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    Title: Chasing Stars
    Author: Master_Jaina1011
    Characters: Every single one of them, including my OC, Audrey, and others as well
    Summary: They chase the stars. They live for just that. These are the adventure of the crew of the Enterprise. And I have to do it within a hundred words for each prompt. That's right- it's the Drabble Challenge 2011!

    Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. I'm just playing in the sandbox Gene Roddenberry created and J.J Abrams and crew recreated. However, those you don't recognize, I probably own. Like Audrey. She is most definitely mine.

    A/N: Thanks to last year, I grew to love these. So not only am I doing this set, I am doing another for a fandom I just fell in love with: Battlestar Galactica. So sit back and enjoy this ride with me.

    Theater One: Scene 1, Take 1!


    ?Computer, lights twenty percent.?

    ?Lights ninety percent.? A arm was flung over a face, a groan emanating.

    ?Lights, twenty percent.?

    ?Computer, lights one hundred percent.? Audrey lifted her arm and looked at Bones, then back at the now groaning Jim.

    ?Why must you be so evil?? Jim groaned from beside her, burying his face in the pillow.

    The doctor yanked the covers from both of them, revealing that they indeed had passed out in his bed, fully clothed.

    ?Because, you two idiots, drank way too much Romulan ale and proceeded to fall asleep in my bed!?

    ?You really are evil.?


    Auriana looked up to see a small figure toddling her way to the couch, and realized it was her daughter.

    ?Gavin, get the camera. Audrey?s starting to walk!?

    The empath smiled, looking at the look of triumph on her daughter?s face, catching sight of her father in front of her, holding the camera.

    ?That?s it Audrey, come to Daddy!? The chubby legs became more determined, causing both mother and father to grin. Their one year old daughter looked up at her father, a grin on her face.

    ?I am so proud of you and I hope you know it, forever.?


    The sound of phaserfire awoke Sulu from his sleep and tried to figure out where he was. Oh, right, in a prison cage on the planet where they didn?t like humans. His Captain had thought it best to leave Spock and Audrey on board, while he, Sulu, Chekov, and the doctor ventured down to the planet.

    By the sounds of it, the Commanders how formulated a plan to rescue them and it included lots of loud noises. He looked around for an escape plan and saw Jim outside with Audrey.

    ?Is this your idea, explosions and phasers?

    ?What? It works!?


    Christopher Pike grunted heavily and rolled to avoid the enemy fire. Sending a shot in the direction of the phaser fire, he silently cursed whoever thought this was a good form of physical therapy.

    Breathing heavily, he got up into a crouch and hid behind a column, giving him a view of the room. Pike wondered why it was the Enterprise who got into the most trouble.

    Then he saw the reason why, ahead of him, both of them back to back, ducking and punching two other assailants. The Admiral shook his head and silently scolded himself for being old.


    On the Narada, Jim had two thoughts: shoot the enemy and find what they came here for. What he didn?t expect was a comrade who watched his back. Taking aim, he shot the Romulan alerting their bridge that they were on board, and heard soft breathing behind him.

    Not even thinking twice, he told Spock to go and get whatever information they needed. When the Vulcan questioned him, Kirk reaffirmed that, yes he would have his back.

    He took careful inventory of his surroundings and didn?t even think twice about shooting the enemy behind Spock.

    Then began a new friendship.


    I will be back with more! These are just too much fun!!!

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    Those were great ant that first one was very [face_laugh].
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    I'll be watching these, Shannon!

    P.S. That was NOT Star Tours!
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    Shannon! Oh, happy, happy happy days!!!

    Lights -- [face_rofl!!!!!!!!] That tears it, my dear! Bones is really Wes Janson -- [face_laugh] !!!!!!

    Camera -- aww!!!!!!!ness!

    Action -- no kidding LOL

    Roll -- =D= :cool:

    Shoot -- bromancing melting fangirl moment!!!!!!!

    It was the bromance that captured me in -- erm, a long time ago in a galaxy far away [face_laugh] - and it captures me still. :D :D

    Who couldn't be bosom buds with Spock?! =P~


    in commercial sized bucket!

    I'm putting this on ATN oh yes siree bob!


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    Thank guys. I enjoyed these last year so hence the thread this year. Now onto Week Two!

