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Story [Star Trek 5-year Mission] Harrowing Rescue & Recovery Ensemble Cast/OCs. July 4. Chapt11, complete.

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, May 29, 2013.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    And here is McCoy busy with those medical issues

    Chapter 6

    Jeran Baldavin looked up when he saw McCoy grumbling and doffing his rebreather. The order for ‘Isolation protocol six’ was shown on all screens in the entire medward. But the lab and the IC-ward – Jeran had heard from Nurse Jullio that his human friend Lionel Majeski was there caring for a sedated Djarada – were isolated rooms with their own decon protocol. Blood-samples and whatever had come from Djarada and Ammer were in isolated units and handled by grapplers worked by remote controls. He expected some comment about working continuously since the procedure to save Djarada and there it was.

    McCoy turned to him and asked “are you related to that seventies movie character Master Yoda?”

    “Ah master Yoda,” Jeran grinned when he remembered something from his childhood. “He was a Jedi and could do amazing things. I have seen the old movies with their primitive special effects. Not a Jedi but A’ar’ians have all the ability to go without sleep for forty or more hours. I will require some long rest and recuperation in let’s see thirty hours.”

    “But Majeski and Djarada need you after you are rested and that’s in less than fifteen hours,” McCoy stated. “And judging from the reports of our ever so logical first officer on the away-team and mainly ensign Irene Ahard we don’t have fifteen hours left before the first victim succumbs. You have a report I see.”

    “I have called up the full stats of our two patients and the stats of the away-team,” Jeran began his report. “I have tested a sample of my blood bringing it into contact with a piece of the metal we removed out of Djarada’s innards. My blood remains healthy and had the metal looking like this. Testing some of our stock supply of different blood gave these results.”

    McCoy began to read, comparing the stats and experiments conducted by Jeran.

    - - -

    Jeran contacted Christine Chapel to draw a blood-sample from Doctor Marcus and asked for Nurse Jullio to bring it. He had new ideas and wanted to make sure and had drawn blood from Jullio and John. He was moving a grappler with the blood- and metal-sample to his analyser.

    Marc Jullio was fidgeting with his hands and showing agitated bioluminescent patterns on all visible black and blue skin.

    “No worries for you Marc,” Jeran grinned when he enlarged the view on the sample. “Your blood has just like my blood and Ker’s a cobalt component acting as a protection at whatever is in the dirt and metal. We have only the human blood-types being affected by the metal.”

    “With different results,” McCoy had now somewhat of a smile on his tired face. “Doctor Marcus and ensign Ammer developed the symptoms more rapidly because they both have had the Denebian flu. We have to run more tests to be sure and get blood-samples from every crewmember with a Denebian flu history.” He became very busy after ordering Jeran and Marc to help and got a devious smile on his face.

    “What’s funny?” Marc Jullio looked up from his station.

    “It’s green,” McCoy turned to the speaker.

    “As in Master Yoda?” Jeran quipped.

    “It has pointed ears yes,” McCoy saw the uncomprehending face of Nurse Jullio. “One point for Baldavin.”

    “Commander Spock and who is Master Yoda?” Marc Jullio looked from McCoy to Jeran.

    “Ten points for Jullio,” McCoy stood up. “I will contact the green blooded atomic clock. He had the Denebian flu, has Vulcan green blood but mixed with human elements. We have to see what his blood will do with the metal. Ah yes your second question,” he saw Nurse Jullio following his moves. “Master Yoda was a famous movie character from old earth and maybe just as stubborn as that guy there.”

    “Who? Me?” Jeran grinned. “Lift objects without touching them I cannot and speak in a backward way I do not.”

    Commander Spock.”

    “McCoy here requested immediately your presence is.”


    “Three minutes and twenty seconds you have.”

    Doctor McCoy is copying Master Yoda.”

    Doc…” And what Spock wanted to say more was drowned in laughter from Uhura and Sulu until the connection ended abruptly.

    “Suit up the three of us have to. Green mayhem coming it is.”

    Jeran activated his rebreather and saw the pleasure radiating from McCoy and even more from Marc. The Mirana nurse was now showing bright patterns on his skin. And McCoy was counting, first softly but increasing in volume and now heard above the humming and hissing of rebreathers.

    “Three minutes and nineteen, twenty and here he is,” McCoy laughed when the first officer stormed in.

    “Who is master Yoda?”

    “Tell me Spock,” McCoy – equipment to draw blood in his hands – began with mischief in his voice. “You have never seen the awe-inspiring fight with lightsabers between Master Yoda and Darth Sidious? You have never wanted to be a Jedi? Ah don’t answer. You have telepathic abilities and you don’t need a lightsab…”


    “This is a first,” McCoy held the arm steady and reached for the second vial held by Marc Jullio. “He feels it.” He connected the vial, saw it filling with the green blood, removed the syringe and pressed a wad against the arm getting another grunt. “Was my tale not distracting?”

