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Before - Legends Sprout of Dagobah (Yoda birth to knight) Complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lea-El, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Lea-El

    Lea-El Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2005
    Title: The Sprout of Dagobah
    Author: Lea-El
    Era: Before the Saga, 900 B.B.Y.
    Description: Birth to knight- What if Dagobah was Yoda's home planet and the swamp was a mind trick to scare off visitors.

    Disclaimer: Many standard years ago I entered the world of Master Lucas. I have never completely left it, though it does not belong to me. I am just glad that we are allowed to visit our friends there from time to time. Especially since that is usually where my daughter is to be found.

    Authors note: Parts of this story are missing I need to repair it.

    The Sprout of Dagobah

    "Yara, rest you must." Yav pleaded with his wife.

    "Much to do, ceremony soon." Yara said as she flittered around the food prep room.

    "Yamer, the color of wisdom you are, chide Yara. Rest she must, heavy with child she is." Yav begged the mother of all in the root.

    "Yara, right Yav is. Grow on move, sprouts will not. Now your time is here, rest you must. Coming soon, your sprouts will. Hands enough there are, work soon done." Yamer chided

    "Reluctant am I, energy abound, much to do. For sake of seed, obey I will." Yara conceded.

    "Follow me, my beloved one, to sit on arbor." Yav escorted the much pregnant Yara to the porch of the family home, to the basket swing made of cudzar vines.

    A parade of women started arriving to help prepare for the ceremony to come. Days of cooking were required, material had to be woven and sprout clothes made. The young men carved cradles and other furniture and toys for the new members of the extended family. The older men carved out the new rooms in the trees root system for the younglings. The time of birthing was soon to come.

    Spring was the time of birthing when the trees awoke from the winter; mild as the Dagobah winters were, it was still a reason to celebrate, especially for an arboreal society. Each fall harvests are collected, trees are pruned, new plants are planted and the Ceremony of Life where all Yendell children are conceived took place.

    Each spring the leaves were starting to bud out, small white flowers were popping out everywhere. The bees were producing the next crop of honey, and the selected Yendell women were getting heavy with child or as heavy as a two-foot tall woman could get.

    In the nearby meadows small mammals were starting to wake up and scamper about, looking for the delicacies of spring. Dagobah was covered with huge ancient trees towering hundreds of feet into the air. Roots from the trees rose out of the shallow lakes that were filled with silver, gold and copper colored fish. The roots were like huge cypress knees into which the Yendell homes were carved, each knee lived a family, each tree lived an extended family.

    Delicate bridges connected the trees, all communities were interconnected, so all the people of Dagobah were one large family.

    Each spring the Ceremony of Lights when billions of lightening bugs hatched and turned the whole planet into a light show unequaled in the universe, a select few delivered the fruit of the womb. The young and old alike celebrated the new arrivals with dancing, playing flute-like instruments and feasting.

    Two small pale yellow infants, one male and one female were born to each mother. Each infant was six inches long, covered with infant fur, which they lost most of as they grew, until at advanced age only wisps on top of their head remained.

    As the Yendell grew they changed colors from pale yellow at birth to pale green at about five, to moss green at adulthood and finally to a grayish green at advance age.

    Each extended family took great pride in the new arrival, helping in their care. Each age group had a different responsibility as the child grew, ending with the oldest men training them in the arts of what some call the Force. Every child on Dagobah is Force sensitive and go from amusing themselves as infants, Force batting rattles safely suspended over their cribs, to moving large vines to make the suspension bridges at adulthood.

    Chapter One
    Yoda stood out under the arbor watching the night-lights. This was the first time he had been allowed to look at them since the pruning day when he had 'accidentally' pruned the wrong branch and opened up a view of the lights from the arbor. Everyone was starting to be concerned about his fascination with the lights. Yaren, the Father of the Root had warned Yav, "lose him to the lights you will, if careful you are not," before he returned to the soil. Everything Dagobah seemed mundane to him. All of the interesting things were in the future or in the sky. He loved the children but twenty-five wasn't old enough to marry and have his own, the responsibilities of cousins were too few. He loved building bridges but was too young to work on the really interesting ones.

    As he looked up at his beloved lights he saw an unusual blue streak cross the night-sky towards the Damar Meadow. 'Wow, see that I must.' he thought. "Back in little time, check on something I must." He called to his family in the company room.

    As he ran toward the meadow faster than the bridge would allow. 'Have to fix tomorrow.' He thought. When he arrived he found a wedge shaped, silver metallic craft larger than three roots put together. Lights came out a huge opening in the side and a large blonde furry creature was inspecting it. The fur reminded Yoda of an infant Yendell's but if this was an infant he didn't want to see the parent. The creature's actions were more like an adult, much to his relief. "Bray" I hate swamps.

    Just then the creature noticed him and brayed a loud horn-like call at him and pointed to the ship. He seemed to understand. "Broken it is." Yoda said looking at the ship. They seemed to understand each other even though they didn't speak each other's language. "Fix it, I know not how but welcome to stay you are." Yoda said as he peaked around the opening in to the mysterious ship.

    The creature brayed again and Yoda knew it was ok to go in as long as he didn't touch any buttons. 'What are buttons?' Yoda thought. The ramp was long and steep for a two foot tall Yendell but was probably a few steps for the creature. The rooms were large and dark with a musty smell as if the creature had been locked up in it for a long time. The seats of the chairs were over Yoda's head and the bed was as big as Yoda's whole bedroom. The arbor would fit under the table. Everything was made or the same metal as the outside only a few seats were covered in leather and the bed was covered in a woven material the color Yoda had never seen before.

    There was a strong smell coming from a pot on the cooker in the corner. It smelled like the time Yamer had spilled her joint oil in the mushroom bin and forgot to clean it out for about two weeks. They had to leave home for two days to let the house air out. 'Is that food or something to fix the ship?' Yoda got his answer when the Wookie came back in stirred the pot, tasted it, added more stinky stuff to it, banged the spoon on the side and recovered it. 'Answers that question,' Yoda thought relieved to see the lid go back on.

    Unlike the Yendell the creatures wore no robes only a utility belt over one shoulder. Yoda wondered how he kept all that fur from matting. The creature picked up a large brush, brushed a few strokes, and showed it to Yoda. 'Apparently he can understand my thoughts maybe I careful I should be.'

