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    A star trek rpg... lets give it a try...

    The borg have regrouped and spawned a new queen in secret. The invasion of earth happened 2 years ago, 3 billion were assimulated after being teleported of the planet. The survivors of the assalt shielded the planet with an experimental shielding which inflicts damage in the attacker. Earth is now in a standoff with the borg. The Borg are preparing means to disable the shield. Earth forces cannot leave the surface because of the shield. only a handfull of ships remain intact and useable... It is up to these ships to save earth by defeating or distracting its enemys...

    Here are some links to the surviving ships. The status of condition and supplys will be left secret untill your ship has been assigned to you:

    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=45 (Prometheus Class Starship) x2 availiable
    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=37 (Intrepid Class Starship) x1 availiable
    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=17 (Valkyrie Class Fighter) x1 availiable
    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=16 (Razor Class Fighter) x2 availiable

    And there will be one starbase (badly damaged) that someone will need to command and repair. Starbase choices are:

    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=62 (Celestial Class Starbase) or..
    http://www.obsidianfleet.net/index.php?option=shipdb&sclass=48 (Regula Class Starbase)

    when you fill out your character resume you will list 3 ships you want to command. 1st ship listed will be the one you want most, 2nd would be second most, and 3rd would be 3rd most. I will assign to you the ship highest on your list that remains availiable.

    Next comes weapons and equipment on your person. This may not seem to matter because your ship probibly has lots of eqipment, but then again maybe your ship had to deal with boarding partys and every bit of equipment you chose right now could be very inportant.

    here is the availiabe equipment: (you can only pick one)

    Arc Welder http://startrek-games.com/startrekgames/index.php/Arc_Welder
    Disruptor http://startrek-games.com/startrekgames/index.php/Disruptor
    Phaser http://startrek-games.com/startrekgames/index.php/Phaser
    Batleth http://startrek-games.com/startrekgames/index.php/Batleth
    Personal Communicator http://www.treknology.org/personal.htm
    Medical Tricorder No availiable links But u know what it does

    Next is races:

    Human, thats it!

    Hight, weight, nationality, name, rank (captain or less, navel rank), age, build:

    be reasonable i dont want to see a character like, 8'3"_ 23 lbs_ 122 year old_ buff_ asian_ Admerail Flockhead

    All posts will be written like attemps, example... "We are now fixing the warp core"... I will pm you if you succeded in your attempt. only then can you post stuff like "We fixed the warp core and are now prusuing the borg"

    this is what your character resume will look like... (This one will be mine)

    Name: Michael Ormsby
    Hight/weight: 5'10 / 165 lbs
    Nationality: American / Nordic Decent
    age/rank: 32 / Captain
    Build: Athletic
    Equipment: Phaser
    Ship choices: 1:Valkyrie Class Fighter, 2:Intrepid Class Starship, 3:prometheus Class Starship

    When your character is approved you will post your sheet like this: (this one will be mine):

    Name: Michael Ormsby
    Hight/weight: 5'10 / 165 lbs
    Nationality: American / Nordic Decent
    age/rank: 32 / Captain
    Build: Athletic
    Equipment: Phaser
    Ship type/name: Valkyrie Class Fighter / The Shadow
    Ship Status: All systems good, all weapons depleated
    Ship Stats: (copy and pasting from the link site will assist you)
    Personnel Crew: 2
    Cruising Velocity: Warp 2
    Maximum Velocity: Warp 4
    Emergency Velocity: Warp 7 (for 0.2 hours)
    Length: 19.13 metres
    Width: 14.56 metres
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    I have just one question: do you have to have a ship? Because if not I have a wicked character to play as.
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    No you do not have to have a ship. You could be a crewman on a ship, or a crewman on the starbase, or you could be a character on Earth. You just have to pm me your character resume. on the spot you would normally select your first choice for a ship just put your requested location.

    It is also important to know that this is not just a fly around and hunt rpg. There will be boarding partys, away missions, and diplomatic meetings. Your character will do more than simply command a starship.
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    I will now be allowing more options for your character resume.

    you can now play as Klingon, Vulcan, or Romulan

    If anyone is interested in playing the borg then you need to put that on your resume and pm me. The borg act as one mind so only one person will control them.

    as i mentioned earlier... You dont have to command a ship. You can also serve on one, Serve on the starbase, or be on earth.

    Old alliances are severed. Anyone finding themselves being diplomatic and peacefull with another race could also become a federation ambassidor. this means you can use technology in trade with your new friends.