    “You didn’t answer my question Doctor.”

    “Ah Master Yoda,” McCoy replied. “Go to the library and see the various movies. You will be thrilled. And I am sure that Nyota will love to see them again. And I think that Lieutenant Sulu was inspired by lightsaber fights too when he picked up his Samurai hobby.”

    - - -

    Jeran had the results from his tests with Spock’s blood on the screen and pointed to the virulent behaviour of the human part.

    “That figures,” McCoy began to smile despite the dire situation. “Spock has coped with the Denebian flu in his own unique way. The green stuff was – just like your blood – unaffected by the flu and helped him through the worst part of the disease with oh my. Lieutenant Uhura was infected by him, infected Sulu and developed like him only mild flu symptoms.”

    “More tests to run on the three?”

    “Yes Jeran and if I am correct we will have a solution to treat the crew without the history of Denebian flu. For Ammer and Marcus I will order a courier to get them back to Starfleet Medical central on earth as soon as possible. No one in our crew matches.”

    “That’s to be expected with one in ten million matching with their HLA,” Jeran wiped his hand tiredly across his face.

    “And for you it is bed-time.” McCoy came towards his chief surgeon and looked him ‘down’ although Jeran was the larger one. “You have to be awake when Lionel is guiding Ker Djarada out of the sedation. Now Jeran! Or I will put you in a bed in the intensive care ward!”

    “And be the victim of your bedside manners?” Jeran left with springy steps despite his fatigue. A solution was near.

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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cross-fandom references - excellent and great Yoda-speak [face_rofl] I am happy more pieces are falling into place. =D=
  3. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Hahaha!! Loved McCoy's references to Yoda, and to Spock no less. ;)
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  4. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    Spock needed for his green blood he was; cure hopefully for everyone it will be. [face_laugh]
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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Jade note: I enjoyed this!!!!

    Chapter seven

    McCoy was elated. It was a professional bit of satisfaction when he could announce that he had a breakthrough. It was also gratifying for his patients' well-being, most of all.

    He was in Carol Marcus's room, clad in isolation gear, as he contacted the bridge.

    "McCoy here. I have a cure. After drawing blood-samples from surgeon Baldavin, nurses Jullio and John I could make a component that will cure the affected crewmembers of the away-team.”

    Uhura smiled. "That is excellent news, Doctor!"

    Sulu and Chekov also evinced relief.

    "It is related to the Denebian flu and all crew-members having had that disease must be steering clear of the away team to avoid contagion. I have a colleague at Starfleet Medical ..." There was a grin in his voice. "I called in a favor, and he said that earth has suitable donors for Ammer and Marcus. They'll be sending a courier."

    Spock put in: "I do not think I want to understand the nature of the favor exchange."

    Uhura chuckled, and shot him a wink.

    "Are you certain it is the Denebian flu?" Spock continued.

    “Yes Denebian flu. I think I can tell such things apart, by this point in my career. There are isolation and decon protocols that must be put in place for the shuttle and the away team." McCoy replied, with justifiable pride.

    "Doctor, I am well aware of these, and when they are called for."

    “Yes, I know you are the expert in such minutiae." McCoy huffed.

    "I can see you have definitely found a solution, Doctor. Your customary ... good-humored disposition is back in rare form."

    McCoy harrumphed.

    Uhura laughed.

    "The sooner you stop stating the obvious and snipping at me, the sooner we can put the parameters in place."

    Even McCoy couldn't and wouldn't argue with that.

    Spock contacted the hazmat team in engineering to set up a clean room in hangar-bay 2.

    Then, it was Uhura's task to contact Starfleet Medical and order a courier.

    When this was done, she turned and conveyed to Spock that one would be arriving very shortly, in much quicker fashion than one would expect given the distance and warp capacity.

    "They didn't offer an explanation for why." She concluded.

    Spock offered a nod in response and responded: "There must be an urgent cause beyond our own reasons for calling them to this sector."

    "I haven't heard anything over the channels, as in distress calls. Everything is quiet." Uhura said, with a considering frown.

    "What is the capacity?" McCoy asked.

    "It can transport only two patients in capsules." Uhura answered.

    "I'll have Ammer and Marcus ready by the time it arrives." McCoy promised.

    "Are you certain, Doctor?" Spock asked. "From what Lieutenant Uhura was able to gather, they are making a special effort to arrive expedititiously, apart from our medical necessity. I have an idea that they will not welcome a delay. Perhaps there is an even graver emergency elsewhere."

    "Let me worry about the timing." McCoy shot back and cut the connection.



    Spock contacted the away team with an update.

    The engineering staff has also benefited from the decon procedures and will be sterilizing and refabricating transporter components. Scott advocates against using the transporter just yet, until it is tested with non-live objects, and other simulations.

