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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthCemeroX, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. DarthCemeroX

    DarthCemeroX Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2007
    Story:It's been twenty years since the destruction of The Hellfire. The shards of the soul edge have vanished off the face of the Earth. And the warriors that once stood against the forces of Evil are no more than lengend now. And true heroes have been scarce.

    But true heroes isn't all that the world will need.

    Recently a merchant in the streets of Spain, noticed a man, clad in armor. The very ground shook beneath his metal covered feet. The man stumbled into the market streets.Merchants, peasants, and shoppers alike stopped and drew their gaze towards the man. They were all horriefied to see the man engulfed in flames. They all covered their ears as the man let out an inhuman scream. Soon the armor began to crumble inward, as if under pressure. As the seemingly empty armor imploded, a wave of dark energy swept the market.

    The skies darkened throughout the world. And from the mave was sent a single ember that soared across the landscape of the nations, to a dark place. The ember inbedded itself into a mound of dirt that rest in front of a wooden pike. From the grave burst an arm, a creature like arm. Soon the creature freed istelf from the grave. It stood, as the once feared warrior Nightmare.

    Acroosed the world this darkness was felt. Warriors across the lands sensed a great evil.

    As Nightmare gazed down at his armor clad body, he knew he was still not whole. "SOULS..." cried out the creature. Nightmare knew in oreder to reclaim his body, his former humanity,and his sword SOULD EDGE he would need to be reunited with his soul. But for every gain there must be equal loss.

    Nightmare now travels the lands, accquiring souls. He recently left Dunland, leaving the villages and towns in utter carnage. All life that once stood, now perished at Nightmare's command.

    100,000 souls. That was the price put on his soul before Nightmare was reduced to ancient ruins.

    As he begins his quest, warriors from across the lands recieve the task, to stop Nightmare, however not all choose the side of good. Some wish for the sould edge to be theirs, some wish to aid Nightmare to reep the benefits of his powers.

    Regardless of the sides, one thing is apparent... the world faces it's end if nightmare is returned to his true self.

    Character Sheets:
    First off, feel free to make your own character or use a former SC character. If you do make your own,it's your's to create so do whatever you want with it.

    Weapon/fightign style:
    Special skills:

    NP edit: Clearly you did not take note of my previous comments regarding your other RPG. The first post is marginally better (good job), but subsequent posts are making me cringe. I like to think people have pretty free reign in this forum with regards to RPG content and format, but the constant 'net-speak is something I simply cannot abide. Please, please take some pointers from the other GMs in this forum and make games/posts that are both creative & high quality. We have a variety of resources in the [link=]Role Playing Resource Forum[/link] should you require help.
  2. DarthCemeroX

    DarthCemeroX Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2007
    here are the finer points of the game

    As you travel, you gain weapons and supplies.
    Earn gold for various reasons.
    You will encounter other warriors along the way
    the fights would be written out and talked through
    if u want an example check out some lightsaber fights on the RPF

    I'll be controlling the character of Nightmare, unless somebody wants to take control of him. If you do, you're kinda like the dungeon master.

    No god modding, no killing other characters unless they are in agreement.
    everybody pm me the CS before posting...

    thats it for now
  3. Sentinel001

    Sentinel001 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 18, 2007
    Name: Kilik
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Homeland: Ling Sheng Su Temple, China
    Motive: Purify himself, his weapon, and destroy soul edge.
    Weapon/fightign style: Bo Staff Kali-Yuga
    Special skills: Purification
    Bio: Origins

    Kilik was found as a baby on the doorstep of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, widely considered to be the greatest martial arts school in China. After the monks of the temple gave up their search for the child's parents, they decided to raise him as an orphan. Eventually, he was regarded as the temple's finest student and was hired as one of the school's teachers, eventually leading him to be the elected candidate for inheritor of the holy bo staff, Kali-Yuga, one of the three sacred treasures of the temple. However, he had always remained somewhat troubled and insomniac.

    [edit] The Kali-Yuga and the Evil Seed

    One night, his "sworn sister", Xianglian, visited him as he was deep in thought, and revealed that she had become elected for inheritor of the holy mirror Dvapara-Yuga. But she also divulged the details of a conversation she had overheard; that only two of the treasures still existed at the temple, because the Krita-Yuga had been stolen years ago by her biological father and that the monks had been hiding this the entire time. She had been nominated for the Dvapara-Yuga instead, because she had told the master of the temple that she felt unworthy to inherit the Krita-Yuga, considering her family history, and her selfless reflection was a prominent feature of her inheritance of Dvapara-Yuga.

