Amph Spatterjay? Sable Keech? Polity? Neal Asher Questions and Discussion

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    I hate coming in midway though a series. I generally try to avoid it but I blew it this time. I picked up Neil Asher's new book The Voyage of the Sable Keech since it looked good. No sooner did I get just far enough into it to pique my interest when I realized it is part of a series. The front of the book lists 9 other Asher books but it doesn't say if they are all in the same series or not. I can guess at a few (The Line of Polity, for example since Polity is mentioned quite a bit in this book).
    Are there any Asher fans that can enlighten me on the other books? And maybe give me the nickel tour of the Asherverse?
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    [link=]Wikipedia is your friend.[/link] :)

    If nothing else, the external links should be worth a try.

    - lazy
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