Story [Star Trek 5-year-mission] That's the Answer. One-shot.

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    by Jade eyes Disclaimer: Borrowing, lovingly. Friendship warm/fuzzy and couple type mush.


    "I think we need to give each other a little space. So much has happened, so fast." Carol told Jim. "I was devastated and reeling after all that happened with Father..." Her eyes misted. "And you were there, a true rock." She smiled. "I can't deny I'm attracted to you ... but this offer of a groundside, Starbase assignment, it's what I studied for."

    Jim felt his stomach tighten in knots. Carol was vibrant, lovely, and brave. But after all he had been through personally and professionally, could he have just thought he was in love? Could he just have been more in love with the idea of a love to share highs and lows with? How can one tell the difference?

    One telling thing was that even though he knew he would miss her if she left, he wouldn't move heaven and earth to keep her. Part of that was his innate respect for her freedom of choice and his caring about her happiness. But deeper still, it related to the fact of how deep his own need went.

    It never crossed his mind to insist.

    He frowned. "I'd like you to stay. Very much. But I won't force you."

    "If it's meant to be, it ..." Her words trailed off. How likely was it that their paths would cross, or that by the time the Enterprise's mission was up, they'd be ready, more ready, for something permanent together?

    He sighed and shrugged philosophically.

    He didn't let himself be soothed or mollified by her platitudes.


    When Bones heard the details later, he groaned. "Time and space, a week, a month, hell, who gives a rat's damn what the literal phrasing is? It all boils down to the same thing: I'm off, it was nice, now it isn't anymore." He sighed sympathetically. "Lord knows, I've been there. I certainly wouldn't wish it on even my worst enemy, much less a friend."


    When Jim posed his musings to Spock, he was favored with an expression he had come to know as sympathy as well, but not with McCoy's outspoken bluntness.

    "How do you know when you're in love with a person, and not an idea?" Spock repeated aloud.

    "Hardly a logical question." Jim said, teasingly, with a fond note. "So I don't expect a reasonable answer. Not even an unreasonable one."

    "I can only speak from experience. When you know that your serenity is pivotal to the other's being in your life, that means your feelings are tied directly to her. When you are what you would call unhappy even with her there, that also should tell you something meaningful."

    Jim laughed. "Yes, I can see that if I were doing anything else but what I am doing, following any other path, even with Carol, I would be less happy than I am now." He smiled. "Thanks."


    When Spock was with Nyota, he let his recollections fall back in time to their early days. He could have been very professional and denied his attraction to her. He could have made an overture to her, and been rebuffed. ("I'm sorry, Commander. I just don't have those kinds of feelings.") Except, he had somehow felt her joy, her desire growing for him, even as his had for her. So, they could neither of them had disavowed their feelings or not acted upon them.

    Nyota caught this train of thought and put down her datapadd with a teasing and mischievous glow to her eyes. She was wearing slacks and a tank, and her hair brushed her shoulders.

    "I could have said: You're too hard to figure out, despite how delicious you seem. We're worlds apart in outlook and approach to things. I don't think you and I can work out... yes, now that I think of it, I could very well have said that at any time."

    There was a heavy pause, as she kept their bond inscrutable.

    "Indeed, Nyota?"

    She let the moment lengthen before scooting closer to him with a laugh. "Yes, then you'd have to lock me away in the looney bin where I could be captivated by a million or so dancing lights. Because I'd be quite off my trolley -- translation, certifiably insane."

    He gazed deeply into her eyes. "I do cherish you." He murmured, kissing her lightly.

    She deepened it, and murmured: "And I love and need you like the literal air and sunlight."

    "That's the answer, then, ashal-veh, how you know the difference." Spock observed, squeezing her.

    "Indeed, love, it is!"

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    Great insights in the loves of Kirk (his ship) and Spock and Uhura
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    To each his/her own, right?

    Great piece, Jade!
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    I really like this! It's good to see Jim getting some good advice from Bones and Spock (and as I don't like Carol, I'm not unhappy to see them part :p )
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    So Carol has to go away and Spock and Uhuru remain united forever. [:D]
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    I don't wanna have to ask if the sun is gonna come up tomorrow, either, so yeah. Forever. [face_dancing] [face_dancing]
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