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Ark Something I feel I need to say.

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by CDF_Vagabond, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. CDF_Vagabond

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Hello Arkansas 501st group,
    A while back I was once known by the username Kamikaze_TIE. I have had something that has been on my mind for quite a while what you would call a feeling of guilt that has been on my mind for years now. A long time ago I ripped off a fellow costumer and made a apology on the 327th Star Corps where I was also a member at the time, because of what I had done. Most don't know why or care why I did what happened in the past but I feel that I have been owing an apology here because in a way I feel I brought a bad name to the AGR group, I was involved with drugs in my past which caused me to lie, cheat and steal just to get a fix and by ripping off another peron it was just another way to do it to me. After the incident, I did what I could to make up for it. I ended up going to a drug rehab facility in Little Rock to get clean. Not many here I don't think would even care though that I have been trying to fix the errors of my past but I am doing what I can currently I still go to NA meetings, and now I go to church and work with other groups that do some charity like the 405th where I am a respected member at. A while back on here I asked for help so I could work on my 6 year old brothers Clonetrooper that I bought from and I am currently still working on his armor to complete it for Halloween, frankly I know that I will never be allowed to be involved with the local 501st or be approved with the 501st in general but to me that's not the point. When I asked for help I did'nt get any help instead I got a rude phone call from a member warning me to not post here or show up at any event the local 501st group would be involved with here in Arkansas, now with a 6 year old brother that loves SW as much as I do I would want him to come to a couple of the same events that this group holds I would have loved to have him come in costume to the build-a-bear event or to the autism walk this month but due to that one phone call it has caused me to be fearful of coming anywhere near the 501st group here. All I come here for is for forgiveness of what I did in my past and to know that if I was to take my 6 year old brother to a SW event here in Arkansas I would not have problems and he would not have problems because of my past with the group here. This is all I have to say and I hope that the people here will open thier hearts to accept my apologies and forgiveness.