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    Thank you, Moments is fun to write and inspired by your funny writing

    Alo Alo was sure on my mind. And have a speedy recovery.

    And Johan Friso:([face_praying]

    This ends the Pangona and Secret missions vignette but more is to come.

    Pink things

    17 selona
    Strike cruiser Taranak

    Four days, Issa was back for four days and he had never seen more pink things than in those four days.

    It had started with their arrival ? the Mon Manlon had dropped out of hyperspace near Coruscant and the Taranak had been there ? when Issa opened as the first of the arrivals his canopy from his X-wing. He should have remembered the ?Mynocks? and the gallant rescue of Jedi Runia. No Mynocks this time but Scorpions ? girls to be precise ? choosing the arrival time of the Spiders to do some paint job on their X-wings. Issa hurried down when he saw what they were painting ? coralskippers and the number destroyed ? and was swarmed by the six girls asking him about the secret missions when he began to tell about having been on a secret mission for the Jedi and commenting on the pink insignia on his flight suit. That he explained that it were faded red insignia didn?t register and one Scorpion discovering his dress uniform had them convinced that he belonged to the pink squadron.

    Transparent squadron didn?t register either but the involvement from the captain did.

    Issa had seen it and Weston confirmed it when he made a praising remark about the amount of destroyed coralskippers.
    ?We should have been on that ?Jedi-mission? was what Ludmila Walton remarked, followed by ?pink isn?t for men at all.?.

    The girls were jealous.

    The three Grey Nerf squadron pilots got some comments when Jason started to wriggle out of his flight suit immediately after hopping down. Issa was the cause because he asked ?are you going to don that other sausage wrapper?? Jason?s frantic shaking with his head had a Scorpion girl asking what that was and Issa getting his supplies bag and revealing the unflattering grey uniform. And that started the girls commenting on grey matching ? or not ? with Varankonin grey and Rob and Kevin getting stormy looks and planning a prank on Issa.

    - - -

    Issa should have left the uniform there where it was and unseen by the Scorpion girls. Now he was glaring at a pink thing after wondering why no-one had come to his cabin with something nice. This wasn?t nice at all. The pink thing was his nightshirt and it spotted now pink Nerfs and hearts. He had given it to the repair department after doing his laundry and had found it this morning ? a soft knock on the door ? being in a satchel and tied to the doorknob.

    Another soft knock had him dropping the shirt on his bed. His room mate had somehow silently exited the cabin before he woke up. ?Maybe it is Weston with a birthday surprise.? He sauntered to the door and opened it.

    ?A gift from the Scorpions and happy birthday Flight officer Dakin,? William Marini said with a neutral smile on his face.

    Issa began to open the package and knew why William was smiling. Pink underwear was inside.

    ?And we have made a birthday cake for you,? Ludmila Walton stepped forward with five Scorpion girls. She was holding a little cake decorated with pink icing and Issa?s name and ?happy birthday? on it in white icing.

    ?That?s sweet and will be nice after this,? Weston wriggled careful between the seven
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    [face_laugh] The pilot dudes are immersed in pinkness [face_laugh]

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    Or not :p and more fun in the next moment

    Pink things II

    27 elona
    Strike cruiser Taranak

    It was the day after.

    Jason didn?t remember much from his 48th birthday. He had had a birthday cake but what colour it had been was forgotten in the aftermath of the birthday. During the morning break he had begun to cut the cake with squadron members singing and other squadron members ? Scorpions ? providing the background vocals with something sounding like ?pink, pink, pink? and giving Issa a very loud voice trying to overrule that because he had seen enough pink things during the months since coming back from Pangona. The first cut in the cake was followed by an insistent buzzing of his comlink ? set on buzz only ? a wild and deep second cut and cake flying every which way and Jason bolting away with Rob and Kevin soon to follow with their buzzing comlinks.

    Only the shrieking of the newest Spider member ? Peta Seluc ? overruled the voice of Issa. ?I am covered in ?.?

    But what followed wasn?t heard anymore by Jason. He was running towards the medbay where fifteen gruelling hours followed to save the life of Commander Clarence Bock, the commanding officer of the guards. Old durasteel ? called that by his subordinates ? had been practising with his squad and the obstacle course had him misjudging a jump and falling down. He had a severe head-injury, was saved from a crippling life but had to be brought to a convalescent facility.

    Jason?s green brown eyes opened in slits, blinked a few times and opened fully.
    ?Aw yes, I have to see the captain.? Feet were guided by tired muscles over the side of the bed.

    ?And I hope Doc Raitt will have her 2-1B?s behaving.? Feet planted firmly on the plassteel floor. Tired hands grabbed whatever was on the stool beside the bed ? a towel ? guided that around the ? oops I have forgotten something I see and how I have ended up here I don?t know at all ? waist.

    Shuffling feet managed the few steps towards the fresher. The towel was released by the tired hands.
    ?A deluge,? Jason ordered and stepped under the showerhead.

    - - -

    Soaking wet and pink skin was rubbed dry after getting another towel. The first had been used to stop the deluge.
    But that deluge had done the wake-up.

    Jason was smiling when he donned a green garment, clogs and finger-combed his hair. And he was whistling a joyful tune when he swooped into the medbay.

    ?Major Guyet,? Diane Raitt said with a friendly motherly voice ?I have everything under control. The stats of Old durasteel are looking good. I have sent a message to the captain and this is the reply.? She gave him a datapad and indicated a covered tray with a cup of steaming caf beside it standing on the table.

    ?What? Due to arrive on Denon in the next uh ? hour,? Jason turned his head to where the chrono was in the room, blinked a few times and shrugged. ?Never knew that it was that late. 15 hundred WOW. Uh and thanks Diane.? He sat down on the stool and grinned when he removed the cover. Tasty porridge was something to quieten his ? now rumbling ? stomach.