    Theater Two: Genre No!


    Bones huffed his way up the steep hill, grumbling under his breath at the figure in front of him. ?It?s always an adventure with you isn?t it?? he asked, stopping at a flat surface, breathing deeply.

    Audrey turned around, a grating grin on her face and crossed her arms. ?I thought you were in the best shape of your life??

    He glared right back. ?For being on a ship, not climbing mountains!?

    ?Well, you shouldn?t have insisted on coming along, then.?

    ?I had to, because who knows what trouble you and Jim could have gotten into!?

    ?Hop to it then.?


    Not many humans could understand the Vulcan race. Not many could actually see that beneath that stoic exterior was a true romantic underneath.

    Sarek may not vocally say it, but Amanda knew through their bond he truly loved her. Every so often, her favorite foods from Earth would appear, or a batch of roses she loved. It was the little things that he did that made their romance grow.

    She held their child, Spock in her arms, looking down at him smiling. Sarek sat next to her, a twinkle in his eye.

    ?One day you will find someone, one day.?


    Auriana watched her daughter grow up, not fascinated by science but doing it to make her happy. Audrey was a bright child, and had an eye for the smallest of details. She could recall little things about a day, how people reacted or what their silent languages told.

    She watched as her only child fought her way, physically and academically through the Academy, rising to the top of her class and getting a renowned position in Starfleet. Audrey could be a fantastic, undetectable spy.

    With her knowledge and love, her daughter would rescue her from the depths of her despair.


    ?Those rumors are purely fiction! Fiction I tell you!? Jim yelled, at the retreating back of Audrey. He couldn?t tell if she was playing with him or she was truly mad. It was times like these he wished Nyota was around.

    ?I know they?re true, Jim. Remember, I was around while you were at the Academy??

    He sighed. ?Does it really matter what the tabloids say? When you know for a fact that I love you and only you??

    She stopped and looked at him. ?Then go tell that to the nice, young, blonde reporter.?

    ?Fine, I will. Happy now??


    Her first day on the Enterprise, after the entire Kodos fiasco, was an absolute comedy of errors. Getting in the shower, screaming at Jim, Chekov seeing her only in a towel, the gossips outside, everything she encountered resulted in something worse.

    Now here she was, in the mess hall, scrubbing the floors because she apparently caused a food fight. It really wasn?t her fault that her empathetic senses overloaded. It was the gossiping girls fault.

    Glaring at the sponge in her hand, she cursed the Jim Kirk fan club loudly and scrubbed vigorously. Today had definitely not been her day.


    Man, these just keep coming! And they're addicting!
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    Romance - SQUEE!

    Fiction - hahaha! [face_mischief]

    Comedy -- and it only gets stranger from there. :p

    But you wouldn't miss it for the world. :)

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    I was waiting to see these up. :D This is going to be a blast!!

    Lights: A perfect way to start off - with a laugh! [face_laugh]

    Action: It's a time honoured tradition - especially with those two. ;)

    Shoot: Oh, but my every beating bromance-loving heart . . . [face_love]

    Romance: This was the best one yet. There is just something so soft and heartwarming about Sarek/Amanda, and you captured that in spades. And then the last line ---> [face_mischief][face_whistling][face_love]

    Fiction: Ouch. :( You know that has to be an insecurity that bites ever so often, but its still painful to see. :(

    Comedy: A bad day for Audrey, but a treat for us. [face_laugh] [face_devil]

    Keep them coming, Shannon! :D


    ~MJ @};-
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    Lights: SO hilarious!!
    Camera: Aww!! [face_love]
    Science: I really like these Auriana drabbles!
    Comedy: [face_laugh] Jim Kirk fan club!!
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    Jade: Gotta love the Jim/Audrey bits. I really do adore them! Thank you for reading!

    Mira: Lights was definitely one of my favorites. I had that one planned out a long time ago!

    Thank you for your kind words on Sarek/Amanda. I love them more each day! As for bromances there are some more down below!

    As for Audrey, she is insecure but as you say, love triumphs all!

    Thank you for your kind words! I'm just glad more ST muse is getting back in gear. Blame Battlestar Galactica!

    Nat: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the Auriana drabbles. I like getting into her psyche. it's fun!