    The creature brayed again and Yoda understood, he only squished people his own size. He had been on his way home from a trading run when his ship had broken down. He had the parts but needed a place to land to work on it. Bray: "Names Tarbocca."

    "Yoda, my name, to my home welcome."

    Outside the ship a sheepish crowd was beginning to gather. Imagine their surprise when they saw Yoda come walking out followed by the eight-foot tall Wookie. "Yoda!" Came their exclamation in unison.

    "Sprout, doing with that creature, what are you, in that strange thing." Came Yav's indignant parental concern. "Know better than to approach off-worlders you should."

    "Eat you, he could." Yara pleaded. "Come quick."

    "Bray" Yoda grinned. "Meat enough, not have on bones, he says."

    "Funny not, Yoda." Yav scolded.

    "Father, understand him I do. Ship broken, need place to repair." Yoda pleaded. "Repairs being made. Only need time."

    "Yoda, come now, stay away from creature you must." Yav commanded.

    Yoda followed obediently yet sullen. Tarbocca brayed a farewell. "Here till tomorrow, come back if you can." Yoda didn't look back; he felt he had lost the stars.

    There had been rumors of visitors from far away lands, lands in the night-lights, strange creatures with strange words. Most listened to these stories and quaked in fear, Yoda had always leaned forward in his seat, heart pounding wondering if it was really so.
    Sleep didn't come easy for Yoda that night; the sights and smells, good and bad. This was the only way to the stars he so wanted to see. He knew his responsibilities to the tree and the family. These were far off and simple compared to the exciting prospects or the stars. How many more chances would he have to get to the lights?


    "Yara, What wrong?" Yav asked as he came into the prep room and saw Yara staring at a piece of paper. "Gone he is, sorry to worry us. See us again he will, gone to the lights." Yara said with a sigh.


    Yoda arrived at the ship, found it closed and making a sputtering noise. He tapped on the hull with a stick. "Wait, wait!" He pleaded. The sputtering stopped and the ramp popped and came down. Yoda bounded up the ramp with an energy he had never had before. He was so excited he was spring green instead of his usual pale moss.

    Bray: "Knew you would come." Brayed Tarbocca.

    "Knew more than Yoda. Help do you need?" Yoda asked.

    "Wish you were bigger or Jedi, could use some help." Tarbocca brayed.

    "Jedi, never heard of. What help needed?" Yoda chimed.

    Bray: "I need two things done at same time. I can't do both. You are too small." Tarbocca sighed.

    "Show me." Yoda challenged.

    Tarbocca picked up a long silver piston looking thing. "One has to go in here while the other has to go in the other side at the same time. I tried getting around replacing them but it didn't work and you're to small." Tarbocca brayed.

    Yoda closed his eyes, held out his hand, the part lifted much to Tarbocca's surprise. He strode quickly to the other side inserted the other part as Yoda did. Clicked the supports closed, Yoda followed his example closing the other side. Tarbocca closed the panels, went to the seats in the front, flipped several switches and buttons. The ship sputtered, clanged then took hold and purred. Tarbocca pulled back on a stick and the ship lifted and started across the sky. Yoda climbed up the knotted rope tied to the back of the seat placed there for him. 'Did know Yoda coming.' He thought.

    Looking out the window the day soon turned to night and the lights shined. Soon he could see the Dagobah sun and his home world green and blue growing smaller by the minute. He sat back in surprise as it disappeared in to the blackness. Now he really was in the night. How long before he got to land again, he did not know.

    "It's space sickness." Tarbocca brayed. "Don't spew on my equipment."

    "No, not sick, just bad felling, leaving home." Yoda answered.

    "Why, you not tell me you are Jedi?" Tarbocca brayed.

    "Heard of Force or Jedi, I have not." Yoda replayed.

    Bray: "How did you move the part only a Jedi can do that?"

    "From where I come, move things everyone can." Yoda bragged.

    Bray: "I met someone you should meet if we get back that way. Now let me show you how this ship works."

    Tarbocca was surprised at how fast Yoda caught on to the ships operations. Bray: "Follow me."

    Yoda slid out of the seat and followed the lumbering Wookie in to the prep room. He showed Yoda where there were baskets of Dagobah foods beans, roots and fruit in the cookery as he called it. "You're on your own in cooking them." He brayed. He then showed him a small room about the size of a storage bin or Yoda's room at home. It had a small bed, with a blanket and a shelf with a hole in it.

    Bray: "This is where you do your business. Then you pull this cord." Yoda was puzzled about what business but didn't want to ask. He figured it out later that night or at least he hoped it was the right business otherwise he would have some explaining to do.

    Tarbocca didn't tell Yoda that he had setup the room for his pet monz, a monkey-like creature that he had tried to take with him to keep him company. He had been forced to take his back home because it had gotten space sick. It had taken forever to clean up his mess and he could still smell it when the air cleaner filters needed cleaning, like now.

    As Yoda looked around his new room familiarizing himself he thought. 'Knew I was coming, he did. Wonder what blanket is made of.' He sniffed it. 'Wookie fur, what I thought.'

    'Need to call Kashyyyk.' Tarbocca thought. 'I didn't want to call when visitor was up here. Naish is going to be mad. I promised to get back before the cub is born and I may not make it. There is nothing in the galaxy worse than a pregnant Wookie heavy with cub.'

    "Naish, my love, I had trouble with the ship and had to land for repairs." Brayed a Wookie in trouble. "Yes Dear, I'm coming straight home and I am bringing you a new friend. No it's not female or at least I don't think it is. Yes, you are as beautiful as the day I first met you in the meadow... I mean when I saw you in the meadow, I didn't meet you till the next day. I have to go now ship in danger. Bye." Tarbocca sighed in relief; he had survived the call, barely. He reached up to turn on the fan. 'It's hot in here. Maybe I should warn him about Naish before we get home. I wonder do his women get mean before the deliver.' He thought.


    On arriving at Kashyyyk, Yoda thought he had returned to Dagobah on seeing the planet from the air. It to was covered with giant trees and blue water. The pattern of land and water was different though and the trees too were different he saw as they got closer. The faint wave of homesickness was quickly over shadowed by excitement at the new sights. Tarbocca was saved; he had arrived home in time to see his cub born. The people didn't know what to think of the visitor. Naish thanked Tarbocca but told him you had better take it with you when you travel. I will be to busy with the new cub to take care of it, much to Yoda's relief.

