Spok, WA Spokantina meeting May 2013 - Officer Elections

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    Spokantina members,

    Please give me your opinion on a good date for an official meeting. Saturday the 18th (this coming Saturday) or Saturday the 25th (the next Saturday after) of this month. This meeting will be at Natalie's and my house (please contact me directly if you need directions). I will also be cooking up some barbeque - bratwurst, hamburgers, etc...

    The primary reason for this meeting will be to elect officials for the 2013 year. If you have nominations for positions, please indicate them in your reply.

    The positions available according to the bylaws are as follows:

    Chapter Representative
    Recording Officer (aka Secretary/Treasurer)
    Recruitment Officer

    Every member of the Spokantina is requested to attend and vote, even new members who have yet been to a formal meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting date when established, you may vote by contacting the current CR, Natalie Rogers. If you do not attend and do not send your vote through the CR, your vote will be assumed abstained.

    Please submit your preference for the date and any nominations by replying to this post. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    Meeting will be Saturday the 18th starting at one. Bevan and I will provide brats and burgers. Please bring drinks and other munchies.

    Nominated so far:
    Chapter Representative: Natalie
    President: Mason
    Webmaster: John or eliminate position
    CommComm:Alfredo Mason Erik [Smudge]
    Master-At-Arms: Erik [Smudge]
    Recruitment Officer: Bevan
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    Chapter Representative: Natalie
    President: Bevan
    Vice President: Nathaniel

    Erik (Smudge)
    Joe G

    Master-At-Arms: Erik (Smudge)
    Recruitment Officer: Mason