    "Ms. Ahard is the worst case." Kirk explained. "She will need immediate attention."

    "Yes. The medical staff is implementing protocols for full isolation in the clean room after your return. That will take five hours to set up, but it will coincide with the arrival of a courier to transfer Ammer and Marcus back to a full facility where they can access suitable donors."

    On his end, Jim had a momentary pang at not being able to speak to Carol before her departure.

    He resolved to comm her as soon as the immediate crisis was over and wish her the best and a speedy recovery, the sooner to return.


    "Shall we order a second courier, then?" Uhura asked, some time later.

    "Actually," Bradley said from Sciences, "The first one is arriving."

    Uhura confirmed this. "They're sending a greeting hail and requesting us to meet an Admiral Camilla Westmoreland. I told them of our transporter problems, so they'll be shuttling in to Bay 1."


    Camilla Westmoreland was a striking lady, elegant and poised. Spock noticed this as soon as greetings were exchanged, and they stepped into a 'lift car. She had similar coloring to his own mother, but she lacked Amanda's innate strength-tempered gentleness.

    The Admiral wasted no time in explaining the swiftness of her arrival. "The Governor of Xandrelen, Heraclides, is having an inauguration after a long civil war. As the Fleet's flagship, Enterprise must attend, especially ..." Her eyes grew haunted, "after recent events that I need hardly mention."

    "Of course not, Admiral." Spock answered. He knew she was referring to the debacle surrounding Alexander Marcus. "But there must be a contingency in such a situation such as we find ourselves in? Hypothetically, if nothing else?"

    The Admiral's frown deepened. "The courier will depart with your patients immediately, and so shall we. There is no extenuation or mitigation allowed."

    "Our away team is arriving as we speak. Our Captain will have much to say on this matter, I am certain. The final decision is his, as you will agree it must be."

    Westmoreland nodded. "I believe we can defer departure that long. Of course, I am sure he will agree with the need to attend such an important and momentous occasion."

    "He will place the safety of the crew as paramount." Spock objected. "I believe you know of his reputation, Admiral. He will stop at nothing, even what appears to be the most blatant insubordination. And, I can tell you from personal experience, that he will lay the blame for any loss of life at your insistence, and that is one official report I do not believe he will hesitate to file in full."

    The doors whooshed open, and Uhura's silent laughter and "Bravo!" were clear for her love to perceive.

    Admiral Westmoreland was rendered quite speechless.


    Uhura found an urgent message on her board upon arriving back to the bridge; it was from Starfleet Medical.

    "We have a dire need for a top-notch transplant surgeon, and we know you have an excellent one." Admiral Panusconi told her as she established contact.

    Uhura answered: "Let me tie in Sickbay, please. We do have a surgeon who would fit your needs."

    "Can he come back with the courier we sent, then? We would be ever so grateful!"

    McCoy had heard this last and frowned.

    "Jeran Baldavin is our transplant specialist." He spoke up to Panusconi. "Dr. Baldavin is very much occupied as you can understand, but yes I even think he will appreciate it if he can take Ker Djarada to Starfleet Medical, but for any longer timeframe than that...”

    "Can he be spared, Doctor?" Spock got to the crux.

    "No one can be spared in such a situation as this." McCoy retorted. "I shall naturally bring the matter to his attention; he is fully capable of making the final decision. I shall not make it for him, one way or the other."

    "We will appreciate that, Doctor." Panusconi said sincerely. "His skills are one-of-a-kind."

    Uhura cut the connection.

    "When it rains, it pours." Sulu muttered.

    "Not the Doctor's best, most uneventful day." Chekov agreed.


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  6. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Yes and what will happen next;) It is rainining cats and dogs:D
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  7. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Thrilling update this was (okay, I'm still channelling Yoda :p) [face_laugh]
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  8. RX_Sith

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    Mar 13, 2006
    More medical needs arise elsewhere for the gallant medical team. :)
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Jade Note: Posting for earlybird who sent this to me before going on vacation.

    Chapter 8--

    “He is his usual self with one difference,” Lionel Majeski was rested when he halted in the main room of the medward to see a very much awake and rested Jeran – in isolation robes – sliding in through the door on his socked feet with a mask dangling before his chest. He had – after releasing his duties to Tinco Gherian – left the ward to go to the cabin he shared with Jeran to see the surgeon sprawled on the bunk still clad in those robes. Jeran didn’t wake up when he was covered with a blanket. Removal of the non regulation clogs – he shared that preference with Ker Djarada as the third – was no problem at all. Boots – worn by McCoy and the others – were in his eyes more suited for away-missions.

    “Ah my clogs,” Jeran eyed his feet. “I have spare ones here in the changing cubicle.”

    “Are you ready?” Lionel saw McCoy entering with nurse Chapel.