    Ok then lets get started!
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    so far 1 player has joined the fight against the borg... we need at least 3-5 more...
  6. ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling

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    if any one has suggestions on game content then please pm me... we do need about 3 more to start this rpg.
  7. ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling

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    is this idea a no go?

    St. Edit: Welcome to the boards, ShadowLeonheart! Having said that, please don't spam your own thread to put it up the top of the list so more people will read it. If people are interested, they'll join up in due course. Thanks!
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    Name: Jerrod Taylor
    Hight/weight: 6'2 / 220 lbs
    Nationality: American / Irish Decent
    age/rank: 29 / Commander
    Build: Athletic
    Equipment: Disruptor
    Ship: Prometheus Class Starship
    Ship Name: (your choice)

    Ship condition:
    Officers: 50 (14 dead, 20 injured, 16 remain)
    Enlisted Crew: 125 (89 dead, 11 injured, 25 remain)
    Marines: 36 (33 dead, 1 injured, 1 remain)

    Speed (Engines mostely good)
    Cruising Velocity: Warp 7.5 (7.1 now)
    Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.94 (7.6 now)
    Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.982 (for 12 hours)(7.8 now)

    Length: 415 metres
    Width: 163 metres
    Height: 64 metres
    Decks: 15

    Auxiliary Craft
    Shuttlebays: 1
    Type 11 Shuttle: 2 (1 remains)
    Type 18 Shuttlepod: 2 (2 remain)
    Type 9 Shuttle: 4 (1 remain)

    Defensive Systems
    Ablative Armour
    Cloaking Device (needs replaced)
    Type XII Array: 12 (1 remains foward facing)
    Shielding Systems (somehow perfect)
    Auto-Modulating Shields
    Metaphasic Shielding
    Regenerative Shielding
    Torpedoes (near depleated)
    Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 3
    Photon Torpedoes: 250 (6 remain)
    Quantum Torpedoes: 200 (1 remains)
    Tri-Cobalt Devices: 12 (2 remain)
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    "No, I ain't nothing like Tash. I never owned a cat."

    Mikato on similarities between her and Tasha Yar.

    Name: Mikato Connor
    Height/weight: 5'02 / 117 lbs
    Nationality: Japanese / Australian Decent
    age/rank: 39 / Lieutenant Commander
    Build: Athletic
    Equipment: Phaser
    Ship: Intrepid Class Starship
    Ship name: USS Liberty

    "Starfleet like to keep things nice and civil. Why I could never understand. Humans would be the worst but there are Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, all manner of alien wildlife who have no desire to be nice, who have no desire to be civil. If where I came from taught me anything, it's that knowledge that reminds me of just how important people like me really are. To protect the Federation when they come across someone or something that has no interest in diplomacy."

    Mikato reflects on her role in Starfleet.

    History: Mikato was an orphan on Turkana IV where she grew up simply trying to survive. From an early age she tried to find out who her parents were, while at the same time figuring the best chance she had was to make the roving gangs and factions see it wasn't worth coming after her. A phaser she found helped greatly, and she began stalking groups before snatching one of their members and making them disappear, killing them without leaving a trace. So convinced that everyone did this that when she came across a young woman named Tasha Yar, she was genuinely thunderstruck that others ran and hid rather than fight. When Mikato found out that Tasha was on the run from rape gangs she was livid. Instead of simply targeting individual gang members she made it her quest to kill as many as she could, one night having slaughtered an entire gang in one hit. Such brutality did not escape the notice of the warring factions and they headhunted Mikato in the hopes of joining them, but she refused. This made them put a price on her head and Mikato found herself, in the face of superior weaponry and numbers, having to run and hide like Tasha and others on the planet did. Mikato did find out that her mother was named Mariko, and was told her father was a rape gang member she killed. How much truth there was in that she didn't know, but Mikato believed the worst thing she could do was grieve and bottled up whatever feeling she might have had. She was lucky enough to be rescued from the failed colony with Tasha, however instead of attending Starfleet Mikato chose the other path, seeking to make a living in selling weapons while she tried to deal with the trauma of her early life. However it turned out that mines she sold were traced back to her, leading her to the Federation and back to Tasha Yar. This would turn out to be one of the first true tests for the young Lieutenant, trying to make a fellow survivor see reason. However Mikato was willing to give Starfleet a shot.

    "Yeah, I grew up there, and as far as I'm concerned that's the end of it so you don't need to give out the shocked expressions or pity, because they don't help me escape it none."