    A/N: Well this time you get two for the price of one. The first one is a myriad of peoples but the second sets is basically what I think of deleted scenes from the movie. Or what the characters are thinking!

    Theater Three: Simply the Best!

    11. Wings

    For his second trip up to the Enterprise, Jim was not under any kind of allergic reaction or drug induced stupor. He actually thought he would have to drug Bones to get him to come up to the Enterprise again in a bucket full of bolts.

    This time however, they weren?t sneaking him abroad. He was going to start the Enterprise on their five year mission. James Tiberius Kirk was now Starfleet?s youngest captain at the helm of the most expensive, most sought after ship. The flagship was his.

    Looking in awe, he whispered. ?She?s gonna give me my wings.?

    12. Unforgiven

    The harsh terrain was unforgiving, even more than Vulcan had been. It was dustier, hotter and the sky was swirling with sand storms.

    Nyota sighed, bringing the veil tighter against her face, the group meandering their way to the New Vulcan colony on a search for whatever Dr. Dooling had left with them.

    Feeling the warmth of Spock?s love surround her, she smiled, knowing this was just as hard on him as it was for all of them.

    Sending back her thankfulness, they trudged on following the three Vulcans who had greeted them.

    It was time to get to work.

    13. Rocky

    Amanda smiled at the rocky formation before her, and actually admired the view of the dry planet she now resided on. To her, it was more than worth giving up Earth for if it meant she got to see Sarek more, especially now as her pregnancy progressed.

    Feeling the strong child kick her, she smiled, rubbing her belly gently. The healers had no idea how a half human, half Vulcan pregnancy should be like and therefore told her to take it easy.

    ?What are you doing, Amanda?? Sarek asked, coming up beside her.

    ?Just admiring the view with our son.?

    14. Titanic

    ?What are we watching, Captain?? Chapel asked, looking at Jim who had his feet propped up on the table. Audrey was leaning over him to grab popcorn from Bones, who was grumbling about senior crew night.

    ?A twentieth century film called Titanic.? He said, catching the popcorn Audrey threw at him.

    ?You?re going to make us watch a romantic film?? Sulu asked.

    ?Why not? We have Romulan ale, whiskey and bourbon. We?re going to make this a drinking game.?

    ?Hear, hear,? Scotty said, raising his glass. Pouring the shots, Jim grinned.

    ?Why do I have a bad feeling about this??

    15. Crash

    ?We?re gonna crash!?

    ?No we?re not.?

    ?Yes we are. Don?t you feel it? This bucket of bolts??

    ?Is as safe as can be. Come on, Doc, its Sulu piloting it. Do you really think he would bring us to our deaths??

    ?Anything is possible in these tins cans.? Audrey pressed a finger to her forehead and sighed heavily. They were getting nowhere on the doctor?s phobia of flying. And she thought he was bad about the transporter. The shuttle shuddered in the atmosphere again and Bones gripped her hand tightly. He really was like a petulant child.

    ?We?re gonna crash!?

    Now Playing: Would You Like to Play a Game?!

    16. Clue

    Jim looked at the irate man in front of him, arguing with the Lieutenant about finding his seat. This guy really had no clue about the military.

    Matter of fact, neither did he. He had loathed Starfleet since he was
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    I'm gonna work backwards LOL

    Clue-Life =D= Great missing scenes. =D=

    Unforgiven - SQUEE!

    Rocky -- awwww!!!! :D

    Wings -- marvy since that's just what he'd say.

    As to your ST muse being back, I have just one word: yeehaw!





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    Wings: Aww!!

    Rocky: Even more awww!!

    Titanic: [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Crash: Bones chose the wrong career :p

    Clue: [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Operation: Poor Pike :(

    Life: Go Kirk and Bones!!

    Sorry: That's got to be a lot on the poor guy's shoulders.

    Risk: That risk definitely paid off!!
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    I will prob get to replies tomorrow morning, since this browser on this computer is funky.

    Theater Five: No One Under 65 Admitted!

    21. Rated

    ?She?s good.?

    ?She is one of the top rated combat ready cadets we have. She is graduating this year.?

    ?Did you know she is an empath??


    Pike watched Audrey duck and deflect the blows her fellow security cadets were throwing at her, and smirked as the last one landed on the mat with a hard thud.