    “As ready as can be after sleeping in my isolation gear,” Jeran quipped. “Now I have to get a new set if I have duties there.” He pointed to the isolation cubicles of Doctor Marcus and ensign Ammer.

    “New night-fashion only,” McCoy drawled quite amused when he observed the wrinkled suit and attached socks showing some wear and tear. “A diplomatic courier arrived much sooner than expected with some top brass.” He saw the face of Jeran reflecting his own scowling looks and continued “before I tell you more about Admiral Camilla Westmoreland I will tell you about our patients. I could install Doctor Marcus and ensign Ammer in Mobile Medical Units and have them in the courier and on their way to Starfleet Medical Central.”

    “The courier didn’t wait for the away team?” Jeran saw on the big status board the stats of the members of the away-team with one stat highlighted in red.

    “No,” McCoy answered. “It had only place for two mobile units and was in a hurry. Spock ordered a medical courier. You can see there that the hazmat team is almost ready with their redecorating of shuttle bay two and installing a clean room for Ensign Irene Ahart. After their signal Spock will contact the captain that he and his team can come aboard for decon and treatment.”

    “You figured it out,” Jeran smiled. “More need of my blood?”

    “No. Nurses Jana and John have donated blood,” McCoy replied. “With their blood I could make the general antidote. And Spock was generous with his gift too. The copper component mixed with the cobalt will chase the dirty metal away in the members of the away team without the Denebian flu history. They will be weak and requiring some rest but will recover fully.”

    “And Irene Ahard?”

    “She will need the transplant on earth,” McCoy replied. “And guess what? Earth has three suitable donors but Starfleet Medical wants you as their transplant doctor to prepare Marcus, Ahart and Ammer.”

    “That figures,” Jeran grumbled. “Doctor Marcus is involved. Starfleet Medical will want to keep everything under wraps. They don’t have a transplant surgeon. I was – after my contact with you to get the job on the Enterprise – to be enlisted as theirs and they were really pissed off when you argued that you needed me. That I had saved the son of Admiral Alonzo Morales in the two months I stayed at Medical helped only a bit. What if we need you again was what oh so righteous and pompous Sith-lord Panusconi said before I spurted away with Ker to the waiting shuttle of the Enterprise.”

    “Revenge of the Sith,” Christine Chapel grinned. “But you will like going back.”

    “Not at all. I have,” Jeran began.

    “You have nurse Djarada to become worried about,” McCoy interrupted. “Admiral Camilla Westmoreland has ordered the Enterprise to go to the inauguration ceremony of governor Heraclides. She had quite a discussion with Spock and me and reluctantly agreed to wait for the medical courier. After that it is top speed to the inauguration.”

    “I see,” Jeran grumbled. He had the stats of Ker Djarada in his hands and pointed to the tests on the waste. “Plan B is needed or…”

    “You can go with nurse Djarada to Starfleet Medical on the courier,” McCoy suggested. “The courier is of the YT-1148 series and capable to transport patients needing intensive care. Ensign Ahard needs to be monitored. You are immune to the Ophiuchus Four dirt and can help her. Starfleet medical told me that ensign Ammer and Doctor Marcus had a harrowing journey isolated in the Mobile Medical Units.”

    “Plan B for me but a great idea for both patients,” Jeran agreed with a fleeting smile in his voice. “Lionel, let’s suit up. We have to tell Ker the bad news. He had his fight with the Sith. And that turned out just as bad as mine.”

    “We can keep him sedated,” Lionel said. “But that means I have to go too.”

    “I need you here,” McCoy stated. “With Jeran gone you are my chief surgeon and anaesthetist.”

    “We will wake Ker,” Jeran hurried after Lionel. Waking up his old friend was better. He could prepare him for his inevitable meeting with Admiral Panusconi during the trip in the medical courier. And saving Marcus, Ammer and Ahart was for him of the utmost importance. On Aldebaran five he had been the expert on stem-cell donations and transplants. And if things got really nasty between him, Ker and the admiral he could resign from Starfleet and return to his home. He was almost sure it would. He didn’t like Panusconi’s plans to enhance humans with natural and cybernetic transplants at all.

    - - -

    Ker Djarada was alert and awake. For him it was as if only moments had passed before feeling a slug entering his gut and stirring back to consciousness with a very vague someone yelling – or was it a gentle persuasion – that he had to exhale forcefully. He had done so and had asked – when he could speak again – what had happened when he recognised the two men hovering over him and fussing with monitoring thingies. He was lucky. He had his kidney. That it was requiring at least three months healing properly with a catheter to keep away any pressure was of a slight inconvenience. But going back to Starfleet Medical irked him to the extreme. “Why do we have to go back?”

    “You have to go,” Jeran soothed. “The Enterprise performing in a mock battle will have you ruining your kidney and me initiating plan B. I have to go and fight Sith lord Panusconi. You can help me.”

