found the entire situation laughable.

    The thought that Trip might have a ?crush? on him was?. Impossible. For one thing,
    It wasn?t in her nature. Everything she said and did showed she was less than happy with his presence. She tolerated him, and for that he as thankful. But beyond that?. The Jedi could sense well enough the contempt she felt.

    Besides, Jedi were not allowed to feel such trivial emotions. Love led to possessiveness, which in turn led to fear, and anger. Anger led to hate. Hate was the path of the Dark Side.

    It was teachings he?d learned since the day he could talk. He believed it. Most of the time.

    Occasionally he was led to question whether or not a bit of emotion might be a good
    Thing for Jedi. This was not one of those times.

    His goal was to get off this planet as soon as possible. And it wasn?t quite working out.

    He met with Wladimir a few more times, and was always told he was ?working on it? what that might mean, well, the young Jedi Knight almost didn?t want to know.

    In the mean time, he was actually sort of enjoying himself. This was the kind of experience he?d never receive with the Jedi. Leading a normal life. Being among people
    Who didn?t look at him in awe every time they saw him.

    Here he was just another man. They all excepted him because they knew no better. But
    He still felt guilty for deceiving them. He had to trust Wladimir was right. In the long run
    It would be better off for them all to think he was just another Earthling, an escapee.

    And what was more, Kit seemed totally addicted to the Jedi. The tiger followed him constantly. He didn?t know which was worse- having someone completely ignore your presence or having someone never give you a moment alone.

    ?Alright big guy. What are we doing today??

    The cat growled.

    ?I?ll take that to mean you don?t know.?

    He growled again.

    ?Alright then. Let?s?..?

    He was cut off quite abruptly.

    ?QUIGGY! I?ve been looking all over for you!?

    Qui-gon resisted the urge to sigh. Just when he was starting to get used to her ignoreing him?.. ?What is it??

    She appeared to be excited about something, but knowing her the way he did?.. he wasn?t overly interested. No telling what she wanted.

    ?Oh don?t sound so depressed. You?re going to like what I have to tell you.?


    ?Really, really. I promise.?

    ?Out with it then. We were going to go for a walk.?

    Trip glanced at her tiger friend. She hadn?t said anything about it before, but Qui-gon realized it must have been very difficult for her to see her companion that she?d raised since he was a cub run off with someone else all the time.

    ?Oh. Yeah, ok. But you?re going to love this. You know, winters here can be pretty harsh right? It gets cold. Out there. But in here it?s not so bad. But since we can?t do much else we have to find a way to entertain ourselves.? She paused for breath. Boy could this girl talk.

    Qui-gon nodded, wishing she?d just spit it out already.

    ?Well, most every year we have these Tournament like things. Melee, archery?. All sorts of stuff. Helps keep the fighters in shape and gives everyone else something to do for a while. I thought you might be interested in joining. After all you are such a great fighter.?

    Qui-gon couldn?t help but be amused. Maybe it wasn?t such a bad idea. It did kind of sound like fun?..

    ?And when is this going to be starting??

    Trip shrugged. ?In a few days. We do a different event every day. I?ll worn you, I?ve won the sword and archery every year. I may not be good on the kind of scale you rank on, but among my own people I am. And I?ve been practicing.I plan on giving you quite a beating.? She grinned mischievously.

    Ah. So that was why she wanted him to participate. For a short time he?d sparred with her, teach
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    Chapter Ten:

    The people stayed up well into the night, celebrating the new winner and telling stories of the past. Qui-gon was particularly interested in listening to these.

    Even the oldest among them had not been around when the Alliance had taken over Earth, but they did no a more accurate version of the story and not to mention many things about their planet?s past and culture.

    It was fascinating and all so very different at the same time. But by now the Jedi was used to dealing with the void between races.

    One of the most amazing tales was one of the many legends about how the moon was lost.

    People, mostly the very young, along with Qui-gon, sat around the old lady listening intently. She had a soothing voice that made you want to just sit there and listen for hours.

    ?You know, in the beginning Allah created the Moon as a sort of blessing for Earth, a beauty. It was to give the night sky light, along with the stars. A pathway to the heavens. But humans were not deserving of such a gift.?

    ?We grew greedy, caring more for ourselves than others. It was a terrible thing. A planet of people, all the same at heart, struggling over each other?s land and worst of all, something that was like a plague among Men. Money.?

    ?He tried again and again to get us to change. We got all the messages, we just never took the time to read them. Finally one day He decided if we weren?t going to listen, we were going to have to -see-. As punishment for our wickedness He took the moon away. Until such time as we can prove we?re ready, worthy.?

    The children loved the story, short as it was. They clamored around the old lady, begging for more. They wanted to know who Allah was, why was he so mean?

