Story [Star Trek 2009] Vote of Confidence. One-shot. Friend-fluff.

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    Title: Vote of Confidence Author: Jade eyes

    Genre: Mush/humor.

    Disclaimer: Borrowing for fun.

    Characters: Jim/Nyota.

    AN#1: Inspired by a review in another of my threads by the inspiring!!!!! @Mira_Jade [face_love]

    AN#2: I apologize for the title/tag thingy - I was gonna wait until I heard about a work-around for the menu [face_laugh] but this begs to be posted. [:D] @};-


    She is a lovely lady, competent, intelligent, and funny. When we were on a mission, some one we were negotiating with thought Uhura and I were a couple. Not that I hadn't toyed with the idea and fantasized about her in our Academy days, (what hetero guy wouldn't?) ... ;)

    But she gave off unmistakable, not-available vibes.

    And when I found out who she was with, I was surprised, but not for long. :)

    When we heard the above-mentioned comment, I slid her a teasing glance. "Ha! Someone else who thinks we could have been good together." I remarked.

    She glared, but I could tell she was secretly amused. "Keep telling yourself that," Her laughing eyes said.

    So when I found the true "love of my heart", I got input from several friends.

    Bones, naturally, said: "Go for it."

    Scott just winked.

    Uhura, she was all supportive.

    She, after all, had set me up or rather sent Christine my way. [face_laugh] She doesn't know I knew that. [face_shhh] I also had more than a suspicion as to why.



    [face_laugh] I told him that he was more than ready and had plenty of good things to bring to a relationship: caring, laughter, courage... Ready in the sense of not being a permanent adolescent like Wes Janson [face_laugh]

    He grinned when I said that, his blue-eyed "really?" look reminding me of Luke Skywalker.

    And if he reminded Audrey of same, at the very least, he would definitely be on the right track. :D

    "I've never felt this way about anyone before, Uhura." He confided.

    I smiled broadly. I'd heard that from my sister about Dajan and from Sherra about Tristan.

    Plus, [face_dancing] ^:)^ I felt that way about my own soul-mate.

    Definitely an auspicious start!

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    I love the KIrk/Nyota friendship!
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    Just the kind of story i needed after a long day. [:D]
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    Aww! I am happy to inspire any time, especially if gems like these come out. ;) [:D]

    I loved the banter here - Kirk's line was perfect, as was hers in return, and the introspection to follow was the cherry on the cake. It is always lovely to see everyone so settled and happy. [face_love]

    Excellent job, as always. =D=
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