    Mikato on Turkana IV.

    It quickly became evident that she would be best placed in security and was assigned to work on a starbase upon graduation. She also attempted the Kobayashi Maru scenario despite not being a command cadet and despite having failed her reasoning was sound. Instead of heading straight for the Neutral Zone she ordered her ship to skirt the edge of it and look for traces of the ship. When none were found and hails from both the Japanese ship and requests to the Klingons for aid were unanswered she reported to Starfleet that she could not risk starting war to find a freighter that had disappeared. Despite her failure Mikato was given high marks for creative thinking and clearly demonstrating leadership abilities. From her manner it seemed evident the effort she put in to forget Turkana IV, to bury and silence what happened there. However this was something that came up again and again. First Mikato encountered survivors who c
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    My character is:

    Name: Michael Ormsby
    Hight/weight: 5'10 / 165 lbs
    Nationality: American / Nordic Decent
    age/rank: 32 / Captain
    Build: Athletic
    Equipment: Phaser
    Ship type/name: Valkyrie Class Fighter / The Shadow
    Ship Status: All systems good, all weapons depleated
    Ship Stats: (copy and pasting from the link site will assist you)
    Personnel Crew: 2 (only 1 was in ship and is ok)
    Speed ------------------------------------
    Cruising Velocity: Warp 2
    Maximum Velocity: Warp 4
    Emergency Velocity: Warp 7 (for 0.2 hours)
    Length: 19.13 metres
    Width: 14.56 metres
    Height: 2.89 metres
    Decks: 1
    Defensive Systems-----------------------
    Ablative Armour (currently offline)
    Micro-Torpedo Launchers: 2 (0 remain)
    Micro-Photon Torpedoes: 10 (0 remain)
    Phasers ---------------------------------
    Type U+ Micro-Pulse: 2 (0 remain)
    Type V Array: 2 (0 remain)
    Shielding Systems -----------------------
    Light Shielding System
    Cloking system
    Starting Location: Hidden in luner orbit

    IC: Michael succesfully shut down most ship systems and relayed power to cloking. He began sending an incripted message to anyone who would hear him...

    "Any survivors? Anyone at all? What is your locations, who is left? use incripted communications, the borg are to close to earth to decipher if the signals are us or earth. I can see 3 cubes orbiting the planet as well as some spheres collecting the remains of our starships... Please Respond"..."Please Respond"...
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    OOC: What's the condition of DS9?

    IC: (Over ships comm) "Bridge to all decks, I need everything you have right now. Repair what we can while floating out here and we'll see what's left for us to dock with to try and get more repairs. Focus on trying to get our phasers up and going at least."

    (In encrypted reply) "Commander Taylor of the USS Voidwraith. We're beat up but not out. Where are you located and what is your status?"

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    OOC: So far it is unknown

    IC: (In encrypted reply) "Commander Taylor, This is Captain Ormsby. I am an Officer fighter piolet from the ship Polarus.I am currently hidden in orbit around earths moon. My ship is in pretty good shape, Im down some defencive features. All my weapons are depleated. I am recharging phasers but will probibly only get a few blasts charged without docking somewhere. I am engaging emergency warp to Deep Space 9. If that station is still up then it will make a nice place to regroup. I can only stay at that warp speed for 2 hours, after slowing down to max warp I should be in scanning range in 2 days. Ormsby Out."

    Michael began charging phasers then engaged warp to deep space 9
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    IC: (Encrypted) "Sounds like a plan Cpt. We'll try to meet you there."

    "Helm, set a course for Deep Space 9. Maximum warp. Everyone else, continue working on your repairs."

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    OCC: that will do it tonight, well do alot more tomorrow...
    Pm me your guys last orders to your crews as well as the top 3 systems you would like repaired on your ship.
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    IC: Michael disingaged emergency warp and slowed to warp 5. all that can be charged and repaired has been done, that isnt much though. only a while longer till scanners can observe deep space 9...
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    IC: Mikato Connor
    USS Liberty, Briar Patch

    "Your orders, Commander?" Lieutenant Commander Mikato Connor didn't look up from her phaser at first, working on changing the frequency so she could maybe take down two or three more Borg if the need arised. And she had a grim feeling that need would arise very soon. Captain Gatto was out of it in sickbay and the Commander was dead, forcing someone to step up to take command. Mikato figured it might as well been her.