    Qui-gon smiled. Children. They could not possibly understand. Then again, he did not particularly understand himself.

    The tale was obviously fictional. However, it had it?s own bit of information to give.

    Contrary to most other planets he?d been on, most Earthlings seemed to believe in only one God. And they didn?t have to much faith in him.

    They also tended to think of themselves in a way that startled Qui-gon.

    They thought they deserved all this, that it was their fault. Their planet was ruined and their people were enslaved because their rulers in ancient times were foolish. That wasn?t so.

    The Jedi knew they deserved much better than this life of hiding. They deserved to be free, free to rebuild their planet, their home. With any look, he could help them accomplish this.

    Qui-gon rose, stretched, and decided to go for a walk. The night air was cool and refreshing and he needed a quiet place to think.

    He walked along the stream bank, looking up at the stars. He?d been to many planets of many different types. Some had ten moons, some had three suns, some had yellow skies?.. all were unique in their own way.

    But Earth was by far the oddest he?d yet seen. And judging by the beauty of this valley it had once been a lovely place. He?d of very much of liked to see what it looked like before???

    The sound of footsteps behind him jerked him from his reverie.

    ?Wach?a doin out here all by yourself Quiggy??

    Qui-gon smiled to himself. Trip was never going to get his name. In a way, he didn?t want her to. And in another way it bugged him to no end.

    ?How many times do I have to tell you, it?s QUI-GON. Not Quiggy. You know that gets on my nerves. And I was just walking.?

    Trip laughed. ?I know. Why do you think I do it?? she laughed again. ?Ahhhhh, I see. You?re doing that thinking thing again aren?t you??

    ?Yes, I am thinking.?

    ? ?Bout what??

    ?Nothing. Everything.?

    ?And here I thought I was weird. How can you be thinking about nothing and yet everything??

    Qui-gon sighed. ?I don?t know.?

    ?Then why do it??

    ?Because I?ve nothing better to do.?

    ?Sure you do.?

    ?Don?t. And it?s something I like to do. All my life I?ve been taught it is bet to think a situation through, to look for all possible outcomes. Be ready for anything and everything that can happen. Earth just does
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    Chapter Eleven:

    At the Sanctuary, the games continued but Qui-gon mostly watched these ones. They mostly consisted of things he?d never even seen before, and besides it was far more amusing to watch.

    Trip however, didn?t hesitate in competing. And winning. A lot. She was one of the most skilled warriors and athletic among the group of ragtaggle people. Others were hardpressed to keep up with her.

    Qui-gon found himself watching her a bit more than he?d of liked. And he constantly thought about what she?d said to him.

    Love. It was such a strange thing. He?d grown up learning how dangerous it was. He?d never thought about all the normal people out there that it did so many good things for.

    If it was ok for other people, why wasn?t it ok for Jedi? Because they could sense something they couldn?t? Was it really all that dangerous? And more intriguing yet, how did they know it was dangerous if no other Jedi had ever really tried it?

    It confused and fascinated him all in one. And all the while the Jedi in him kept telling him he was hosting dangerous thoughts. He conveniently ignored that part of himself.

    He was falling. Falling for someone who couldn?t even get his name right.

    A week or so later the competitions ended and the excitement began to slowly die down. It was time to start settling in for the winter.

    And Qui-gon still had no idea how he was going to get out of here. With Wladimir it was always the same old thing. He was working on it. And the way things were looking he was going to have to sit out an entire winter on this planet. By the time he finally left?.. he was afraid to wonder what the Jedi thought had happened to him.

    It was a brilliant failure. He was given a relatively easy assignment and he ended stranded in some unknown area. Truly brilliant.

    But he was enjoying himself immensely.

    ?So. What do your people think about the stars? I?ve noticed they tend to lean towards fantasies?.. legends, and tales that sort of Romanticize the whole thing. But they know there?s other planets?.?

    Trip rolled over and propped her head on her hand. They were laying in her back yard, stargazing. She?d finally quit avoiding him.

    ?Well, yeah, they know about it, but it makes things easier to bare to make up some myth. I mean, what?s more interesting- being told about how you destroyed your own planet or that it was some angry higher being? Ok, don?t answer that.? She laughed. ?They?re both pretty dumb. But it makes the kids laugh.?

    Qui-gon grinned himself. Neither ideal was very appealing, but the children DID enjoy the stories.

    ?Eh, no. Neither is very?. Uh, yeah. But that doesn?t quite answer my question.?

    ?Sure it did. We make up stories about them purely for amusement. And it?s easier to understand than the truth.? She laughed, but Qui-gon didn?t find it particularly amusing.

    Some day, like it or not, these people were going to have to deal with the truth and what happened to their planet. They couldn?t stay like this for ever. This was far from a proper existence.

