Southwest Region Members Band Together !!!

Discussion in 'Las Vegas, NV' started by VoidDancer, Nov 26, 2002.

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  1. VoidDancer Jedi Knight

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    Denver, Colorado has the goal of closing the 900+ post gap that seperate them and New South Wales by the end of the year, and to be come the largest board in Fan Force. (Denver 41,083 posts, New South Wales 41,965 posts)

    This Thanksgiving weekend, starting thursday at 8am (MDT) and running until sunday 8pm (MDT), they are having a Sock Posting Extravaganza. The point is to create a sock and stay in character with that sock in that thread, then guess who the other socks are..but have fun either way. The official rules and details are below, but I'd like the entire southwest to help out Denver and to have a blast doing it, thanks. If you chose to go the last step and guess who is who, please only PM the Moderator with complete lists of your guesses. You can update the lists, but have mercy on her and don't send 1 guess at a time :)

    PM me if you have any questions.

    Taken from the Rocky Mountain Fan Force Handbook and edited for Sock Games only

    Alter Ego Weekend ? Once a month we hold a weekend where everyone is welcome to make a sock (a false ID) to post with and try to fool the other members. Below are the rules and regulations for this event.

    Official Rules and Regulations for the RMFF Alter Ego Weekend Events

    Rack your brain and come up w/ a clever name and bio for your new identity. The more work you do on this part of the task, the better your chance is to fool everyone.

    Log Off of the FanForce board and then go to Register. Type in your new name and get started filling in that profile.

    Wait for the festivities to begin and post away.

    LIMITS: Maximum of 2 Alters per Weekend event. More than this causes a problem w/ the JC, so let?s keep them off our backs.

    Remember to stay in character the whole time and don?t mix up your ID?s, or you?ll give yourself away.

    Before you begin to post w/ your new ID, PM the moderator [link=](PtrsonsZOO),[/link] w/ your real identity and your Alter(s).

    The Moderator will keep a running list of Alters so that you can use it to make your guesses.

    All guesses must be PM?d to the Moderator by no later than 10AM Monday morning, however you can make guesses all weekend. The last PM will be considered the final say.

    Shortly after the guessing deadline, the Moderator will post a brief list of the results, followed by a full breakdown to be posted to the website later on by the Webmaster.

    All sock games must follow the RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior found below.

    And finally, get creative, get crazy and have a ball cuttin? loose!!

    All sock games must follow the RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior found below.

    RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior

    1) No clone socks. We are each capable of getting people upset at us individually and as a group, we do not need someone else to help.

    2) Wearing a sock does not necessarily absolve one of acting with the proper etiquette and protocol, (Where's C-3PO when you need him?) Particularly during invasions of other boards. Remember, even as a sock your words reflect on both you and the group.

    3) Socks created for guessing games must be revealed at the end of said game. A constantly running game of guess the sock could be established where a sock is used until someone guesses who it is.

    4) When creating a sock for a guessing game do not pretend you are a new member of the boards. It may be fun, but if we do get a new person at that time it could chase them off.

    7) Remember that it is all in good fun, don't get upset over what another sock says unless it's really over the top. Don't use your sock to make personal attacks on anyone else. Also, don't get onto people whose posts seem like they don't know what's going on.
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    Sounds like fun... but it'd be pretty hard to guess who the sock is when we really don't know too many people outside the Vegas and Henderson Fan Forces.
  3. VoidDancer Jedi Knight

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    Yeah, I understand that. So we can just go in and have fun anyway. These things take on a life of their own so it doesn't really matter.
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