    “Jeran,” Ker grumbled. “Doctor Thomson – who helped you to save Rinin Morales – is a transplant expert for stem-cells.”

    “But he is not a Starfleet surgeon and was the one to get the stem-cells from the donor and deliver them to Starfleet Medical,” Jeran muttered. “I probably have to go and collect the stem-cells from three donors accompanied by fussy Starfleet nurses with double duty as security guards and all because Doctor Marcus touched the transporter disk without taking any precaution.”

    “She should have known better,” McCoy came in showing agitated looks behind his visor of the isolation suit. “Jeran, Lionel, Ker, I have some good and some bad news. The away team is back. Treatment is done by Chapel and her nurses. Irene Ahart is in the clean room. But the medical courier is due to arrive in five hours because of an ion-storm that has to be averted.”

    “Five hours more won’t be a problem for all our patients,” Jeran began.

    “That wasn’t the bad news,” McCoy grumbled. “Admiral Westmoreland insists that the inauguration cannot wait and that the Enterprise is under her command. The captain is getting quite agitated and will be on the bridge even if he has to use a hoverchair.”

    “Sith-spawn,” Jeran ripped open the package with a new waste-bag and changed it. “Show her this and tell her that four patients will die.”

    “I will,” McCoy took the waste-bag and stormed away.


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  10. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Things are heating up here.
    Have a good vacation, Earlybird!
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    More medical prowess displayed by McCoy and Jeran. :D
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  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Chapter 9--

    Jim had settled in the center seat with an air of deep satisfaction at being back where he felt he belonged, again. He felt a little woozy still, but with each passing second, he felt more himself, especially with this pompous

    Admiral Westmoreland throwing her weight around. He welcomed the contest of wills. She was quite attractive, but that was not enough to offset her coolly imperious nature.

    Spock hovered near inconspicuously, something he did excellently; the stance and its motivation would escape all but the most observant and intimate of his acquaintance ...

    Such as Jim, and Uhura, whose eyes telegraphed an "I love you" when she noticed the exec's readiness to come to his friend's aid, literally and otherwise.


    It was at this point that McCoy rushed in and boldly stalked up to the Admiral, after giving Jim a "Welcome back" half-mocking salute.

    "Admiral Westmoreland, I think you would agree with my medical opinion and conclusion that the lives of our crew supercede a high-falluting diplomatic function. If you need tangible proof of the necessity ..." He proffered a

    bag full of something Jim did not want to examine too closely.

    "I will hold you personally responsible if a diversion or delay causes loss of life by even a fraction of a moment." The Doctor continued at his iciest.

    Westmoreland looked quite ashen. "I had no idea that the situation was so ..." Her voice trailed off.

    "How could you?" McCoy cut in brusquely. "But now you know ... what are you going to do about it?"

    Westmoreland's glance slid to Jim, who said firmly: "I defer to the Doctor's judgment in this matter, as I would in any case; I do believe that if Governor Heraclides is made aware of the particulars, he will give us some

    latitude as to the split second of our arrival." His tone was more than a tad ironic.

    "And if not," the Doctor added, "That's as makes no difference to what our first priority should be."
    "I am afraid ... as regrettable as it is, my hands are tied." Westmoreland said. "I too am under a constraint."

    McCoy rolled his eyes in flagrant irritation.

    "Lieutenant, establish contact with Xandrela and inform them we will be arriving on schedule." Westmoreland directed Uhura.

    Uhura kept her hands overtly where they were, and her eyes met Jim's. The message in hers was: Only if you give the go-ahead. His answering look was equally as crystal clear: Don't you budge.

    Uhura hid a smirk. "I am unable to comply with that request, Admiral." She replied, her musical voice neutral, giving no cause for offense nor any hint of her inner amusement.

    "It was not a request, Lieutenant. My orders take precedence over the Captain's, as I am sure you are well aware."

    "Yes, but I will not violate the Doctor's judgment, nor my conscience, and you shall have to write me up for my choice, but that is strictly in your purview to do so." Uhura's tone was firm, and approving glances came her

    way from all over the bridge.

    Westmoreland's glance held Uhura's. Then she looked at the Doctor and Jim, in turn. She waited half a moment, then sighed and relented.

    "Lieutenant," Westmoreland came to a decision. "Please send a communique to Xandrela, apprising of the situation."

    Uhura's smile held more than a little relief. "Right away, Admiral." This was one directive she was more than willing to comply with.

    McCoy, receiving a nod from Jim, hurried to make final preparations.


    As it happened, the Governor was ready to be accommodating. He said he could coordinate with his staff to rearrange some of the later and more regional celebrations to earlier in the itinerary, since the details were already

    in place and had been for quite the while.

    Part of this, Uhura reflected as she relayed the Governor's answer, was a political and diplomatic strategy, but she also believed it stemmed from the Governor's profound relief to have an opportunity to celebrate peace after

    a long conflict. Even something that constituted major, last-minute changes would pale in the light of the bigger picture.