    The Admiral looked on studiously, his eyes flickering between her and the PADD. ?Cadet Pearce,?

    ?Lieutenant Pearce.?

    ?I see. She is very gifted in the sciences also but her record reflects many demerits.?

    ?By all mean, if you want her, she?s all yours.?

    22. Guidance

    Jim looked at Bones for guidance, while the natives around them pointed at them.

    ?Don?t look at me, kid. Not my fault you attract trouble.?

    He glanced at Nyota, who was curiously listening to the language they were babbling and Sulu just stood there, phaser ready.

    Next to him, Audrey was biting her lip trying not to laugh. ?And what is so funny Commander?? he asked, blue eyes sharp. Why did he always get into messes like these?

    Because you didn?t read the briefing Uhura gave you. Spock is going to?

    Rolling his eyes, he replied. Don?t even start, missy.

    23. Suggested

    ?Jim, you do know that these things do come with instructions??

    Fiddling with the paper in front of him, he glared and shoved it away. ?I see this as suggestions. I?m the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. I should be able to put together a crib.?

    Audrey raised her eyebrow and sat back on the couch, quietly chuckling.

    Honey, I think you might need to call in reinforcements.

    Jim?s head whipped around to her and glared. ?I can figure this out without you in my head.?


    Looking at the pieces again, he sighed.

    ?How did Spock do this again??

    24. Caution

    ?It is said that sometimes we must err with the side of caution.?

    ?You have to realize as Jim?s first officer, that caution is not is his vocabulary.?

    ?I do believe the same vernacular also do not reside in Commander Pearce?s either.?

    ?Between the two of them, this ship is doomed.? A phaser shot whizzed by the heads and both of them ducked, looking around for the culprit. He had one guess who it was.

    ?See, they do not know what that word means.? Bones sighed angrily.

    ?I said use caution, Jim. Caution! What part of that don?t you understand??

    25. Restricted

    ?This part of the ship is restricted, Commander Pearce.?

    ?And this says I have the highest security clearance, Lieutenant. So I suggest you step aside and let me in.?

    ?I have been given strict orders by the captain not to allow you anywhere near the bridge.?

    ?The Captain?!?

    ?Yes ma?am and Dr. McCoy threatened me the Andorian shingles if you ever went near this turbolift.?

    ?I?m pregnant, not an invalid.?

    ?I am sorry but I have explicit instructions that you are to remain either in the observation deck, medical bay, and your quarters.?

    James Tiberius Kirk, you are so dead.

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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] !!!!

    Oh I have missed these! You are a serious trip & Audrey is like totally Jim's therapy and sanity even while she's snarking at him like Mara does with Luke. [face_dancing]

    And, like our wonderful Mara, :* she likes it "in his head"... and gets lost in a particular pair of wide-eyed so innocent blue eyes :D


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    ?I see this as suggestions. I?m the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. I should be able to put together a crib.?

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] So totally Jim :p
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    Best. Drabble. EVER!

    I loved everything about these - you have such a flare for banter, and the last line of that was classic. :D [face_laugh]

    I was glad to see these going again! [face_dancing]

    ~MJ @};-
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    These were great, Shannon. Liked them a lot. :)
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    Replies to come soon. Just updating before I go see Captain America. Again.

    Theater Six: Adult Themes!

    26. Sex

    ?Oh, Jim, that feels amazing.? An appreciative groan was heard from his ready room and the heads of the bridge crew turned toward it. ?Yes, yes right there.?

    Pavel looked at Sulu, his eyes wide. ?What are they doing in there?? Another groan was heard louder this time.

    ?No, Jim, not right there. Can?t you find the right spot??

    The bright red flush in Sulu?s cheeks was a dead giveaway. Bones rolled his eyes. ?You think those two could wait til gamma shift, at least.?

    Soon enough, the door slid open to reveal an immaculate captain and commander smiling.


    27. Graphic

    The graphic images on Tarsus IV haunted Jim throughout his life. The carnage, the starving people, even the kids who died in his arms.

    Bones had tried to deduce where he went on the anniversary of Tarsus. Uhura shook her head thinking he was shirking off his classes. However, he saw the grief and understanding in the blue eyes of Christopher Pike.