    - - -

    That evening ? just a few hours after seeing Old durasteel getting a warm welcome and thanking Jason and Diane for their great care ? Jason was wondering why his bed was having new sheets when he sat down. ?Pink sheets?? He hadn?t noticed those at all.

    But getting his tired head down on the fluffy pillow revealed who had been responsible. ?Sannie is the only one with that perfume. Did she put me to bed yesterday evening??

    A look at his nightstand brought certainty.

    A flimsy with her writing was guided to smiling eyes.
    ?I had to help our gallant trio.?

    And turning on his side Jason was looking forward to the next morning where he sure would have to listen to the two Varankonin giving comments about the pink sheets.

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    Jason definitely fell out after that very long day, which makes it easy to be oblivious to details about the sheets ;)

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    Must be annoying to have pink sheets.


    Thanks for the fun.
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    He sure was tired

    And more is coming.

    This viggie takes place a few years after the Vong war

    15 helona 33 ABY

    Errant Venture adventure

    ?It is the Errant Venture and that has me remembering another adventure,? Rob Spanish had a mischievous smile on his grey face when he climbed in the cockpit of his X-wing.

    ?You are getting us to the really big awesome former imperial stardestroyer with the funny red colour,? Issa looked up before heading to his X-wing. ?And what?s funny about the Errant Venture and another adventure??

    ?Jedi Master Corran Horn,? Rob replied. ?I have met him in Coronet city. Treasure Ship row to be precise and it was ? utterly ?.hiii? He began to roar with laughter.

    ?And Corran ? in for some fun after I offered him a drink ? managed to play one of his pranks on Rob, thinking that Rob was the rookie pilot,? Kevin laughed.

    ?You didn?t correct him at all,? Rob grinned ?I ordered a glass of ale and that had Corran getting all CorSec on me, thinking that I was too young to order ale, ordering you to help him and marching me to a CorSec speeder and back to the training camp where one of the guards ? obviously in cahoots with Horn ? put me in the brig.?

    ?I got you out,? Kevin sat down in his cockpit.

    ?And the next day I had to listen to two pilots talking about nothing else but Treasure Ship Row and the ale served or not,? Jason closed the canopy of his X-wing.

    ?I am looking forward to a Spanish prank,? Sannie activated her mike. She had been the one to try to persuade the six other Spiders to join them but Skip and Aisja had their ?love night? and Jimmy, Steve and Ari had their game of Sabaac planned. And Peta had a girl only evening with the Scorpions.

    ?Me too,? Weston toggled his mike.

    And that had Rob grinning when he guided his X-wing out of the hangar. If Horn was aboard he was sure in for a surprise.

    - - -

    ?Commander Rob Spanish requesting permission to enter.?

    ?Hot shot X-wing pilots from that cruiser in for loosing their credits,? the hangar control officer grinned when he saw the transponders of six X-wings lightning up on his boards. A larger blip indicated the Taranak parked in synchronous orbit around the red dwarf. More military ships were seen on the board. He toggled the com and replied ?Spider squadron, you are cleared for landing in hangar seven oh nine.?

    ?Spiders follow me. Spider one out.?

    The hangar control officer was impressed when he saw the six X-wings coming in for a landing in the indicated hangar. They parked their fighters with military precision in the indicated places.

    - - -

    ?WOW this is huge and do we have to walk all the way to the nearest place where we can have some fun?? Issa gazed this and that way when he followed Rob around stacks of crates ? their parking place was a transfer place for cargo too ? to an exit out of the hangar.

    ?We can make it an exercise,? Rob turned ?but it?s dark out there and there is an easier way to get to the bar where our target is.? He saw Jason giving a confirming nod and moving with his lips ?Horn is here.?

    ?Ah yes and what will be the beginning of our prank?? Sannie sauntered towards the maglev transport parked just outside the hangar.

    ?The gloves and straws,? Kevin patted his pocket.

    ?And I have the ketchup,? Weston boarded with Sannie the transport.

    - - -

    The maglev transport deposited the six Spiders in one of the entertainment areas of the big red star destroyer.
    Jason guided the Spiders unerringly towards one of the bars where ? no surprise ? Jedi Master Corran Horn was in a winning mood at the Sabaac table. And he saw the man giving him a nod. The Jedi had recognised him. Jason had been on Corellia with his group to celebrate the birthday of his commander when Corran returned from Ithor after defeating Shedao Shai. He had seen the pained looks on Corran?s face when holo-news re
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    Jason guided the Spiders unerringly towards one of the bars where ? no surprise ? Jedi Master Corran Horn was in a winning mood at the Sabaac table. And he saw the man giving him a nod. The Jedi had recognised him. Jason had been on Corellia with his group to celebrate the birthday of his commander when Corran returned from Ithor after defeating Shedao Shai. He had seen the pained looks on Corran?s face when holo-news reporters spotted him and had created with the Spiders a diversion. Corran had been able to slip away unnoticed.

    Cool that you also have Corran & Mirax in the story. :D
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    Liked the reminiscing and the pranking
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    Spiders going on R and R and yes they will meet famous persons.

    this was fun to write

    The next entry has the new Shakespeare challenge quote as inspiration

    60. ?But screw your courage to the sticking place,
    And we?ll not fail.?
    Macbeth, I.vii.60-61.


    36 ABY

    24 relona
    Strike cruiser Taranak

    Trembling with agitation Rob Spanish waited for the door of the cabin to open.
    It opened.

    ?Com ? Rob,? Didier Kalra soothed when he saw a grey face showing the muted bioluminescent patterns indicating sorrow. Not as intense as a month ago after the battle of Sarm where Skip Gronje paid the ultimate sacrifice but they were there and the captain took the trembling Varankonin inside his cabin. ?Sit down and I will get you something to drink.?