    TBC. :cool:
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    Glad that Uhuru stood her ground in regards to the Admiral. =D=
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    GO UHURA!! =D=
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  15. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006

    Chapter 10

    Timing was of the essence. McCoy left the bridge immediately and headed to the medbay. On his way in the turbolift he contacted Jeran and told him to meet in a scrub-room. There had been something in the manner of his chief surgeon that indicated a secure meeting. Calling the admiral Sith-spawn had certainly something to do with it. And they had to prepare Ker Djarada for his journey.

    Jeran Baldavin saw his superior entering the scrubroom. “Success?”

    “The captain won the argument with Westmoreland,” McCoy dropped the waste-bag in a container. “That thing had her almost passing out and in dire need of my services. She didn’t want any deaths on her hands. And after hearing that you were the only one to do the transplants she even had a smile on her face.”

    “A sneaky smile I suppose,” Jeran started to scrub his hands and saw McCoy getting a new set of isolation robes. “She is sending me to my doom and that is to be expected from devious Sith-spawn Westmoreland. She is one of the admirals to support Darth Panusconi’s plans to enhance humans with transplants. I am the only transplant surgeon in the services of Starfleet. And Ker is the only nurse to help me. You know that I educated him in the three months it took us to reach earth and him to recover from his donation. Panusconi will be happy to have us in his clutches and transported as soon as I am ready with the transplants to his secret facility.”

    “Admiral Morales was on your side after you saved his son,” McCoy came to the sink. “I could – with Uhura and Spock helping me – convince him that I needed you aboard the Enterprise. You have read what I have done for Jim. I could revive him after his fatal radiation poisoning but would have been very happy if I had a transplant expert working with me. Morales insisted on a party to celebrate the recovery of his son. And Uhura – suggesting a certain place for the party – made it possible for you and Djarada to slip away unnoticed and board the Enterprise shuttle that was there because a certain medical officer needed some supplies.”

    “I know. You were there after that message from Morales and could get us to the Enterprise. But Panusconi seeing his two top transplant experts escape will have had Morales in some trouble. I doubt if he is even working now at Starfleet Medical.”

    “It was Panusconi contacting the Enterprise for a transplant expert.”

    “Now I will need a plan B and you won’t be pleased at all,” Jeran placed his hands in the gloves supply and felt a new set of blue butyl-rubber gloves being guided on his hands.

    McCoy did the same and followed Jeran into the intensive care ward with an idea forming.

    - - -

    Ker Djarada saw two green men coming into the ward and guiding a hover-stretcher to his bed. He was very much awake, had more memories about the shooting and the transporter room. He remembered Lionel Majeski guiding him under with a funny tale. And the next thing he knew was a vague voice – yes it was Lionel – telling him to breathe forcefully. “What’s the result and,” he began when McCoy and Baldavin halted before his bed and continued with a soft yelped “ouch” when a swift hand tugged at the first lead on his chest.

    “Hairs will grow back,” Jeran grinned and reached for the second lead.

    McCoy followed Jeran’s ministrations to get nurse Djarada transport ready on the hover-stretcher. He drawled “You and you are going to earth. I could convince Westmoreland after showing her your waste-bag. The captain had more of his famous arguments. Uhura was superb in supporting me and Jim and added her witty comments and that’s why we are now in a hurry.”

    “Yeah back to earth and you know who,” Jeran had the last lead uncoupled.

    “Sith-lord Panusconi and his secret fortress,” Ker muttered. “Do we have a plan B?”

    McCoy began to laugh “Jim always uses a plan B and you two seem to copy his habit.”

    “Plan B, what about that,” Ker saw the large patch covering his wound.

    “It was my idea to quit as soon as I had the transplants done but that will not be enough to keep out of the clutches of Darth Panusconi,” Jeran explained. “He will get you as soon as we land to the secret facility.”

    “Yeah I almost spoiled the beans on his secrets,” Ker mused. “He sure wants to keep me under wraps until he has developed his oh so secret enhanced cyborg. I don’t want to spend the next twenty years until my retirement in his service. He thinks I am a 50 year old human. I could easily outlive him and whoever comes next.”

    “But Panusconi needing you and you has me with an idea,” McCoy helped Jeran to guide Ker on the hover-stretcher and picked up the waste bag showing only a little fluid. “This can be your ticket back to Aldebaran five. Add more blood to the urine and convince Panusconi that you need to monitor him closely in the intensive care ward. Add blood in increasing amounts and give Ker an innocent drug to elevate his temperature.”

    “Yes,” Jeran grinned when he put the IV bag on the stretcher and began to guide an isolating hood on the stretcher. “Ker will need a transplant. We have to quit. I am the one he trusts. And we are headed for our home where Ker’s kidney will heal. Leonard, you will be in need of a new surgeon and nurse. We – if we opt to return to Starfleet – will wait for the next generation of admirals but only if they have no dreadful ideas. We can earn a living on our home-planet.”