    Wookie deliveries took longer and were noisier than Yendell deliveries. Yoda had to stay a good distance away or the hollering hurt his ears. Finally, an exhausted Tarbocca came out and brayed it was born. Shortly an older female Wookie came out carrying a large bundle and bray:

    "It's a boy." Everyone came over and patted Tarbocca on the back for surviving the delivery, many a Wookie men didn't.

    For the next five years Yoda and Tarbocca traveled around the galaxy trading spices from one planet to another. Tarbocca found it beneficial to have a Force sensitive Yendell around. (He chose not to use the name Yendell to the outsiders or tell anyone where he was from so as not to attract visitors to Dagobah.) Often planetary officials were not pleased to have spice traders visit their planet and Yoda had a way of 'causing' them to not see the cargo. He also managed to 'acquire' their payment from a dishonest slug on Tatooine. Yoda and Tarbocca made a strange pair, people marveled at them. Some wondered if Yoda was the Wookie's pet, others if the Wookie was Yoda's. Most just kept their distance.

    Tarbocca's son was about Yoda's size at birth and he quickly outgrew him. They became great friends. In a couple of years Chabocca could toss Yoda up on his shoulder and go running.

    Chabocca loved to go on 'expeditions', trips around to countryside of Kashyyyk meeting other Wookies and seeing many sights. Naish soon learned to trust her son to the strange friend of her husband. He always brought them both home safely.

    Yoda spent a lot of his time learning star charts and loved meeting new people especially the children. Tarbocca thought it was because they were closer to his size.

    Occasionally the word Jedi came up in conversation. The story was always the same, a hero saving someone, with the use of a strange Force, from some villain or natural disaster. When and the kind of species the Jedi was changed, one time it was tall with a long neck, another it had tentacles on its head instead of fur and occasionally it was a human. Yoda hadn't met one of these humans yet.

    On one run to a secluded planet well off the trade route Tarbocca stopped to pick up a spice little known to most but well liked by some of his usual customers. Not only was it nutty sweet flavor delicious in sweet breads but also it was reported to help with a number of ailments common to the elderly, a few common to the young. It also gave you a spicy sweet smell that attracted the opposite sex, which made it popular with young and old alike. The problem was the ruler of the planet had died without leaving an heir, which left the planet in chaos. The various distant relatives were fighting over who would be king; both sides prized the spice too much to damage the crops.

    Tarbocca had delayed his next visit to the Tropical planet hoping the conflict would work its self out instead it had only escalated. Warring marauders had been sent by the Heir Presumptors to prevent the Heir Contender, whose claim was stronger but less popular, from getting to the Court to claim his birthright.

    As they left the spaceport a man and young girl were settling a dispute near a courtyard cafe. Yoda saw the flashes of blue and purple and realized it was at last members of the mysterious group he had heard so much about; they were also humans from the description he had picked up. The man's hair was light brown about shoulder length, his eyes dark brown, he wore robes of cream and brown and there were hooded cloaks in the grass behind them. The girl had short blonde hair, with a stray braid on one side, and green eyes that flashed when she fought; her robes were lighter than his. Tarbocca had placed Yoda on his shoulder; a place of safety and it expedited matters in case they had to leave abruptly. Yoda especially liked it because he could see further than his two-foot frame would allow.

    The acrobatic moves that the two Jedi preformed fascinated him, and the burring of the lightsabers as they spun through the air. Yoda's heart pounded like it hadn't since he first traveled into the night sky and his planet vanished into the blackness. The two did surprisingly little or no bodily injury to the marauders mostly weapons, equipment and a few belts leaving the combatants fleeing trousers around their ankles.

    "Master, I wish you wouldn't do that! That's more than I want to know about my opponents." Exclaimed the girl.

    "Sorry, I forget I'm training a girl now and I don't think Jedi are supposed to blush." Chuckled the Master.

    "Well this one does." She replied indignantly deactivating her lightsaber.

    Just then Tarbocca came out from under the arbor and brayed a greeting only to find a lightsaber burring past his head as a surprised Jedi Master misunderstood the gesture. The major surprise came when he realized that the little green elfish creature sitting on the Wookies shoulders had deflected the strike.

    "Whoa! Mean he looks, friendly he is. Spice traders we are, not part of your fight." Came a crackly voice not used to Galactic Basic.

    "Sorry, I'm not used to seeing Wookies this far out and they do have the reputation for having a temper." Came the flustered Master.

    "Tame this one is, samples his own product he does. Admiring your fighting style I was, till almost beheaded my friend you did." Piped the creature.

    "How did you do that?" Asked the Jedi Master unaccustomed to being critiqued by a two-foot tall elf or deflected by one.

    "Liked that move did you? From where I come child's play it is."

    "Where would that be?" Asked the master recovering his composure.

    "Planet far, far away. Name unknown to outsiders." Chimed the elf as he slid down from the Wookies shoulders and landed gingerly on the ground in front of the Jedi Master. "Looking for you I have been. Trained as Jedi I will be."

    "Cocky little thing, aren't you? Well we have a height requirement in the Jedi, no one shorter than four feet is allowed. Come back when you are grown." Dismissed the Master.

    "Grown I am. High enough to stop you I was." Answered the indignant elf.

    "Are you going to ride around on a Wookie the rest of your life?" Said the Master backing up to sit in a nearby café chair to see more closely eye to eye to the elf. At the last minute the chair slid back two-feet leaving the Master sitting on his bum on the ground.

    A cackle came from the Padawan standing arms folded behind her in the background. "Wasn't me Master. Got you he did." She said mimicking the stranger.

    "So you like playing jokes little one. Let's see how you like this." He said reaching for the elf only to catch thin air. "Slippery little fellow, aren't you?" He said grabbing for him again only to get a hand full of the cactus that jumped into his path. "Ouch! Ouch!" Fumed the Master as he plucked prickles from his hand. "So you think a few parlor tricks can get you into the Jedi Order."

    "Not know parlor tricks. Just know, want to be Jedi. Help people." Yoda boldly told the Master.

    "That's a fine goal coming from a spice trader." Scowled the Master.

    "Problem with spices? People love spices. You, no love spices?" Asked a puzzled Yoda.

    "No! I don't like spices, at least not your kind of spices." The indignant Master pronounced.

    "Tarbocca, What wrong with spices?" Asked a shocked Yoda.


    "What you mean illegal? You said help people. People love spices." Asked an indignant Yoda.