    Better than having the doctor giving orders I suppose. Logically the chain of command probably went to medical officer Okuda, but he would have his hands full at the moment. As for her, at the suggestion of the helm she had ordered the deactivation of as many systems as possible, the better to hide from the Borg...hopefully. The question was, with them still out there, now what? Mikato had sent a hail reporting the Borg to the Federation, but there had been no reply. The idea of their transmissions being blocked did not escape her. The security chief thought back to when she had taken the Kobayashi Maru test back at Starfleet, how she logically worked through every option open to her on the USS Explorer training ship. Looking about the bridge of the Intrepid class starship she knew her options were severely limited, she didn't need to be a command officer to know that. Most of the crew could have been evacuated had there been the shuttles to do so, and in any case where would they escape to?

    "We need schematics," she said quietly, her voice soft enough for no one to hear at first. The problem was she hadn't the knowledge of where the Borg were vulnerable and didn't know if Starfleet did either. She could beam onto the cube for a suicide strike, lead as many of the Marines as could walk to find some way to hurt them...

    No... thinking like a Captain Mikato figured her first responsibility was to the people on board. She had to work towards that responsibility.

    "The Borg are bloody voodoo men," she told the bridge crew sharply. "Warp 6, get us out of here." She did want to stay, to fight, but she knew this was the wiser option. There was little other choice.

    "Coordinates?" Mikato hadn't thought of a location and hoped the look on her face didn't tell Lieutenant Commander McCadd as much.

    "Just get us clear of any possible jamming they might be using." There was a very old movie she heard of, saw bits and pieces of. One of the cadets she was with at the academy loved that sort of thing. A quote from it she remembered seemed appropriate, given their circumstances. "We're gonna need a bigger boat."
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    IC: Michael Dropped all Warp, He was about 20 min from Deep Space 9. He began a thurrough scan of it...

    After a few moments of scanning he picked up what was going on, He then transmitted the status of Deep Space 9 to any allies.

    (Incripted Transmission to Starfleet Survivors): "Deep Space 9 Survives. It looks to be in pretty good shape. But theres a single Borg Cube moving in on Deep Space 9. It will arrive within 3 hours. There are 2 Crippled/Destroyed Cubes around the Station and 1 sphere in critical condition (no systems online exept life support). I am going to dock with Deep Space 9 in about an hour. If this is an operational Star Base, We need to make sure it stays that way. Please Respond... Ormsby out.
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    Borg cube will arrive at deep space nine after next post
  19. nancyallen Jedi Padawan

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    IC: Mikato Connor
    USS Liberty, in transit

    Mikato was taking the turbolift down to sickbay when she recieved the call, Lieutenant Shan played back the message that went in and out.

    "Oh bloody lovely," Mikato said, half to herself. "Have we lost comms as well?" The fact there was no reply told her that they had. She pushed the badge on her left breast to try contacting the bridge that way. "Lieutenant, have we cleared interference?"

    "We have, it must be a system malfunction." Her destination reached Mikato stepped off the turbolift.

    "I couldn't make out what was said," she told Shan in full honesty. "That might be why we haven't heard anything. Relay the order to drop out of warp and then get comms back online. Connor out." She had reached sickbay at this point, pausing to pull a sheet over the deceased Romulan commander. "How's the Captain?" she asked Doctor Okuda.

    "There's not much more I can do until we can get sickbay up and running." The strain in his voice was evident, and Mikato nodded sympathetically. "Best I can do is make him comfortable."

    "Just try and get him to hold on, I'll find out where we are." Tapping her communicator she attempted to contack the bridge, but there was no response. "Dammit. Look sit tight, I'll be back." With a final look around she left, thinking about taking a detour to engineering. Someone there could probably repair the comms system better than anyone on the bridge could.
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    OCC: Here Are the events going on in your areas:

    Mikato Connor------------ A Borg Sphere Slightly Damaded is approching you. It will be on you in 10 min.

    Jerrod Taylor ------------ A Borg cube has appeared on sensors but seems destroyed... however your sensors indicate a small boarding party of 3 borg on deck 3 heading down the decks.

    Deep Space 9------------- One borg Cube moves in for attack on station.