    However, the night before the succession ceremony, the Evil Seed rained down on the temple, and an evil presence overwhelmed the inhabitants. Sensing the evil, the monks who were preparing for the ceremony immediately transferred ownership of the holy artifacts to Kilik and Xianglian. Minutes later, everyone in the temple lost their sanity except Xianglian. With madness combined with his great skills, Kilik killed many temple members as everyone fought one-another. Xianglian realized the power of the mirror and slung it around Kilik's shoulder, causing him to regain his sanity as she lost hers. When Kilik had completely regained his senses, he realized that the monks had slaughtered each other. He tried to leave, but the only other known survivor, Xianglian, blocked his way, now totally corrupted by the Evil Seed, and attacked him. He tried to avoid hurting her, but was forced to kill her in self-defense.

    An old man, the Edge Master--advisor and teacher of the Ling-Sheng Su martial arts--found Kilik's unconscious body in the temple. He set the corrupted temple on fire and carried Kilik home. After two days, Kilik finally awoke, and Edge Master told him the truth: Kilik and Kali-Yuga had been infected with the Evil Seed, the source of which was the demonic sword, Soul Edge. The only thing protecting his sanity was the Dvapara-Yuga, and he could never remove the holy mirror from his shoulder at any time. Wrought with grief that his life had come at the sacrifice of Xianglian's, Kilik trained with Edge Master for three years, trying to learn to control the evil within himself and Kali-Yuga. Once his training was complete, Edge Master gave him the final test of destroying the Soul Edge, and Kilik embarked on that quest to purify himself and his weapon.

    Soul Calibur

    On his journey, Kilik traveled to an Indian port town to request a pirate ship to take him where he wanted to go. He met the Japanese pirate of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Kyam, who instantly took a liking to him, and granted Kilik's request for boarding, provided the ship's captain, Maxi, agreed when he returned. As Kilik waited for Maxi, a mysterious ship approached, which resulted in an attack, led by Astaroth. Maxi returned, and Kilik assisted him in the attack, but every member of Maxi's crew was left dead, and Maxi decided to aid Kilik in his quest. Later, the two met Chai Xianghua, a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, who aided them in their travels. (Although neither Kilik nor Xianghua knew that Xianglian was her long-lost
  4. DarthCemeroX

    DarthCemeroX Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2007
    OOC:btw i forgot to add "Appearance" to the CS

    Name: Keden
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Homeland: Hyrule
    Appearance: About five eihgt, young, light brown hair. Dressed in a black tunic, with chain mail leggings, carrying a sword around his back.
    Motive: Destroy soul edge, free the soul of his serrogate father and save hyrule
    Weapon/fighting style: Master sword / fencing, swordplay
    Special skills: Horseman/ Horse is named Erage

    Keden was an orfan. He found himself as a mere child, abandoned at the gates of the Hyrule castel. For days he slept at the foot of the castle's entry. He often was kept awake by the sound of a horse, frequently passing through the great hyrule plains.

    One day howver, a gaurd noticed Keden standing alone by the walls of the castle. The gaurd was curious and asked for the boys name. Afraid, Keden did not asnwer. The gaurd asked again, and began to approach the young Keden.
    Soon Keden spoke, explaining he knows very little about why he's here at the castle, saying his parents never came home from the feilds. He was brought by his aunt for safe keeping according to her.

    "Safe! These plain are anything but, Skullkas, no to mention that brat always trotting around at all hours" the Gaurd said laughingly.

    Keden stood speechless.

    "Come, you may stay in my cabin, it's not much, but it's better than the castel walls" the gaurd added.

    Over time the gaurd became like a father to Keden. Keden was young, and doesn't rememeber much about his parents. The gaurd became the only family he had. And over time the guard taught Keden how to fight, soon enough Keden was a strong boy and a feirce swordsmen. ANd all seemed peaceful. Until a nightmare struck Hyrule.

    When Keden was 16, a man, clad in armor entered the castle. He claimed to be a messenger from the lands of Europe.When the man arrived most feared it to be Gannondorf. However, Gannon was nothing compared to this evil. Within a year, Hyrule became engulfed in terror and darkness. And all were in despair.
    The demon ow resides in the castle, holding Princess Zelda and the royal family as prisoners.

    However when all seemeed hopeless a young warrior arrived. Brave and strong the warrior battled the demonic terror that struck Hyrule. However the young warriro was not able to destroy the creature. And once nothing stood his his way, the demon destroyed the entire castle. Keden escaped, only to find that gaurd who had been like a father to him, lay motionless in the gasp of Nightmare. The evil creature absorbed the gaurd's soul and disposed of the lifeless corpse, in a pyre that was once Hyrule's Temple steps. And just as easily as he came, Nightmare vanished.

    Keden ran quickly to the temple stairs, to quickly remove the gaurd's body from the pile. He began to weep, however as he raised his head to the doors of the temple he saw a light. He noticed the doors we open. He walked nerveously to the great doors of the temple. As he entered, he saw on the alter the warrior who fought Nightmare, he was curled up. His lifeless body seemed to be shielding something. It was a sword, a sword stuck in stone.