    ?Cap ? Didier,? Rob reverted to the familiar given name when he sat down on one of the comfortable chairs in the living room of the captain?s cabin. ?Something??

    ?Personal, I presume,? Didier placed a glass of water on the table.

    Rob nodded ?For Kevin and me. I received a message from the doctors caring for our old teacher Van Jokam. He is old and he has a ravaging?? Tears appeared in his eyes.

    ?You have told me about him and the importance of his teachings to Kevin and you and you want to meet him,? Didier guided the conversation and saw Rob taking the glass.

    A sip from the glass and Rob nodded again ?I uh yes uh you know.?

    ?I know. Teacher Van Jokam was the reason for Kevin and you to become a pilot and you can go but,? Didier halted. He remembered his teacher Russel Sadar guiding him on the path to become a captain and the inspiring visits to the Sadar Repair shop that had become Mechworks. He had been on New Holstice shortly before before Russel?s father became one with the Force. And he had heard from Russel about the enternal soul and Jedi mastering to fade when the death of the body was there.

    ?Yes but?? Rob took another sip.

    ?I like to meet your teacher,? Didier got a smile on his face when he saw the changing pattern on the face of Rob. ?I will tell the hangar to ready a Lambda-shuttle.?

    ?You will,? Rob began to smile through his tears. ?And yes sir, you will meet my teacher and I will get packing and tell Kevin.?

    26 relona
    Kaaiiana bay

    Three males were standing in the surf that was highlighted by the moon. Two ? Kevin and Rob ? were supporting a frail old Ceitan lying on a stretcher and connected to tubes. They had guided that stretcher ? after getting permission from the doctors treating Van Jokam ? to the beach. The doctors had done all to keep the pain from the ravaging disease away.

    Van Jokam was ready. He had waited for Rob and Kevin to come to Varanko. He had been very pleased when the captain showed up. He had listened to the exciting stories of the captain and the commanders.

    Van Jokam knew that the Varankonin would be there for the captain and his friends when the need arose. He remembered the shy kids ? strong in the Force and just turned 13 ? that had come to his home in the Van-cave near Kiran city now more than 22 years ago and getting them interested in mechanical things and above all piloting things. Watching holo?s had the two kids interested in making models of starfighters and wanting to become pilots. But Rob and Kevin had been telling about their weird dreams and those dreams had Jokam explaining all about dreams that could be visions. Kevin had said that he wanted to try to help the republic but Rob had been more reluctant.

    Jokam smiled. Rob and Kevin had been shy but another kid had been very shy for a Varankonin ending almost every conversation with yes but. That kid was Dylan Awakian on a trip with his parents to Kaaiiaana bay. ?Yes but? had him remembering the conversation on the day that the two boarded a public transport to Coruscant. The day after saying goodbye he had retired and gone to Kaaiiaana bay where only a few weeks ago a disease ? incureable ? had
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    ?And I am ready,? Jokam reached weakly up with one hand towards the captain ?remember? and exhaled one more time.

    The body faded.

    And on the stretcher were the tubes and breathmask that had supported the old Ceitan.

    You forced me to look for handkerchiefs with this update!

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    That indeed was touching and heartwarming. @};- @};-

    Beautiful scene and reminiscing.

    [:D] !!!

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    It is the piece that will have Didier remembering when he is with Jason at the funeral ceremony for Mara Jade. That began the story 'Refuge' and what's now coming will be after 'Reunion' beginning with some fun with Kyp and lots of guesses.

    Dreams coming true

    43 ABY

    12 helona
    Jedi Temple

    ?An unidentified message bouncing this and that was and coming finally from Corellia but with d?Lorrion, Runia and Kalra in it,? Jedi Master Kyp Durron headed to the residential wing where one of his pilots had her home. He couldn?t make that much of the message but quarantine buoys had gotten his curiosity raised to the extreme. He had seen orders from Daala to Admiral Vic Lecerce to head to the Strike cruiser Taranak and question the captain about quarantine buoys in the Pangona system. On the Taranak was Didier Kalra and he was Dorne?s great lover and friend. And he got a mischievous smile on his handsome face when the door opened before he reached for the buzzer with one hand. Hurriedly he placed his hands with the comlink behind his back and had one feet stepping back.

    ?Kyp,? Dorne beamed ?you have news from Didier??

    Kyp ? mouth in an ?o? and eyebrows crawling up ? replied ?what gives you the impression that I ?? but got no further when Dorne threw her arms around his waist. That had Dorne?s face awfully close to his face and him balancing precariously.

    ?You have and come in,? Dorne stepped back and that had Kyp stumbling and taking a Force assisted jump and sailing into Dorne?s apartment with Dorne ducking and snatching the comlink from Kyp?s hands.

    ?You have,? Dorne activated the comlink and a figure ? dirty and with a cooks apron slung haphazardly across a belly ? wearing an interesting black uniform with unknown markings ? appeared as a hologram.

    ?Master sergeant Floreverus Bullwinkle,? the figure began and had a long report about a secret project of quarantine buoys placed in the Pangona, Lingala and Varanko systems.

    ?Those systems are in our star-charts,? Kyp stated when the hologram disappeared. He was now sitting on the couch with Dorne next to him. ?I have searched our database and that Bullwinkle is nowhere to be found. But the message is genuine and states that your friend Didier has nothing to do with Pangona and ??

    ?He has but this,? Dorne stood up. A message from Russel Sadar had her already planning something that would change her life as it has been.

    ?I know what you are planning,? Kyp stood up as well ?I have the clearance and you??

    ?What,? Dorne followed Kyp to the archives where she told him everything about that message from Sadar.