    Trip interrupted his thoughts. ?Quiggy??

    ? It?s Qui-gon. What is it??

    ?I wanted to talk to you about something.?

    ?Go right on ahead. I?m listening.?

    ?You over heard my conversation with Isael the other day didn?t you??

    The Jedi couldn?t help but grin at the memory, even though he felt guilty for eavesdropping.

    ?Yeah actually I did. I didn?t mean to but I was coming to find you and, well, I just kinda heard?..?

    ?Oh. Ah, I?m sure. I just want you to know???


    Trip hesitated. She seemed to be pondering whether or not it was worth saying.

    ?I like you Quiggy, I like you a lot. You?re a great friend.?

    ?Well, thank you I guess.?

    ?But that?s not all.?

    ?I??? she stopped. He felt for sure that if he could see her face clearly it?d be tented red.

    ?It?s different than anything I?ve ever felt before. I don?t want to like you- no offence. But?. I don?t know how to explain it. You?re very different from all the men here. In a good way. And I just, I find myself thin
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    Oh, come on, it's not THAT bad, really. A comment anyone? Just one? *charming smile* before I go and waist time on something no one likes.....
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    lol I know exactly how you feel. I was given the cold shoulder with my work for a while too [face_tired]
    Good job dude, keep going :D
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    Very interesting idea and story, QGK--I liked it very much, but didn't get to post a reply right away. Keep it up--I do hope Mace finds Qui.....but what about Trip? And her father...?
    I'm very curious to see where you go with this...Good work!
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    Thank yall. :)

    Chapter Twelve:

    "I am growing impatient."

    "Yes Galthon, I know I know. You simply MUST have complete domination." the man scowled. "I told you it isn't going to be easy. And some..... complications have presented themselves."

    "I don't care. I want those Earthlings!" Galthon was angry. He had a right to be. He'd been promised weeks ago that he was going to get access to those humans.

    And every time he asked his dear informant about it, he was told the same old lame excuses. He was loosing patience.

    "And you will get them. I have a problem of my own to sort out first."

    "And what would that be?"

    "Getting rid of the Jedi."

    "Oh." Galthon had forgotten about him. Indeed, the fight would be much more dificult with the Jedi around.

    "Have a plan?"

    "Not yet. I was thinking mayby you could help me...."

    "How so?"

    "It'll be tricky. But I think we can pull it off......"


    Sometime before the sun rose Qui-gon had knocked himself out of his reverie and had taken Trip inside, careful not to wake her or Kit who was on the floor in her room.

    Then he slipped off to be by himself for a few hours. He was confused. And scared in a way. What he felt.... it was forbidden.

    And yet, she had a point. The council was miles away. The only ones who had to know were the two of them. Why worry?

    'Because I know it's not right.' he thought sadly, looking up at the dawn brightened sky.

    'I know. And some how I don't think I care.'

    Never before had he questioned the wisdom of the council, but now he found himself thinking they had to be wrong. Love was too wonderful to be part of the Dark Side.

    Never the less, over the next few days he found himself avoiding making eye contact with Trip, till she finally got tired of it and told him to grow up. A kiss wouldn't hurt anything.

    He'd sighed and conceded the point to her.

    She made it a habit of trying to recreate what happened at every given opportunity.

    And he did nothing to stop her.


    "Trip? Is something othering you?"

    They once again lay together, watching the stars.

    "Nothing. It's just..... something my father said."

    Qui-gon look down at her, brow raised, silently asking her to elaborate.

    "He wants to see you tommorow."

    "Oh, thanks for telling me. Didn't cross your mind to inform me of this a little earlier?"

    She laughed and slapped him playfuly. "Yes, it did, but I wasn't sure.... he's been acting oddly lately. And he won't talk to me about it. I'm just worried that's all."

    "He can take care of himself."

    "It's not him I'm worried about Quiggy, it's you."

    "Whatever for?"

    "I don't know. Look, just don't worry about it."

    He nodded. "If you're sure. But if it'll make you feel any better, I'll talk to him about your concerns tommorow."

    Trip sighed. "I don't know if that's such a good idea, but you can try."


    Wladimir seemed.... different somehow, Qui-gon thought when the Jedi walked into his office the next day. Mayby it was just stress finally taking it's tole.

    "You wanted to see me sir?"

    Wladimir smiled in a strained sort of way. "Yes I did. Please, sit." he motioned at the chair in front of his desk.

    Qui-gon complied.

    "Is something wrong sir?"

    "Oh no, not at all. First off, I wanted to thank and congradulate you for how well you've been doing. My people have truly excepted you I think."

    Qui-gon nodded. "Yes they have. I enjoy working with them. And your daughter has been most kind to me."

    "Ah yes, my daughter." Qui-gon thought he heard a bitter note in the man's voice.

