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    I figured out one thing that really irked me about the prequels. We didn't get enough beautiful space images to put us into awe. The original movies had lots of beautiful imagery that no doubt added to the experience, and really swept you up into the grand adventure. For the most part, the prequels really just showed the planets as ships approached them, and nothing more. A highlight of the prequels is Episode II's Geonosis rings battle between Jango and Obi-Wan. I guess it was because the prequels didn't spend as much time in space as the originals did.

    Other than that, I've been getting my fill of beautiful space imagery from Clone Wars. The Comet Field that appeared in one of the newer episodes really wowed me when I was watching it on my tv.

    I hope that things like that are going to be given more spotlight again for the new trilogy. It really helps to give a sense of scale, and scale is part of what makes Star Wars so good.
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    That's actually a pretty good observation. I think this is mostly due to plot lines than anything else though. It's just that in the prequel trilogy we have only two brief battles in space. Both of which don't really hold a candle to the Death Star battles.

    TESB definitely had the most space action in the series. For like a third of the movie, Han Leia and Chewie were flying around in the Falcon. You had the asteroid scene, the part where they evade the star destroyers and their escape from them, ect. Plus at the very end we got a beautiful view of the galaxy after Luke gets his new hand.

    It would definitely be awesome if they added more scenes like that for sure! The prequel trilogy did have more worlds though, but man space is something that definitely seems more important than the planets IMO. Cause hey, it is called Star Wars. Let's have the characters be among the stars!
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    So, it really irked you, and you just figured this out.. OK.
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    Um, did you mistake this forum for something else or am I missing something?
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