    Grinning broadly and clutching the package against her chest Dorne saw Kyp headed back to the speeder after dropping her in one of the public spaceports and booking passage for her to New Holstice. ?Follow your heart,? was ordered by Kyp before she could begin to tell him about wanting to be with Didier Kalra. And he parted with ?this is for him? and gave her the package. And she fully expected the package to contain a surprise from Durron. He had stopped the speeder in a rather seedy district on Coruscant, had ordered her to stay in the speeder and had entered a rather sleazy shop.
    ?Is this your repay for what I gave you??

    tbc after the 'move'

    What's in the package and what had she planned for Kyp?
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    Ooh, intriguing. Looking forward to the mysteries being revealed.

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    ?I know what you are planning,? Kyp stood up as well ?I have the clearance and you??

    ?What,? Dorne followed Kyp to the archives where she told him everything about that message from Sadar.


    Grinning broadly and clutching the package against her chest Dorne saw Kyp headed back to the speeder after dropping her in one of the public spaceports and booking passage for her to New Holstice. ?Follow your heart,? was ordered by Kyp before she could begin to tell him about wanting to be with Didier Kalra. And he parted with ?this is for him? and gave her the package. And she fully expected the package to contain a surprise from Durron. He had stopped the speeder in a rather seedy district on Coruscant, had ordered her to stay in the speeder and had entered a rather sleazy shop.
    ?Is this your repay for what I gave you??

    tbc after the 'move'

    What's in the package and what had she planned for Kyp?

    This is so unfair, bird! After the move! Argh! Well, you taught me cliffies, mistress. Muahaha!
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    Party, exams and a party

    13 helona 18.30
    Kiran City government building

    A party was in full swing.
    Kehviin Beltaiiihne and Dhaailia Jwiista and Rohbb Spaniwwsh and Ahraanda Qwiinnis were standing near one of the large windows. The setting sun was highlighting their beautiful patterns showing their great love and happiness.
    The married couples were getting presents.
    A lot of those presents had been made by the children of the kindergarten where Dhaailia was the senior teacher. A parent or parents accompanied the children to give the present.
    Sean and Ann Tefaye had given their presents.

    Ann was with Dick Perriguey and his wife Julie and having fun with their little daughter Ellen who didn’t want to leave. She had – mindful of her bulging belly – knelt down to be on eye-level with the two year old and was waving with the plush owl getting squeals of laughter in return when the owl touched Ellen. And she was glad that her baby was asleep. Night time was becoming more and more disturbed with frequent visits to the fresher. A few weeks was what Lina Spaniwwsh had told her yesterday.

    But Dick wanted to go home because he had to supervise the exams during the coming five days. And with sixteen students to grade that was quite a workload. But he didn’t mind being five days in the OT supervising those students. Five students had already joined his group in the hospital and the exams were just the final part to establish them as surgeons. The anaestetists Van Doran and Gan Joktan had split their tour of duty in the OT but had to grade theoretical exams as well. He saw two students still present at the party and gave a silent nod to Ann when she looked up.

    “I see,” Ann smiled “and help is coming. Captain Kalra has noticed the time and will sure send Doran to them.”

    “Ah Doran,” Dick got a mischievous look on his face. “And your husband providing me with the code will lead to fun tomorrow.”

    Sean had joined Dylan Awakian and was now sampling the delicacies made by Bul Jorakina when he saw his teacher Van Doran speaking to Didier Kalra and the latter pointing towards him and Dylan.

    “Telling about our exams tomorrow,” Dylan grinned. “I sure won’t stay till the end of the party or…”

    “We will have a grumpy Van Doran tomorrow,” Sean continued with a smile on his face “and I don’t want to disappoint captain Kalra either. He is now here and …”

    “I will never forget your face showing the great surprise when Doran guided us to the government building to examine new arrivals,” Dylan interrupted. “You …”

    “We forgot almost what we had to do,” Sean grinned. “You had Kevin and I started with Didier to give him his medical check-up and that became quite …”

    “Lengthy for you and me with Issa commenting on all in his most eloquent way when I guided him in,” Doran said. “But,” he halted for a moment and continued “I was done with examining Issa before you finished with Didier.”

    “Yes but,” Dylan grinned “We had Kevin and Didier in a guestroom before Dhaailia arrived and that had the officials with one problem solved of where to get the captain, Issa, Weston and Sannie a home. Dhaailia contacted her father and he offered them a stay in his beach park cottages.”

    “And he helped to find new homes,” Doran saw Didier headed his way. “And that had Issa and Sannie deciding to settle here. Tomorrow at nine I expect you to be in scrub-room two.”

    “We will be there,” Sean turned towards Dylan and whispered in his ear “did you give Dick the new code for…”

    “Sean Tefaye and Dylan Awakian,” Doran grumbled good naturedly “get studying and if I find my wetsuit swimming in the sink I will give the results of your first exam another inspection. Now go! You have five days of tests ahead.”

    “Yes doc,” Sean grinned and sped with Dylan towards his wife going to the exit. Chief Perri was going and he didn’t want to disappoint him either.

    - - -
    And that had Didier asking “what’s that about a code?”

    “Good ears too,” Doran remarked “I think I will have to change the code to my locker again. Perriguey is very ingenious to get my code and with those two as my students I haven’t had a day with a nice comfy dry and not smelling of soap wetsuit to return to my home. Pranks are their way to make my life miserable.”

    “I see,” Didier grinned when he saw the patterns of delight on Doran’s face and arms because the Ceitan enjoyed that fun and clearly was doing his pranks to retaliate. “Sean must have learned playing pranks during his short stay on the Taranak.”

    “And he was with Jason Guyet in the same room during his recovery,” Doran got a far away look on his face “Jason is home on Lingala and planning his journey to Moniron with his friends.”

    “Ah yes,” Didier mused. He didn’t remember telling Doran about Jason’s whereabouts. The Ceitan had sure seen it in the Force. And the Ceitan, Sean and Dylan and the parents of Kevin and Rob had been there waiting at the government building when they arrived from the spaceport. That explained more about beings with the Force.