    “I have met a guy studying Vulcan medicine during R and R,” Ker suggested now a bit muffled by the isolation. “Macenna or Mc-Benga was his name.”

    “Ah M’Benga,” McCoy guided the stretcher with Jeran to the exit. “I will ask Starfleet Medical if he is available. Spock will love to have an expert looking at his green stuff.”

    - - -

    The medical courier was there when McCoy and Jeran arrived with the hover-stretcher. A Mobile Medical Unit with Irene Ahart was guided to the courier as soon as it opened the ramp by nurses Jana and Marc.

    McCoy and Jeran followed with Ker.

    Some soft conversation followed between McCoy and Jana and Marc. The two installed the MMU in the secure cabin, began a nice conversation with the courier medic and took him out of the room.

    “I am the last and hope to see you again next year,” McCoy winked with his left eye and headed to the door.

    “Panusconi will have different ideas,” Jeran quipped when he began to open the isolation hood.

    McCoy hurried to close the door and activated the lock and intercom. “I know.” And turning to his nurses and the medic he remarked pointing to the door “this is now an isolation chamber. Due to the severity of Djarada’s injuries surgeon Baldavin has to give him intensive care during transport. And you must have heard the complaints from Marcus and Ammer. He is now opening the MMU.”

    “But,” the medic began.

    “Baldavin and Djarada are immune to the Ophiuchus 4 dirt,” McCoy interrupted. “You have to follow isolation protocol six when arriving at Starfleet Medical.”

    “Aye sir,” the medic replied.

    McCoy headed down the ramp with Jana and Marc.

    - - -

    And he was back in the medward when he could explain more.

    “We knew,” Marc Jullio grinned. “Only Ahart could spill the beans and now she doesn’t know what Baldavin is planning.”

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    More medical plotting to ensure that Jeran has better options than with Darth. ;)
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    Note: Earlybird and I shared halvsies :cool: on this post. Thanks all for reading, and earlybird for collaborating. This was a serious blastarama.


    Chapter 11

    The Grand Ballroom was festooned with colorful banners and the chandeliers glittered as brightly as the gems worn by the ladies.

    Nyota stood to the side with Heraclides' son, a strikingly handsome young man who could not keep his eyes from her.

    His name was Geoff. He was telling her that an arbitrator crucial in the peace talks was a colleague of her father, so they were trading anecdotes.

    Her laughter rippled as Geoff recounted how the diplomat had foiled the flirtations of one of the noblewomen at a banquet. He knew how to speak Gaelic, as it happened, so he started rattling off a totally inscrutable reply, which had caused the lady to hurriedly take her leave.

    It was at this moment that a boisterous celebrant noticed an acquaintance and turned hurriedly to call to him; as a result, he wasn't paying much attention and nearly bumped into Nyota, which would have caused her drink to spill.

    Geoff solicitously took her arm and moved them out of the path of the other guest, who apologized and rushed off.

    Geoff, however, kept his hand on Nyota's arm, relishing it would seem the opportunity to touch her.

    She glanced pointedly at his hand, and he released her hastily.

    "Forgive me, ma'am. I forgot myself." He flushed.

    She nodded coolly. For the sake of courtesy, she would overlook it, so long as it didn't happen again.


    Marc Jullio intercepted Nyota at the refreshment table.

    "Hi." He said, taking a berry-filled pastry.

    "Hi." She replied, picking one bursting with creamy custard.

    "That gentleman seems taken with you." He teased.

    Nyota's gaze hardened. "That's his prerogative. I never encouraged him."

    Jullio looked appreciatively at Nyota, dressed as she was in a lovely evening gown of light burgundy. A guy could not help but notice her, but she was happily and permanently off-limits.

    "I know that!" Marc laughed. "He doesn't stand a chance."

    "Not a snowball's." Nyota grinned.


    Jim grinned as he watched Westmoreland cozying up to the Governor. He smirked. She was a hopeless flirt. Once the dust-up had settled, she'd even tried it with him.

    She'd gotten nowhere, a fact which caused no end of teasing.

    "She's not my type." He had answered.

    "Glad to see your taste is more discriminating than it used to be." McCoy had teased.

    "Ha! It was always discriminating, just broad-ranging."

    He watched Nyota fend off Heraclides' son and chuckled.

    Jim's eyes sparkled, as the obligatory mingling over, he noticed Sulu and Boudreaux and Spock and Nyota head toward different, secluded balconies.


    “Next time Leonard,” Lionel Majeski doffed his blue gloves after a procedure. "Try to convince Jim that festivities during inaugurations are leading to us being very busy. They are not healthy to the crew.” He waddled the gloves in balls.