    Michael Ormsby----------- Cloked and orbiting deep space 9, orbiting at 1.5 kilometers

    Tyler "Headpounder" Ross--- A Sphere has moved in on your location. It has beamed a boarding party aboard your vessle before jumping for Deep Space 9. The Sphere is critically damaged but now out of range. 2 borg are on your 2nd deck

    Tag: Make your moves
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    OCC: Deep Space 9 status
    Primary Shields at 98% 3920/4000 gj
    Secondary Shielding at 50% 750/1500 gj (Damaged)
    Modulating Shielding at 0% 0/120 gj (Broken)
    Regenerative Shielding at 100% 50 gj of Shielding/per minuet
    Abrasive Armor at 100% 180 /180 gj
    Armor Plating at 100% 300 /300 Tt
    Structual Integrity 100% 2000/2000 Tt
    Type XII Array: 340 (surrounding Starbase)
    :About 40 Phaser blasts a min, MAX. About 4000 Blasts total
    Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 36 (surrounding starbase)
    Photon Torpedoes: 10000 (1112 Remain)
    Quantum Torpedoes: 5100 (1101 Remain)
    Tri-Cobalt Devices: 600 (2 Remain)
    Officers: 8440
    Enlisted Crew: 47600
    Marines: 848
    Passengers: 50000 (all Evacuated)
    Starship Docking Capacity: 94 (none Docked)
    Diameter: 8910 metres
    Main Height: 5880.6 metres
    Overall Height: 5380 metres
    Decks: 1250
    Auxiliary Craft------------------------------
    Shuttlebays: 130------------(all used in evacuation)
    Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighter: 24 (0 remain)
    Peregrine Heavy Fighter: 12 (0 remain)
    Razor Interceptor: 24 (0 remain)
    Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighter: 48(0 remain)
    Garrison/Patrol Vessels --------------------------
    Wallace Light Escort: 2 (0 remain)
    Danube Runabout: 72 (0 remain)
    Talon Scout: 18 (0 remain)
    Hunley Shuttle: 12 (0 remain)
    Type 11 Shuttle: 150 (0 remain)
    Type 18 Shuttlepod: 84 (0 remain)
    Type 8 Shuttle: 300 (0 remain)
    Type 9 Shuttle: 250 (0 remain)
    Argo Transport: 36 (0 remain)
    Firefly Transport: 8 (0 remain)
    Wyvern Hopper Transport: 36 (0 remain)

    Deep Space 9 Activates All Defencive and Offencive Systems. Begining Targeting cycle. Locking 6 Quantum Torpedoes and 30 Type XII Array phasers. Preparing to fire...
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    GM Approved CS

    Name: Tyler "Headbanger" Ross

    5'11, 180 lbs

    American, Scotch/Irish ancestry

    27/ Major (Starfleet Marine Corps, Equivalent of Lieutenant Commander)

    Build: athletic and fit, not bulky (like career soldier or martial artist)

    Marine Carbine Phaser Mk1
    Type 2 Hand Phaser
    Type 1 Hand Phaser
    Marine Combat Knife
    Standard Tricorder
    Personal communicator
    Marine Battle Dress Uniform/BDU (usually does not wear helmet, PLCE Harness, helmet and display system, or wrist tricorder, substitutes Marine Patrol cap instead)

    Ship type/name:
    Wallace Class Garrison and Patrol Vessel/ USS Archangel (NCC-55805)

    Ship Status
    : Good working condition, fully armed.

    Ship Stats
    Officers: 3
    Enlisted: 7
    Marines: 5
    Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 30

    Cruising Velocity: Warp 4
    Maximum Velocity: Warp 6.8
    Emergency Velocity: Warp 7.5 (12 hours maximum sustainable)

    Length: 80
    Width: 60
    Height: 10
    Decks: 2 plus one subdeck.

    Offensive Systems
    2 Type U Pulse Phaser Arrays
    4 Type VII Phaser banks
    1 Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher (utilizes Photon and Quantum warhead torpedos)

    Defensive Systems:
    Ablative Armor

    Starting Location: En route at Emergency Warp towards Deep Space 9

    Major Ross, Helm of USS Archangel

    "Sonofa... How many got aboard and where?!"

    *Major Tyler "Headpounder Ross was not pleased with the current situation aboard his ship. After the last hard-won campaign against the Borg, to be jumped then abandoned like the last encounter was aggravating to say the least. Right away, he had known exactly what had happened. Rather than a chance encounter, it had been an attempt to covertely insert drones onboard his ship while the crew thought that the Borg somehow became skittish all of a sudden.

    That was one move that might fool a less experienced officer, but Ross was no lesser officer. A veteran of the Dominion Wars, Ross was accustomed to unwelcome surprises, as well as the hard grinding type of warfare that this was turning out to be.
    Despite the Fleets' higher profile stories and tales, it had been the Marines who had born the brunt of non ship based fighting, taken most of the casualties on the ground or in the holds of stations or ships, and the list went on.
    Perhaps it was a small bit of justice that the crew aboard this particular Wallace Class light escort had a Marine commanding officer, although at the moment the priority was staying alive and fighting hard rather than the apparent anomaly that a Marine fighter pilot could command a larger ship.