    “And we will be safe on Varanko,” Doran continued. “Your message to ‘Bullwinkle’ will set things in motion. You will be surprised captain Kalra.” And with that said Doran left the room.

    - - -
    Doran was walking along the beach to the harbour where – this time – his dry wetsuit was in one of the lockers of the Kiran city rescue squad. He had a big smile on his face. ‘Didier is so transparent and so unlike the four Jedi knights I have met when I was fifteen. My parents gave them and their charge shelter. I was there helping those Jedi and their charge back to the beach when the transport arrived. Those padawans were showing pure love when they could be alone for a while near the waterfall. And my dad discussing with Master Jinn about the Force must have helped the master to reach his goal. Compassion is one of the keys. And pure love another; Obi-Wan should be with his beloved Siri.’

    Doran grinned when he felt the soft froth lapping at his feet. He had seen Master Jinn after he became one with the Force and the result of the teachings of Master Jinn. Anakin and Jacen had visited Varanko a few years ago showing their mastery of becoming one with the eternity.

    15 helona 17.45
    Kiran city caves
    Yes, yesterday had been a finding-a-wet-wetsuit-in-the-sink-at-end-of-the-morning day for Van Doran and he had given the results of the first exams a closer inspection to find them to be excellent for the two culprits Dylan and Sean. It had been a morning in the OT with the two students supervised by Doran and Perriguey to do a simple procedure. He had returned to his home to celebrate the second birthday of his son Jason.

    Doran was now placing datasticks in his viewer to grade the theoretical exams when he saw the images becoming blurry. “Jason help them!” A soft sigh escaped his lips and he closed his eyes.

    “Jason will help them,” Jora soothed. She was holding a rather sleepy Jason who was clutching one of his new toys – a pilot-doll gotten from Issa – in his chubby hands.

    Sleepy eyes opened. “Jason dad.” The child began to squirm in his mother’s arms.

    “Not you but your name-giver,” Doran stood up and reached for his son. “He will save his new friends. And for you young man it’s bedtime after a nice bedtime story.” He walked with Jora to the room of his son. Theoretical exam grading could wait. And he was glad that the hospital in Kiran City had the state of the art Force suppressing field or medicines when he had to treat a Varankonin or Ceitan. He remembered Varankina showing him the easy to harvest Direxa algae that had large quantities of draxin and provided the doctors with the medicine draxinon.

    16 helona 13.15
    Kiran city hospital

    “You felt it too?” Doran sat down and gave a knowing wink to Rob Spanish who was sitting with Kevin Beltaine at a table in the meadow before the restaurant. The two Varankonin were having a break and their squadspeeder was parked before the meadow.

    “I did,” Rob replied “Jason was helping two victims of a crash in a place you don’t want to be at all because it robs you of your midi-chlorians and he is now sleeping and having treatment for his dead midis.”

    “Yup and Jason’s friends are in the same situation,” Kevin mused. “But knowing Jason and his family fun and pranks will follow soon and …”

    Beep pi beep pi

    A three four one oh one respond

    Rob grabbed his comlink “Spanish responding. State the emergency.”

    Kite-surfer in trouble in sector nine seven. Captain Beltaine is waiting at the quay.”

    “Coming,” Rob placed the comlink on his belt and ran away with Kevin. “Your dad will have us busy.”

    “Very busy,” Kevin grinned when he leapt behind the controls of the squadspeeder and gunned the engine. “With Sjan Miihiine and Koda Siemif away with the other boat we are the swimming guys.”

    “Picked up some Issa speech,” Rob roared with laughter. “Issa was at it again yesterday when he joined the all Ceitan and Varankonin rescue-craft and met Koda Siiniv again and calling him Koda Siemif. Issa had to do the rescue swimming after that and got praise when he managed to get his charges aboard the boat without any trouble. Koda should hear that and lecture you on correct Varankonin speech.”

    “I know,” Kevin steered the squadspeeder through the exit and on the road leading to the harbour. “Not Siemif but Siiniv is the name.”

    16 helona 14.00
    New Holstice
    Dorne Runia had been bored. A journey to New Holstice and the cottage of Didier Kalra had taken days using first one of the commercial liners and after landing on New Holstice central spaceport a taxi to a hotel, staying there during the night and using various public transports to cities all over the planet and to end in the city near where Mechworks was situated. A rented speeder was used for the final stretch.

    But that was a pleasant journey. She was remembering her dream and her wake up shortly after that dream. She had recognised two men clearly in that dream. Jason Guyet was the first and he had been helping two injured men. Jacen Solo – recognisable and shining with joy – was the second and he was supporting the rescuers. ‘And he was there when I woke up and told me to go to my love. ‘Even I could see that you had your great love somewhere else with all the teasing and bantering between you and Kyp’ was what Jacen said.’

    - - -
    Russel Sadar was standing in the cavernous hangar. During the clone wars hangar 41 had been a place known to dump materials to scrap to a few high placed admirals. Among them was Dave d’Lorrion and he had ordered the old Venator class stardestroyer Indefatigable to land there. It had been his workplace since he was a kid helping his father with the scrap found in that hangar. Most was scrap but some more interesting things not. But for the Imperials it was scrap. The Venator-class stardestroyer Indefatigable was long gone after being needed for a mission to Pangona.
    ‘That one is the best there is to get us to our destiny,’ Russel eyed the single freighter that was left in the hangar and was being loaded by one of the loadlifter droids with boxes marked ‘kitchen-utensils’ but contained something else.

    ‘Nice,’ Dorne sneaked up on Russel.

    “Yes Jedi Runia that is our transport,” Russel started towards the transport. He sensed what she was about to do and waited. “And tomorrow we have a nice day when I …”

    “Celebrate your birthday,” Dorne grabbed him by his shoulder, turned him and flew in his arms.