    “And that,” McCoy had a mischievous smile on his face and reached for a squeeze-bottle filled with water.

    “That’s a different kind of festivity,” Lionel bounced the balls towards a waste-bin making sure that he didn’t miss McCoy with the result that the glove-balls were crossing the squirt of water from the squeeze bottle and going every which way in the scrub-room.

    “You had to copy that from Djarada and Baldavin,” McCoy squeezed again the bottle. “And this too!”

    A face dripping wet with water Lionel reached for a sponge in the sink and launched that towards McCoy. He laughed “they had more…”

    “Message for McCoy.”

    McCoy headed to the nearest com-station and activated it when a wet sponge hit his head. “Umpfh medbbaay here.”

    “Are you alright doctor? I am connecting you to Jeran Baldavin on Aldebaran five.”

    “Uh yes,” McCoy was all smiles. “Lionel and I had some A’ar’ian inspired fun.”

    “Let me guess blue gloves, squeeze bottles and sponges after some procedure. It is good to hear that you survived the inauguration.”

    “Jeran, how is Ker doing?” McCoy surmised that this was why Baldavin contacted him.

    “I had to monitor him closely. The waste bag was showing each time more blood. And I decided as soon as I had the transplants done successfully on Ahart, Marcus and Ammer that I had no time to lose to get Ker back to Al-debaran. I declared it a medical emergency and requested a fast medical courier that took us to Is’ikraanan. During that trip I wrote my resignation form. Ker too. The twin of Ker was there waiting for us with a fast freighter and we are now at the university.”

    “You followed my advice. I am glad that Ker will recover fully. I wish you all the luck.”

    “You too, I have to go to Ker.”

    “Yeehaw!” McCoy closed the com. And he had a very big smile on his face when he grabbed Lionel by his arm and guided him to the sink. The subtle conversation – Jeran was aware that all conversations were recorded in a log – pointed to a fully recovering Ker with no kidney transplant needed.

    Lionel didn’t protest at all when McCoy began to wash him.

    What counted was that McCoy could celebrate that Ker and Jeran had escaped the clutches of Panusconi.


    "What happend to you, Bones?" Jim asked as McCoy entered the bridge, looking like he'd just run through sprinklers or had large water balloons busted on top of him.

    "Well," McCoy began, winking.

    "You're such a child." Jim rolled his eyes. Majeski was as bad as the rest. Yet, he didn't blame the medical staff for their ... unique form of unwinding.

    "Who's talking?"

    Everyone laughed.

    "I came to let you know that Baldavin and Djarada have resigned." He said lowly.

    Jim's eyes widened. "I'm sorry to hear that." He frowned. "I know you'll be sorry to lose them."

    McCoy sighed and murmured: "At least Panusconi can't use them for his nefarious schemes."

    Jim smiled. "All in a day's work: thwarting a dastardly Darth."

    Jim began to enter that into the official Log when McCoy smirked. "I also submitted a request for Dr. M'Benga."

    "Ah, yes. I see that's been approved." Jim said, as he referred to an elecronic clipboard.

    "He's a specialist in non-human species. Figured it would come in handy. He also hails from your neck of the woods, Uhura."

    Uhura beamed. "Fantastic. And we can always use more specialists, as long as no one snatches them away from us."

    "Don't worry. I won't let that happen anytime soon." McCoy assured.

    "I believe it says here," Jim put in, "that he specializes in particular in Vulcan physiology and its offshoots."

    Spock gave the Doctor a look that his friends knew to interpret as a blend of gratitude and teasing.

    "How accommodating of you." Was his only comment.

    "Hey, I'm only looking out for myself," the Doctor joked, "If anything happens to you, Nyota will have my license and she'd let me have it in no uncertain terms."

    "You can count on it." Uhura answered, her eyes sparkling, first with mirth, then with love.


    "That was very good of the Doctor to put in such a request." She commented later over a private dinner.

    The reply was jocular. "Doubtless, he was mostly looking to augment his staff, so as not to be short-handed."

    "Uh-huh. You know better. He could have had his pick of qualified surgeons, but he picked M'Benga in particular." Her eyes shone. "I'm very happy. Every inch of you is precious to me, you know." Her eyes feasted on her love.

    "Indeed? I had noticed." His tone and glance were lovingly tender.

    She blushed happily. "I find great joy in reminding you."

    They shared a long kiss, as he pulled her onto his lap.

    The Ophiuchous crisis and the Xandrelan celebration, all of it had wrapped up very satisfactorily. Now everyone was experiencing the post-mission elation that went with a job well done.

    And Nyota and her love had come to their favorite part: destressing couple-style.



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    Great conclusion to the others resigning and getting what they want as well as McCoy getting Spock a specific doctor for him as well. All's well that ends well. :D
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    Thanks Hazel. @};- The mix of characters and moods was a treat to write. :)
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