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SWRPF Archive Star-Caravan: An Alternate Route

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Cromwell90, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Cromwell90

    Cromwell90 Jedi Youngling

    Feb 2, 2009
    The Sith Lord allowed himself a grimace of frustration. His shadowy, twisted features reflected in the window of the Death Star's observation post - an unspeaking assurance of the shadowed, twisted hunger for power that beat endlessly within his mind.

    Darth Sidious had only attached the sign as a raise troop morale. On the back of his finest Star Destroyer it had read proudly "If you can read this, I have lost my caravan."

    The Sith's eyes flashed darkly, and steel yawned as The Force billowed angrily throughout his chamber. He had never expected that sign to predict the truth...
    He had simply stopped to buy a pot-noodle at an orbiting station: 'Bollywood-Beef Curry' flavour. It was there that he must have left the floating, desolate and lonely - lightyears from the Imperial fleet and held precariously in the cold embrace of a galactic vacuum.

    And then the Sith Lord felt sadness, breaking at last from his trade-marked 'cunning-anger.' His one love was now stranded upon that caravan - Margaret 'Star-Tyrant' Thatcher.

    Within the unnatural silence of the Death-Star's chamber, a silent song was then heard...emanating from the parched lips of a sorrowful Sith:

    "Some say loooove, it is a river...
    That drowns the tender reed..."

    Welcome to an RPG like no other!
    Will Darth Sidious reach the Caravan in time to save Margaret? Or will the Jedi get there first - and, thus gain all the resulting positive media coverage? Only you can decide.

    1. Introduce your character below. All reasonable ones will be permitted, but I don't see a need to use time having me approve each one. Please only get involved if you'll uphold the current tone, spirit and rules!
    2. 'Canon' characters are fine.
    3. The focus of this RPG is humorous writing and plot, along with well written battle scenes. If you wish to write an in-depth biography of a psychologically realistic character, you'll probably be more happy in another RPG Adventure.
    4. No God-modding, that's just boring.
    5. We want some coherency in the story, therefore please follow any occasional directions I might give.
    6. Quality over Quantity. To promote this, please aim for a limit of 200 words per post.
    7. Do not kill other people's characters etc., but try and push the story into interesting directions.
    8. A fast pace sounds good.
    9. There is no rule Nine!
    10. Have fun!

    So what are you waiting for? Introduce your character into the plot, below!

    (Who else is going to rescue Margaret? A cosmic-repair man?! Since when was that included in the Star Wars Canon?)

    Character Sheet:
    Items (ie. rubber 'Admiral Ackbar' Halloween Mask; Saxaphone; Posse of Robotic Background Dancers):
    Alliance (Keep to Sith/Empire or Rebel Alliance at this point in the game):

    I'm looking forward to beginning this Epic Chapter of the Saga!

    Cromwell90 (Darth Sidious)

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