    “That is only for the two of us,” Russel grinned “one of those containers has all there is needed to celebrate my 70th birthday during the travel from here to nowhere and somewhere.”

    “Ah I see,” Dorne observed.

    “All our associates have new jobs and the hangar will become a part of the new training facility,” Russel explained and began to tell her more about what he had done to disband Mechworks. Odds and ends – associates wanting to join the Jedi and others wanting to retire to a nice and quiet place – would be taken care of by Kyp Durron.

    19 helona 22.00
    Kiran City hospital
    A party was in full swing in the large restaurant of the hospital.
    Sixteen students had graduated and were with their families and friends celebrating.
    Van Doran had invited Bul Jorakina and she was with the cooks from the hospital standing behind the counter and serving her famous delicacies.
    Jorakina accepted from Kevin the empty glass with the straw and rushed towards the kitchen.

    Issa – unusually silent during the last ten minutes – was standing next to Kevin and grinned when he saw Jorakina and a cook coming back with what appeared as a person.

    “Now,” Kevin hissed in Issa’s ear.

    “Eeek there’s a body here and it appears to be a dead or a soon to be dead body that’s in dire need of some medical attention,” Issa shouted at the top of his lungs.

    That got of course the attention from everyone present with Doran and Rob acting immediately.

    Doran rushed towards the counter, patterns in his face flashing fear – pretended fear because he was the one to begin the prank – followed by the other brother in arms Rob Spanish.
    Sannie and Weston happened to be near said counter and hauled the ‘person’ in plain sight and began with Rob and Kevin helping to check for vitals.

    “Medics, doctors, anybody, come here,” Doran ordered.

    Sixteen doctors – the former students – rushed to the counter, all eager to help their teacher.

    “Sean,” Doran ordered dryly “your first emergency. Moro, Liset get a stretcher. The rest; keep the public at a discrete distance.”

    Sean – seeing the smiling eyes of his friends and fully expecting the prank – knelt down next to the ‘person’ and began to examine.

    Didier Kalra – eager to see Sean at work – was the next to arrive.

    And Sean began in his most serious voice after taking out his stethoscope “heartbeat zero, temperature chilled, carbondioxide levels rising, fluids contained and ready to be distributed.”

    “What?” Issa knelt down and took one of the gloved hands in his hands. “This person is wriggling his fingers and has a heartbeat of zero and chilled temperature? I suppose it is something for all to see?”

    “It is,” Doran waved with his hands to get the spectators nearer “and especially for the new doctors.”

    “Checking fluids,” Sean reached for the zipper and halted until he saw all his classmates – Moro and Liset had hurried back and were standing there with the stretcher – giving the ‘person’ their utmost attention “and here they are.” He opened the zipper to reveal sixteen cans of sparkling juice and distributed them among his classmates.

    “To a great carreer and many happy families,” Sean toasted and that was followed by wishes and toasts from the others.

    “And many pranks to come,” Didier grinned.

    A party continued into the small hours.
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    After the party

    20 helona 09.00

    Home of Rob and Aranda Spanish
    Buzzz buzzzz dunk.
    Oewaaaahh. A mouth opened wide.

    Sleepy grey eyes opened in slits.

    Slowly responding muscles reached for the offending buzzing thing.

    One arm was trying to wrestle free from the embrace of loving hands.

    Buzzz buzzzz Dunk.

    “Geez Rob? Your pager?” That came from the grey beauty snuggled next to him in the bed.

    “Oewaaahh uhh yes suppose so,” Rob mumbled and extricated his right arm and grabbed the vibrating pager. “Kriff its power is depleted.”

    “It’s your pager and because of that someone is using his hands, feet or whatever to get our attention,” Aranda smiled when she saw her comlink in the re-charger with a green blinking light that the recharge was almost completed. She always made sure that the comlink was ready to use since becoming a lawyer at the courthouse of Kiran city.

    “Ah and that’s why,” Rob swung his legs over the side of the bed and rushed downstairs and opened the door before another ‘dunk’ vibrated through the frontdoor of the house. “Oops.”

    Pwiieeet ssssttaaat
    “Oops Rob,” Ron Berger began to smile with mischievous glee when he saw his grey friend dressed in nothing. “I had Dorne Runia contacting me with a request for a landing and sent immediately a short message to Didier’s comlink. And the ‘oops’ for me came when Stat came from the hangar to my office with a message from Russel Sadar. And I couldn’t get in touch with you and rushed here.”

    “Uh come in and blame the party,” Rob urged. He saw a speeder from the port-authorities, parked rather haphazardly on the grass near his home and a trail from treads - his astromech Stat had made them – coming from the open cargo compartment and began to smile as well when he saw the tell tale signs that Ron – awake for some time – had met some difficulties too. A uniform was rather rumpled and a zipper was open.

    Astromech and official entered.

    Ron didn’t waste more time and asked “you know where the captain went yesterday after the party?”

    “Uh yes to his home and what’s important about that?”

    “If Didier is arriving at ten hundred at the KC government building a surprise won’t be a surprise anymore. Rob you have to delay the captain for at least one hour.”

    “Delay? What and why?” Rob grinned when he saw his wife Aranda – dressed now in nightgown and robe – throwing a pair of trousers from upstairs. He caught and donned them.

    “Russel Sadar is coming too and your astromech has the entire message from him.”

    “Stat show me the message,” Rob – now very intrigued – turned to Stat and missed a shirt that followed the trousers.

    Stat activated his holoprojector. “I am…”

    Rob listened and a big smile got even bigger when the entire message was relayed.

    “Will arrive with Mechwork shuttle and want to be at government building and ready with the paper-work before Didier is there,” the hologram of Russel Sadar finished and disappeared.

    “Come Stat,” Rob donned a pair of clogs and hurried outside with Ron following and waving with the shirt.