    "You've been growing quite close I think."

    Qui-gon nodded again. "Yes sir. She is a good friend. You should be proud of her."

    "I am indeed. But somehow I think your interest in her is not for friendship alone." Wladimir peered at him intently.

    It took all of the Jedi's self control not to flush in embarassment. "No, of course not. Jedi are not permitted to have such attachments. My interest in her is fr
  17. SarkaVrae

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    Qui's not being totally honest with Daddy, now is he...? hehehe
    Poor Trip--she's not going to be happy about Qui being put in danger, let alone Qui going away!
    And the whole Mandalorian plot thickens!!
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    ((Special thankies to Sarka Vrae for betta reading. every one applaud her. *claps*))

    Qui-gon left Wladimir's office full of uncertainty.
    > It wasn't the best plan in the world, but it WAS a
    > plan. And he had time to prepare himself. Wladimir
    > had told him he wasn't entirely certain when they'd
    > leave, only that it was soon.
    > He was unwillingly relieved. And now he had even
    > more to think about than before.
    > Something wasn't right with Wladimir. He felt....
    > off. Well, more off than usual. Perhaps it was his
    > excitement at finally getting to inact on his life's
    > goal. Or mayby his first impression was right and it
    > was just stress.
    > Whatever it was, Qui-gon didn't like it. Mayby he
    > was just being paranoid.
    > "Qui! Hey!"
    > He turned to see Trip running to catch up with him.
    > "Well? How'd it go? What'd he say?"
    > As they walked along Qui-gon explained to her what
    > Wladimir had told him. She frowned.
    > "He doesn't actually expect that to work does he?"
    > Qui-gon shrugged. "Apparently so. And I have to say,
    > it is possible. Provided nothing goes wrong. And
    > there's so many things that can."
    > She shook her head. "I don't like it. And he didn't
    > even tell me about it. I oughta....."
    > "Don't. He's got enough on his mind. He probably
    > ment to and simply hasn't gotten around to it yet."
    > "Yeah, probably." she didn't sound convinced.
    > "Oh, stop worrying. We'll manage. And then I can
    > finally get home and all of this will be over."
    > That seemed to be the wrong thing to say.
    > "You want to go then?"
    > "Of course. I have to."
    > "You have to? Says who?"
    > It was Qui-gon's turn to frown. "Myself. I can't
    > stay here forever Trip. I have work to do. Being
    > here this long...... I'll be glad to be gone."
    > Once again, the wrong thing to say.
    > "You really don't care do you? You're just going to
    > leave and be gone without a second thought and think
    > everything's going to be okay?" her voice rose
    > slightly in barely contained anger.
    > "That's what I was thinking, yes. Why wouldn't it
    > be? If this works not only will I get to go home,
    > you'll be free. Don't you want that?"
    > "Of course I do. But if it means you're going to be
    > leaving, then I think I'd rather things stay the way
    > they are."
    > Qui-gon was dumbfounded. "But I have to leave either
    > way. What's the problem?"
    > "Oh honestly! You must be the most idiotic man I've
    > ever met! I don't want you to go Qui-gon! How could
    > you ever expect me to be happy about that, free or
    > not?"
    > "Because it is what must happen."
    > "Look, I'm sorry but I don't think like a Jedi. I
    > can't. It's for the greater good, it's what has to
    > happen.... since when do I care about any of that?
    > You're the one who's all duty. I just thought.....
    > well, if it means so much to you, go and be done. I
    > don't care! Go back to to your precious council! You
    > know what Qui-gon? Our situation is quite similar to
    > yours. You are a slave, denied life so you can be
    > their puppet! The only difference is you don't seem
    > to see it."
    > She stood there a few moments, staring at him
    > defiantly, waiting for him to retort, or to agree,
    > or anything....
    > He didn't. He could think of nothing to say. A true
    > Jedi would have been calm, would have known just the
    > answer to give her. Qui-gon was just confused.
    > When she realised he was just going to stand there,
    > she turned angrily on her heal, heading toward her
    > house as fst as she could go.
    > He wanted to call her back, or something, yet he did
    > not. It was time these feelings he had developed for
    > her were tossed out.
    > The Jedi wanted to be able to say he hadn't lied to
    > Wladimir when he said he wasn't interested in his
    > daughter that way.
    > He wanted to get back to the Temple, were everything
    > made sense and Jedi training could solve all his
    > problems.
    > ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
    > Qui-gon waited a whil
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    Trip is kinda rubbing off on me. I think she acts kinda young, but I kinda like her annoying Qui and challenging what he believes/thinks!

    Good job, QGK. Keep going!
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    The next chapter is being worked on. In the mean time, I got creative.

    Looky, tis Trip and kit.

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