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    Title: How I See Us

    Author: Jade eyes

    Disclaimer: Borrowing with affection, particularly MJ1011's Audrey, whom I'd better see in print soon [face_batting] [face_laugh] :* !!!!

    Summary: Audrey is musing about the future and the past.

    A/N: Struck by the beauty of Jedi_Lover's Beyond Memories author notes-how she gave the Solo kids so many younglings and happy ever afters, no Vong, no Killiks, no karking sacrifice, [face_dancing] and L/M living to 112 with great-grands [face_dancing] etc. Yup, just what is deserved in ST-land too.


    When I thought about it, fleetingly, I thought my career would postpone, if not preclude, a family for quite the while.

    I certainly wasn't looking for a soulmate when someone with dazzling blue eyes and a fine rear view came into my life.

    When Jim and I parted that first time, he sighed. "I don't know when our paths will cross again."

    "I have a feeling that if anyone can make it happen, if you want it to, you're the one."

    He looked deeply into my eyes and the butterflies took up a merry little dance in my stomach. "Is it what you want?"

    I grinned. "Maybe." I teased.

    He sighed ruefully. "Guess I'd better get back to those post-mission reports. I'll need some convivial company after such tedium, as compensation ..." He winked. "Want to join me for drinks after?"

    I pretended to consider it. "Hang on there a minute," I finally agreed, picking up my brief-bag. "I'll come with you."


    Now that we are together, he and I, I can't imagine a time when we weren't or wouldn't be together.

    I think of the place I'd like to see us in a few scores of years.

    Full of love and laughter as we are now, passion for one another and pushing back the frontiers of discovery ...

    And leaving this mortal coil together - after a long night's amorous frolic.

    He laughed when I shared this one evening. "'Rey! You can't be serious!"

    "Can you imagine a better way?" I grinned, and we laughed.

    His eyes were full of me as they gazed gently into mine. "Nyota's rubbed off on you, I think."

    I couldn't deny it.

    Two more lovestruck lifemates than those two I could not hope to find.

    He continued: "Since a day without a kiss from you is one too many ... I like your plan."


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    When they look into the future, there may tribulation but there is also happiness.

    So very true.

    "Since I can't go a day without a kiss from you..."

    I love that.

    *sigh* Thanks for more inspiration. I'm finishing the drabbles tonight! And then I concentrate on everything else!

    You captured them perfectly!
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    Yup! That would be a great way to go. :D ;)
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    This was simply gorgeous! So light and beautifully bubbly. Like a perfect glass of champagne. =D=

    Thank-you for this little snippet. [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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    [face_laugh] I like that! Great way to go :D
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