    Near the home of Didier Kalra
    A short distance away from the Kalra residence a shirted Rob and Stat exited the speeder. More fun had followed when he had paid visits to Kevin, Sannie, Steve and Issa.

    “He is punctual,” Ron began when he saw lights in the residence. “KC opens at 10 hundred for the public and he will be there. Delay him for just one hour and I will take care of Dorne and Russel.”

    “Yes and don’t worry,” Rob grinned “I will meet you and the Spiders at the back-entrance” and headed towards the home of his former captain. His rumpled appearance would have the captain asking about the party.

    Kiran City government building
    “Yes Stat, you almost spoiled some of the fun,” Rob grinned when he saw Ron Berger at the back-entrance of the KC building.

    “What? That piece of tin can was about to spoil the fun we are soon going to have with our captain and his teacher and his lovely Jedi girl friend?” Issa was about to kick the astromech with his booted foot but was stopped by Rob or almost.

    “Don’t hit him or he will do the same as when the captain patted him on his dome,” Rob began when a boot brushed against a sensor.

    Twiieet “I am Russel…”

    “Shut up Stat, code Ssssiiiiissssiii seven,” Rob shouted.

    “Can we go inside?” Weston had the doorknob in his hand.

    “With Steve, Kevin and Sannie we are complete,” Ron stated when the backdoor began to open to reveal the Ceitan and his assistant who was in cahoots with the spaceport official.

    “Sean! Doran,” Issa began and was silenced by Ron placing a hand on his mouth.

    “Inside and as silently as possible to the main hall,” Ron guided a silent Issa inside.

    An older Varankonin woman - holding a map containing the documents – greeted the group. She introduced herself “I am Asha Hagiin” and continued “I have entered the records of Runia and Sadar in the registry” and told them more. She led them to the door leading to the main hall. “Just wait.” She opened the door.

    “Wo…” Issa began.

    “Shh,” Ron whispered.

    The captain was disentangling from Dorne and turning towards an older man.

    “What brought you to Varanko?”

    “Daala issuing funds for a new training base on New Holstice,” that came from Russel “And that had Mechworks becoming awfully close to that base. And with her dislike for Force sensitives I decided to contact Dorne and guess what.”

    “With events like Valin and Jysella going mad and arrested by the government and more happening in the Jedi Temple and hearing that from Russel I decided to follow my heart.”

    “Go for him,” Issa uttered but was silenced by Doran placing a slightly webbed hand on Issa’s mouth.

    “It was Master Durron who more or less ordered me to do that and he showed me the orders to a certain admiral Vic Lecerce to go to the Taranak and question the captain about quarantine buoys in the Pangona system. And guess what.”

    “Shortly after that order you had a message coming from an unidentified source. I know.”

    “Kyp had that message and that had him helping me to alter some records in the archives. Quarantine buoys around Pangona could be identified as coming from a secret project begun by an intelligence squadron before the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. There was no link between you and the buoys. Pangona was erased from the star charts. And more in that message had us doing the same to Lingala and Varanko. The Irel starcluster is now devoid of habitable planets. And after we were done in the archives Kyp guided me to the spaceport, bought passage to New Holstice and gave me this.”

    “Issa those are my toes,” Weston managed to whisper when the Zabrak moved this and that way to try to move past the doorpost.

    “Sorry,” Issa said rather loudly but continued muffled when Sean had – this time – his hand on Issa’s mouth “Hmmmpfh but I have to see what’s in the box. And it sure must be funny or pretty. See the captain is offering his….”

    “Will you marry me?”

    “I will.”

    “A ring seals the bond between humans,” Asha Hagiin smiled “and now I will continue with the official paper work.”

    “WHOOT,” Issa – set free by Sean – began and his whoot was followed by the whoots from the pilots, Sean and Doran.

    “I want to see,” Issa rushed forward to congratulate the captain and the Jedi. “Congrats Didier, congrats Jedi Runia,” shaking hands he saw the ring now adorning Dorne’s finger and what was in the box and grinned “hey pink things and they are very revealing pink things.”

    “Issa and his pink things,” Dorne picked up the garment, inspected it and began to roar with laughter “Kyp Durron, I knew it. You and your sneaking away to some sleazy shop and telling me to wait in the speeder to get me this. Is this your repay for my rather revealing present for you…”

    “What? Can you explain?” Didier caught the hem of the gown and spread it out.

    “Russel and I bought for Kyp a simmersilk dressing gown and that being of a kind worn by old folks I got comments from him when I gave him the package in the hangar,” Dorne laughed. “Kyp began with ‘I don’t have a’ and I interrupted and said that he could have all the girls in the galaxy and that all girls loved to see a man dressed in this dressing gown and wrapped it around him. At that moment Master Horn came in.”

    “And Horn had his comments too I suppose,” Issa grinned. “He had them on the Errant Venture when I wanted to play Sabaac and got directed by a waitress to the dejaric table where cans of Mujaa juice were used to plan the prank planned for said Horn.”

    “Horn came in yes,” Dorne continued “and he made a remark that had Kyp chasing Horn and Horn afterwards telling me in the restaurant that I had to expect more from Master Durron. And yes I waited and waited and the mysterious message from a certain Bullwinkle had Kyp planning this” and she placed the nightgown back in the box. Now she was free to accept the congratulations from the others.

    “I have the documents,” Asha Hagiin stepped forward “and if you follow me the official event can be planned.”

    “We will,” Didier took Dorne’s hand in his and followed the official and heard the beginning of a discussion between the two doctors, Russel and the Spiders what to do with a bachelor party.
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    “I have the documents,” Asha Hagiin stepped forward “and if you follow me the official event can be planned.”

    “We will,” Didier took Dorne’s hand in his and followed the official and heard the beginning of a discussion between the two doctors, Russel and the Spiders what to do with a bachelor party.