    "So embarrassing. So embarrassing. Not know law against selling to people, but only to refineries. Yoda never sell illegal spices again. Shame on Yoda. Shame on Tarbocca."

    "Bray." Exclaimed an indignant Wookie. "Bray" Said Tarbocca as he walked off toward his ship.

    "Bray." Came a call over his shoulder as he threw Yoda's things out of the ship.

    "Insulted he is. Left me he has. Alone far, far from home, I am. Abandoning me too, are you?" Yoda dropped his head in a solemn lost puppy gesture that never quite worked on Yaren.

    "I cannot train you I already have a Padawan, only one is allowed at a time, and the council would have to approve you before you can be trained. You can travel with us, when we get back to Coruscant, you may go to the Temple and petition the Council for training. Maybe they will allow you to be in a Corp. Now let's get back to the rendezvous place before the marauders come back with reinforcements and better belts." The master instructed.

    "Come with me. My shoulders aren't as big as your Wookie's were but you can ride on my back." Said the Padawan, boosting Yoda onto her back.

    The strange threesome left headed back towards the rendezvous place. They arrived just as the rightful heir to the throne was coming out of the Spaceport. He had acquired the documentation to prove his right of succession. The skirmish that morning had been a diversion to give him time to slip back in the spaceport. Now with the help of the Jedi he hoped to be able to present them to the court at the ceremony of coronation when it was asked if any one had a greater claim to the throne and all contestants had to be answered. The problem was getting in the court in one piece.

    "Picked up a stray I see?" Said the Contender to the Throne to the Jedi Master. "Who's your little friend? Here boy." He said as the Padawan lowered Yoda to the ground.

    "Not a pet, am I. To be a Jedi, I will be trained. Great Jedi Master, I will be. Yoda, I am." Boasted the little one.

    "Cocky isn't he. If his abilities are as great as his ego he may make it." Answered the surprised Contender.

    "For now he's just traveling with us." The Master explained, then to Yoda. "You must stay out of the way. I can't protect you and the Contender. You're on your own."

    The group mounted up on equine like animals for the trip. Yoda bounced up behind the Padawan. "Hey! Watch where you put your hand." She scolded.

    "Sorry, to hold belt, am I allowed." Yoda apologized. 'Looked like a good hand hold to me.' He thought.

    "Name's Nyla Rian." She called over her shoulder.

    "Yoda." He answered.

    "He's Master Kotn Moth." She pointed to the Master.

    "Missed a lock." Yoda said moving the lock of braided hair that kept hitting him in the face.

    "Wasn't my idea. Used to humble Jedi apprentices. Use as a leash sometimes." Nyla said having to use shorthand to be understood as they rode.

    "Problem will be, not enough hair do I have." Yoda called.

    "Fortunate you are." She mimicked.


    When they arrived at the Coronation Ceremony people dressed in their finest were filing into the Hall. Guards were carefully checking to make sure the Contender wasn't allowed in. They slipped on elaborate robes over their basic outfits and Nyla covered her head to conceal her Padawan hairstyle.

    "We need a diversion to get into the Hall. Anyone have any ideas? And Lightsabers won't do
    Nyla, we want to get in undetected not start a war." Master Moth asked.

    Just then Nyla felt Yoda slip off her animal. She looked back to see his robe neatly folded behind her. 'Oh! No.' She thought. "Master…" She said holding up the robe. Just then they heard women screaming, men hollering, "Get it!" All of the occupants of the Hall were going wild. The Master and Contender smiled at each other as they dismounted and the whole group slipped in the Hall, during the commotion, undetected.


    A/N: And they called him the streak.
  2. KELIA

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Great concept. So Yoda is actually from Dagobah where he spent the last days of his life. Nice twist.

    To be a Jedi, I will be trained. Great Jedi Master, I will be

    I love how cocky he was right from the beginning :p

    A mischievous Yoda is always a blast to read :D

    If you're doing PM's, I'd love to be on the list [face_praying]

    I really enjoyed reading this,

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  3. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Kelia: Thank you for being my first reviewer.[:D] I'm glad you like my Yoda. The next chapter is being betaed now should be up tomorrow the 20th.

  4. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Chapter Two

    'He'll need these when this is over.' Nyla thought tucking Yoda's diminutive robe into the pocket of her robe. They found a quiet corner of the Hall, in a curtained alcove to hide the Contender to the Throne until the appropriate time to speak up. Nyla was casually looking around trying not to look concerned; tug, tug, she felt on her robe. She looked down to see a clawed green hand reaching out from under the draped table beside her. She turned and faced the wall, pulled out the small robe and handed it down to its waiting owner.

    "Don't, ever, do that again!" She ordered.

    "Worked, it did." He said smugly.

    When the time came and the call went out for any Contenders to the Throne the young man stepped forward and announced. "I, Matin Garn, Have a better claim. I have proof of my claim. I am the rightful ruler."

    The hall erupted in chaos, people had been told many things about Garn, none flattering. The guards were concerned because they had allowed him to get in, if his claim didn't hold up they were going to have to answer for their mistake. The Heir Presumptor was upset because his ceremony was being interrupted. The Presumptor's backers knew who the Contender was and his claim was greater, but he wasn't a person to be manipulated as the Heir Presumptor was. The Master and Padawan stood on either side of the Contender lightsabers in hand under their robes so as not to cause any more friction than was already there.

    The court officials halted the proceedings and turned to the Contender. "Who are you? What is your claim?"

    "My mother was the second wife of Handar the Second. I am the last surviving son."

    "All Handar's sons were killed in the Eugenics war." Another official said.

    "When the war started I was escorting my mother to her home planet for a visit. Travel off planet was suspended so I could not return. Communications was halted so I could not reply to the Challenge of Rulership. Erican was crowned before I was able to get back. As you know no Contenders are allowed after the coronation ceremony. I was told I would be executed if I returned before the next Challenge went out. Now we are again at a Coronation ceremony and I petition the court to look at my documentation. Here is my Certificate of Birth, my Official Identification Certificate and my Declaration of Contention. Please hear my case."

    A scribe came and took the documents to the court officials who adjourned to the back alcove to inspect them. The Heir Presumptor was fuming his crown was being ripped from his head. There was a nervous murmuring in the hall everyone trying to look supportive of 'neither' side in case the other won. Momentarily the court officials returned and announced. "Yours is the better claim. You shall be the next King. Law is law. No one can stop a legal Contender once he has been declared Heir to the Throne. All hail the Contender to the Throne."

