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    Mecha Sonic is has done it now. After Eggman had acquired three of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Mecha Sonic came in and stole then. Using the emeralds, Mecha Sonic discovered a place know as Crystal Pass, and place inhabited by animal like creatures know as the Crystal Beasts. The beasts were attracted to the emeralds, so Mecha Sonic used them to control the beasts to help him find the last Chaos emeralds. His first target was Central city, capital city of the world-controlling government.

    The rp will start just before the invasion of Central City by the Crystal beasts. Characters from the games will be NPC?s so that anyone can control them

    Sign up

    Abilities: (basically style of attacking)
    Affiliation: (were you sent by the government to stop them, or are you doing this out of free will)
    Other details:

    Here my character

    Name: Katana the Mantis
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Mantis
    Personality: Katana is quiet and calm. He is not very social and hates distractions
    Appearance: Mantis blades sticking out over his hands, mandibles on the sides of his mouth. For clothes he wears a black and white Samurai ? like robe. His antenna hang to the side of his head instead of sticking up
    Abilities: Fights using the blades over his hand
    Affiliation: Free willed
    Friends/Allies: none
    Other Details: scar over his left eye

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    Name: Bane the Wolf
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Personality: Due to his grace and agility he can be arogant and cocky but overall he is serious when it comes to his job
    Appearance: he is a white wolf with powerful looking claws; he wears a black-ops uniform with no gloves or boots
    Abilities: uses stealth-like tactics; in combat he utilizes the art of Kenpo
    Affiliation: government(hired to retrieve the emeralds and seal them away forever)
    Friends/Allies: none
    Enemies: Knuckles
    Other: none
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    Could a mod please lock this,looks like no one is interested

    sorry war hero
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