    Well, nice that people will get married around here. @};-

    Love is in the air.
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    Oh hilarious! Pranking "boys" [face_laugh]

    :* for the PM, if I can still call it that LOL!
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    Bird, I need your fanfic author advice when you are back from your birthday weekend. And by the way: van harte gefeliciteerd/ happy birthday/ alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!

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    Early baby and revealing water

    21 helona

    Kiran City hospital
    With her friends Ann Tefaye was guiding Dorne Runia to one of the public transports to get them to the shopping mall where the next part of the bachelor party would take place when she felt a slight cramp in her belly. The women had been entertaining the young patients in the hospital with a play, written by Lois Banasco.

    “Your baby is coming,” Dorne halted and steered Ann back towards the hospital.

    “It must have been the excellent lunch,” Ann began.

    “No,” Dorne grinned “your baby is early.”

    As a student on Corellia Didier Kalra had been once to one of the resorts of Kor Vella and he had been scuba diving with his friends. That way he should have known what to expect but this was entirely new for him. He had donned the wetsuit and equipment and had followed Sean Tefaye. Below the surface the surprise was there when he saw Doran diving without the aid of BA-tanks and Ceitans coming to guide him to their home. Emerging from the moonpool in the cave the surprise had been complete. Rob and Kevin, Issa, Weston, Steve and Sannie were there standing around the pool and welcoming their captain.

    Didier was awed when he was guided to the central cave where Bul Jorakina had her restaurant.

    Dylan was there with the off-duty rescue workers and doctors and medics from the hospital.

    Jorakina distributed the work.

    Didier was helping Doran to peel the onions when the Ceitan got a far away look in his eyes.

    “Sean with me,” Doran dropped onion and knife in the basket and hurried away.

    Sean – used to the Ceitan’s behaviour – dropped what he was doing and followed him.

    “What’s,” Issa began.

    “A baby is early,” Dylan had a big smile on his face.

    Kiran City hospital
    Clad in dripping wetsuits Doran and Sean exited a speeder from the rescue squad and hurried to the emergency entrance.

    “You are early,” Ko Swiimiv was at the open door. “Kio Gaitaan is with your wife and will be helping her.”

    “I know and want to support her,” Sean smiled and passed the Varankonin doctor to head towards the delivery room.

    There he found Kio Gaitaan – the Varankonin doctor – busy donning a pair of gloves.

    Ann was comfortably in a bed and only a bit surprised. She grinned when a puddle of water started to form dripping from a wetsuit. “It was the first contraction and I have had only a few more. There is nothing strenuous and nothing giving me any discomfort. Doran alerted you?”

    “Yes,” Doran entered behind Sean the room and had the water from his wetsuit joining the wetness on the floor. He had a knowing smile on his face when he saw Dorne sitting next to the bed with one hand on the left shoulder of Ann and Kio now hurrying to the bed. “A husband should be with his wife to see the wonder.”

    “The baby is,” Ann began when she felt a strong contraction “oh my.”

    “Ann,” Sean beamed and gripped her right hand after sitting down.

    “Push Ann,” Kio ordered. She had seen and felt the powers of the Jedi to help with the contractions being entirely painless.

    “Push,” Ann began but stopped when another strong contraction surged through her belly.

    “Push,” Sean said when he felt Ann squeezing his hand.

    Ann pushed and pushed.

    “One more,” Kio was ready and had the baby in his hands “A girl.”

    The baby started to cry.

    Kio placed the girl on her mother’s belly.

    The girl became quiet immediately and reached up with a little hand.

    Ann reached with her hand to her child to embrace her.

    Sean reached for the little hand.

    “Anika,” Ann and Sean smiled.

    “Anika,” Jorakina grinned.

    “Anika?” Didier looked up from his plate with stew.

    “Anika Tefaye is born and your betrothed has helped with the delivery,” Jorakina answered.

    “I see,” Didier looked around to see the smiling faces of Dylan, Rob and Kevin. They knew. And Didier was sure that Dorne would be rested and her usual self tomorrow.

    22 helona

    Didier and Dorne were on the beach but not to be seen. They were behind a waterfall that was cascading down the cliff quite nearby and was adding a rumbling noise to the gentle lapping of the waves against rocks and sand.

    Friends were there for the marriage between the couple.

    Rob was moving with Kevin, Sean and Dylan at his heels towards the waterfall.

    Van Doran had a big smile on his face.

    “What’s up Doran?” Issa whispered in his ear. “Will she reveal her pink things that were the gift from Jedi Knight Kyp Durron?”

    Doran whispered back. “You know the tradition on Varanko?”

    “Is it the same as when Rob and Aranda and Kevin and Dalia married and had us carrying the couples into the surf and back?”

    “Sort of,” Doran hurried to follow the group towards the waterfall. “But this will be the last part of the official ceremony. And after that the surf beacons.”

    Issa hurried towards the waterfall and heard the last words of the speech of official Hagiin.

    “Water was what brought couples together beneath the waves. Water is still there to seal the bond between a couple. Didier Kalra and Dorne Runia; I pronounce you now man and wife, bonded forever. Step forward and follow me.”

    Issa saw official Hagiin appearing and he saw Didier and Dorne. “Yes pink things. She is wearing them.”

    “Revealing water,” Van Doran grinned and started to follow the group but stopped when he heard a soft voice in the Force.

    ‘Hiding water was what led us to this place. Pure love brought us together.’

    And Van Doran smiled when he saw Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the cascading water of the waterfall.

    In the Force souls were bonded forever.


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    Sweet! Sweet! :) :D All weddings and renewal of vows should take place on the beach -- with a soft saxophone and a sunset. Oooh, melty melt! LOL

    Doesn't take much to get me started. ;)
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    Very romantic update! Cheered me up!
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