    There was a momentary silence then everyone cheered. "Long live the King. Long live the King."

    Now that the Contender had been legally established the guards ushered the now disclaimed Heir Presumptor out of the Hall. "By what name shall we call you, Your Highness?" The officials asked.

    "Handar the Third, in honor of my father." He said in his most regal voice.

    "Long live Handar the Third." The backers of the Heir Presumptor put on their best loyal face and called out louder than the rest. The pomp and ceremony continued the fight was over for now, at least the fight with lightsabers.

    At the banquet following the coronation Handar the Third awarded Master Kotn Moth, Nyla Rian and the Great Yoda, the Seal of Ascension. Proclaimed them Friends of the Court and awarded them Citizenship of Klondan in appreciation of their helping him to achieve his rightful place as king.

    "Great, I am," chimed Yoda. "Recognized Yoda as great he did."

    "Oh! No! We'll never get him to settle down now." The Master said shaking his head.

    "I thought he was bad before." Nyla replied.

    After a few days to insure things wer
  5. KELIA

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    Jul 26, 2005
    The council turned Yoda down!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    The nerve. Well, I guess Yoda is just going to have to show them.

    "Great, I am," chimed Yoda. "Recognized Yoda as great he did."

    Gotta love his ego :D

    I hope more people will check this story out, it's great

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  6. Jei-El

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    Jun 10, 2005

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Lea-El has finished Chapter Three and it is waiting to be betaed. She is Typing up Chapter Four as I Type.

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    Love Yoda as a young guy.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Chapter Three

    Moth was surprised at how calmly Yoda took the decree. "Come Yoda." He said as he turned to leave the Council chamber. Yoda followed him out waited, patiently for him to complete his other business and head back to the ship.

    "Are you alright Yoda?" Nyla asked, concerned about Yoda's uncharacteristic silence.

    "Practicing patience, Yoda is. See they will, trainable Yoda is."

    Yoda refused to tell Master Moth where to take him or how to find Tarbocca. No one thought about taking him to Kashyyyk, so Yoda continued traveling with the Jedi team. Master Moth was not trying very hard to get rid of Yoda since he was starting to see his trainability and starting to like him, it helped that Yoda was now sitting quietly and watching instead of always clamoring for more knowledge or playing practical jokes. Moth hoped the Council would change their minds and was willing to give Yoda time to prove himself. He knew he would take some heat for this decision when Master Poof found out Yoda was still traveling with him but he thought it was worth it. 'Worst comes to worst I could always become a farmer.' He thought.


    Several months later Master Moth and Nyla were assigned to go to the planet Kornel with two other Masters, Poof and Vanek Bria, and their Padawans, Dayl Kell and Gen Hillel to settle a border dispute. Tempers were flaring and listening had stopped. People had already been injured and reasoning usually ends when blood flows. That was why Master Moth always tried to prevent injuries in his fighting.

    Master Poof had heard rumors that Yoda was still traveling with Moth so he chose to go on this mission himself. He was still surprised to see it for himself. "I thought I, a? we told you to take him to where you found him and drop him off." Poof barked.

    "That wasn't his home and his companion had already left. We couldn't just abandon him there." Master Moth said, sizzling from the heat of Master Poof anger.

    "I want this matter 'settled' when this assignment is over." Master Poof demanded.

    "Yes, Master Poof." Moth said obediently but not happily as Master Poof turned and left angrily, hopefully to go meditate. "Yoda, you had better stay in the ship and out of Master Poof's way or he may personally drop you off in a gundark nest."

    "Anger leads to the dark side, dangerous Master Poof is." Yoda said to Nyla as the Masters left.

    "You have that affect on people when they first meet you." Nyla said smiling at the thought of Master Poof falling to the Darkside over Yoda.


    Yoda slipped around and listened as best as he could, staying out of Master Poof's way. There seemed to be easier ways to settle the dispute to Yoda but no one wanted to hear his advice, so he waited.

    'Patience, I must learn.' He thought.

    Several days into the discussion compensation for damages came up both sides thought the other side owed them. Tempers flared. Before anyone could stop him a hot head had thrown a dagger and the fight was on. Word spread faster than sound and the whole compound was fighting, the disputers with each other and everyone with the Jedi.

    Yoda came out of the ship, slipping from one table to another to get to his friends. Unfortunately Master Poof and Master Moth were fighting back to back so he couldn't get to him, so he looked for Nyla. She had gone to the cookery to insure that no one doctored the refreshments when the fighting had broken out. Now a large Besalisk with four arms and a knife in all four hands was detaining her.

    Yoda scampered through the door. "Whoa! Looking place to hide, I was." He said as he startled the Besalisk. He peeked back out the door at the commotion. "Better watch her, Jedi she is. Use lightsaber on you." He said pointing toward Nyla's lightsaber, just then it flew over to him. He ignited the huge saber, nimbly jumped up on the table and cut the blades off all the knives in a flash of purple light, leaving the Besalisk holding only the handles. "Into root cellar, you go." He said in
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    Oh no, where's Yoda?

    Saving the mission again, no doubt [face_praying]

    What training needed, turn on, not cut own head off."

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I loved that!

    Enjoyed the update.

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    Chapter Four


    "What was that?" Bria asked Tona.

    "I have no idea." Growled Tona. He was not happy to have been uninformed twice in one day, about a subject he prided himself on being up to date on.

    "Yoda's gone too." Moth growled.

    "Why would they take Nyla and Yoda?" Bria asked. "What would they want with her and it?"

    "I don't feel her through the Force." Moth said searching through the Force for his Padawan. 'Why did I let them give me a female Padawan? I never worried about my male Padawans this much.' He sighed.

    "Could it be someone from her family's past?" Bria asked.

    "No one knows about her family except the Council and me." Moth answered.

    "Past?" Tona asked.

    "See." Moth said. "And if they did, how would they know where to find her, even her name has been changed? She doesn't even know who she is."

    Tona looked from one Master to the other. "Family?"

    "Nyla's family was royalty. They lost their throne when their planet was taken over by a political group that didn't believe in monarchies. The new group vowed to hunt down all the heirs and kill them. Only a friend of the family knows where the twin girls were sent and he died shortly after delivering Nyla to the Council. Even the Council doesn't know where the sister is." Bria said. "Moth was told because he, as her Master, would need to know to protect her."