    His second in command, a Starfleet Lieutenant by the name of Iwaszko, was quick to reply to his question as usual, but was cut off by a rushed communication from the second deck*

    "Major, two Borg transported into the crew bunks! Hobbie and Dent are still in there!"

    *Ross growled slightly. He would sooner turn himself into a eunuch with his Combat Knife than loose any of his crew on his first tour as Commanding Officer. He wasted little time in barking orders*

    "Get in there and take those canners out, double time! Petty Officer Dent, if you can hear me, keep yourself and Crewman Hobr alive and out of harms way, help will be there momentarily!"

    *Tapping into that esprit de corps that the Marines were famous for and leaving the assignment to his determined, focused, and above all tactically supreme fellow Marines aboard, he turned his attention to the officers at the controls with him.*

    "Wazi, switch us over to passive sensors only, maybe the Borg won't get a fix on us so easily that way. If any more show up, hammer them with everything we've got Rjaylig."

    *Both the human Executive Officer and the Xelatian Engineer/Operations Officer acknowledged their respective orders. It had been a short but intense trial by fire for the of/>
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    OOC: Deep Space 9

    All At once all of the aimed projectiles fired at once. A brilliant flash of light. First all the phasers dug into A single wall of the approching cube. As a Strong Divit grew deepper into the cube the cluster of Quantum Torpedoes Annialated the Cube.

    Out Going Trassnission: (Any Surviving Federation Ships, Please Come in, We Need Allies!)
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    IC: Mikato
    TCS Liberty

    Lieutenant Hortath thought himself an educated Klingon, sharply intelligent and keenly interested in gathering as much information as possible. He might have made a good science officer but he trained in engineering instead, which was why he was being led by Lieutenant Commander Connor to the turbolift that would take them up to the bridge.

    "This communication," he mused, "might it have something to do with the Borg?" As much as the Klingons were warriors Hortath did not like the prospect of fighting the collective.

    "Count on it." Mikato looked up at the Lieutenant. "Hey, I know how you feel, the Borg are boogeymen, and it's not just how they're all twisted into machines. It takes a human touch for them to be as evil as they are." Hortath remained quiet as they entered the turbolift, pondering the woman's low view of her species. Well that was to be expected, having read up on her. A survivor from Turkana IV, well thrived might have been a better terminology. Hortath also saw how Mikato resolved conflicts as a security officer. When a Romulan had pulled a weapon on board the space station she was stationed at the Oriental woman just pulled a phaser and blasted him. No threats, no warnings, fired as soon as it was pointed in his direction. The fact it was only on stun was of only a small comfort to the Klingon. And now this woman had taken it on herself to command the ship. She wasn't Japanese enough, Hortath wondered if that might have been it. She was meant to be Japanese but was almost nothing like them, apart from the looks and accent.

    "How would we engage the Borg given our current status?" he asked, putting his feelings aside. Mikato knew that knowing the layout of the Borg cube would help immeasureably, and was about to say so when an explosion rocked the ship and the turbolift stopped. They both immediately thought it was the Borg, and Mikato was already punching out the hatch so she could climb throw.

    "Mikato to bridge," she tried, "Shan, do you copy?" There was no response. Behind her Hortath lept up to follow, but he couldn't fit through. She could see the anger and frustration on his face but issued him orders anyway. "Keep trying to raise someone, I'll try and take the long way." With any luck maybe the engineer would be able to get the turbolift working again.
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    OCC: Here Are the events going on in your areas: (if the events seem a bit extream its because you have not been posting. I posted minor issues a day ago, the problems were ether delt with or became worse.)

    Mikato Connor------------ A Borg Sphere Slightly Damaded is attacking you. It has launched 3 green energy pulses your way. It is un likely you can dodge them.

    Jerrod Taylor ------------ The Borg have takin decks 3,4, and 5. 2 officers and 5 enlisted crewman are missing, probibly assimulated

    Deep Space 9------------- Lowers Defences and Allows Michael Ormsby to Dock

    Michael Ormsby----------- Docking with Deep space 9

    Tyler "Headpounder" Ross--- Your enemy bording party is dead, your scanners sence no close threats in the area, You do however Detect a volcan ship about half a lightyear off your port side.

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