    Jim didn?t want to admit he still had nightmares of the colony until Audrey came along. She helped him face his demons. Never once did she judge his actions or look on him in pity.

    She accepted him.

    28. Violence

    Audrey punched the bag hard, letting all frustration go. Doubling back, she turned on her heel and delivered a mighty roundhouse kick, causing the person on the other side to step away and let it swing.

    McCoy just stared at her in disbelief. He had known she was a fighter but had no idea just how much power she harnessed in the tiny body of hers.

    Jim must be in the doghouse for her to get this mad. Stepping back to his place, he asked. ?So what did the idiot do this time??


    ?Must you resort to violence then??

    29. Language

    Nyota was fascinated by the tongues of others early on in her childhood. Anytime she heard a different language, she sat still and tried to decipher it. It was fascinating how each one could be so different yet the same at the same time. Her linguistics skills were what got her noticed by the Academy in the first place.

    Seeing the drunk man next to her caused her to cringe as he tried to hit on her. Playing hard to get, she tried to ignore the deep blue eyes of the farm boy.

    To this day, he still surprised her.

    30. Drugs

    McCoy ran his tricorder over his patients, mumbling about how if they had gotten their vaccines they would be here in his sickbay.

    But no, they had to skirt every chance they had to get it and ended up here anyway even though it was for a totally different reason.

    Blue eyes looked up and a drugged voice sounded. ?Whoa Bones,? he said, gripping the side rails. ?What kind of drugs do you have me on this time??

    ?Oh, God please don?t tell me I?m in sickbay,? Audrey?s voice said.

    ?This is payback for not coming to sickbay more often.?
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    Language :D !! Yes, Jim is a surprise a minute.

    drugs [face_laugh] Bones is a trip!

    Graphic glad that Audrey is there to provide solace. @};-

    Violence ;)

    Sex Shannon ... [face_laugh] [face_laugh] This reminds me of a scene I read some time ago where Luke and Mara were behind closed doors and their overheard conversation was quite ... interesting to say the least but they were tightening up some kind of machinery ("You need more lubricant" "It's too tight") [face_laugh] Oh, the side-aching innuendos [face_laugh]

    Thanks for that!!!!!!

    I am so sure it wasn't a far stretch to imagine or conclude what was concluded.


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    Aww, these are sweet! And "Drugs" is hilarious :D
  20. Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape

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    Another blast of a set! :D

    Drugs was definitely my favorite this time - Aurdey and Bones snarking is as fun as all get out. [face_laugh]


    EDIT: I just saw your Captain America note . . . but for the love of squee, but the Avengers movie cannot come quickly enough!! [face_dancing][face_dancing][face_love]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Thanks guys! I am slowly catching up and to keep my mind occupied I finished three sets. Each will be posted separately though!

    Theater Seven: It's Not a Remake, It's a Reimagining

    A Look at Bones

    UDC I- Week 16
    80. cranky

    The first thing Jim noticed about the doctor was that he was extremely irritable and it usually happened whenever Jim managed to hurt himself in a bar fight.

    However, after three years of living with him in a dorm, and five on a starship, Jim learned he was even crankier in the morning when he didn?t have any coffee.

    Audrey had managed to get on Bone?s good side by bringing him coffee at morning briefings.

    Then she baited him, who in turn baited the infallible Spock.

    Jim now had a cranky doctor, first officer and wife.

    He was inexplicably trapped.

    UDC II ? Week 19
    94. Sunshine

    Joanna McCoy had a smile that could light an entire galaxy. At least that is what her father thought every time he saw her, and her squeals of ?Daddy, Daddy!? make his heart leap.

    In turn, Christine compared his smile to sunshine. In San Francisco and even on the Enterprise, sunshine was rare, just like Leonard?s radiant smile.

    Every time Joanna went back to her mother, that smile faded. The more she thought about it, Christine realized that smile was staying more often than not.

    Now seeing Joanna running the halls of the ship, he couldn?t stop smiling at all.

    UDC III Week 16
    78. Sickbay

    On the Enterprise, every single member of the crew knew that once they entered Sickbay, they were not on Dr. McCoy?s turf. They treaded carefully during their physicals and positively feared his wrath when they injured themselves.

