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Rogue One [Spoilers] Inconsistencies with the rest of the saga

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Anthology (Released Films)' started by 11-4D, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. 11-4D

    11-4D Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 6, 2015
    Minor or major, what kind of inconsistencies did you notice in the movie?

    Minor af, but the ones I noticed:

    • Rebel spies did NOT beam the DS plans to the Tantive as Vader claims, they were beamed to that other ship and delivered by hand to the Tantive.
    • Why would Captain Antilles claim they were on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan? He just witnessed Vader slaughter a ton of rebels before he literally watched them make the jump into hyperspace. Does he think Vader is an idiot?
    Any other ones? :)
  2. DV-213

    DV-213 Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 18, 2014
    It was actually true what the rebel said to Vader: "We intercepted no transmissions". :)
  3. Flex Madine

    Flex Madine Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 17, 2015
    Why would Captain Antilles NOT claim they were on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan?

    As you noted - he just witnessed Vader slaughter a ton of rebels. Did he have any other good options?
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  4. TCF-1138

    TCF-1138 Porg of New Films & Fan Films star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 20, 2002
    1. The plans were beamed to the larger ship - then carried over to the Tantive IV. So it was essentially correct.
    2. That totally wasn't the Tantive IV... it was the... other ship... Tantive III. Or Tantive V.
    Or Sundered Heart.
  5. Lulu Mars

    Lulu Mars Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 10, 2005
    You lost me there. Leia was not on the Tantive IV at the end?
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  6. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    Opening post sums up my thoughts. Vader's comment contradicts the end of the movie- he should've said that "This damn ship escaped right under my nose with plans that were physically carried there!":p
  7. TCF-1138

    TCF-1138 Porg of New Films & Fan Films star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 20, 2002
    Oh yeah, absolutely. I was making a joke, as in that would be Captain Antilles' excuse to Vader.
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  8. AndyLGR

    AndyLGR Jedi Master star 4

    May 1, 2014
    The Tantive was on the ship the plans were sent to, so for all Vader knows the plans were beamed directly to the Tantive, so I wouldn't say thats an inconsistency.

    Technically the ship was on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan, because it contained Leia and it was going to Alderaan. The plans weren't on board the ships computers either so if it went before the senate I suppose Leia would say they've been attacked and theres no proof that what the Empire wants is on there.
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  9. Darth Downunder

    Darth Downunder Chosen One star 6

    Aug 5, 2001
    Don't think there's an issue with this. Vader knew the plans were beamed to the Rebel ship/ships. That is, the frigate & the blockade runner that was docked at the time. As far as he's concerned, the two ships are one & the same in relation to the transmission they received.
    Also, I can't see how Cap't Antilles would definitely know that Vader personally boarded & attacked the frigate. So he thought it was worth trying to lie his way out of it, even though it's canon now that Vader knew for an absolute fact that he was full of it, since he watched them depart with the plans. Maybe that's why he threw him against the wall with such gusto.
  10. DV-213

    DV-213 Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 18, 2014
    When Vader actually boarded the Tantive IV he did it a little less calm then when trying to get the plans in the air dock. :)
  11. themoth

    themoth Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2015
    He probably thought he had the plans in his reach.
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  12. Qotsisajak

    Qotsisajak Jedi Padawan

    Oct 23, 2015
    This thread is great for discussion, and this was a great question to kick off with:

    I'm letting A New Hope run now, having watched Rogue One earlier because I just can't get enough of it right now. I noticed Leia said the same thing.

    Thus, my impression is that the whole diplomatic mission thing was something the Rebels decided on as their cover, i.e. "ok, everyone, if you get captured, give them your name, number, and the diplomatic mission spiel, and that's all you tell the Imps. Everyone keep to the same story!"

    I further looked it up and found both Bail Organa and Leia used their positions as Senators to grant diplomatic immunity to their ships, including the Tantive. Thus, it really made sense that the whole crew would just spout that line, because that's the procedure on the ship.