    Keden then appraoched, he instinctively grasped the sword, with one tug, the sword sprung from the stone. He held it, the swrod was light and strong. He knew whathe must do.

    He's spent the last four monhs tracking Nightmare on Horseback with his Horse Erage. Determined to restored Hyrule and free his father's soul.
  5. Fisto_My_Hero

    Fisto_My_Hero Jedi Knight star 4

    May 30, 2005
    Name: Xianghua
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Homeland: Ling-Sheng Su Temple, China
    Motive: Find her purpose, and live up to her mothers last words
    Weapon/fightign style: Krita-Yuga
    Special skills: Minipulating others without their knowledge
    Bio: Family history
    Xianghua's ancestors, the Chai family, have groomed men and women alike into seasoned warriors of China for many generations. The woman who would become Xianghua's mother, Xiangfei, was sent to the prestigious Ling-Sheng Su Temple to learn the art of swordplay. She diligently trained and became supremely skilled with the tai chi jian, surpassing many of the monks at the temple. Following her father's passing, Xiangfei forged a forbidden romance with a monk at the temple, Kong Xiuqiang, thought to be the most prominent candidate for inheritor of the holy bo staff, Kali-Yuga. Not until the illegitimate birth of their first daughter, Xianglian, was their love made known to the other monks. The monks remained very strict regarding the temple's edicts and Xianglian was taken from her parents on her second birthday. Xiangfei became too wrought with grief to remain at the temple. Han Dongxiu, a sworn brother of both Xiuqiang and Xiangfei, urged Xiuqiang to leave with her and start a family with his lover, but Xiuqiang refused, and Xiangfei agreed that it was for the best. But as a final goodbye, Dongxiu helped Xiuqiang sneak the Krita-Yuga to his lover, to serve as a promise the two would one day meet again.

    [edit] Xianghua's birth and childhood
    Unknown to Xiuqiang, however, was that when Xiangfei had left the temple, she was pregnant with a second child. She secretly returned to her homeland, was taken in by the Chai home there, and became a soldier in the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard. Months later, she gave birth to her second daughter, Xianghua, but never revealed anything about the girl's father or his lineage to her. By this time, the temple had realized that the Krita-Yuga was missing, and found that Xiuqiang had stolen it. He was exiled from the temple, but Xianglian was to remain there to be trained as an orphan. Xiuqiang eventually discovered Xiangfei's whereabouts, but the Chai family asked him to leave her alone, as she believed that he was training and she would be happier in her ignorance. Meanwhile, when monks from the Temple came to Xianglian, searching for the missing sword, all they found was young Xianghua playing with a battered tai chi jian, and they gave up the search years later. Only Xiuqiang had known that the jian Xianghua had been holding was actually the Krita-Yuga in disguise. As time passed, Xianghua had learned to use the jian just as well as her mother when Xiangfei died sometime after Xianghua's tenth birthday. Six years afterward, Xianghua became a member of the Imperial Guard.

    [edit] Soul Calibur
    Eventually, the emperor of Ming Dynasty China had become displeased with the search for the "Hero's Sword"; he never heard back from any that had ventured out, including Li Long. He sent members of his Imperial Guard to help the quest advance more quickly. The guards traveled under the guise of a traveling opera troupe, with Xianghua to be the main attraction, so as not to raise suspicion of their true motives. As she prepared for her journey, she recalled her mother's dying words--that she was born to complete an important task and that she must cut her own path through an uncertain future. With her mother's keepsake tai chi jian, Xianghua left on her own. On her journey, she encountered a member of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple in China, Kilik, and a Japanese pirate of the Ryûkyû Kingdom, Maxi. Told of the Soul Edge's evil nature by Kilik, she agreed to aid both of them in their journey to destroy the evil blade, not knowing all the while that her long-lost older sister, Xianglian, had been killed by Kilik as she had been consumed by a berserker rage on the night of the notorious Evil Seed.

    With Kilik and Maxi's help(mostly herself), Xianghua stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle. Maxi stayed behind and defeated the castle's guard, Astaroth,
  6. DarthCemeroX

    DarthCemeroX Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2007
    nice we have Both Xianghua and Kilik very nice
    keep joining
    dont forget i need somebodyt to play Nightmaer, and like do his things

    i'm gonna kinda take the job of mother earth in the rpg, control weather, and regular earth happenings..also there will be different opprotunities to gain new weapons and more supplies or gold.

    Also if you ever played Worl of warcraft,
    we're gonna have mounts like that
    so yeah
    i chose a horse, along the way u could find an animal or buy a horse or suttin
    animal companions could be a horse, a giant eagle, cat, dog, wolf, owl, any bird, bat. snake , or ect.

    and when u post
    make sure u state ur character's name
    where you are
    and at the end who should be responding,
    if nobody should be responding just leave it saying none

    im totaly for plot twists and that stuff so make it fun, an feel free to journey with friends and stuff

    or if ur cool do it alone
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