    Engineering learned how to injure themselves at exactly the wrong time. They were usually in Sickbay on Gamma shift when they knew the doctor wouldn?t be there.

    Jim, Spock and Audrey however wandered in there at their convenience, usually with a bottle of bourbon.

    Or they were there injured because they couldn?t keep out of trouble.

    Bones lost count on which it was.

    UDC IV ? Week 7
    31. No Turning Back

    Right after Jim?s promotion ceremony and the Medal of Honor ceremony for the command crew, Bones stood looking at the sky in contemplation. The stars sparkled in the clear night sky, and he sighed.

    He really was doing this. He was willing to leave Earth and hop on a shuttle in two days to go explore the galaxy.

    He was certain he needed his head examined. One Leonard Horatio McCoy was going to report to the Enterprise, to his best friend. He was the Chief Medical Officer.

    Deep down he was meant to do this. There was no turning back.

    UDC V ? Week 9
    44. Retired

    Admiral Leonard McCoy was retired now, enjoying the time he had left with his children and grandchildren. He watched as his daughter and two sons grow into caring, upstanding- troublesome Starfleet officers, now married and off gallivanting about the galaxy.

    Sipping his iced tea, he could picture the laughing blue eyes of his best friend, or the soft giggle Christine did just for him.

    Closing his eyes, he saw the Enterprise, his home and his family?s home for many years.

    Audrey?s playfulness, Nyota?s beauty, Spock?s logic, even Chekov?s innocence resonated before him.

    It was time for him to come home.
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    I Had way too much fun with this one!

    Theater Eight: Time Travel In 3D!

    36. Cube

    During one of Scotty?s infamous warp core enhancements, they managed to rupture the space time continuum and found themselves in the future.

    More like on the future Enterprise, to the surprise of the poor bridge crew who were staring at a cube on the viewscreen.

    Bones growled and Nyota gasped in surprise. ?I?m gonna kill Scotty,? Audrey declared, her hands on her hips.

    ?Please tell me we didn?t come during a red alert,? Jim groaned.

    The bald captain tried to hide his surprise and finally just sighed.

    The XO grinned. ?Captain Kirk, I want to introduce you to the Borg.?

    37. Sphere

    Another time they found themselves also in the future in the Delta Quadrant on the starship Voyager.

    Again they found themselves on the bridge in the middle of a red alert.

    ?We have the absolute worst timing,? Audrey sighed, staring the sphere in found of them.

    ?We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.?

    ?Now where have I heard this before?? Bone said, his tri corder running over Audrey and her noticeable baby bump.

    ?You didn?t get assimilated last time,? Sulu said, looking back at the female captain.

    ?If Scotty keeps this up, I?m sure we will.?

    38. Cone

    This time, Jim, Spock, Bones, Audrey and Sulu found themselves in the 21st century staring at what used to be called a theme park.

    ?What are those?? Sulu asked, pointing to orange shaped cones standing there directing to what looked like cars.

    ?Parking Cones!? Jim exclaimed triumphantly, getting four judging looks in return.

    ?What are they used for?? Bones wondered aloud, when he almost got run over.

    ?To block cars from causing injury to those workers.?

    ?I vote on moving out of here.?

    ?Agreed.? Three voices sounded, when horns honked at them running away.

    ?Well, at least they aren?t Borg.?

    39. Cylinder

    ?Care to explain to me where we are this time?? Jim asked, looking at a obviously baffled Scotty.

    Chekov looked at his calculations, shrugged. ?If I can hazard a guess??

    ?I didn?t think Vulcan made guesses,? Audrey interrupted, when a cylinder shaped object came flying at their heads.

    ?Watch where you throw those things!? Jim yelled, watching a man in robes emerge, blue eyes curious.

    Audrey held up her hand and shook her head. ?I don?t want to know.?

    He nodded. ?Scotty, get us back home.?

    ?A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? Starfleet officers found themselves??

    40. Pyramid

    ?Scotty!? Audrey yelled, wiping the sand from her eyes. ?Where did your modifications land us this time??

    ?I don?t even want to think about it!? Bones grumbled, glaring at the Scottish man, who was busy studying the pyramids before him.

    ?I think I transported us to? whenever those were being built.?

    ?So we are in a time where no technology exists?!?