    "We have to go look for her!" Moth said emphatically.

    "You already said you couldn't feel her in the Force, how do you expect to find her?" Tona asked.

    "We have to trust the Force to lead us to her even though I can't feel her." Moth said.

    "I hate to bring up what is going to be a touchy subject but have you considered that 'it' may have something to do with this?" Bria asked. "Poof couldn't even read 'it' and 'it' was an illegal spice trader?"

    "No! Yoda did not do this." Moth said flatly. "He wouldn't hurt Nyla."

    "He may not consider it as 'hurting' to turn her over to someone else, alive. I hear there is a substantial price on her head." Bria said. "Maybe he got tired of spices."

    "No! No! I will never believe that." Moth defended his future Padawan.

    "Moth is right about one thing, we have to go look for her. With the assassins gone could you handed things here until reinforcements arrive, while we go look for her a? them?" Tona asked Bria.

    "Yes. I'll call the council and tell them what is going on and get help here as soon as possible. I hope for your sake I'm wrong but I'm not holding out much hope on it." Bria told the fuming Moth.

    "Let's take my ship it's faster and I don't think you need to be flying just now." Tona said.

    Moth, Tona and Evea, Tona's Padawan, ran to Tona's ship. "Pull up the tracking computer and see if you can find any trace of them that way." Tona ordered Evea.

    "Nothing, they must have the new model of hyper-drive that we heard about. Where do we set course for?" Evea asked pulling up the local star charts on the nav-computer.

    "Try Vereen trade routes then overlay suspected places for Hedeon arms factories." Tona instructed.

    "There is one, three parsecs from here." Evea informed the Masters.

    "Inform the planetary space officials we're leaving to pick up supplies." Tona instructed. "You never know who is in on this and who's not, so let's not take any chances."

    Moth sat in the passenger seat behind the pilot, eyes closed, calling on the Force harder than he had ever called on it. 'Just let me find her alive. A clue, please just one clue.' He thought desperately. 'Calm down Moth, let the Force guide you. Force, I'm waiting, anytime now. Hello? Force!'

    "Moth, I think you need to stop and meditate for a few minutes. The Force may not be hearing you but you are broadcasting loudly to everyone else." Tona counseled his friend.

    Moth almost blushed when he thought how he must have sounded to Tona. "I a? think I will take your advise before the Force gets ticked off at me."

    "Don't worry Nyla's tougher than you think, she has great respect for you and the training you
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    Need vacation, Yoda does."

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    And he's got what, 800 more years to go?

    I loved how he went to rescue Nyla without a second thought. Now if only the council would give him some respect.

    Great update,

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    Got behind on this. [face_tired] Thanks for the pm about the update the other day...:)
    Great chapter.=D=
    Keep up the good work.[face_dancing]
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    Please excuse the shortness of this chapter but I couldn't resist breaking off here. The next chapter is ready to be betaed.

    Thank you KELIA, hyperspace_police for your consistent feed back.
    I love feed back. Hint, hint!

    Chapter Five

    After Evea brought them out of hyperspace and they continued toward Lidio cautiously. Tona saw Bria's ship apparently dead in space and approached it. Tona checked for life signs and found only a faint sign. Moth said. "Dock with the ship and I will check it out. Yoda, you're with me."

    "Hey, I'm the Padawan not Yoda." Nyla mumbled.

    "Drunk, you are." Yoda called over his shoulder.

    "I'm better now." She insisted.

    "Better hurry, we've got company coming." Tona called out after them. "And they don't look friendly. Evea, I'll man the guns, we're going to need them."

    Moth opened the docking hatch, then the hatch on Bria's ship. The air inside felt stagnant and thin. They made their way to the cockpit having to climb over debris as they went. Moth found Bria who was apparently dead from the extent of his injuries. "In here." Yoda said sensing someone very faintly. Gen Hillel was alive, barely. Just then a turbo-laser blast hit Bria's ship and it shook and started groaning. Moth lifted Gen cautiously hoisting him over his shoulders then they ran towards the hatch. As Yoda got the hatch closed and undocked, they could hear Bria's ship breaking up, then explode? "That was close." Moth said taking Gen to the guest quarters.

    "Nyla, can you help me bandage Gen's wounds?" Moth asked as he eased Gen into a healing trance.

    "Yes, I can do that, just not anything Far?Force related." Nyla said almost soberly.

    Moth could feel the ship swaying and dodging the turbolaser blast and thought, 'This would be easier to do if it wasn't being done in the middle of a space battle. Where did Yoda go?' He wondered until he heard the second gun firing and heard Tona hollering for him to be careful.

    "Learned weapons from Tarbocca, I did. Not shoot self in head." Yoda called back.

    "It is not your head I'm worrying about. You shoot the tail of my ship and I'll space you after I skin your green hide and make a seat-cushion out of it and sit on you." Tona warned.

    "Why everyone want to space Yoda?" Yoda mumbled to himself between shots. "Yoda not break anything. Everyone accuse. Think Yoda a sprout."

    "What are you mumb?bling about?" Nyla stepped out to check on him, just in case Tona tried to carry out his threats.

    "Just venting excess anger. Why everyone threaten Yoda? Think Yoda a sprout." Yoda fussed between shots. Finally Evea got the ship out of the star system so she could jump to hyperspace. He turned around to see her response.

    "Maybe it has som?mething to do with your height. Everyone asso?ociates it to childhood and inexper?rience. All Padawans have to prove themselves you will even more." Nyla assured him. "Let's go help Master Moth."

    Tona checked on damages to the ship then stopped in to check on Gen. "How is he?"

    "Not good, we need to get him to a real med facility as soon as possible. I wish we were on my ship instead of yours. I could use some of my equipment." Moth said.

    "You may have to do without your ship for good. I don't think they are going to let you pick it up after the welcoming party we just received." Tona warned Moth. "I am going to call the Council and warn them that we failed in our peace talks mission on Lidio. So they can warn everyone else the situation has changed there."

    Gen came to for a few minutes and managed to tell them about what happened. How they realized it was a trap and tried to get away, why they were attacked, he didn't know. Their communications were knocked out in the first round so they were not able to call for help. "My Master?" He asked. Moth reassured him Bria had not suffered and then Moth eased him back into the healing trance.


    Masters Lang and Phyfe arrived at Lidio from an unexpected route. They had been sent to check on Bria but arrived
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    "Hey, I'm the Padawan not Yoda." Nyla mumbled.

