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Toronto Special Opportunity

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by AKalel, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. AKalel

    AKalel Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 22, 2005
    First I apologize in advance if I should not be posting this here but I hope you will forgive it. As some of you might not know besides being a collectaholic and a person who likes/enjoys things sci fi related I am a contest junkie. Well my recent contest win is a Mars themed prize pack. What this entails is a seat for me and a few people to see an advance screening of the new IMAX film at the science centre, a preview of there new Mars exibit, some light refreshments and maybe a random prize durning the event. Now I have posted this opportunity in a few other places in the hopes none of the seats will go to waste. Now so far the response has been rather sparse so I am throwing this chance to anyone here. The event is this WEd the 11th. You would have to be at the Science Center @ 630pm. To make it fun and more challenging I am asking anyone who is interested to answer this question name any mission to mars successful or unsuccessful by 9:00 am Tuesday. PM me the answer and any correct answers will be entered in a draw for the extra seats. If you want let me know if I can PM you back if you are a winner or a e-mail addy to write you. It should be noted sometimes these events go till between 9 and 10 but I have attended them in the past and they are pretty cool. I hope some of you will take a chance and again I apologize if need be for this post.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.