    They looked at the scorching sun, watching people building the structures.

    ?At least we?re witnessing history in the making.?

    ?How are we getting back this time??

    ?All I know is that you are done with these modifications Scotty! DONE!?

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    [Week Nine: Answer Me!

    41. Who?

    She knew her name was Audrey Pearce. She was from Earth and was extremely happy with her job. Rubbing her bulging stomach, she sat down at the restaurant ravenous.

    She felt everyone?s emotions around her and it confused her. Noticing the blue eyed bartender keeping an eye, she just shook it off.

    Soon enough, he was in front of her, a cup of tea and bowl of soup in hand. ?It looks like you need this.?

    Looking at him carefully, ?Who are you??

    ?Jim Kirk, waiter at this fabulous establishment. You look like you could use company.?

    ?I?d like that.?

    42. What?

    ?What do you think you are doing?? the man asked, causing Spock to jump.

    ?I was only trying to figure out how to bypass the reactor coils and get this running more efficiently.?

    ?Next time ask permission. Carry on.? Spock nodded, when a beautiful woman crossed his path, translating for the shift supervisors.

    He felt this basic instinct to reach out for her, to hold her against him. Yet he had no idea who she was.

    ?Nyota, can you come over here?? another male asked, waving her over.

    He watched her walking away, his heart falling. What was he doing?

    43. When?

    Jim knew exactly what time the red haired woman came into his restaurant everyday. She was usually precise unless the baby was giving her trouble, and he was instantly worried when she appear through the doorway.
    Wiping the counters down, he heard her lilting laugh and immediately perked up. She was always the brightest spot in his day.

    She came up to him and smiled. ?Are you ever going to ask my name??

    ?What is your name??

    ?Audrey,? He smiled largely, ready to reach out to her and protect her from the world.

    He just hoped she would let him.

    44. Where?

    Nyota opened her to eye to unfamiliar surroundings, immediately panicking.

    ?Easy there darling, you don?t want upset the baby.?

    The soothing voice helped calm her nerves and a handsome, rugged face came into view.

    ?You?re safe now, Nyota.? He murmured, the instrument he was holding scanning her.

    ?You better tell me where I am or I swear on the stars,? Nyota turned her head and noticed a red head sitting up frantic.

    ?You don?t know who I am, do you?? Both women shook their heads meekly.

    ?You are on the Federation Starship Enterprise and I am its Chief Medical Officer.?

    45. Why?

    Staring out the viewport, both couples sat there quietly, most of their memories fully restored.

    ?Why would someone do that? Take away our memories, our feelings? our pasts?? Audrey asked softly, her voice muffled by Jim?s shirt.

    ?They needed workers. To them it was logical to get them in any way possible.? Spock replied, his hand stroking his wife?s hair.

    ?Doesn?t make it right.? Jim muttered, holding his wife close. ?However, they couldn?t take away our basic instincts to protect each other.?

    ?You made sure I had enough to eat, someone to talk to??

    ?No one can take that away.?
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    Shannon -- woot! The Bones set -- :D

    Then the set with the Borg to start and the Egyptians building pyramids [face_laugh] [face_laugh] And they even landed in SW land.

    Woo! Put Spock and Kyp in one room.... Jade_eyes would be one deliriously drooling fangirl.

    The last set -- :D !!

    That was a cool incarnation.

    I thought of a cool little twisty on that last one for my challenge, which will be kinda reminiscent of the middle one -- not exactly a modification but technology going way way too far :p

    Mega giant huggles!

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    We struck the reader jackpot with these. [face_laugh]

    Cranky: [face_laugh] Great crew dynamics. :p

    Sunshine: [face_love] Aww . . .

    Sickbay: [face_laugh] I liked the mention of strategic injuries. :p

    Cube: For the love of squee, but that one needs to be longer. Needs to, I tell you. :D

    Sphere: [face_laugh]!!

    Cylinder: [face_laugh] Oh, but that last line clinched it . . . :p

    Pyramid: [face_laugh]!!! This whole week was simply ingenious. "Done!" [face_laugh]

    And the last set . . . that was a mother load of sheer creativity. A fascinating read - and done in drabbles, no less. :D Well done! =D=

    I'm so glad to see these from you - I have missed seeing your stuff here. [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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