    "Drunk, you are." Yoda called over his shoulder.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Yea! Yoda is finally going to be trained!! It's about time. I really loved how he set up his own little place in the corner of the common room...

    Boxers or briefs? Oh dear, that's not really an image I want to have (and I love Yoda) :p

    Hmmmmm....definitely boxers and perhaps some pajama bottoms.

    Great update!!

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    Chapter Six

    A/N: Of course you know that at two feet tall he would have to shop at the children's section so his choices would be the Star Wars equivalent of Spiderman or Sponge-Bob briefs. Jei-El, my daughter, would pick Superman; Master Lucus's isn't the only galaxy she gets lost in.

    "What have you done?" Moth said stunned by what Yoda had produced in one night.

    Puzzled Yoda said. "My room, I fixed. Like it, you do not?"

    "This stuff is from...everywhere!" Moth said recognizing things from all over the temple.

    "Said I could use what I needed, you did." Yoda said still confused as to what he had done wrong.

    "From my apartment, not the whole temple." Moth said in shock. Just then the door chime sounded and he had to answer it because Nyla was still stunned silent at the sight of Yoda in his little white-pocketed undergarment. Master Tona and Evea were at the door. Evea walked over to see what Nyla was standing, staring at mouth still open in shock.

    "Well that is a sight I have NEVER seen before." Evea said turning to Nyla, who also turned and shuttered.

    "Can I get you something to drink? I think I need something after that." Nyla asked as the two Padawans headed over toward the Masters. Evea declined.

    "I see you redecorated since I was here last. How did you talk Master Osips into letting you have some of his prize hydrangea bushes?" Master Tona asked unaware of the excitement going on around him.

    "Yoda arranged it, all by himself." Moth answered honestly.

    "We just came by to let you know we are heading back to Lidio and the surrounding systems to find the pharmaceutical plant. The Council has ordered it destroyed since it produces a weapon aimed at the Jedi exclusively." Tona said. "What is that noise?"

    "Yoda eating breakfast." Nyla answered then shook again.

    "If you get a chance could you arrange for me to get my ship back? I have a mini infirmary in it and would hate to have to set another one up." Moth said.

    "I'll see what I can do?" Tona said. "How did Nyla's test come out?"

    "Except for her almost hanging the Head Med-Tech, pretty good. There are some lingering side-effects of the drug. They gave her a new medication and she has started to get her use of the Force back. The Jedi medical team is hoping to have the anti-dote soon to issue to all Jedi, to have in case they are attacked."

    "Good. Evea, we need to go if we are to meet up with Masters Lang and Phyfe." Tona said.

    "I wish we were going with you," Nyla said, "one of the biggest missions in decades and we are stuck on Coruscant because of me."

    "Not because of you, because of what was done to you." Moth said. What you are doing to help the med-techs find an anti-dote is very valuable to all Jedi."

    "Maybe you could help Gen, he is going to need it after loosing his Master." Tona said.

    "That sounds like a good assignment." Moth said.


    Master Osip dug around in his potting shed looking for the prize bulbs he had ordered for a special display, they were no where to be found. The only clues he could find were some strange tracks in the dust. "Some one has brought a swamp rat back from Sidell and it has gotten into my prize bulbs." He explained when Master Poof asked what he was mumbling about. "And some of my Hydrangea Bushes are missing."

    "There has been a rash of things missing. I have a suspect and I am going to take care of it now. Just order more bulbs and order a few extras for me. Don't ask!" Master Poof said then left.


    Over the past few days Master Moth had spent his time in the Med Center helping work on the new antidote for the Force Blocking drug and in the Holo communications center listening to reports of how the battle was going.

    "Master Moth, how are things going with Nyla?" Master Poof asked.

    "Well, she is responding to the new medicine and is getting her use of the Force back." Master Moth said suspicious of Master Poof's coming all the way down to the med center to ask about Nyla. "She is assisting Gen, he g>
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    Yoda has this crazy idea that it is a Sith Lord

    Don't they know not to doubt Yoda by now? :p

    Hey - Lady Amia and Handar III, you've got great taste in names! Kelia - heir to the throne of Klondel...I like it! :D

    "Yes Master, portect you I will." Yoda said bravely

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I'm sure he will!

    Loved the update

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    I just found my way over to the Before saga today and I love this story! Great job on the OC's and Yoda...Yoda is...well, he's just Yoda.

    "So the Jedi are getting 'short' on Padawans." Deli giggled.

    You mean the Jedi don't like him yet?

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    A young Yoda story - how cool!

    I really like how confident Yoda is in all this.

    Can't wait to read more!
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    Glad you liked that Kelia. It was in honor of the fact that you were my first Reviewer, and that your name worked. My husband said that he would loved to have been a fly on the wall when you found that.

    Two new reviewers, Happy Dance! [face_dancing]

    [u][b]Chapter Seven[/b][/u]

    On the trip to Corellia, Moth and Yoda discussed who could be attacking the Jedi. They were there to bring peace to the galaxy and help heal the sick.

    "Someone not like peace, Sith maybe?" Yoda asked offering his favorite villain as a possibility, only to be told again that the Sith didn't exist anymore.

    "Besides Sith, other enemies do Jedi have?" Yoda asked. "Only take one to start again, it would." Yoda insisted.

    "They would be able to create this drug and are the only logical choice to want to use it. I must warn the Council about our suspicions." Moth said.


    "Master Poof, Yoda thinks and I agree, reluctantly, that the most logical enemy to be attacking the Jedi is the Sith. They would have the know how and the motive to do this to the Jedi and if they are back, they have had a hundred years to stew on this." Master Moth reported.

    "The Sith back, this is grave news you bring. There is already much fear among the Padawans. Tanel and Manoin were two of the strongest Padawans. If they were harmed, who is safe?" Master Poof agreed. "I am sending Nyla to assist you, she saw the kidnappers and might recognize someone. I am going to inform the rest of the Council." Poof ended the transmission before Master Moth could protest and Master Poof had known he would. Nyla was the last person Moth wanted in the line of fire of the drug attacks.


    Nyla arrived on Corellia shortly after Moth and Yoda. "Miss me? I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and give you a hand." She said then assured Moth. "Yes, Master I will be careful." She said to the unnecessary warning.

    "I don't like this! Stay close!" Moth warned. "If it is the Sith, they are going to be mad."