    I'm trying to think of things to ask in this thread and I'm having a hard time finding another point to add.
  13. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    I think there is no problem with rebels lying desperately to Vader but the fact that Vader only says that transmissions were beamed to this ship seems odd since Vader saw much more than that- he saw the very same ship escaping from the capital ship that lead the rebel attack on Scarif shield gate. It just seems obvious that it doesn't perfectly fit to what happened in Rogue One. Sure it is not the first time in saga- actually a lot of lines in saga are odd in similar manner because original choice of words gives different impression of things and retroactive change makes them bit odd, not really contradictory, but still weird in a bigger context of things. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi talking about Anakin's past and how they met and Yoda being his jedi master etc. They are not strictly speaking contradictory just bit weird.
  14. Ricardo Funes

    Ricardo Funes Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2015
    The transmission was beamed to Tantive IV in a sense it was docked inside a larger ship, therefore technically when they received the transmission, it was the same ship.

    More like the lifeboats of a ship are considered part of the ship until they are deployed.
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  15. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    The thing is that Tantive 4 didn't only receive transmissions but participated in the battle (as part of larger ship) so it is odd that this extremely incriminating evidence is not mentioned- Vader only says they received transmission from the rebels but they did much more- they were part of the attack against the imperial installation.
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  16. Freelancer257

    Freelancer257 Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 20, 2004
    Unless I've missed something, Threepio and Artoo are (apparently) on Yavin 4 when the battle of Scarif takes place. That means the Tantive 4 has to go back to Yavin and collect the droids before ANH starts, while Vader is in hot pursuit.
  17. Alienware

    Alienware Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 19, 2013
    They're on Yavin when the Rogue One team departs. We can presume that they boarded the Tantive when the ship departed later with the rest of the squadron.
  18. TCF-1138

    TCF-1138 Porg of New Films & Fan Films star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 20, 2002
    Well, in that case the Death Star plans should also be at Yavin when ANH begins.

    Threepio and Artoo probably boarded Tantive IV right after we saw them in the film.
    Something like this:

    C-3PO: "Why don't anyone tell me this things? [I don't remember the exact words]"
    Captain Antilles: "Goldenrod, Grease Bucket - come on, the ship is leaving in two minutes and we need you on board!"
    C-3PO: "Oh dear, oh dear."
  19. Dory Vader

    Dory Vader Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 15, 2015

    Hence, . . . "you are part of a Rebel Alliance and a traitor, take her away!"
  20. ObidioJuan

    ObidioJuan Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 1, 2002
    Wow, if these are the only inconsistencies (and you can make a case they're not real), I think they did a great job in the movie!

    Of course have to wait until more peeps see it

  21. MS1

    MS1 Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 18, 2015
    The captains claims are fair. In a working democracy there is a sense of Diplomatic Immunity and the plans are evidence of the Empires conceit to take to Alderaan and the senate. Unfortunately for them they are at the very point where all democracy is about to disappear as does any sense of immunity.
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  22. Jango_Fett21

    Jango_Fett21 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2002
    I won't get to see the movie until later, but the things that are being mentioned really aren't "inconsistencies" so much as they are tiny 'retcons'.
  23. MotivateR5D4

    MotivateR5D4 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 20, 2015
    The two guys who would eventually pick a fight with Luke in the cantina. They must have left Jedha shortly after bumping into Jyn and Cassian right? Or else they would have died when Jedha was destroyed right? Do we have an explanation on whether they left Jedha almost immediately after we see them in RO?
  24. Larsonator

    Larsonator Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 20, 2016
    Yeah and you would think the Empire wouldn't be letting anyone leave the city while they were there. So they probably just happened to get lucky and leave in the 2 minutes between the Star Destroyer leaving and the DS firing.
  25. Master_Fwiffo

    Master_Fwiffo Jedi Master star 3

    May 29, 2001
    It was longer than 2 minutes - remember, the SD started leaving when the group was being escorted to Saw's. Probably a hell of a lot of people wanted to get the hell out of there ASAP.
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