Stand-alone songs with themes instead of movie OST?

Discussion in 'Star Wars And Film Music' started by Iwan Shinken, Nov 19, 2012.

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    So I recently got the Star Wars soundtrack, its awesome, but sometimes I think it was too 'rough cut' from the movie, it was missing stand-alone composed songs with powerful themes. For example, we do have this with 'Duel of the Fates' and 'Battle of the Heroes', but we are missing the same for other great themes such as the Luke 'inspiring' theme from IV, or the Emperor's 'darker' theme, not the imperial march (Battle of Endor II from 3:45 to 6, EP VI).

    I'm thinking of cutting the songs myself, but I was wondering if somebody had done this already. Maybe I can even purchase the songs somewhere but I don't know it?

    Thank you!!

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    Cutting songs? Are you trying to get individual songs?
  3. Iwan Shinken Jedi Youngling

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    What I mean is, some parts of long songs - as found in the OST - could be put apart separately. Most of the songs seem to be taken directly from the movie, without any editing, while they actually consist of different pieces.

    For example, it's not possible to find the Star Wars Main Theme separetely, it's always embedded with the music track following right after it.

    Do I make myself more clear?

    Furthermore, some parts could be combined to make theme-specific pieces. I think this has been done with 'Battle of the Heroes' and 'Duel of the Fates', but it's missing for other nice themes.
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    What you are referring to are called "concert arrangements." In the case of the Star Wars Main Theme, the original soundtrack for A New Hope, before the Special Edition soundtrack, had the Main Titles segue directly into the End Titles, creating a sort of concert arrangement of the main Star Wars theme. But yes, Williams did not do concert arrangements of every theme. Even notable ones like the Force Theme do not have a concert arrangement.
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  5. Iwan Shinken Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 19, 2012
    Thank you for the clarification! So are there any concert arrangements I should look into? The main theme is easy to find, but are there any others?
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    I'm not sure if Williams intended there to be full arrangements of every theme we can think of. For every Main Theme and Imperial March, we have the Force theme. For the themes that are scattered in several different tracks, there probably aren't that many arrangement options out there because they were most likely not intended to be full themes to be recorded separately. Williams, unless some of this music hit the cutting room floor and didn't make it into the SE OST's, didn't bother to flesh them out completely. I'm surprised he did as many as he did in arrangement, frankly; there are quite a few that stand out as stand-alone tracks on the soundtracks.
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    This guy would probably want the original albums, not the RCA's

    or he would benefit form having the cues seperate (clean endings, instead of joined into one big huge mega track)
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    Well, the end titles of each film are sort of a medley of concert arrangements. For example, if you get the ROTS soundtrack, you get nice arrangements of Princess Leia's theme, BOTH and the Force Theme mixed in between Luke's Theme (Main Titles).

    While the ROTS end credits have that nice extended arrangement of the Force Theme, for my money, you can't beat "The Throne Room/End Title" from Star Wars.
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  10. Iwan Shinken Jedi Youngling

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    Sorry I haven't been for a while!

    Have you guys checked this out already? Looks pretty much like I would love to have for - Battle of Endor II from 3:45 to 6, EP VI - ...

    It's an extended version of binary sunset, apparently made for a videogame..

    If I remember right, the theme from Battle of Endor II i'm looking for was in Jedi Outcast II. Hmm.. I wonder if I couldnt install that game and try to get a 'fuller' version of the theme! The one at the OST has some quirky for-the-movie effects towards the ending of the segment.

    BTW Kenobi, totally agree on The Throne Room / End Title, that's one I really like! Notice that that part of the movie is more a musical-montage, it isn't music matching action, so there's no 'quirky-for-the-movie' changes in a 'normal' composition for movvie effect. I also love Victory Celebration / End Title, that piece actually made me tolerate Ewoks a little more :p..
  11. Iwan Shinken Jedi Youngling

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    BWT, this segment I'm referring to is 'The Dark Side Beckons', right?..