    Master Gaetan met them at the space port entrance and told them of his efforts to find his Padawan. "I had sent him on a simple assignment, one I have sent him on many times on many worlds and he always came back safe, always until this time. None of the official channels have been helpful. Now the Council thinks it maybe the Sith. Who would have thought of that?" Gaetan lamented. Yoda raised his left eyebrow but said nothing.

    "It's not your fault. We will find him don't worry." Moth knew how Gaetan felt from when Nyla was missing. "Show us where he disappeared from, we can start from there." Moth said trying to comfort the distraught Master.

    Because Yoda knew the passwords from his days as a spice trader, they were able to get into parts of the town they wouldn't otherwise. The gatekeepers were surprised to hear them coming from four Jedi. Yoda managed to 'convince' the underground overlord to tell him where a new scoundrel was staying. He didn't like having this much attention from the Jedi community and was glad to be rid of the object of that attention. He figured that if he got rid of the newcomer the attention would go away.

    The foursome carefully slipped up to the empty storefront. Moth went to Force the lock open but it was unlocked so they ran in lightsabers ignited. It was to quiet inside and there was a strange Dark chill in the air. It looked like no one had been in there in days. Nyla and Gaetan checked one of the side rooms as Moth and Yoda checked the other. "In here!" She called out and Moth and Yoda came running. On a cot in a dark corner was Tanel, the missing Padawans apparently fried on the Force blocking drug.

    "Hold this!" Moth said handing Nyla a data-pad he had found in the other room. He hunched over and lifted Tanel onto his shoulders, fireman style, and they hurried back to Moth's ship. Moth started Tanel on the intravenous form of the antidote while Nyla checked the data-pad. There was a list of names of planets. Duro where Manoin had disappeared and Corellia where they were and two >
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    Obedient, Yoda is."

    For some reason that amused me - :D

    I really liked how Yoda went and explained everything to the council.

    Look how much influence he has, and he's not even a master yet!

    Loved it!!

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    "Power, Pure unadulterated, power,

    The Sith escaped! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    somehow I don't think we've seen the end of him

    Thanks for the PM

    =D= =D=
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    I really like how you incorporated a little humor in the story. Poor Yoda - he could have been crushed!

    [face_dancing] [face_dancing]
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    Great update.:)
    Really liking this story.[face_batting]
    Finally caught up, I had gotten behind.[face_whistling]
    Keep up the good work.=D=
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    Thank you for all of your encouragement.

    [u][b]Chapter Eight[/b][/u]

    On arriving at Moth's apartment Nyla, introduced her new Padawan. Juri, a tall girl for her age, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a chip on her shoulders. She was just shy of the cut off age and wasn't sure about being a healer but it was Nyla or the Agricorp. Neither Nyla nor Juri knew what to think about the smell of Yoda's strange stew. They were both glad there was bread and butter to go with it. [i]'At least I won't starve.'[/i] They both thought.

    "What are you anyway?" Juri asked Yoda with a frown on her face.

    "A Padawan like you." Yoda answered.

    "How are you going to fight? Take out their knees!" Juri asked insultingly.

    "Ataru, I am learning. Acrobatics, I will fly." Yoda said proudly.

    "Show off." Juri accused.

    "Brat." Yoda countered.

    "All right you two!" Moth scolded.

    "Play nice. We are guests remember the rules." Nyla counseled her new Padawan.

    "Yes, you eat what you can of the meal served without complaining and eat to your fill later." Juri said to Moth's surprise.

    "I seem to remember, you hated that rule." Moth said under his breath to Nyla, who just smiled.

    "Your stew stinks." Juri told Yoda when the older ones weren't listening.

    "Wait until tomorrow, clean out your body, it will." Yoda warned.

    "Oh! Yuck! Only bread for me." Juri insisted.

    "You must learn to eat different foods, your travels will take you all over the galaxy. Not everyone has the meat pastries you like and the cooks can get upset if you don't like their cooking." Nyla instructed.

    "Nyla was the same way when she became a Padawan, I seem to remember it was spicy noodles that you insisted on eating." Moth added.

    "Oh! Hush! I'm trying to start her out right." Nyla blushed.


    Mid morning the next day Moth and Yoda met Master Loren in the assigned Sparing room. Master Loren had visited the younglings classrooms and borrowed some of the sparing tools set up for the children. Yoda beamed when he saw sparring tools his size. Loren showed him how to fall safely first instead of the typical spins and twirls. Like all students Yoda felt he knew how to fall, so was in a hurry to get on to the good stuff. "You must learn to fall safely before you can learn how to fly." Loren informed him.

    [i]'Fly, I will learn how.'[/i] Yoda thought.

    Loren asked Moth to show Yoda how to do some of the basic moves. "This was an example of how [b]not[/b] to do that move. This is the correct way." Then Loren deftly twirled and landed softly on the ground. Moth had learned his lesson so he backed off and refused to become a teaching tool, letting Loren do all the instructing while he watched from the background.

    "He's doing good for a beginner but he always did." Nyla observed. "I just stopped by to tell you, Juri and I are going on a mission. A safe mission far from the war and drug area." Nyla said assuring her former Master. Just then Master Loren gave them a mean look for talking in his class. Moth motioned toward the door and they both walked out.

    "Don't assume that just because Darth Menace is dead the problem has been solved. There could be another." Moth warned Nyla. "And the drug could still be out there."

    "I'll be careful. We are just going on a common out break of the plague." Nyla smiled. "You taught me well, now let me fly."


    "Master, question have?" Yoda inquired.

    "Yes, Yoda what is your question?" Moth stopped meditating and looked at his Padawan.

    "Noticed I did, other Padawans get lightsaber when become Padawan, Yoda not given lightsaber." Yoda carefully voiced his concerns. "Not confident in Yoda's ability not to cut off head?"

    "No, Yoda. I should have talked to you about this earlier but I didn't know how to bring it up. The reason you haven't been given a lightsaber has nothing to do with your abilities. It's because I a... we haven't been able to figure out how to make one that would be...small... comfortable for you." Moth explained.

    "Tried this have you?" Yoda >
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    "Wait until tomorrow, clean out your body, it will." Yoda warned.

    Oh my, I've heard about Yoda's stew but who knew it was that...uh...moving? :p

    I love the image of Yoda in little footsie pajamas!

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I enjoyed how you explained Yoda being trained by various masters. That helps to explain how he became the most powerful Jedi.

    Wonderful update!

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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